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Profit Maximiser Reviews – Does Mike Cruickshanks New Service Really Make Money?


Price: £97.00 +VAT

If you liked Bonus Bagging, you're going to LOVE profit Maximiser by Mike Cruickshank


If you’re reading this Profit Maximiser Review then chances are that you’ve heard the hype surround Mike Cruickshank‘s latest betting system.

After the success of Bonus Bagging, the hype that Profit Maximiser was going to kick up was always going to be big and only 3 days after the launch he had to shut it down – that’s how popular it got.

But now he has re-opened it and is letting more people in.

How long for?

I don’t know.

So with that said, let’s just crack on with the review so you can decide whether or not it’s right for you.

Product Title: Profit Maximiser

Price: £97 + VAT

What You Get:

  • Access to the private members area
  • Odds matching software that enables you to find your own bets
  • Emails from Mike Cruickshank containing boomaker offers and instructions on how to profit from them
  • Access to private Facebook group

Guarantee: 60 Days

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What is Profit Maximiser?

While Profit Maximiser is similar to Bonus Bagging in that it is designed to create risk free profits. The only downside to Bonus Bagging was that it only took advantage of bookie sign up bonuses which means that once you’ve signed to all bookmakers, your earning potential became very limited.

Profit Maximiser is the solution to that problem because it is designed to make you money FOREVER.

It is completely different in terms of the types of bets you’ll be placing.

Rather than bookie sign up bonuses, Mike uncovers a whole new range of offers that include;

  • Casino offers
  • Spread betting offers
  • Sporting bets
  • Refund offers
  • Reload offers and
  • Casino offers

What Exactly Do I Get When I Sign Up to Profit Maximiser?

Private Members Area

When you get signed up you will be asked to logged into the members area.

There is a ton of stuff inside including training videos that cover how to keep your bank details safe, how to find and calculate bets and a load of other training videos.

More importantly for you, you will be faced with some pre-screened offers which are designed to make you your £97 investment back as quickly as possible. According to Mike Cruickshank, this should take you 3 days maximum, although a lot of members recouped their £97 back in the first couple of hours.

Private Members Only Facebook Group

For me, this is the most valuable part of Profit Maximiser.

At the time of writing there are 2,627 members in the private Facebook group and every single on of them are there to post offers, profit from offers and help each other out. It’s a really good community to be part of where every person shares a common goal.

I have recorded a video tour of the Profit Maximiser members area and Facebook Group;

You can watch the video in YouTube if you want

Odds Matching Software

Mike recognised that Bonus Bagging made his users too reliant on him to go out and find the bets for you which meant you having to wait around (although not for long) to received his emails once you requested a bet.

But as part of Profit Maximiser he has given access to his odds matching software and teaches you how to use it so you can go out and find the best betting selections for yourself. Meaning you don’t have to wait for emails to land in your inbox before you can go and place your bets, not only saving you time but also meaning you can place more bets.

More Offers, Bigger Offers and Bigger Wins

As part of the Profit Maximiser Membership, Mike will email you with the best offers so you can go take advantage of them.

Not only that, but because the range of offers is so much bigger, there are so many more ways in which to win, which brings me onto my next point…

…Bigger offers!

And that means bigger wins;

More Wins Profit Maximiser Reviews   Does Mike Cruickshanks New Service Really Make Money?

Profit Maximiser Review Section

Now, instead of telling you how much money I have made so far with Profit Maximiser I think it’s would be much better to show you what other people are saying and show you how much money they’re making.

All these reviews have come directly out of the private Facebook Group;

Profit Maximiser Review

Profit Maximiser2 Profit Maximiser Reviews   Does Mike Cruickshanks New Service Really Make Money?








Profit Maximiser Review

1Profit Maximiser Profit Maximiser Reviews   Does Mike Cruickshanks New Service Really Make Money?





Profit Maximiser Review

3Profit Maximiser Profit Maximiser Reviews   Does Mike Cruickshanks New Service Really Make Money?







Profit Maximiser Review

2Profit Maximiser Profit Maximiser Reviews   Does Mike Cruickshanks New Service Really Make Money?





As you can see, these aren’t small winnings!

How Much Can I Expect to Make?

It depends completely on how much effort you put in.

As you have just seen, people are winning hundreds, in some cases thousands of pounds a day. Obviously this wont’s happen every day but £500 a month is EASILY achievable.

Some users set themselves a target amount per day. One user I know sets himself a £25 a day target which makes him a consistent £750 a month.

Will I Lose Any Money?

The vast majority of offers are risk free, I would say 95% are.

But there are some offers that aren’t – although they have been heavily pre-screened and the odds are stacked heavily in your favour.

There is no obligation to take these offers on but if you’re feeling a bit adventurous then you might one to give one or two of them a try.

Are There Any bad Points?


I can’t think of any.

I have been using the service since before it was launched (I was one of the beta testers) and I haven’t found anything negative to say.

There was a concern that Profit Maximiser was going to be too popular and the customer service would suffer as a result but to combat this Mike closed it down after 3 days. He did this to make sure he could resolve any issues if they did crop up.

Which shows how serious Mike is about customer service which is brilliant. Especially in an industry that is filled with sharks!

In Summary

I think Mike Cruickshank’s new Profit Maximiser service is going to be one of the big hits of 2013 and I can say hand on heart, if you follow the instructions, and get just get involved, you WILL make a lot of money over the coming weeks, months and years.

The £97 price tag is completely justified.

It would still be cheap at £197 when you consider the wins that people have be getting. Which brings me onto my next point.

There have been rumours that the price may increase to £147.

So if you fancy giving this a go, it might be wise to do so as soon as possible.

CLICK HERE to try Profit Maximiser (RISK FREE) before the price goes up

If you have found this Profit Maximiser Review helpful, or if you have used Profit Maximiser please post a comment.

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29 Comments/Reviews

  • Rob says:

    Hi Ben,

    The Profit Maximiser link isn’t working. Rob

  • Rob says:


    Links on your email, and the Profit Maximiser, none of them working for me.

    • Ben says:

      Hi Rob,

      They have been working but I’ve just spoken to Mike and the site has gone down!

      Told you it was going to be popular!

      I will send an email when it’s fixed!

  • John says:

    Is this like Bonus Bagging where eventually you run out of places to place a bet?

    • Ben says:

      Hi John,

      You don’t actually run out of bets to place with Bonus Bagging? Mike emails you every few days with bets to place.

      In terms of Profit Maximiser…

      Mike will email you every few days with a bet to place. He will also tell you about the offers in the private Facebook group. You also get access to the software that mike uses to find offers and bets for yourself.

      People can find bets and share them in the Facebook group and other people are already sharing bets that they have found.



    Just been away for two weeks and missed the start see it is now taken down and can not join .

    • Ben says:

      Hi Edward,

      Yeah it sold out VERY quickly!

      If you click on the links you will be taken to a page where you can get on the waiting list and be the first to hear about when it re-opens.



  • Rob says:

    Yes Ben,

    I missed out on this too. Links didnt work like I told you , then when I eventually got it to work, the offer was GONE!

    • Ben says:


      All the links worked fine. Several people bought through my links as myself and Mike Cruickshank can verify.

      When we spoke last you told me that you were trying to come up with some sort of deal with Mike which was obviously between you and him.

      I’m sorry that you missed out but that is not my fault.


  • Rob says:

    Ben, No problem mate, i’ll get it next time.

  • Rob says:


  • Rob says:

    Hi Ben,

    How are you and the other guys gettin on with the Profit Maximiser?

    • Ben says:

      Hey Rob,

      I have made over £900 so far and I’ve been doing it very much on an ‘as and when basis’.

      There are people in the Facebook group that are doing it every single day and making some really good money!

      • Stephen says:

        Hi Ben, how much did you stake to make that £900?

        And secondly, is this something you reckon users can make £2000 per month with consistantly?

  • Mushtaq says:

    Were can I get a copy of the profit maximer????


    • Ben says:

      HI Mushaq,

      Profit Maximiser is currently closed. If you click on the links in the review you will be taken to a page where you can get on the waiting list for when it re-opens.


      • Akean Lee says:

        Is Profit maximiser still working, I just checked his website and you can purchase it.Is it any good now, now that everyone is on it, is it worth buying it.

        • Ben says:


          Yes it’s still working.

          Personally I have made more than £4,000 so far.

          Other people have made more that £12,000 which is phenomenal!

          If you haven’t bought it already, my advice would be to get stuck in.

          • Akean Lee says:

            Hi again Ben, Thanks Ill get on to it. Only One concern I’m signed up one or two book makers will I still benefit from the two System you reviewed on, Profit Maximiser and Bonus one.

            Keep Up the good work on the reviews. Thanks once again for the quick reply.


          • Ben says:

            It doesn’t matter that you already have bookmaker accounts because the number of different offer that you can cash out is huge.

            From bingo offers to spread betting offers. Honestly there are tons!

            I hope this helps!


  • Mark Scanlon says:

    Hello Ben: two queries I’d appreciate your views on please.

    1. Can you go ‘straight’ to this or should you do Bonus Bagging first?

    (I’ve never had a bookmaker account of any type before)

    2. Is the software that comes with Profit Maximiser compatible with the Apple Mac? Also, what type of minimum bank would one need to start with?

    Many thanks.

    • Ben says:

      Hi Mark,

      1. Yes you could Profit Maximiser if you want to. But I would go through Bonus Bagging first. You can create your bookie accounts and build your bank through Bonus Bagging and then plough it into Profit Maximiser.

      2. Yes, the software is stored on the internet and will work on PC and Mac.

      If you start with Bonus Bagging, you can start with about £150 but none of that money is at risk at all. Profit Maximiser is best to start with more, hence why I say start Bonus Bagging first.

      I hope this helps,


  • Mark Scanlon says:

    Many thanks Ben :-)

  • caan says:

    Hi Ben i just recently started with bonus bagging and after a week i received an email about to buy arbitrage so i bought it which cost me £116.40. i have earned some money with bonus bagging but my question is that how to use arbitrage software or i should buy profit maximiser as well

    • Ben says:


      There are instructions that come with the arbitrage software so make sure you go through them. Profit Maximiser is definitely a good system so it’s up to you whether or not you’d invest in it.



  • morrice says:


    Was a bit worried last week when I tried to find this review. Message came back domain name no longer operational.

    Anyway you are here now.

    I followed Bonus Bagger, and found it to be very good. Looks as if this product will be even better.

    Am moving house next week, so will wait until I am back online and then sign up to go.

    Thanks for your thorough review. Top class as ever.

    Bets wishes,


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