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I have always admired this website, and as a reviewer of products myself, always admired the way that Ben, and his reviewers dug deep into the core of products being reviewed.

Ben has now gone onto pastures new, and there is a new virtual reviewer in town.

When the chance recently came to take over I jumped at the chance, so please allow me to tell you a little bit about myself.

My name is Dan (Daniel to my mum and dad), and I have worked freelance for many of the websites you have probably already heard of, compiling reviews on products and services on a wide range of subjects. I know the legalities of such inside out.

Product and service reviews have always a passion of mine as I always wanted to make sure that consumers are getting the best “bang for their buck”, so although I have owned a few websites in unrelated sectors, creating online income is where my heart is.

A little bit about me, Dan.

I am originally from South Wales in the UK (and yes, I can talk Welsh – braf cwrdd â chi Rwy’n gobeithio y byddwch yn cael diwrnod braf) , I am a freelancer reviewer, as well other bits and bobs that pay my mortgage.

I graduated from University with a psychology degree at Nottingham Trent University a good few years ago now, and have held various positions along the way, some to do with my degree and some to do with my passions and interests.  My parents suggested that I work for the social services in some form to use my education, and although that was a possibility, it was not really my cup of tea.

You may then ask why I studied psychology in the first place, which although that would be a valid question, my answer would be that I have always been fascinated in the way human minds work, and initially I thought my port of call would be to work for the police in some capacity, but I also changed my mind on that also.

But don’t worry, even though I have the education and background, I won’t be placing  BSc (Hons) after everything I type, as much as my parents always wanted me to on various business cards over the years.

I am an avid swimmer who represented my county on multiple occasions, and also had trials for the British National championships way back when I was a little fitter. These days, although I am still very active, and like to think still fit, my hopes of representing my country for the sport is a no go, although I still like to think I could have done it, had I pushed myself enough.

I currently reside in Merseyside with my fiance (Sarah), whom I met at University and after much, much persuasion she finally convinced me to move to the City of Culture, which is a fantastic place to live I must say. Although it does take me around 3 and a half hours by car when I visit my folks back in Wales

dan sarah travelling

I also really enjoy mountaineering and rock climbing, and myself and Sarah have travelled around the world exploring and taking part in many expeditions. There is just something about the freedom, and being on the edge of nature where not many people have followed that excites me, and luckily Sarah feels the same way.

My main interest now is in online businesses, and financial leverage from using online resources that can be transferred to a home based business, of which I have operated many.

Like many, I have tried most “money making” products online, some I failed at and some I did exceedingly well at, and still do.

I have a few “stable” mates that will be researching products and services, so feel free to throw me an email if there are any products you feel worthy of a review, and time permitting we will do our very best to accommodate.

There are still a couple of reviews pending which I will cast my eager, and critical eye over, and these will be released over the coming days. I will of course be keeping the website, and the reviews on topic.

I look forward to discussing many future products and services with you on the review pages, and I will ensure that my reviews are as equally informational as Ben’s were, and that of his researchers. Ben still holds an account and may still participate from time to time.

Best Wishes,



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