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As many of you know, I recently took over the website from Ben, and have found a fair few files, and interviews that were not published.

One of the audio interviews was from a Betfair trader, who created the Betfair Scalper course in conjunction with (click link above for details) which Ben tested, and also left me his spreadsheets of his results. I also plan to purchase a copy of this course myself soon as there are a lot of emails coming in about it.

Ok, as I say one of the files that were not published was an audio interview that took place between Ben and the creator of the scalping course (link above), so I think I will set it live on this page, as an interview with an expert. The interview was dated November 2016.

BFScalper, Stuart and the Betfair Trading Course Interview:

I will place the audio below, and then manually type out the wording as I know not everyone can always listen to audio recordings:

Betfair Trading Course Interview

Ben: So just getting into how, how much money does someone need to get going with this system?

Stuart: Hi Ben, Its not really so much as the betting bank, people can start with a very small betting bank, because what we are not doing, is placing £50 bets on a horse to win, or a horse to lose. We are actually trading the pre race markets, and at any one time there is only a tony portion of your betting bank at risk. So yes, you can start with maybe a £100 or even less.

It all depends on the odds the participant, or the member decides to use, and then they can scale up and make more profits, but there is only ever a tiny portion of your betting bank at risk, and that’s what I would say straight away. So this can be started with a 3100 or so, there is not a great deal of money needed to learn this.

Ben: That leaves me onto the next question. How long does it take per day to action?

Stuart: I would say that it depends on the time most people have available. We know that most people have a 9-5, which is not a problem, because as we reach the summer months, then horse racing goes right into the evenings, maybe 9-10pm, so then there is plenty of opportunities around.

Then you have got the weekends as well, so you have got the daytime, the evenings and weekends, so it really depends on when sombody has the time available to scalp, and to trade, it’s not really a problem, because as I said once we reach the summer months the nights are lighter.

Ben: I’ve bought the product, I’ve looked at it, I’ve used it myself, but I’ve also seen these systems, they always seem to good to be true, so I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only person who thought that, so what would you say to people who are thinking of giving it a go?

Stuart:  You see this is the problem, Ben. Online people are becoming conditioned into reading into all the weird and wonderful advertisements for instant riches and all that nonsense, and scalping is not a system, it’s an actual skill, so as long as you are prepared to sit down, and listen to what is being advised, and absorb the information then you can make a profit this way, but it is definitely not a system.

So please don’t expect to follow a,b,c,d, and get e, because you need to practice and I stress this on the course that you need to practice for as long as it takes. Sit down, take your time because the markets are not going anywhere, and really learn how to do this, because it is a skill, and once you have learned the skill then some good money can be made, but it’s definitely not any kind of get rich quick nonsense like what you see on the internet.

So once something geuine comes along, then you know, they can kind of dismiss it, it hard works needed, they are looking for that instant gratification which is not always wise, so all I will say, is that if you follow and adhere to the principles then good profits can be made, but you need to, and we stress this, practice, and practice, and practice. And as long as you are prepared to do that, and have a work ethic, and are prepared to put the time in, then some good profits can be made, there’s no doubt about it.

It’s like anything. It’s like riding a bike, learning to drive, a skill needs to be learned. As long as you are prepared to out the effort in to do that then profits can be made for sure.

Ben: Excellent, onto the last question now. Is there a place that people can go to ask any questions before they get started?

Stuart:  Well on our website we have got our email address at the bottom, but what I would say is on the website itself most of the pre course questions should be answered, we go into quite a bit of detail regarding what is required, what we expect from the member, what’s needed and what the course entails.

Ben: OK, thanks for that.

Stuart: So I don’t think there is any problems there, but if anybody has got any questions, then of course our email address is at the bottom, and we have a customer service and we are well known to respond fairly quickly.

Ben: I will put a link on my website as well so that people can get through to you through there. Excellent. It’s been a pleasaure to talk to you, thanks for your time today, I know you are busy, so I appreciate your time, and hopefully I’ll be speaking to you again in the future.

Stuart: That’s great Ben, nice to speak to you. And hopefully I’ve managed to put across some of the answers to questions that are usually asked, and I think a lot of people will be pleasantly surprised with what they see on the course. Some of the testimonials that are coming in have been fantastic, and I’m sure that will continue. OK, thank you, and take care.

Ben: Bye.

For those interested in taking a more detailed look at the original testing that Ben did, then you can do so here: Betfair Trading Course




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  • Adam Lyle says:

    That’s an interesting interview there from Stuart. It’s the first time I have seen Stuart do anything like that, but what I will say is that his bf scalper course is the best product I have purchased online on the subject of trading and I don’t usually leave comments on such sites but I was searching around tonight and wanted to comment on it. Cheers.

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