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advanced cymatic traderCymatic Trader Software. Since Betfair was founded all the way back in 2000, people have been looking for ways to gain an edge in trading markets. The fact is that as with any type of trading, money can be made and lost on split second decisions and being able to see trends emerging.

Whilst the Betfair exchange does a reasonable job accommodating the abilities to do this, it seemed inevitable that somebody would come up with something better, and so betting bots were born.

For those who aren’t familiar with the term, a betting bot (which is what Advanced Cymatic Trader is)  is a robot that is designed to bet for you. These aren’t physical entities however, but simple pieces of software that you can programme and configure to place bets on your behalf in accordance with certain rules.

This type of approach to trading is something that has been seen rather extensively in the world of Forex for a number of years and with good reason.

The fact of the matter is that when it comes to betting, bots are the perfect gambler in some ways. They will stick a system with a ruthless efficiency that people simply can’t match. Automatically placing bets and trades and cashing them in when profitable, all without emotion.

There is no error in a betting bots trading other than those that people have programmed it with. On top of this near flawless approach to betting, bots can do so faster and more efficiently than a human hand.

Betting bots are also tireless and do not require sleep or have doubts about a bet. In fact, I have known of people who run a betting bot with a successful betting system programmed in on a private server.

This means that their bots are running 24 hours a day, seven days a week, quietly making money on autopilot. All those people had to do was log into Betfair to withdraw their money when they wanted it.

Review Product Name: Advanced Cymatic Trader

What is it: Betfair Trading Software

What You Get: Access to the Cymatic Trader Platform download.

Price: £59.99 per year.

Where To Buy:

what does cymatic trader look-like

There are however some problems that come with betting bots and the biggest one is that if you haven’t programmed them correctly, then they will haemorrhage you money.

I have myself set up a system before on a betting bot (funnily enough it was the subject of this article, Advanced Cymatic Trader) and having came back an hour later to find that I was losing money.

Fortunately, I was betting just a few pence and it wasn’t left alone for long, but had I been at full stakes, I would not have been best impressed.

There are other issues that can come with leaving a bot to bet for you as well, namely things like power outages, losing an internet connection etc. All things that a user will identify and correct, but a bot cannot carry out this task.

There are plenty of betting bots available on the market and I plan to sit down and have a look at a great deal of them, however I am choosing to start with a betting bot called Advanced Cymatic Trader.

I have used this piece of software before and so I am reasonably proficient with it, however this isn’t the main reason that I am looking at Advanced Cymatic Trader first. Instead it is because it is one of the better known and more widely used betting bots. So with a that in mind, let’s get down to brass tacks.

What is Advanced Cymatic Trader?

Advanced Cymatic Trader is one of the better known betting bots on the market and this is with good reason.

In many ways, I feel that Advanced Cymatic Trader is something of a “jack of all trades” in so much that it does pretty much everything that other betting bots do, however it is much less specialised than some of them (different betting bots like to put more emphasis on certain features than others).

The Advanced Cymatic Trader software itself is computer based unfortunately only compatible with Windows natively from Windows XP with Service Pack 3 all the way up to Windows 10. It is also fully compatible with Windows Server 2003 (with the latest updates) as well as Windows Server 2008 R2.

If you have a Mac, there are a number of options available to you with the Advanced Cymatic Trader team providing some advice on different ways you can run Advanced Cymatic Trader through a version of Windows on your Mac.

Finally, if you are a Linux user, there is plenty of support provided in the forums to get Advanced Cymatic Trader up and running.

As a company, Advanced Cymatic Trader was founded almost a decade ago in 2007 following creator Gavin Porter developing an interest in creating an online software platform for online betting and financial trading.

Given his degree in computer science, it makes sense that his career would ultimately lead to this kind of avenue and actually, it is something that I personally find reassuring. I have looked at and used some betting bots before now that have been built by third party software developers and the results have been very mixed to say the least.

More than this though, it means that the person calling the shots knows what the right thing to do is.

Advanced Cymatic Trader is what is what is sometimes referred to as a transactional betting bot. What this means is that the software is able to place bets on your behalf on the Betfair exchange, through your Betfair account (I will look more at how this works below).

As well as placing bets, Advanced Cymatic Trader can also be used to trade bets within your set parameters as well. Whilst this may not seem like a significant difference, to some bettors it can be everything.

Betting is and of itself, is a relatively straight forward affair and honestly, this isn’t why betting exchanges are successful. Where betting exchanges come into their own (and product like Advanced Cymatic Trader with this) is in trading.

Trading on Betfair can be as straight forward or as complicated as you want it to be and whilst there are some fantastic guides and systems available (I would recommend Betfair Scalper trading course), there are also some absolute disasters that I have seen. This is because trading can be a volatile thing by its nature.

Advanced Cymatic Trader is a good example of a betting bot because it allows you to set trade parameters as well as betting parameters.

This means that as well as simply waiting for a bet to run itself down, you can configure Advanced Cymatic Trader to utilise stop loss methods etc. which mean that the software will actively try to minimise your losses etc.

How does Advanced Cymatic Trader Work?

Advanced Cymatic Trader works in the same way as a number of betting bots, namely through Betfair’s own API. This stands for Application Programming Interface, and it allows a software developer to directly interface with Betfair’s exchange, as well allowing the software to place bets for you.

What all of this boils down to is that when you tell Advanced Cymatic Trader to do something, it carries out your orders directly through Betfair.

This happens almost instantly (and more often than not is quicker than actually using the Betfair website due to refresh rates etc.) and also allows for a number of additional features to be implemented into software, such as betting under the minimum stake of £2.

As a user, this means that instead of using your Betfair account and a web browser for trading, you can use Advanced Cymatic Trader to carry out all of the tasks that you would typically.

In practically all other respects, using Advanced Cymatic Trader as a day to day method of interfacing with the betting exchange isn’t really any different to how you would usually use Betfair.

As I will explore, there are some features that you can use to modify the experience for you, and in many cases, automate a process that you may otherwise try to do. Generally speaking though, if you are at home on the Betfair browser based exchange, Advanced Cymatic Trader will not feel too unfamiliar.

What Features Are Included?

There is a lot that Advanced Cymatic Trader is capable of doing and whilst most of the basic features are essentially things that you can already do on the Betfair betting exchange. There are however some very specific and important differences which help Advanced Cymatic Trader to edge ahead of Betfair in terms of abilities.

One of the best examples of a Betfair feature that is not just included with Advanced Cymatic Trader, but is improved upon is cashing out a bet, referred to in Advanced Cymatic Trader (and a lot of other betting bots) as greening up.

When you cash out in Betfair, you lock in the profit calculated by Betfair. This is typically done either before an event starts where there has been a huge market surge and a bet has turned profitable already, or in play.

With Advanced Cymatic Trader however, you can green up in a few different ways, many of which allow you to improve your profitability and maximise earning potential. For example, you can choose to simply green up on a single horse rather than all bets that have been placed.

You can also green up all bets on a runner at the best available price. Advanced Cymatic Trader also allows you to set a value at which the software will green up for you, if certain odds (and resultantly profit) are achieved.

Whilst not technically, a feature that Betfair offer, there are however improvements in terms of how data can be presented. For example, on Betfair’s browser exchange, everything is presented in a format that Advanced Cymatic Trader refers to as a ladder.

This shows the horses, odds etc. in a spreadsheet like layout with odds constantly swapping and changing. Advanced Cymatic Trader is however able to draw that information into various charts and graphs providing a visual of what has happened in terms of odds movements, prices etc. All information that traders will find useful in making a decision.

The main thing that you will likely use Advanced Cymatic Trader for that you couldn’t carry out on the exchange is for automated trading.

There is in fact an inbuilt programme with Advanced Cymatic Trader that can bet for you entirely automatically. Whilst it isn’t flawless and I would recommend carrying out your own research and trials before jumping in, this is fundamentally built on sound principles.

  • 14 days FREE TRIAL
  • Certified by Betfair
  • Unbeatable speed
  • Support
  • Training Mode (Demo)
  • Grid Interface – single click trading, compact Betfair-style trading grid.
  • Ladder Interface – full depth of market, single click trading, queue position (see below) and built-in robot.
  • Position In Queue (PIQ) – provides a real-time estimated PIQ, arguably the most important and unique feature of our ladder!
  • Excel Integration – view realtime prices in Excel, trigger bets from Excel and even build your own completely automated trading robot!
  • Automated Trading Robot – included is a unique Betfair bot, watch it trade on the ladder for you!
  • Multi-Market – trade several different markets simultaneously.
  • Managed Markets (Guardian) – works in the background to gather data from multiple ‘managed’ markets and maintain offset bets.
  • My Markets – a list of markets that you have bookmarked.
  • Tick Offset – automatically sends an opposing bet, after you get matched.
  • Stop Loss – automatically limits your losses. Trailing Stop Loss can also protect profits.
  • Fill or Kill – automatically cancels a bet if not matched with a specified timeframe
  • Greening (Cash-out) – a single click to lock in your profit (or loss) regardless of the outcome.
  • Racing Autopilot – it can automatically select each horse race and move forward.
  • Football Odds Predictor – calculates the expected odds statistically, to help you identify trading opportunities when market prices are misaligned.
  • Betfair Live Video – watch live sporting events in a compact resizeable window.
  • Advanced Charts – possibly the most comprehensive integrated charting available in any Betfair application.
  • Betfair Charts – automatically refreshing Betfair price/volume charts.
  • Customize – easily customize ladders and charts. Save unlimited layouts to files. Choose colours.
  • API Monitoring – for real-time overview and management of internet and exchange issues.
  • Instant Email Notifications – of errors and API Monitor reports.
  • Supports multiple monitors – perfect for viewing multiple ladder windows.
  • All market types – works with all Betfair market types.
  • Accounting – downloading/filtering of betting history and account statements.
  • Intuitive – designed for professional traders, but easy for novices too.
  • Languages –  English,  Portuguese,  Russian.

How the automated robot within Advanced Cymatic Trader works is actually rather clever. When certain conditions are met, the software will automatically try to join on both sides of the market, at the best possible prices.

These are selected to be unmatched initially with a view to getting the bets matched in such a way that there is guaranteed profit. The parameters that trigger this condition are pre programmed into Advanced Cymatic Trader however you can adjust these yourself if you find that there is too much risk etc.

A very interesting thing that Advanced Cymatic Trader can do that isn’t directly related to your betting is provide predicted football odds. Using its on board football odds predictor, Advanced Cymatic Trader users can see what the “true” odds for a number of different football betting markets.

Using mathematical formulae and statistics, the software compared predicted odds with prevailing odds on the Betfair exchange. This can then be used by traders to identify potential opportunities.

One of the features that isn’t linked with an existing Betfair feature is the ability to configure Advanced Cymatic Trader to use stop loss. This is a term that perhaps won’t mean much to anybody who has a background in betting in the traditional sense as it actually comes from trading on Forex.

Put basically, a stop loss is whereby the software will automatically close a trade to help you to minimise your profits. This can also be inverted so that the software will automatically lock in profits at a certain amount.

cymatic trader software review

I don’t wish to turn this into a tutorial (the Advanced Cymatic Trader website does a fine job of providing this information), however I do wish to explore this concept in more detail.

The fact is that even within stop losses, there are a number of different examples that you can employ which range from choosing a bet to place if prices hit a certain point to flexible stop loss points that move with the market price. By utilising these various tactics, Advanced Cymatic Trader is able to ultimately protect your betting bank.

Advanced Cymatic Trader also allows users to takes advantage of something that is referred to as tick offset. When this option is selected, the software will automatically place an opposing bet at a value of “ticks” away from your original odds.

You can also offset with “green”, which will then look to offset a bet at a stake that will allow you to distribute your profit across all possible results. Whilst this sounds very much like a “win win” scenario, offsetting bets is very much dependent on the movements of the exchange.

This means that bets must be accepted in order for this to work and that profits will generally be minimal.

One of the final features that should be mentioned is “fill or kill”. What this does is allows the software to cancel any unmatched bets a specified amount of time after your initial bet was placed.

It may seem obvious but this feature does need to be active before a race starts and it does not close bets which are used for offsetting or greening.

By far and away however the most powerful thing that you can do with Advanced Cymatic Trader is to link it up with Microsoft Excel.

I am loathe to go into too much detail here as there are plenty of tutorials on how to connect the two up (including on the Advanced Cymatic Trader website) and going too in depth will simply descend into a tutorial.

What the Excel link essentially means is that with the right spreadsheet and the right knowledge, you can set Advanced Cymatic Trader up to do almost anything based around your instructions.

How Can I Use Advanced Cymatic Trader?

The number of ways that you can use Advanced Cymatic Trader are really almost limitless. It can be used simply as a quicker and more efficient method of betting on Betfair’s exchange. It can also be programmed to be an advanced trading bot that will place bets for you around a system of your own devising. There are also several features that allow you to gain a clear edge over the competition with things like the football odds predictor included.

How Much Does It Cost?

Cymatic used to be free to all, and came with no cost. This has now changed.

There are three different ways of paying for Advanced Cymatic Trader, all of which are recurring payments. Before you pay out anything for Advanced Cymatic Trader however, there is an option to trial the service for 14 days entirely for free.

This doesn’t involve handing over any credit card details and it gives you full access to all of the features that Advanced Cymatic Trader comes with.

Once the free trial period has elapsed (or if you simply choose not to sign up for it), you can sign up a monthly subscription at a cost of £6.69 per billing cycle.

There is then a 6 monthly billing cycle which cost £35.99 (representing a 10% saving on the monthly costs). Finally, you can sign up to an annual billing cycle at a cost of £59.99 (meaning that you save 25% compared to the monthly costs).

cymatic trader pricing

Payment is handled via Paypal, although you don’t need an account in order to make payment.

It is important to point out that there is no money back guarantee when you purchase a license for Advanced Cymatic Trader, although you can cancel your subscription at any point (simply by cancelling the recurring payment on Paypal). There is no partial refund available if you choose to do this however.

Conclusion on Advanced Cymatic Trader

There are a lot of different bits of software available for improving your trading and betting through Betfair and trying to rank Advanced Cymatic Trader compared to the competition is a difficult thing to do. In many respects, a lot of betting software does the same thing and so the advantages and disadvantages are to be found in the little details.

In the case of Advanced Cymatic Trader I have to refer back to my point about it being a jack of all trades. The software does lots of things, and it does them well.

It is definitely a huge upgrade over using Betfair’s online betting exchange and I genuinely feel like the edge that Advanced Cymatic Trader gives you is more than worth the costs involved, so long as you take your betting seriously.

In terms of the additional features that Advanced Cymatic Trader comes with, there are some fantastic things on offer that can really help you to not just improve your ability to bet, but to improve your betting knowledge in general. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the football odds predictor. Whilst it is far from a complete product in and of itself, I know that there are some websites that would charge you an additional fee for what it does.

Whilst there isn’t a lot about Advanced Cymatic Trader that I would say is really worthy of criticism, there are a few things worth highlighting. One of the main things is that if you want to use Advanced Cymatic Trader to its fullest potential then you definitely need to know what you are doing with excel.

Whilst you can use some of the automated features to implement a system to a small degree, it is only when you start to configure Advanced Cymatic Trader with your own systems that you can really get your money’s worth.

Really, the real value that comes with Advanced Cymatic Trader for me is the various methods of automation that you can employ. The dream of a second income is for it to be entirely passive and Advanced Cymatic Trader can definitely help to achieve this.

Yes it can be complicated, and getting things up and running fully will take work but it should be considered an investment. Of course, of you are the type of person who takes their betting and trading, this isn’t going to be a problem at all.

So is Advanced Cymatic Trader worth buying?

I definitely think so. There are a lot of different advantages to using Advanced Cymatic Trader rather than nothing and honestly, no negatives that immediately spring to mind.

This only leaves the personal decision as to whether or not that the amount of money that Advanced Cymatic Trader costs is going to be less than the edge that the software gives you would allow you to earn. If it’s even close, then I would strongly recommend Advanced Cymatic Trader over nothing.

Cymatic is not as pleasing on the eye as some of it’s competitors, Betangel for example, which I discussed here, but it does the job, and does it well.

When it is put next to other betting bots, Advanced Cymatic Trader is one of the more affordable and more complete examples. Whilst I wouldn’t necessarily say it is the best (a very subjective thing), and a long way from the  worst, it is definitely one of the better ones available.



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