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At MoneyMakersReviewed.co.uk we test and review the latest UK Business Opportunities  Betting Systems, Home Business Opportunities and income streams to find out which ones work and which ones don’t.

This website is informational only – We do not sell, or trade any products or services.

What makes us different from all the other ‘bizopp’ review sites?

Well, when we review a product we actually TEST it, or when we review a website that offers a product to the public, we look at all the details it offers.

Unlike probably 95% of  the review sites that write glowing reviews of products they have never even seen, we actually risk our own cash and spend our own time on your behalf and try them out first.

Some websites flag up warning signs, so we will also document such details without following through with a purchase for obvious reasons.

Not only that but we will actually SHOW YOU our results and give you the evidence you need that a product/website or system works before you spend any of your own hard earned cash.

Our reviews are in-depth and detailed. We will tell you what works, what doesn’t what we like and what we don’t.

We are completely independent from any publishing company or product developer.

This means that our reviews are honest, none biased and are based solely on our own experiences of using a product or a system. We also encourage YOU and our users to participate in our reviews and leave your own feedback and experiences so that we are helping as many people as possible to choose the right money making systems.

We post regular reviews of business opportunities and income streams in the UK  as well as blog posts full of helpful tips and guidance to help you get the most out of your money making endeavors.

Forum Posts/Comments.

Please note, that although there is a facility for readers and viewers to leave comments, we will not allow comments that are blatantly negative for the sake of turning a product around for no other reason than to ‘run it down’. There are many other websites that allow you to be negative (usually because they collect email addresses to promote their own products to, therefore being a means to an end for those websites), and quite frankly, I believe that positivity breeds positivity; and that is the way I like to run anything I am involved in.

Therefore if we believe that the negative post could be down to user error; user averages; trolling; spite; or just somebody trying to be negative for the sake of it, without valid information, then such posts will not be made live.

Income Related Products are Not Consumer Products.

My main objective is finding out what works in the field of generating income, and although I appreciate that some users may have their own opinions of what is worthwhile (actions compared to gains), and what is not, when using a particular service/product, this will not detract (on this website) from the facts of ‘can this work as advertised’.

No money comes easily, and there will always be grey areas that users will not like for any product, or service; but my stance, and view is that if something works, then it works – irrelevant of what is required to make it work.

Online income products, in my personal opinion, are not consumer related products – a different mentality is required to generate revenue online, or start a business than almost all other purchases you will make. If the same mentality was required for general purchases, compared to making money from a project you wish to become involved in, then everybody would be able to make additional income, and we definitely know that is not the case.

Sure, all these online marketers know which buttons to press to make you believe you can make something work, but the reality is, that it will always be down to the individual to assess themselves on if they really have what it takes to make it work, these factors include, but are not limited to:

  • The ability to take action.
  • The right positive mental attitude.
  • The time required for the project.

Making an investment into a programme that claims to generate revenue, and that requires personal input, action and application, is not like purchasing furniture for your home, and therefore I will apply caution to comments that are deemed to be of a consumer mentality in nature.

If you are not happy with the positivity of our website, and just wish to vent anger, and negativity then this website is not for you, and we advise that you take any concerns you may have to your vendor. We test what we review (unless stated otherwise, if the review is based on a website, etc.), and results can vary from person to person, but this does not mean a product or service cannot work. In our experience the validity, and workability of a product usually comes from the user.

My sole aim on my website is to advise what works for me, and what has been tested by me, in the hope that this helps people during their research. Nothing more, nothing less 🙂

Spam Comments / Moderation.

Please also note, that due to other restraints on my time, and due to the sheer amount of spam comments this website gets (hundreds per day sometimes), I use an automated software application to filter through all comments, and if yours gets caught up in that, and deleted as spam, then I apologise, but the way the internet is going, this type of thing is becoming an increasing issue for anybody with a website.

If you read the vast majority of comments on this website, you will also see that I am considered honest, and give honest opinions about the products/people/services that I review, and that is the best I can offer.

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