Betfair Scalping Course System Review


Betfair Scalping System Review, BFScalper Course, Looking Good So Far


Price: £89.97

This is a product that is based around scalping profits on Betfair, and it works very well indeed. It is a low cost start up product and results can be seen quickly.


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If you use Betfair, then there is a high chance that you have also heard of scalping. Well, if you have not, there is a new Betfair Scalping Course that I have been testing which I think you will be pleasantly surprised at.

This Betfair Scalping Course Review was updated 6th February 2024

An email I received yesterday mentioned ‘Betfair’, and as you will all know by now that is one of my favourite words 🙂

The reason being that if a produce can survive, and more importantly work just on Betfair, without using bookmakers, then it has a great chance of success, because not only are you no longer under the ‘spell’ of bookmakers, but it is much safer.

It has long been considered the ‘Holy Grail’ if you can find a system that can produce profits only using the Betfair Exchange, because nobody can really control you activities, and you can simply get on with making some money without any real restrictions.

Scalping does that, and has always done that. It’s just that to my knowledge nobody has ever really compiled a product showing exactly how to do it.

Now to the review…

Product Title: Betfair Scalper – Betfair Scalping Course System.betfair scalping review image


Price: £89.97.

Guarantee: 60 day guarantee if a profit is not made.

What You Get:

  • Comprehensive video training course.
  • Full support.
  • Learn how to profit from Betfair.
  • Advanced Scalping and Pre Race methods.
  • 15+ Hours of Betfair video training.
  • 100+ High Defnition Videos.

The product is an online video training Betfair scalping/trading course and you gain access to the product immediately after payment. Where you are sent access to a password protected page containing the videos, and explanations on what to do next.

There is no PDF offered with this product, and I think that because the nature of the product is online anyway, that video tutorials are an ample way to go about this, and really all that is needed.

I have scalped before so I knew the basics, but I can easily imagine that anybody who has never done this before would easily pick it up based on the content of the video instruction.

The content takes you by the hand explaining what scalping it, how to use the software, and what triggers to look out for.

How Does Betfair Scalping Course Work?

Betfair scalping is the process of looking at the Betfair markets, and the money entering in on horse races (although it can be used on other sports also) and making a smallish profit before the race starts.

Personally, I have always been interested in scalping, and was already reasonably proficient at it.

I know it works because I have used similar methods myself.

The authors claim that the reason they put the product together was because there is simply no comprehensive materials that teaches the system in an educated way, and that is true, because if you check YouTube for example, you generally only find snippets, and the odd 2 minute video, which does not really teach you anything.

Now Peter Webb, who owns Betangel has got a basic video online, and this is also acknowledged by the authors, but it is also true that there is much more to it than just clicking a few buttons.

How scalping works, is that 5-20 minutes before the race starts money starts to enter the race from gamblers all around the country. The money that enters the market decides which way the odds are going to go – up, or down.

What Betfair Scalping does is skims a small percentage of that money in your direction, without it affecting the market too much.

This is usually done well before the race starts when the activity is slow, and almost passive. I have always found scalping therapeutic and relaxing compared to the hustle and bustle of in play trading, mainly because you simply watch the screen and react to what is happening.

Do I Need Software For Scalping?

You do, and in this day and age of smart phones, and tablets, if you want to stat scalping for a profit then you are going to have to get yourself an actual computer – remember them? small boxes that access the internet 🙂

Seriously, if you want to make serious money these days then some methods and systems still require an actual Windows computer, and Betfair scalping is no different.

This particular scalping profit requires Bet Angel software, and I did a review on Bet Angel recently (the review is highlighted by the blue text), and it is now becoming the industry standard for traders who are serious about making money from Betfair.

Betangel makes trading so, so much easier than just using the standard Betfair website, as it streamlines, and fine tunes the information in just the right way that you need it, as well as giving you much more control over your trading.

betangel for scalping betfair

So yes, if you want to make money from Betfair scalping then you will need a computer that can download Bet Angel.

Now just to point out, and the authors make a reference to this on their website, that although Betangel can be used on Apple Mac computers, it cannot run directly. To run the software on an Mac you will need a V.P.S server which is like a computer hosted online where you can download the software and run it from that.

So it is possible with Macs, just a little configuration is needed. And my take on this is, if you want to make money on the internet, then a PC is an absolute must, so even if you buy a cheap one for a hundred quid, you should have one really, or you could be missing out on opportunities that require one.

In fact, thinking about it, and I have just checked this on Betangel’s website, a V.P.S service means that you can in fact run the software on a tablet/phone. Here is what the website says:

betfair vps scalping

So there you go, you can run the software on pretty much any device you need, although if you already have a standard Windows computer, you don’t need a V.P.S and can just install the software as normal.

How Do I Profit With The Betfair Scalping Course?

Scalping is actually quite easy when you know how, but there are definitely better ways to scalp than what most people try to do. Most people are simply guessing when it comes to making money with scalping.

But to put it in simple terms, when you have opened up the software, and loaded a horse race, you will then be taking small amounts of money from different prices, and the movement of these prices.

For example, if you look at the following image from the software (I have had Betangel for many years, and use it daily myself) so I have just opened it an taken the following screenshot:

betfair scalping ladder

If you look at the above image you will see what is known as the Betangel ladder.

You have the pink side, and the blue side of the ladder. The pink side is called the lay side, and you would use this when you are betting on something to lose, which is called ‘laying’.

Then on the blue side is the normal betting side, which you would use if you are simly betting on something to win, similar to what you would do at a bookmakers on the high street.

But what Betfair scalping does, is use both sides of the ladder at the same time. You are making trades on both sides and as the price moves (as the odds move) you are then making profits from the distance between the 2 trades.

Profits with the Betfair Scalping Course, how they are made:

If you place a back bet at 1.87 (as on the above image), and then you play a lay trade at 1.85 (also on the above image), and if both trades are taken you will actually make a profit, because in effect what you have done (this is how the author explains it) is you have purchased a back bet, and sold it to the lay side at a different price, thus making your profit.

And that is exactly how it works.

What Does The Scalping Video Course Contain?

I received the email this morning actually, and spent a good hour watching the videos, as there is just over an hour and a half of video content, explaining the following:

  • What is Scalping.
  • Setting up Bet Angel for Scalping.
  • Types of Scalping with Examples of trades.
  • More Examples of Trading.
  • Scalping Profit and Loss.
  • Final Recap.
  • Advanced Scalping.

The video titles above are fairly self explanitory.

The ‘what is Betfair scalping’ video was interesting, because as well as explaining the basics of how it works, it then goes on to show a fair amount of live trades, including an in-play scalping trade, which many people would not even attempt to do, but it looked relatively easy on the video, and I have done many of them in the past.

The author mentions that the original video was never intended to be offered to the public, as it is mentioned that on a Saturday afternoon he simply traded a consecutive amount of races, all making a profit, and decided to film the trades for his own use, and so he could check if improvements could be made.

It looks like from there they decided to make a product out of it, and it is definitely a very detailed explanation on Betfair scalping.

What does come across as you watch the videos is the calm way that all the trading happens, almost like the author is just expecting to make a profit. All done in a very nice calm fashion, and it almost makes you think you can just jump in and start making money yourself.

Which you can of course, once you have learned how to do it.

One of the other videos shows the author filming his Betfair profit & loss account, which actually shows you the profits that were made during all the trades on the videos, so it was good to see the money actually in the Betfair account based on what you had just watched on the videos.

Does Scalping Carry Any Risk?

This is one of the main advantages of the product, and scalping. Because the trading takes place before the race begins, the prices (the odds) do not really move around that much, and because of this even if you are staking say £50, you can watch the screen and the worse that can really happen (unless you are very careless) is that you can lose a few pence.

Sure the price can move against you, and go in the opposite direction to what you need, but there are ways to avoid losses, and in fact, once you have avoided the losses, you can start again and turn a loss into a quick profit.

The product also explains why this particular way of scalping is much safer than alternatives, and why certain horses are always safer to scalp than others, and it makes a great deal of sense, and something I had not considered before.

So to answer that question, there is a risk involved with any kind of gambling, but scalping has to be one of the safest ways to make profit out of any type of gambling activity.

My Own Betfair Scalping Course Testing.

As I have already stated, I know a fair bit about scalping on Betfair, but even so, some of the content and the methodology behind the way the author scalps is very good to see, and a lot of what is being said makes a lot of sense; plus seeing it done on screen you cannot dispute the success of it.

But, like I say, I watched the bulk of the videos this morning, and I was pleasantly surprised at what I seen. It is very good content, it’s always compelling watching somebody live on screen making money.

After watching the videos I put some of the ideas to the test, and traded 11 races this afternoon (I am writing this early hours now, to publish it the next day), and out of the 11 races I made the following profits, this is from my spreadsheet:

betfair scalping results spreadsheet

So after my 11 races that I scalped I made a combined total profit of: £27.83, which is more than the price of the course, and took me just over an hour and a half, so decent results I thought.

All was completed before the races had started, although I must admit one of them finished with seconds to spare 😛

Also, I was using £50 stakes, which is never really at risk with Betfair scalping because the movement is pretty slow, so cash flow is perfect really.

I suppose the more you stake the more profits you could make, and this would make sense, because as long as you get your bets matched, then unless you are staking £1,000 stakes (which I would not advise!) you should have no problem.

Do I Need Bookmakers For Scalping?

This is one of the main advantages of this product, no bookmakers are needed whatsoever, the whole profit is made just on Betfair alone.

If you have been reading my website recently then you will have read about some of the issues many are facing with their bookmaker accounts being restricted, and even closed as bookies are making a concerted effort these days to ensure that their customers (you) do not win, and when you are winning too much, then bookmakers are closing down accounts, or at the very least severly restricting them.

Scalping is on Betfair only, and no bookie accounts are needed, which is great really, because the you are not waiting for the dreaded ‘restriction’ email that many using matched betting, for example, are receiving more and more.

This scalping product does not have any such restrictions.

How Much Profit Can I Make?

The authors claim that you can make between £30 and £50 per day with theBetfair  scalping product, and being familiar with scalping myself, I would say that is definitely possible.

It definitely depends on how much time you are willing to put in.

When you do consider the amount of horse races in the UK, and sometimes crossing over into Ireland you can sometimes get up to 30 races in a single day, and if you were to sit and scalp all these races, and make between £2-£4 per race, then you can already begin to see the kind of daily profits that can be made.

As you can see from my own testing yesterday, in just over 1 hour and a half I made nearly £28 profit without any losses, so this really depends on the amount of time you are prepared to put into making money this way.

Scalping is fairly easy to master (I would say anyone with any functioning grey matter can do it), and the profits are easy also once you learn how to do it properly.

The author quite rightly points out, that this is not going to make anybody rich, but that it is just a simple, and easy way to make money sat at your computer. And that is true.

I actually read a few days ago on another website about a chap who had never done any kind of scalping before, but in his first 2 days had made about £83, which shows you that if you are prepared to put the time in, you can make a decent amount of profit doing this.

There is also, in the course member feedback section loads, and I mean loads of of examples where members have sent in their profits; some have even gone full time as a result of the course, and many more are now making regular profits.

But if you have little experience, the course teaches you to startat the beginning. The problem online these days is that people have been conditioned in making money the ‘easy way’ with silly promises of making fortunes out of gambling, which as we all know is pure nonsense, but it does not stop people looking for such easy options.

The reality of the situation is, that unless you are prepared to put some effort in, you will always be chasing a silly dream.

Betfair has made it possible for people to make a regular amount of profit, when you are prepared to put some effort in, and scalping is exactly that. It is almost guaranteed profit for time spent.

Put time in, you get money out, just as humans beings have been doing for centuries.

Conclusion on The Betfair Scalping Course

I really like this way of making money. It is slow paced, and the fact that you are not reliant on bookies is a major plus.

Just having this product in your money making arsenal is definitely something I would consider a positive. It is a nailed on way of making money whenever you need to.

Many products now claim to make a profit, but when you think of the hoops you sometimes have to jump through, together with the risks nearly always associated with making such money, then you can easily see why scalping has a great appeal.

I would imagine a couple of days learning the basics of how it works, and then starting with low stakes will be enough for you to pick up how to do it yourself, and then I anticipate that you would make money without any issues really.

And the pista la resistance of this Betfair scalping product HAS to be the fact that you can never get banned, you can always use it, and it is a money earner you can rely on for years to come, and for the price being charged, it is a no-brainer really.

I would imagine most people would be able to do this. I do it already, and the way the author scalps makes a lot of sense, and obviously brings success.

Betfair Scalping Update – Trades This Afternoon

I just wanted to show some of the trades I made this afternoon, as scalping can become highly addictive where making money is concerned:

I did about 5/6 trades this afternoon so far, and here are some of the wins:

£5.35 Won

5-35 won

£4.24 won

4-24 won

£3.03 won

3-03 won

£2.13 Won

2-13 won

£4.07 won

4-07 won

And here is my Betfair Profit and Loss for the last hour or so:

profit and loss scalping

Not bad for just ‘messing around’ scalping a few races. It will pay for my chinese tonight 🙂

Oh go on then, I just did one more before I sign off for the day:

£4.38 won

4-38-won on Scalping Course


So about £22 quid won on 6/7 races today. And adding yesterday’s profits to today’s results, that is around £50 profit I have made during testing this.

I recommend this product, it makes money, and it’s fun!

Betfair Scalping Update 28th October 2016

I just wanted to mention that I did a bit of scalping myself this afternoon, and when logging into the members area, the amount of content and videos has now increased massively – and now contains around 10 hours of hd video content (gulp) a lot of bang for your buck for sure.

I originally stated that there was no PDF manual for the scalping methods, but it looks like it has all now been placed into the members area, together with many more videos (there were originally about 30 I think), so the training has increased 3 fold, totalling around 90 videos which go to about 10 hours long; but the price is still the same (for now!).

I think it is excellent value for money, and I wouldn’t be surprised that now the training materials have increased a lot, that the price will rise shortly.

If you click the link below there is also now a section of the video training on the page to show you the type of training you will receive, and the video also shows how a risk free scalping situation can be made.

Betfair Scalping Update 6th November 2016

I must say that I have received a lot of emails regarding this product, and a lot of positivity around the quality of the content, the training and the profits being made.


84 made scalping


Last night the author put up a snippet video showing how he made £84 on one race, and £106 over 2 races in the space of 40 minutes, which for those of you reading this page asking yourself if this product can be scaled up, then there has now been training videos added to the members area for advanced training with higher stakes.

What strikes me, and this is also explained on the video tutorials – which incidentally are now over 10 hours long – is that the same methods are used to create the profits, and the difference between the higher profits and lower profits is the stake size.

This shows that once you are experienced enough to scale up profits, that this is possible once you are confident in what you are doing.

I also read on the vendor’s page from a user saying it is the best training he has ever seen on the subject of scalping, and after reading some of my own emails and messages from users, this certainly seems to be the general feeling.

Betfair Scalper Update 13th November 2016

Over the weekend I have been watching and reading what seems like a never ending amount of videos being added to the Betfair Scalper product, and I must have counted 90 videos now, explaining many aspects of the product and how to scalp.

Although one section recently added caught my eye, and it is something that has to take a mention on this review

Risk Free Scalping Addition Added.

Here is a snippet of the Betfair Scalper members area:


Advanced Betfair Scalping Course

(Copyright to the Original Owner)

There has now been a section added in the advanced scalping section which shows you how to participate in risk free scalping/trading.

Bascially what this is, is that once you have made profits with the basic scalping method, you can take the trades in play at no risk, and the idea is that you can make even more profit for no additional risk, and it reads extremely well.

The In Play Scalping Strategy – Risk Free

There is also a video now up on the membership site showing how the author made £536 in one hour using these new risk free scalping methods, which they call a system, and it really is an eye opener as to how much potential this product has.

The author also shows the difference in profits between the before play scalping profits and the in play scalping profits, and the increase in profit is stated as 80% more in play. So basically what they are showing you how to do, is how to take the initial profits in play (when the race starts) and how to make more money.

I would advise you watch that video if you get the chance as it was a real definining moment for me when I watched it, and the method/thinking behind it is, for want of a better word, amazing. You actually won’t believe how easy it is when you see it for the first time, and even I had to watch it back to reinforce that it actually happened 🙂

Now I am sure they won’t mind, but I have just taken a screenshot of the video, where at the end it re-enforces the profits made in a single hour, and the profits made per race in play:


(Copyright to the Original Owner)

Betfair Scalper Update 22nd December 2016

Just a quick update to this Betfair Scalper product.

I was looking at this again today, and from the first time it launched it has grown massively, far more content than originally enclosed in the members area, and this has now built into a full trading course. Today I counted 96 videos on the course, which is staggering for the price being charged.

What is also evident based on the latest content is the amount of positive emails they are receiving, and testimonials the authors are being sent in, and there is a few videos showing them. They are some of the best testimonials I have seen for such a Betfair trading product, and I have reviewed a fair few of them over the years.

Here is one of them which I screen grabbed from their website (sure they won’t mind) 🙂

I had to make it smaller as I can only fit 500px width on this site:

scalp testimonial chris

High praise indeed, and I also get a lot of emails about this product since I reviewed it, and I can also say that there is a lot of praise around this one and rightly so.

To visit the page offering the product, please click the following link:

The insight this product continues to give into how professional traders think, and act, and to be able to watch it on the screen is about as beneficial as you can get for anybody who aspires to do similar.

I definitely recommend this one, and I would be surprised if it doesn’t generate a lot of interest. It is easily one of the best training courses I have reviewed, and used where making money from trading is concerned.

Dan’s Betfair Scalping Course Update 1st May 2018

As mentioned in an email a few months ago, I myself (Dan) have been going through the Betfair Scalping Course, and testing the strategies.

Firstly, I wanted to see if everything was as good as the original review that Ben did. And secondly, I have some experience of trading on Betfair, so I wanted to see if I could follow the course as a novice would, forget everything I already knew (or thought I knew) and make a profit.

I read Ben’s original review, as this product still generates a lot of interest from readers, but the Scalping membership seems to have been upgraded a lot since then, and now contains the following:

  • 100+ HD videos
  • 15+ Hours of actual video content.

So yes, it is a lot of content to digest, so here are my impressions of it all, in my words.

The membership side of things has definitely changed since Ben did the first review in 2016, that is clear, and it is now much more streamlined, and easier to follow through the course. The following screenshot will give you an idea of how it looks now:

Betfair Scalping Course New Review

I wanted to look at this course with ‘fresh eyes’, just to see how somebody new to trading would think about it, so I started at the very beginning.

The first videos on the course explain how to use the information, with is good, because it emphasises the importance to take your time, and go through the content exactly how they advise, which makes perfect sense to me, because they are aiming to take you from absolute beginner, through to being a trader.

The video on mind set, and psychology was particularly pertinent, and struck home the mind set that you actually need to succeed.

The course then goes onto explain how the Betangel software works, and they go into full detail on this, explaining all the settings, all the features and the exact set up you need. Even myself, somebody who has used Betangel for a while learned a fair bit on this section of the course, so I could easily see how it would show somebody brand new to use the software.

There is of course other Betfair trading software available, but the course creator uses Betangel solely and thus the whole course is built around that.

The course then goes onto explain about the basic side of Betfair trading, and Scalping, and I have to say, the explanations are truly brilliant, and the guy (Stuart) who created the course has a real knack for explaining things, and his passion comes through clearly, as does his ability to trade which looks effortless.

There must be 50+ videos on the basic scalping page alone, as it goes right through the gears explaining content like:

  • Clarification of Scalping Methods, Tools and Pointers
  • Entry and Exit Points on The Scalping Techniques
  • Slow Motion Liquidity Example, and Profit
  • Defensive Trading, Queues and Scratch Trades
  • Accumulated Profits Example
  • Deciding Against a Trade, and Ideal Practice Races:
  • Short Priced Favourites – The Advantages
  • Trading Obvious Favourites
  • Reading Short Term Liquidity
  • Traders Dumping Liquidity
  • Home Work, Filters and Due Diligence
  • Betting Banks and Staking
  • Dealing With Losses
  • Turning a Loss into a Profit
  • Filtering Races For Maximum Profits

And so many more videos it is not even funny, it looks like every conceivable variable has been taken into account.

About half way down the basic scalping page, I already had a good ‘gist’ of the initial strategies, but they always stress about learning the whole course, and the importance of practice on nearly every video, which is sound advice.

What did strike me as I was going through the videos, is that Stuart the trader never seems to tire of talking about trading, and explaining all the aspects in total, and minute detail. I have not seen such detail before on any other video course of any subject, but I think with Betfair trading this is needed, so kudos to Stuart for that.

I have seen a few other videos from other traders, and what I think makes the Betfair Scalping Course different, in my opinion, is that the detail really is immense, to the point of slow motion examples to make sure that you get it. And I did get it. I was left with no doubt on what actions to take, and I started to practice the strategies slowly.

Like I already said, I have traded Betfair before, and scalping was not exactly new to me, but this course is so much more than just scalping, so I am not sure whay they called it just scalping, and not just trading, as it emcompasses all aspect of trading from what I could see, so maybe they have cut themselves a little short on that.

I started slowly, as the course suggests and started to make some profits. I also started with £2 stakes – again, as Stuart suggests, and on the first day I had something like 12 trades, 11 small profits, and just 1 loss of about 4 pence. All good so far.

The Advanced Scalping Course

As I was already making some money and after a few weeks I thought I would jump to the advanced section of the course. And this was a bit of an eye opener if I must say, because the ability to take races in play was not something I had been used to before, so I was cautious, but the way it is explained made perfect sense, and so I started, again cautiously.

After studying and practising the advanced strategies for a week I started with real money, and this is when my profits started to increase as well, because I was taking about 50% of the races in play to increase the profits, and even after the first week of using the advanced, my profit was £227 for the week, without using high stakes. I was using between £30 and £50 stakes at this stage.

I won’t go into the full details of every video, but here is a section of what the advanced videos contained:

  • Profit out of Nothing.
  • A No Lose, Risk-Free Scalping System Example
  • Risk Free Profit on Three Horses in a Single Race
  • Risk Free Profits on Three Horses in a Single Race – Higher Stakes
  • Equalising The Markets For a Profit in Play
  • Risk Free Scalping Trading System
  • Risk Free Systems
  • £536 Profit in 1 Hour With Zero Risk Scalping
  • Trading With £250 Stakes – Live
  • More High Stake Trading, with Liability Explanation
  • Using Tipsters To Gain a Scalping Advantage
  • Streaming Live, Trainer Knowledge
  • £106 Profit Made in 40 Minutes
  • Another Advanced Scalping Method
  • Trap Trading Explained with Paused Motion

After a week or so using the advanced Betfair scalping strategies, and as I was already making regular profits, I decided to opt for one of Stuart’s additional modules to increase my training…

Spike Trading

The next week I started to use another of their modules, which was spike trading, and this was more of what I was used to, and the way I usually traded, but again the explanations were exceptional, and the detail was just as good as the rest of the course. Again, I practised this, and started to make profits.

All the modules and training work seamlessly together and maintain the same level of excellent detail on the teachings, and what you get for the price is quite staggering to be fair to them.

I am now about 3 months into using the course, and the profits I am making are very good. I am still watching the videos, and the more you watch them after doing some trading yourself, then more you seem to pick up.

My Current Betfair Scalping Course Profits?

I am actually doing rather well now, and the reason I have updated this particular review, was as well as many people still asking me about it via the website contact form, was I wanted to really test the strategies.

My profits yesterday were the best I had made to date, hence the real reason for the update, as I was a little giddy 🙂 which was a total profit of:

£182.06 profit in one day

And that was just trading 9 races in the afternoon, between about half past 2, and half past 5.

I did take a screenshot of it, but I don’t think it will fit on this page, as it is quite big, but I will split it here:

Betfair Scalping Profit and Loss

And here is the full size image of the full screenshot I took from my Betfair account:

profit and loss scalping 30th April 2018

If you click the image above it will open in a new page in full size.

A brilliant day’s profits, and I must say that the profits have exceeded my own expectations from the teachings from the course.

Bfscalper October 2019 Update – £341 Profit For The Week

It has been over a year since I updated this post about the Bfscalper product, even though it is still easily the product I get the most emails about.

I have not been that active with this website for a while due to other work commitments I have to do which takes me offline a fair amount. I started a new freelance job which for the last 12 months I have been working flat out on. A few of you have asked me why I have not been active so you will remember me saying the same in emails. In fact Betfair trading has become a large part of my income for well over a year now.

Trading is not my full time income, and I will not claim it is, but just to give you an idea, for the last 7 days I have made £341.71 just by trading on the pre race markets using what I learned from the Bfscalper course. Some weeks I make more (some weeks far more!), and some weeks less, and I have been enjoying it (and the extra money which has been very usefull!).

Don’t get me wrong, I would not class myself as a professional, but I am definitely proficient now on Betfair to the point where I am confident to rely on the profits I think I can regularly make, and it was just a case of learning, then practising what they teach. You can see my last week’s profits below:

October 2019 Betfair Trading Profits

£61.10 from the above amount was made just today, 7th Oct 2019, but overall I am sure you will agree, that is not too shabby at all. I cannot trade every day, but when I do I am very confident in making a profit, which is a very nice feeling to have 🙂

I just wanted to give a current update on the continued review of this product. The members area of the site has increased a lot over the years has well, as more is added often, and the product still definitely has my recommendation. And just to add, there must easily be over 150+ videos on this course now, many from members who have sent in their profits to show, and I have not counted, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the content now runs into 25+ hours.

I did ask the owners of the product if I could also show some of their member feedback from the members area, as there is LOADS of similar screenshots to mine on their website.

Reading back through Ben’s original review earlier today, now armed with my own results using the same strategies, I can easily see why this Betfair scalping course was recommended on this website before I took it over, why it was given the product of the year award, and the proof is in the pudding.

Bfscalper February 2024 Update – £806 Profit For The Week

It’s been a couple of years since I last updated this page, although as you’ll see from the screenshots below, my trading has come on leaps and bounds, based on Stuart’s continual updates, and from my own perseverance with trading.

And here is the full size image of the full screenshot I took from my Betfair account for yesterdays profits where I made £214 in a day, some days I make less, and some days more, but it IS consistent when I trade on Betfair now:

profit and loss scalping 5th Feb 2024

If you click the image above it will open in a new page in full size.

In fact I’d say Betfair trading is now a major part of my income, and I made £806 profit in the last week alone, as you can see from my screenshot below – this was done is around 6 hours:

£806 Profit Betfair Trading and Scalping Course 2024

Bfscalper Betfair Trading Course March 2024 Update:

I’ve also just made £111.58 profit inside an hour, which is not unusual, and I’m now going to spend it on a nice afternoon out with the family over Easter. I’m at the stage with my trading now where I can dip in and out of the markets, so that I’m not constantly at the computer all day.
This will certainly pay for a couple of well overpriced Easter eggs 🙂

£806 Profit Betfair Trading and Scalping Course 2024

Full screen image below (click it, and you’ll see the profits took around an hour to make):

profit and loss scalping 5th Feb 2024

This course is worth far, far more than they charge in my opinion, and the teachings on Betfair trading are second to none that I have seen before, and I have seen most of them over the years.

In fact Stuart, the Betfair Scalping and Trading course creator shown a live video recently where he made over £26,000+ inside 3 months, and this is what he teaches all members on his course – definitely the man you want to learn from to make profits from a Betfair Trading Course if I ever seen one.

The Betfair Scalping Course is still easily recommended on this website, and has been for many years now, and the proof as to why is highlighted above in that very screenshot. Get on this one, there’s literally nothing like it out there.

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  • Steve says:

    Very, very interesting.

    I’ve been waiting for a product or services that teaches Betfair trading (or scalping) ‘from scratch’.

    I’m going to jump on this and spend the weekend studying. I’ll keep you posted as to how I get on, but thank you for letting us know about this, Ben.

    • Ben says:

      Hi Steve,

      Many experienced traders have been doing this for years, and nobody can say it does not work, it simply does.

      Some are just better at it than others.

      I look at scalping as a staple part of the trading menu. It works, it’s not flashy, does not promise anything it isn’t, and brings easy money in, although not fortunes, it’s a profit, and fun to do also I think.


  • robin says:


    Looks interesting.

    As you know from Tony’s Football he teaches scalping (a little) to increase profit.

    Can I guess its the same principle?

    Also is there a criteria to each race.. or just a “nack” to doing it correctly?

    Thank you,


    • Ben says:

      Hi Robin,

      It is nothing to do with what Tony teaches, and yes there is a criteria, and there is method to it. It can definitely be taught, and even though I knew a lot about it already I still picked up certain ideas I never used, and those profits I made yesterday and today were simply going by what the course teaches.

      It is simple to do, but when somebody shows you how to do it at a systematic level, and simply goes from race to race, it is fascinating to see, and when you do it yourself, it really does become like a ‘habit’ of seeing ‘how much money can I make this time’

      Even at 8pm tonight I found myself thinking “are there any races left to do” 😛


  • Carl Shaw says:

    I bought it this afternoon and it is good stuff, a lot to watch, and I downloaded the software and did two scalps before I had my tea and made about £5.20 on the same race. I was rushing so I will watch the videos again tomorrow, defo value for money though compared to some if the crap out there.

  • gaith says:

    This sounds great.

    Would it be possible to earn more than 30-50 per day if you increased stakes?

    Also what bank is needed to average 30-50 per day?

    Kind regards,


    • Ben says:

      Hi John,

      This is really what I was saying in the review about people being conditioned by ‘earning fortunes’ on online advertisements.

      This is advertised as a potential to make £30 – £50 per day.

      Sure, it is possible to do more, by increasing stakes, but you would need to make sure that you have enough liability to cover increased staking.

      As for what bank would be needed to make £30-£50 per day, not a great deal.

      The good thing about this, is that you are making single trades at a time, and you are not placing multiple trades anywhere, just one trade at a time, and then you cash it out for a profit.

      I traded with £50 stakes for those profits, so all I needed to do was calculate what the stake was, in my case £50, and then make sure I had enough in the Betfair account to cover the lay bet liability.

      For example, the highest odds I traded yesterday was at 6.6 on the lay bet side, so to calculate what bank would be needed for that bet, you would do the following:

      1) Back bet was £50

      2) Lay Bet was at 6.6, so liability needed was: £280

      Total needed for that trade: £330

      That means that as long as you never go above odds of 6.6 (which is rare anyway) the total bank you would ever need to make these trades every day, and as many times a day as you wanted, would be £330.

      Therefore, if you made say £30 on a bank of £330, you would have increased your bank at the end of the day by around 10%, which is great!

      Another example, the lowest odds I traded yesterday was 1.76.

      So then you have the following:

      1) £50 for the stake on the back bet.

      2) £38 needed for the liability of the lay bet.

      So total needed for that trade was £88.

      Thinking more about this, because you could potentially pick and choose which races to scalp, you could also dictate how much money you would need as a bank.

      For example:

      If you decide to only scalp races where the odds were around 5.0 – Max bank needed is: £250

      If you decide to only scalp races where the odds were around 3.0 – Max bank needed is: £150

      The above is on £50 trades, and taking the liability into account.

      But of course you could start with any bank size, and easily work out the maximum odds you could take.

      But remember, that as this is using Betfair, as soon as the trades are cashed out, the money gets returned to your account, so you can then do the next one, and the money is never at risk, but is needed to make the trades.


  • Mike says:

    Can this be adapted for other software, Ben, or does it definitely need Betangel? Fairbot is my software of choice. I could be persuaded to change though 🙂

    • Ben says:

      Hi Mike,

      I am sure it can be adapted, if you you can relate what is being taught and migrate it to other software, and that other software has ‘backing and laying’ and shows where the liquidity is, has stop losses built in, etc.


  • Barry Jones (Jona) says:

    I have just done a couple of evening races and made £7.12 on my first go. I know the vids tell you to practice and stuff like that but i just wanted to see it in action as i have always been impatient so now I will do some practice now I have seen a few quid lol


  • Mike says:

    Hi Ben,
    thanks for the reply.
    Noticed it’s from the same publishers as Pete’s Betfair Method too. So surely a bit of pedigree already.

    Have a good day.


  • Derek M says:

    I noticed the staking comments by Ben and was wondering that if you open with a back first then lay off, is it not just the back stake you have to worry about. So initial liability. If entering with a lay bet then no need to worry about the back amount also, as this is automatically greened up.??
    Am I correct in my thinking….I’m a trading newbie.

  • Lewis says:

    Hi Ben,

    This sounds just great, but would a complete newbie be able to pick this up assuming a few days of study?


    • Ben says:

      Hi Lewis,

      It depends on how quickly you pick things up, but with respect I think you are looking at such opportunities the wrong way. A few days learning to learn a completely new skill that increases your income?

      It is possible, but there is no way I am going to confirm that, because making money, from scalping or anything else that is worth while, and long term takes time and patience to learn such a skill, and this is definitely a skill worth learning.


  • Dave says:

    Hi Ben,
    Very interested in this product, I assume you have to buy the Software separately.on top of this training?
    Also, I haven’t seen any losing trades yet on any examples given, are losing trades common with this system and if so are they minimal? Possibly looking to do this P/T for a few hours per day and looking for a reasonable return

    • Ben says:

      Hi Dave,

      In scalping I would say losing trades are definitely not common, because in the same trade a losing trade can quickly be turned into a break even or winning trade.

      For example 5 or 10 minutes before a race starts you can do 2/3/4 scalps on that race, and get out of a losing position in most cases.

      It is a skill set, and takes a little time to learn, but a good earner, you just won’t ever find it next to pictures of luxuty yachts, or flashy houses in the adverts, because although it makes decent profits, it is not going to make riches.


      • Dave says:

        Hi Ben,
        Thanks for your reply. Can you confirm that we need to purchase the training and the Software in order for us to profit with this?
        This is just the thing I’m looking for really, smaller profit trades which equates to smaller risk in my view and a lot of volume (races) to trade from. Those £2+ trades will certainly add up

        • Ben says:

          Hi Dave,

          Yes, Betangel software is required which has a free 14 day trial. I have used it for a long time, and it is very good.


      • Dave says:

        Just a word of caution here, I know there’s a lot of talk about amazing profits etc. and the £500+ profit made in that hour which was simply amazing…but it’s simply not as easy as what it sounds, a serious amount of practice and knowledge is required (he gambled slightly on the last trade so it could easily have gone the other way and made just £50 instead which is still a great profit btw) and stakes were extremely high. My advice is practice, practice, practice until you’re comfortable as the key surely is to minimise the losses as you know the profits will come and to start with at first NEVER let the trades go in-play as a lot of money can be lost before you even know it

        • Ben says:

          Hi Dave,

          You know I stick to facts on this website, so I have to react to that post.

          There is no caution on that video, and the video was showing what is possible when experienced, and there is also a disclaimer on the page saying the same.

          The first 5 races were taken in play with no risk at all, which as you say is amazing, and the final race was no risk either really, because it was entered into using profits from the previous 5 races so the only risk was using a percentage of profits already made.

          I do agree with what you say about practice though, and they make no bones about that, and insist that practice is needed all the way, which is true.


  • Jason says:

    Got this earlier,have had a look through it all, it looks great, can’t wait to get started with it Thanks Ben

  • ignacio says:

    i really love your site and your reviews. one question, this system once you learn it can be aplied to other sports or just horses. thanks for your time

  • tom says:

    can i use geekstoy sotfware

  • Jason says:

    After watching all the materials and soaking it all in,as i do trade other methods i understood quickly.I started today and traded 16 races and made £59.36 profit.

    I will continue to do this along with my other trading,every little helps and as Ben says it is a bit addictive 🙂

  • Ross Keeley says:

    I’ve been waiting for a product to teach how to scalp on betfair that helps you gain small (at first) wins on a consistent basis. I’m investing in this and I’ll let you know how I get on, this should sit well alongside 2minutetrader which is I’m having good results from so far. Thanks for sharing this Ben.

  • Wayne says:

    Hi Ben, sounds good, its a similar to trading?
    Also how much is it altogether for the software and training together has it sounds ideal for me, not going for lots of money, just small amounts that you appreciate to pay for everyday things.
    Kind regards Wayne.

    • Ben says:

      Hi Wayne,

      The training is currently £89.97, although don’t expect it to stay that price for long. When it launched a week or so ago it only had 6 videos and not a great deal of content, now it has over 2 hours worth approx, about 20 vids and a very detailed manual, so I would be amazed if the price didn’t increase 3 x what it currently is.

      Betangel is about £60 for the year and comes with a free trial.


      • Wayne says:

        Hi Ben, thanks for reply. Seems good value if you can make steady £20-£30 daily consistenly.
        Only problem for me is i only have an ipad and a mac mini.
        Thanks for another great review!

  • Bismark says:

    Hi Ben,
    I’m really excited about this product and want to get in asap. My question is about the starting bank. I understand it’s OK to start with anything one is comfortable with. I have been trading on Betfair for quite a while and concerning betting bank what I have realised is that, if you are backing and laying the same horse, then you don’t need to worry about laying liability as the back potential profit covers the lay thereby covering the lay liability and greening up. So for the example you gave 1) Back bet was £50 at 7.0
    2) Lay Bet was at 6.6, so liability was: £280 but you don’t need £330 to place all the bets. The back bet wins £300.00 and this will be used to cover the liability.

    However, if you place the lay bet before the back bet, then you’ll need to have £280 in your account to cover the liability. In this case also, you don’t have to worry about the £50 needed for the back as you are betting on the same horse which you have previously laid. I hope my explanation is clear enough.

    Thanks for bring the best always.

    • Ben says:

      Hi Bismark,

      I understand what you are saying, but the instructions assume that you will be liable for the liability, and instructs accordingly and explains how to work out your staking based on the bank you have, but you can start with a much lower bank, as with any trading product and build up.


  • Patrick says:

    Ben price buys what ? Is it full of up sells? How much is Bet Angel software?

  • anwar says:

    Hi ben this sounds like a perfect solution between as this doesnt involve bookies, but my question is if for a £50 trade what is the most im looking to lose in the worst case scenario? you say this is fun so im assuming there are no danger moments where your heart stops thinking im going to lose all my money in this trade etc, even if i make £20 a day i will happily purchase this.

    do i have anything to fear in terms of risking money as long as the wins out weigh the losses than im up for it.

    but it may take me a while to use the software as i have it but never understood it.

    • Ben says:

      Hi Anwar,

      With scalping you can decide how much you are going to lose, as you can set stop losses, and as you rightly say, as long as you win more than you lose, then happy days, but it does take some learning.


  • Patrick says:

    I only have Windows 10 and an iPad does the software work on this?

    • Ben says:

      Hi Patrick,

      Google is your friend here:

      System Requirements

      Windows XP (SP3), Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10.
      A PC with at least a 1.5GHz Intel or AMD processor.
      At least 1GB of RAM.
      50Mb Hard Disk Space.


  • Sue says:

    I’ve been waiting for the guys to bring this out. I’ve been playing with scalping for a while and have used various software. I’ve been dabbling in greyhound racing scalping too. I tend to win and then lose and need some better instruction on reading the market.

    • Ben says:

      Hi Sue,

      I know what you mean, many try it but it is simple instructions that are needed which I feel this product gives.


  • Jono says:

    Hi Ben,

    Sound good that it is all about Betfair. Of course it require to put in large betting bank and I need to know if it is possible to make more than £50 a day! Will it work to make it £100 a day?

    I know it sound to be greedy but would be possible to make like that?

    Many thanks,


    • Ben says:

      Hi Jono,

      It does not require a large betting bank at all, that is why I use it. You can also decide what odds you wish to use, and one of the videos explains this.

      Therefore, depending on what bank you do have, and it can be small, you can either decide to start small and scale up, or, you can simply choose races where the odds are better for your bank.

      To answer your other question about £100 a day. Anything is possible, but in this game I usually find that those that chase such dreams early on without having patience, come a cropper sooner or later.

      You need to learnt the craft, and it is most definitely a skill, and that is what this course is teaching you, a skill to make money.


  • anwar says:

    thanks ben , one more question once i get the hang of it, what would you say the maximum i can put on each race? i know you mentioned £1000 isnt possible, but what about £100 or even £300 on the back bet? at the time of betting you say its quiet not much activity so if a back bet of £300 is matched but the lay side isnt, then i will be in trouble or do i just cash out for a small loss? im thinking ahead as i want to scale it up, just hope im not limited to £50 bets, but then again i wouldn’t mind as its generating income.

    • Ben says:

      Hi Amwar,

      I am not even going to suggest a figure, scalping is very different to what you may have done in the past. And earnings then become how good you get at it.

      But yes, as I have already said, if a trade goes against you, even with much higher stakes, you still control any losses, and easily, and you can nowhere near lose the amount of stakes you place. You cannot lose your stake money, only small portions, but then you can easily make them back again.

      You can scalp small profits, and you can make small losses, and the trick is as you learn and get better at it, the losses are easily eaten away with the profits.

      Then it comes down to personal ability, and ability comes from practising, which is how it should be 🙂


  • Gary Richardson says:

    hi ben thanks for the email today about this.

    i have joined and “WOW”, so much information and teachings for such a low price!!

    i am impressed and cannot wait to get started, thanks again

  • Steve says:

    Hi Ben, This is the first time I have purchased through your site and I can say that this product is very good value with lots of good advice. Trading Betfair is something that takes plenty of practice to master so is no instant road to riches. Well worth the price paid.I think its fair to point out for anyone unfamiliar with Betfair, they do have the occasional outage and if you have open positions and the site goes down (or more likely your internet connection drops out} it can be painful if you cannot then close out those positions before the race is run.

    • Ben says:

      Hi Steve,

      Yes I agree it is very good value, and easily worth much more.

      Regarding outages from Betfair, I can honestly say I cannot ever remember it happening to me and I trade everyday, but if it did happen and I just cannot remember, then you can phone Betfair up to close out a position, if you had to on the very rare occasion it ‘could’ happen.

      I also agree, that no trading system is a road to riches, and much practice is needed to learn it. The authors point this out very quickly though, and are very down to earth I found.


  • Charlotte says:

    I have an old but very active Toshiba Tecra M5 -PTM 50E on Windows XP Professional with I believe, to
    be 3GB of ram.
    Would that support Betangel?

    • Ben says:

      Hi Charlotte,

      That should be fine, Betangel is very low resource software, and I have used it on old computers too, even with 500MB ram.


  • Jono says:

    Thank you for the replied. I guess it need take time to understand the system first.

    Anyway, I have been tried with Betfair trading with GeeksToy and been practice a lot with that but realised it is hard to make some profits. I am sure it is purely based on my psychology and discipline. So I gave up myself.

    So I wondering if this system will help me to understand better than before. Maybe this system would work to some people but I am not expecting everyone can make some profits easily.

    The clear question is will everyone can learn easily with this system or it would need take time to master?

    Your answer would be appreciated.

    Many thanks,


    • Ben says:

      Hi Jono,

      It is probably the easiest form of Betfair trading you will ever use, and frankly, if scalping does not work for you, then you should give up any idea of trading.

      This is not a system, it is a training course that will teach you how to replicate what the author does on a daily basis.

      Will everyone learn this easily, or will it take time to master?

      It is easy with time, but should it be easy? You are talking about a skill that will teach you to make money daily, so isn’t it worth taking the time to master?

      The first video on the members page will make you smile 🙂 because it states clearly that you need to forget all the ‘get rich’ conditioning and start getting with reality.

      And it is so true, and down to earth that you cannot help but smile.

      If you wish to make money in anything then you have to master the skill that produces that extra income.


  • Jono says:

    I cannot believe you always have time to answer everyone’s comment all here! 🙂

    I think I would like to have a go and take this opportunity to find out what it is like.

    I will click on your link to say thank you for your time and answered my previous questions. 🙂

    Thanks again!


  • SC1 says:

    Excellently put together and very detailed. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Preston geezer says:

    here is my take on this after buying it late last night.

    As others have said it really does contain a lot of content to get through. There is as much written instruction as there is video *a lot of videos*, and for somebody who has never done anything like this before the instructions are welcome, and now i have the software bet angel set up and ready to go.

    I will not be starting yet because as the videos rightly say you need to fully understand so i will be taking a few days to watch everything a few times.

    Value for money wise it has to be one of the best yet so much stuff to learn and digest and lots of it. I expected a couple of videos and a simple manual but this is a complete product all on one page and it is very excellently explained to you.

    I will be testing everything but the one race i did try today, i know i shoudn;t have as i really dont know it all yet, but the one race i did try today made a profit but i quickly stopped until i am fully up on the rules.

    good find Ben, and as always you have done another great review on this one.

    • Ben says:

      Hi Preson Geezer,

      Thanks for the compliment, I appreciate it, and I agree with everything you have said on the product.

      I had one email from a reader today that said:

      “Ben, can this make me £500 a day, as I really want to make something work?”

      I was like “get real”, and the author has it right when he says we are all tired of seeing business opportunities with stipud claims, so when something comes along that is understated, like this scalping product, they fail to see the wood from the trees, as internet marketing has almost brain-washed many people. It is quite tragic really.


  • Jaspal says:

    Hi Ben!
    I was just about to purchase this 30 mins ago via another review! I wanted to find out if it is on display on your website and it was! Hooray, so went ahead and bought it! Crickey, there is sooo much info to digest including videos! L@@KS very good. Thanks for yet another excellent review! Just goes to show, if you offer a good service, people will buy from you rather than your competitors?! This is the 3rd product I have bought AFTER viewing your review! Keep up the good work. Best Regards. Jaspal

  • Stig says:

    I just bought it and I am looking at the contents today and it is all looking very interesting so far I must say.

    What made me buy it was the message on the sales page which made me laugh:-

    “Therefore, if you enjoy buying into all the silly claims marketers make, and are looking to ‘get rich’ from the latest conveyer belt creation that is currently trending, then this product is not for you. There will be no white doves flying into your bank account daily to deposit money, you will need to actually do something and learn this.”


    😀 😀 😀


  • Lee says:


    I know you have a 14 day trial with betangel but do we sign up to the standard one or the pro version?

    • Ben says:

      Hi Lee,

      This is mentioned on the logged in members area, and there are actually two detailed videos explaining the differences between the two software versions.

      Both versions can be used for scalping, but I would watch those videos also.


  • Andrei says:

    I like this a lot you know, and have been playing around with it today and made £12.74 🙂 Couple of trys and bang, and it is right what they say about the pace being nice and slow, I almost fell sleep watching the screen but not a bad profit from about 20 minutes trying. I really like it, it does not feel like gambling or anything just watching and waiting. It’s actually enjoyable!!! who’d have thought that.

    Good vids, good instructions and as some of the others have said,, be prepared for all the information as there is oodles of the stuff and a lot to watch but hey if it means more profits then fine by me. Cheers Andrei

    • anwar says:

      Hi Andrei nice win,i also bought this and after watching all the videos over 3 hours i think, i am very excited!!!
      may i ask what stakes you used to make over £12 in 20 mins?

      also my review on this even though i havent started yet, the amount of videos and detailed info is incredible, i mean now i know how to use betangel just for this method and i also understand how the market works better than i can imagine/did.

      the amount of knowledge being shared is worth the price alone and just by looking at the videos you sure are looking to make money guaranteed, yes there might be a slight chance of losing a trade, but your looking to lose mx £2 from £50 stakes t yo overall profits will be 20 times higher than your loss.

      also the advanced video is just so clever and great way to make higher profits.

      and the best thing with this is once you made your profit you can move on to the next race without waiting to withdraw as your only using betfair so you get your stakes and liability back once you cash out, and dont have to deal with bookies and waiting til funds arrive.

      so for me this is perfect all your money stays in one place and max you will need is about £350 so you can withdraw your daily profits everyday to help pay your bills or buy you cigarettes etc lol.

      Andrei did you use the advanced method for your profit or just higher stakes? or did you just use £50 stakes?

  • Jim says:

    Hi Ben

    This all looks very interesting!

    Can you tell me if the results are scaleable? Ie, once you are good at it can you increase your bets to increase your winnings with out exposing yourself to more risk? Is there an upper limit on this?


    • Ben says:

      Hi Jim,

      Yes, you can scale it, but I don’t advise that straight away. The risk is simply in relation to the stakes.

      You can never lose your stake unless you allow the bets to go in play, but scalping is not about in play, so you then set your exposure limit with stop losses.


  • Raymond says:

    Hi Ben,

    this is the 5th product I bought after your review. I had actually read about the strategy that is described in the course as more ‘advanced’ scalping technique in a betfair trader book before, but never had it seen performed in this variation. I joined from day 1 and it seems more content is added every time I check for updates.
    All the products I bought after your review are making profits…now I just need the time to focus on each of them 🙂

    • Ben says:

      Hi Raymond,

      That is nice to know actually, and thanks 🙂

      It’s also nice to have a ‘toolbox’ of products that work that you can tap into when you need to.


  • Simon says:

    Hi Ben,

    I like the look of this.

    I’m doing Tony’s football hedging, after 6 months of practice I’m still not ready for live trading so I need something that will chuck a few quid in the bank on a daily basis.

    I find I am twiddling my thumbs in an afternoon so a no/low risk way to make £50 a day sounds ideal.

    There is no such thing as the ‘get rich quick’ scheme, you have to be realistic.

    With this in mind, something that can net you £50 (tax free!) soon adds up into larger amounts.

    I am going to give this a whirl – Stuart at Home Business Direct was very helpful during my trialling of the laying favourites method so I know the support is there.


  • Daniel McCarthy says:

    This is a quality course and one that I feel will definitely work for once. My early results have also been very positive and encouraging and as Raymond said above every time you log in there is more and more content added, at least 5 more teaching videos added over the last 2 days alone. It is very rare I find to see such quality courses at this price point. The best investment I have made in the last couple of years for sure. Dan.

  • Iggy says:

    Very good, the videosare very well explained. I have also asked a few questions to support as I have never done anything like this before and also always explained well.
    I will be starting properly in a few days.

  • david black says:

    ben can I ask you will you still be able to go to the bookies every day and still do this or do you have to stay at home on the computer

    • Ben says:

      Hi David,

      You need access to a computer to scalp as the software is on a pc, but you can do it anytime you like really, as there are evening and weekend races these days.


  • David Smith says:

    Hi Ben

    I’m a bit of a Newb, so go easy please. I love the site and your thorough reviews. A question regarding this one is: Am i right in thinking i only have a 14day trial of Bet Angel? and if so, does that mean i have to work my way through all the tutorial vids, fully understand them then use the system to my advantage, all before the 14 days is up?
    I use betfair but have never traded using software before. Id love to give this a go as a source to making some little extra income every now and again.

    • Ben says:

      Hi David,

      You do have the trial on the software, but then it can be used for the small amount of just £6 a month, so no rush on anything really.


  • D Townsend says:

    Great review as always ben, looks a great product. I will be joining later today.

  • David Smith says:

    I took the plunge and bought this earlier today.. WOW!! how much info? lots of vids to plough through. Im doing as suggested and watching and reading all the material before going live, in fact ive said to myself ill keep it in practise mode for a month so see how i get on and to improve my own skills.
    I had a problem re a couple of their videos so contacted them, they replied within 10 mins with the answer which is fantastic, so ill give a big thumbs up for support.
    I got a day off tomorrow so back to the PC for more Scalping Education!!
    Thanks once again Ben.

  • D Townsend says:

    I joined as i said i would and it is very impressive. i have paid for similar courses in the past for a lot more money and received a lot less than this offers. all explained in an easy way that even an idiot like me can understand it lol

    i am not even a third of the way throuigh it all yet as there is so many videos showing how it all works

    Yesterday there was a video put up showing how the guy made over £500 in an hour 😯

  • Chris Broughton says:

    I have looked at this with interest, before I take the plunge, can I ask do the videos talk you through exit and entry points in detail? Is the approach showed almost systematic? I have dabbled in trading with mixed success, the biggest problem being I don’t know why the trade was a success or why it wasn’t! As you say all the other sites show what they do but not with any explanation. If you confirm this site is different, I’m in! Thanks in advance for any help/advice.

    • Ben says:

      Hi Chris,

      Yes, entry and exit points are discussed in detail there are videos on it, and it is one of the main parts of scalping. And yes I would say it is systematic once you have learned it.


  • Paul says:

    Hi, I see this needs Betangel, which version do people buy normally Pro or Trader version?

  • David says:

    Has anybody else had issues accessing the site today? I purchased it 2 weeks ago and keep being redirected to the home business direct main site when I log in.

  • warren says:

    hi could this be used with the racing traders software?if it can i will buy it this week.

  • Si says:

    anybody else becoming addicted to the video content? This course is the best money I ever spent online to date.

    I tried the inplay trade today that it shows on advanced and it worked perfect. I did three and made more money than the scalps. Utterly brilliant, and the bloke who created it deserves a lot of credit. Support is great too.

    • Mr. Brendan Garside says:

      I can concur with that Si, a lot of very good stuff on the training. I have been practising for 2 weeks and start using real readies last Wednesday and am makin money with it. It is good to see someone giving what they actually offer for once. I had tried it before a few years back and have bought a course from another well known person but it wasn’t for me. The videos teaches it in a way even I could understand. The in play situation is brilliant and I am making profits for the first time regularly. I am excited by it but I am still practising a lot even though I am using real readies now. Loving it but trying to not get too carried way and trying to make a set amount per day. Today was my biggest day with about £92 made and 3 of those were the in play ones which I am definitely going to make more use of. It actually works. I couldn’t find a setting on the software at first which was my fault as it was right there in front of me but support answered it for me anyway. I wish I had found this before paying out for other things but thats life but I would say profit wise I am about £190 up since I went live which is a lot of money for me being retired and for once something works.

  • anwar says:

    ok my update….

    after using real money i lost £56 and was very disappointed, i didn’t understand how everything worked and was eager to try this and started too soon. after losing some money i emailed Stuart and asked what im doing wrong, i was told i wasnt reading and learning, i didnt use the stop loss etc, so this made me determined to start again i used practice mode on betangel and after losing or making little profit,

    yesterday i was winning, what i decided is to stick to one method and get good at it, and i made £78 using £50 stakes, today you wouldnt believe me, but i made over £750 profit, in practice mode, on my last race alone i made over £300 even though im getting better at it, i will practice whole december and if i feel i can make money comfortably than i will start in january for real.

    im not going to get carried away just yet, i will practice again on saturday as im off from work and will see how i get on.

    but all i can say i have bought many products and nothing made me £750 in one day.

    so this is real guys just gotta practice and learn and once you get the hang of it then your laughing. even if i make £50 a day im happy.

  • salah says:

    I live in Canada and i use betfair with vpn with no problem and i know that i can use betangel with vpn but my question is can i place bets with betangel using vpn ?

    • Ben says:

      Hi Salah,

      Yes, the Betangel software can be used on a VPN, Apple Mac users have been using the software that way for a long time.


  • ian says:

    Hi Ben, I wonder if you can help me. I bought this system at the end of October after reading reviews on your site. It looked very good but I had PC problems about 2 days after buying the system. PC problem is sorted now but although I have my User ID and password I cannot find the link to access the system. Can you help me with this?

    • Ben says:

      Hi Ian,

      If you send them an email they can probably give you the link again, I don’t really want to put it here as it is a members area, but I can send it by email if you want to shoot me an email.


  • Tom says:

    This has to be the very best available course on scalping markets I have come across. I have dabbled in forx and the likes for years but these betfair markets I have wanted to find what works for as long as I can remember. Having purchased a few in the past including caan berry (waste of time) and others I was still clueless on what to do.

    This new course is the dogs watsits and for the first time in many a year I actually understand what to do. I have been doing it now for 4 days and have made good profits.

    I hardly ever write comments on sites such as this but I just had to say what a great investment this is.

    Best Wishes,


  • Andrew says:

    Hi Ben, I live in Australia, have you had anyone buy this system and scalp in OZ? I can always sit up and bet on the UK. Thanks.

  • Andrew says:

    Hi Ben, not sure if this has been asked before but can you use Geekstoy as the software for BF Scalper?

    • Ben says:

      Hi Andrew,

      All the videos they show you are demonstrating using Betangel, so Geekstoy may not have the same features.


  • Tom says:

    Hi Ben

    What Betangle software would we need to get is it the basic one which is free I think or theprofessional one to use for scalping?


  • Derry John says:

    This is easily the best course I have paid for. I bought Caan Berry trading course last year and it was like listening in Chinese, he is obviously capable but his teaching style is pants and just mumbles along teaching nothing so I wasted the money on his product and wont be buying from him again!!!

    This new course is brilliant and the bloke behind it teaches it in the style that is needed straight to the point no bullcrap and easy to listen to for me. Luckily I bought it when it was a tad cheaper but it is easily worth well more money that it costs and I have been using one of the strategies for the last few weeks and I am making some very good money.

    A definite no brainer this one and like many I suspect I wish I had found it a few years ago it would have saved me buying so much trash from others. I am looking forward to what else they bring out already.

  • Jim says:


    I’m keen to give this a go as I’ll have a bit of time to spare in January.
    Does this product involve any loss chasing? I’m very adverse to chasing losses as it quite often ends in blown banks. Are the profits you show to level stakes? What’s the worst case scenario?

    Many thanks

    • Ben says:

      Hi Jim,

      There is no loss chasing in scalping, and the worst case is if you don’t follow the rules. You set your own losses and profits in scalping markets.


  • Rainy says:

    Hi Ben I have been on the course a few weeks getting to grips with it and doing well for the last few days,

    why are there no races today though?

    • Ben says:

      Hi Rainy,

      Christmas shut down, until Boxing day. It happens every year and then Boxing day is a big racing day which starts it all back up again.

      Enjoy the rest, as horses need a rest too 🙂


  • Xeno says:

    ok I bought this as a little xmas pressie to myself and have been looking it over through the downtime. I must of spent a couple of K over the years on these type of products but I have to say this is the best by a blooming mile.
    There must have been 10+ videos added during the Xmas period when I bought it and everytime I logged in there seemed to be more things to learn. I am now going through the videos for the second time and have already tested some of the methods during a few days boxing day and yesterday and it really does teach you exactly what to look for and I am starting very slowly and with a small bank as they tell you but I am making profits already using it. It is the first time I have made consistent money with any betfair product I have bought.
    Ben you r review is spot on also. A great product with very good support as I have sent them emails even on boxing day and they replied even though I would have waited until after the holidays.

  • Andy says:

    Can this work on sports other than horse racing, and can it be used for non-UK events?

    In other words, can I use it any time of day, wherever there is sport taking place?


    • Ben says:

      Hi Andy,

      This is for horse racing, and there are plenty of opportunities daily, and even more when it starts getting light nights again.


  • Shakir says:

    Hiya,, Nice review admin. I bought it based on your reviewing of it and it is very good the no risk part of it I have never seen anything like that before and I have been doing Betfair for long time triggers and entry is right in the money too better than what i purchased on other courses actually teaches me to make money! ! !


  • james says:


    May i please know the main difference between this product and 2 minute trader please?

    Kind regards

  • Shoota says:

    will this work on a Mac computer?

    I really want to try this

    • Ben says:

      Hi Shoota,

      Yes it can work on a Mac, because the teaching is all browser based, so online.

      For the software you can use a VPS for Betangel which many people do.


  • Michael says:

    all good so far lots,, and lots to learn are you still using it Ben?

    • Ben says:

      Hi Michael,

      Pleased you are enjoying it and that the review helped you.

      I still do trade a lot when I have the time to and scalping is something I do fairly often.

      I have also received a lot of feedback about this product by email from my own readers and the feedback is very positive indeed.


  • whiskyd says:

    Ben ,I use bet trader pro for my trading/ greening up and am used to it ive got tick offset etc im hoping it will do the same job as im looking forward to the videos I cant see why it wont work but want your opinion if thats ok

    • Ben says:

      Hi Whiskyd,

      All the videos are taught using Betangel software, so I cannot say for sure the strategies will work with Bet Trader software.


  • BigAl says:

    Hi Ben,

    I know this might sound like a stupid question but…
    If I start smaller, say with a 1000 EUR bank, betting 10 EUR a race and increase my bank to at least 2000 EUR (then betting 20 per race), would I be able to make a living using this brilliant method?

    • Ben says:

      Hi BigAl,

      Scalping is not about betting certain amounts of your betting bank, it is far less than that and it is not at risk at all.

      As for making a living out of it, I would say it really depends on effort put in.

      I have already had loads of emails about this course and there is a great buzz about it.


      • BigAl says:

        Thank you Ben, you’ve been really helpful.
        I’ve been very skeptical about the “no-risk” claim, however, after reading on some trading theory and watching basic strategy implementation, it certainly does wonders.
        As for the course and many satisfied customers, I am not at all surprised.

        • Ben says:

          Hi BigAl,

          The no risk part of the trading and training on the course is something I had not seen anywhere else before and was a real eye opener for me, and others I suspect.

          It is definitely no risk at the time of the trade.


  • Andrew says:

    Hi Ben
    Great review as always.
    Just wanted to ask if the training covered bank management,stake size compounding etc?
    And also could the system be expanded to use on foreign racing USA/France etc to provide more opportunity for trading?

    All the best Andy

    • Ben says:

      Hi Andy,

      Yes, all those aspects are covered, and the course mainly focuses on UK and Irish racing at the moment which are way more professional than others with a lot of races per day and much more as the nights get brighter.


      • Andy says:

        Thanks for the reply Ben
        Is there a time limit once you’ve purchased the training.
        Or can you log in at any time to view training videos?
        Kind regards

  • Bruce says:

    Looks good. I’ve read every comment here and think I’m ready to take the plunge and buy this one.

  • Stuart says:

    Hi Ben really love your review and site. I noticed that there are two types of Bet Angel. Normal and a professional version which is slightly more costly. As traders do we need the professional version or would the normal version be ok? Many thanks. Stuart.

    • Ben says:

      Hi Stuart,

      As mentioned by email, the normal trader version of the software will work fine for this.


      • Wayne says:

        Hi Ben, i’ve been watching the videos when i can. And got to say so far it seems an excellent course.
        I bought this when it was 3 times cheaper than it is now, but it still is a good, educational course to use.
        I know how betfair works with backing and laying, from my matched betting days, so i am one step ahead in that department. However i am not a trader so im taking it steady and learning it before jumping in!
        Regards the ‘normal software’, you say it does everything that you need to do the scalping, would you recommend just getting the standard for now as a beginner?
        Also, can you still do the ‘advanced’ scalping when you progress to that, as explained in the video, using the standard software, or would this require the ‘proffesional’ version?
        Many thanks for your time 🙂

        • Ben says:

          Hi Wayne,

          I use the pro version myself and you can rent it so that may be the way to go. They have done some videos on both versions and say for scalping the Trader version is fine but that as you progress the pro version would be more suitable as it does have more features.


          • Wayne says:

            Hi Ben, i think i will start with the lower version for now and see how it goes, then work up to the higher software, thanks for your help:).

  • jeff says:

    Hello, I want to subscribe for this scalping website as the reviews here and everywhere else have been brilliant, is your bank ever at risk with this? I am looking at joining it this week.


    • Ben says:

      Hi Jeff,

      Scalping is pre race trading so your bank is never at risk, just tiny amounts, that is one of the large advantages, you are scalping profits with the ocassional loss but the profits they show you how to increase in play so that this makes any loss even smaller and the profits larger.


  • Tony says:

    Hello Ben. Thanks for all your helpful replies to the queries on here.
    Just like Ian,(04 Dec) I have a problem accessing their site.
    Would you mind e-mailing me the link please.

  • Phillip Holmes says:

    Hi Ben
    Thank you for the recommendation on this. I am around 7 weeks in and having tried a few courses over the years from so called trading experts and getting nowhere with them I decided to buy this course mainly based on your review and it is not the first product I have entered into on the back of your reviews so well done again. For the first time and I mean the first time this course teaches exactly what to do and what to look for when entering the trades which I had previously never seen anywhere else with any conviction and with enough insight into teaching you what to do.

    I took my time as they pummel into you and now I am regularly making between £40 to about £80 a day on average and the most I have made in a day was £237 which was yesterday. I do not write many reviews but this has got to be the best course for teaching somebody to trade anywhere online it really has. It has taught me to have confidence to trade and what to look for and I also really enjoy watching the videos because the teacher communicates in an excellent way with no bs. I look forward to it and the first thing I think about after my morning brew is turning the ladders on to look for opps.
    A bargain at the price if I ever seen one.

    • Ray says:

      Hi Phil, nice to read you are making good profits a day. Are you trading with high stakes?
      I am struggling with time to do the trading with a fulltime day job.So need to focus on the evening races, but in the winter period there is not much going on.
      The videos are excellent.

      • Phillip Holmes says:

        Hi not particularly high stakes but you do not risk the stakes anyway so I am using my betting bank that I made from matched betting.
        Chelmsford was on until 8:30pm last night and similar for Newcastle tonight so races are getting later and later now it is getting brighter

  • Aiguo says:

    finally somebody breaks it down and tells you how it is bout time

  • Tommi says:


    From the video’s provided for the training, does it go into detail about the setting and the way to use Bet Angel?

    Many Thanks,


    • Ben says:

      Hi Tommi,

      Yes, there are detailed videos on how to set the software up and how to use it, it goes into a lot of detail.

      The software is very easy to use.


  • Deborah Foster says:

    Is this U.K. Racing or international too?

    • Ben says:

      Hi Deborah,

      Yes you can if the liquidity is there. They put up a video last week about Australian racing which one of their members is using with the course.


  • Deborah Foster says:

    That’s great, I appreciate your reply 🙂

  • Lewis says:

    Hi Ben,In the scenario that a lay or back bet is unmatched seconds before a race, can you cancel the bet, as surely you would then be gambling?

    • Ben says:

      Hi Lewis,

      Yes, there is a ‘cancel all’ button on the software (just above where it says unmatched bets), but Betfair would cancel any pre race trades unless you had selected to ‘save’, which you shouldn’t have done anyway. You can also click to cash out which once matched will also cancel all remaining trades 🙂


  • Rafael says:

    Hi Ben, i am from Brasil, i am not new at betfair but i am betting only, not trading !i am very interested in this product but my problem is: the ping from my computer to betfair server is about 250ms-300ms, may i ask you, is it possible for me to use this strategy for scalping with that ping? thank you so much ! best regards !

    • Ben says:

      Hi Rafael,

      250ms-300ms seems fine to me. The software can also be manipulated to increase the speed, and the Bet Angel software is extremely responsive so I doubt you will have any issues on that side.


  • Collins says:

    Hi Ben,

    I bought this product today, but I did not get the download link. I set up the username and password but I forgot to bookmark the download page, do you what is the link to open up these videos?


  • Luke says:

    Hello Ben, hope you are well. I apologise if you have already answered this but here goes… I haven’t got any time in the day (mon-fri 7.30am-5.30pm) because of work, can I do this in the evenings and on the weekend to the same affect as your spoke about in your review?

    • Ben says:

      Hi Luke,

      Yes you can trade in the evenings and at weekends if you work full time, many do that. And as the nights get brighter racing is on much later.


  • gopal says:

    hiii ben i am from india, i already member of betfair can i use this system ? i want to do scalping full time can i do ?

    • Ben says:

      Hi Gopal,

      It really depends on the rules in your country, and if in India you can use the exchanges on Betfair and can access the UK and Irish race cards to make the profits.

      If you can, then fine, and a quick call to Betfair in your country will be able to tell you immediately I would have thought.


  • Jordan says:

    Hi ben, would it be realistic to aim to make 10 pound per day, with 50 pound stakes, if you are only able to do races later than 6 on a weekday? thanks

  • Osiovie Iteidu says:

    Hello Ben,

    Sorry please, with a start up bank of 500 pound, can I logically look forward to making a average of 10 pounds daily?

  • Julius says:

    Great review as always, taking a look at this product now, interesting as I been looking for ages for something like this

  • Chris says:

    Hi Ben,
    I’m liking what I’m reading, particularly the understated attitude to profit expectations and the importance of practice.
    Can I ask though (at risk of sounding naïve), where exactly does your ‘bank’ of money and profit sit, is it held by Betfair and can you transfer it to your own bank whenever you like?
    Many thanks Ben.

    • Daniel says:

      Hello Chris, Yes any profit stays on Betfair’s website and you can transfer it back to your own bank account at any time.

      Best Wishes,


  • Olusola says:

    I just got to know about this software and saw your review while trying to check for the authenticity. I have these questions:
    I am in Nigeria, can this be done from Nigeria?

    I don’t have any knowledge of trading on betfair, but I really wish to learn it, will the training tutorials take me from a newbie to a pro?

    I want to start with a bank of 100 bucks, will this be OK? All I need is to make daily profit (even if it is up to 5 bucks daily from my bank of 100). I believe in being consistent.

    • Daniel says:

      Hello Olusola, I am not sure what the availability of Betfair is in Nigeria, you would have to find that out I would expect.

      Best Wishes,


      • Olusola says:

        Hello Daniel,
        Betfair is available in Nigeria and I have an account where I do the normal betting.

  • PETER YATES says:

    Just purchased Betfair Scalper via your link and watched first introductory video.
    Sensible advice does anyone else think he sounds like Mike C.

  • Eddie says:

    Thinking of buying this but have no experience at all of trading.
    Sounds as if the videos are really good at explaining what is needed.
    Has anyone else who didn’t have a clue how to trade done well with this and how are you getting on with it now.
    Thanks very much

    • gaz Wright says:

      all i knew was a bit of match betting using PA but the scalps course is very good as i was looking to get more into the trading side of things and for teaching somebody who knew nowt about it it has been great for me still practising as well as using smallish punts and doing well have learned a lot

  • John says:


    Looks good but not being Betfair savvy – who is paying for the scalping profits? I’m guessing other punters but I would appreciate clarification. Also I assume Betfair take a cut of profits?

    Thank you.

    • Daniel says:

      Hello John, Yes as with all gambling and trading winnings are paid for by other people losing, and it is the same on Betfair.

      Betfair take on average just 5% commission from winnings which is how they make their profits, and is the reason why they don’t really care who wins and loses, this is the reason they don’t ban winning accounts as they make their profits no matter who wins.

      Best Wishes,


      • Cupac says:

        Betfair takes 5% commission on winnings, that means what on scalping? If you trade on what become the winning side you have to pay 5% for ‘buying’ and 5% for ‘selling’? (And nothing if you scalp on the side which lost ?)

        Would it be possible to do the same but with smarkets or another bet exchange? Are there tools do do that?

        • Daniel says:

          Hello Cupac. It is quite simple really, if you make a profit on a race, match, or whatever else on betfair, then they take a 5% commission (approximately, depending on your activities/volume) from your profits before they place them back into your account. It is how Betfair make their mooney, and of course nothing is taken from losing bets.

          If you are referring to the course that has been reviewed on this page, then it states on the sales page that it is Betfair only.

          Therefore generally, if say you made £100 profit on a race, then £5 would be taken as commission, leaving you with £95 profit. Meaning you keep 95% of any profits you made.

          Best Wishes,


  • Michael says:

    Hi, is anyone actually having any success with this after buying it, and would they mind sharing their experience. Thanks

  • The Betfair Course Creator says:


    I just wanted to provide a little input here for readers. You will generally find that people who purchase such a course don’t generally report back when it is working for them, and that they usually just get on with things.

    We get a lot of emails from customers, and have a feedback section on the course where we explain questions for all concerned which also provides additional training.

    With that in mind I wanted to show you a couple of emails that came through over the weekend from members of the course, that are now also in the members area, and these are typical of the emails we do receive. I have sent the videos to admin of this website as I don’t think cutting and pasting an iframe into the comment section will work:

    And here is another email from 3 days earlier:

    What we try to emphasise is that the course is not a system, but a skill that we teach to members/students, and that taking time is a key principle of learning such a skill where trading is concerned.

    We do have members who get off to a flying start, but we try and point out that as this is potentially an income stream that could be long term, then learning the principles behind the course is paramount, takes time, and should not be rushed.

    As I stated earlier, most members of customers will not come to such websites, or forums, and just get on with it, and therefore I just wanted to show you a sample of emails from actual users on the course, and we get such emails almost on a daily basis, and others can be found on the sales page, and on Facebook here:

    Do we expect it to work for everybody? Absolutely not, because we are all different, learn at different speeds, and have different attitudes to risk/learning, etc. But what I can say is that much of the skill of trading comes down to adhering to certain triggers, and practising for as long as it takes, and if members do have any questions on their learning, and results, then we are only an email away, and we have had very many members who started slowly, and after receiving a few additional pointers from us, started making profits.

    A lot of trading comes down to willingness to learn, as it cannot really be rushed, it is an education, and one thing to bear in mind is that if other traders can do what you currently cannot do, then the only reason for that is experience, practice, and learning the markets which takes time.

    If you have any questions, then by all means send us an email via our website and we will be pleased to help

    I wish you a pleasant day ahead.

    Stuart and the Team

  • Daniel says:

    Hello, as with most trading products we review they generate a lot of spam comments that manually has to be sifted through and as I have a day job I am closing comments for now, but will put it back on at some stage. If you have any questions then by all means send them to me as I am doing a fair bit of trading myself at the moment when time permits.

    Best Wishes,


  • James Naysmith says:

    I started the training last month and already can see that it is heads and shoulders above anything I have tried before. Thanks for the email about this, I am actually excited about it, the videos are very good and the teaching is straight to the point with no waffle. I have already tested with small stakes and made a profit, so I am upping my stakes now.

  • gaith bajubeer says:

    An amazing product,been at it over a year and making a full time living.

    Control your fear and you will do well.

  • Gary Ball says:

    Hi Dan are you still using this and is it still working as well?

    Cheers mate.

    • Daniel says:

      Hello Gary,

      Yes, I have been doing some trading today with it actually, here you go:

      todays profits

      I use it most days now when I get the time. The above £43 was made on three races earlier today.

      It is still easily the product that we get the most emails about, and so I know it is still thought of very positively by those that use it, and the last update I did was not that long ago, where I made £182+ in a day using what they teach.

      The course is also updated with new stuff and videos all the time.

      Best Wishes,


  • Frank Robinson says:

    Thanks for your update Dan. I joined myself last week and as some of the other commentors have said the quality of this course is outstanding.

    Not only that but I have been just as impressd with the support. That Stuart never ceases to amaze me, and I will give you an example. Over the weekend I submitted a question about something to which he replied with a staggering amount of content. I just added the content into a word checker and it came to 1,927 words, and this was on a bloody Sunday! And he answered everything in minute detail.

    Top lads, and Stuart’s style of teaching and explaining is second to none, and I’ve watched a few in my time! I am very excited about this. Frank

  • Jason Stonely says:

    I ordered this course recently, and it really is excellent. I also don’t do many reviews but the course the videos and everything is top notch. As Frank has also said above. For the first time since I looked into trading I actually know what is happening. I went live last week just with minumum stakes and I am very happy with how everything is going.


  • Peter Metcalfe says:

    Does it have to be used with BetAngel? I have a Mac and BetAngel won’t work on that so I use racing Traders.

  • Daniel says:

    Hello Peter, everything is taught using Betangel so I would say yes. There are emulators that you can use on a Mac that wok well with software designed for Windows.

    Best Wishes,


  • Marc says:

    Hi Dan thanks for the email on Friday on this course, I joined yesterday and it looks excellents so much content it is unreal. Just the first few videos has taught me more than I ever learned from youtube and has filled in the blanks and I have not even really started yet, exciting, thanks


    bit confused, after 1st day of using made 27.83 which quote by far exceeds cost of system. with the system being 89.87 not sure how that works ??

  • Daniel says:

    Hello Keith, so you made £27.83 profit on your very first day trading? Which is excellent, so I am not sure what you are confused about. Also, trading Betfair is not a system, but a skill as it says on that course.

    Well done on your early profits, very good start. Did you see the bloke who made £820 in 2 days on their feedback pages last week? Wow.

    Best Wishes,


  • KEITH says:

    hi Dan , was not meant in a derogatory way, glad you ar making it work and having read further reviews i will be purchasing for sure.

  • KEITH says:

    Hi dan, it was not meant in a bad way , an having read many reviews i will deffinatly be purchasing today, looks just like the thing i need, not often i get so many reviews that are so posative.
    will report back in a while with good feedback hopefully soon.

  • Daniel says:

    Hi again, Keith. Yes there are not many courses out there with as much positive feedback, I agree. But I think you will see why when you log in. It’s a great course.

    Best Wishes,


  • Luis says:

    Hi, I purchased the package to learn the skill gradually. I know Bet Angel is a must but can I use Geeks Toy?

  • John says:

    Good system but I didn’t quite understand how or why in-play trading works.

    E.g. you scalp £10 before the off on a 3/1 favorite. He has a roughly 25% chance to win. It’s not actually risk-free to go in play, you’re risking the tenner. Unless you have some good info that the fav will run well in the front, I don’t see any reason to take it in play instead of just cashing the guaranteed tenner. Scalping and dobbing are two different things.

  • Daniel says:

    Hi John, it is not a system, they tell you that it is a skill all the time, which it is.

    Regarding in play, if you started the day without that £10, then you are not exactly risking it, but you are using the leverage of that £10 to potentially increase your profits in play if done right.

    Also, it is a well known fact from those who do trade that over 90% of horses will drop in price from their BSP, you can check this on Timeform for this fact, so watching the feeds, and using your knowledge gives you the edge to use such leverage to increase your profits.

    I have been trading for about 2 years now using this course, and take the trades in play all the time, and I am easily 33%+ up from taking those races in play at zero risk (33%+ less if I didn’t take them in play). Some of my best days have been when taking the risk free bets in play.

    Standard dobbing is not the same and I doubt it’s profitable for anybody long term because you are relying on the stats of dobbing relating to previous races, and of course the next race there will be different runners, and different course which makes the stats useless I think, and what is taught on this course the advantage is that you are already in a positive position before you start!

    I also get a lot of emails about this course from readers, and the risk free aspect is something they talk and praise a lot, because there is no pressure at all, as none of your own money is at stake.

    I certainly use it a lot, and it is a fantastic course, Stuart is an exceptional teacher, and trading is a large part of my income now since I started.

    Best Wishes,


  • Wick says:

    Hi. How this skill work on betdaq?

  • Paul Richards. says:

    Great course and very detailed. It’s taught me a lot about trading already.

  • Gavin Jones says:

    I joined this betfair course just a few weeks back and it’s really refreshing actually to hear Stuart tell the truth about how to make money from this game instead of the bulls*t you read and watch everywhere else. Brilliant product

  • Benny says:

    It can work on Betdaq, but nowhere near as much money as on Betfair, stick to Betfair and what Stuart teaches here really works. he’s a top block with nonsense (y)

  • Daniel says:

    Hi Gavin, please to read you are pleased with the course I recommended. It’s always good to know that what is recommended is working for my readers 😀

    Best Wishes,


  • Richard Wright says:

    Hi Dan, I’m doing really well with the scalping course so far. Just a question please? did you make much money during Cheltenham this week? I loved seeing the world class horses doing what they do best, and I made some decent money, I just wondered if you traded Cheltenham, and how you did with all that money flying around?


  • Daniel says:

    Hi Richard,

    Yes, I did trade some Cheltenham this week, not just Cheltenham as there were other race cards that shown good promise also, and when Cheltenham is on the money increases on those cards too, but I made a profit of £621 this week, and I didn’t trade every day as I have other commitments.

    Cheltenham Profits Betfair Trading and Scalping Course

    Best Wishes,


    For those who have not checked the course out yet, this is the Betfair course you need, and that taught me to trade:

    Click Here For The Course to Trade Betfair and make these kind of profits

  • Daniel says:

    A nice hours trading, where I just made £111.58 inside an hour:

    Easter Profits Betfair Trading and Scalping Course

    Now for time with the family 🙂

    Click Here For The Course to Trade Betfair and make these kind of profits

    Best Wishes,


  • Ryan says:

    What are your stakes now ? Thanks

  • Daniel says:

    Hi Ryan, It depends on what the market is showing and allowing, but usually between £50-£200 stakes, but remember this is pre-race so that money is not at risk, as you have the time to adjust depending on how the pre race plays out.

    Best Wishes,


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