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Profit Ninjas Review, Matched Betting With Personality


Price: £8 Starting Price

Profit Ninjas is a matched betting service that started in 2015, and has a few differences to what are normally found on such websites.


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Brought to my attention recently was a service by Profit Ninjas, which is another matched betting service that wasn’t originally known to me. So I have taken a quick look at what they offer, and was pleasantly surprised at what I read.

A quick scan of their offering finds the general matched betting service, but with many additions. Now normally, these cookie-cutter sites all look the same in general, and they usually all offer the same, and if you don’t know what matched betting is, then I did a detailed matched betting review here.

This service, however, seems to have a twist to it…

Product Title: Profit Ninjas

Price: £8 per month to £120 a year Paid via PayPal.

Guarantee: I couldn’t actually see any refund guarantee, but you can cancel at any time.

What You Get:

  • Access to the website depending on which level of subscription you have chosen.
  • Access to standard match betting tools.
  • Access to particular software, again depending on your level of subscription.
  • Full Support and user guides.

What is Profit Ninjas

Well, as already stated it is a matched betting website that is generating a decent amount of interest, because not only does it offer the general matched betting service, with odds checkers, calculator and the likes, but there is a trading option also, and this is the part that interests me.

If you look around my website you will see that I have reviewed very many of these type of services, and mostly they are very similar with a few tweaks to stand out; but really, they are mostly the same, copied usually, with a few exceptions.

A few matched betting websites have started to add a few extras, like OddsMonkey’s new Acca Matcher software, which they have offered for free, but that is far from the norm, as OddsMonkey pretty much run the niche now as most odds checking software originated from them anyway, so they were always going to have the upper hand, and now offer a service that suits that status.

logo for profit ninjas

So Profit Ninjas is a matched betting service, but with a difference also, which is very interesting.

How is Profit Ninja Different?

Looking around the Profit Ninjas website you will see what you normally see on such websites, and they have the usual standard tools including:

  • Full List 100+ bookmaker offers
  • Odds Ninja Live Software (Premium Version with no Odds Delay)
  • Dutching Software
  • Comprehensive Daily Offer Calendar & List
  • Bingo Strategies and advice
  • Casino Strategies and advice
  • Games strategies and advice
  • Members only Community access
  • Risk Free Horse Racing System
  • Sports Trading Strategies and Daily Advice
  • Customer Support
  • No Contract – Cancel at any time

But as mentioned, you also gain access to a sports trading area, that is different to what I have seen on other, similar websites.

profit ninja trading software

From what I can see, this breaks down into the following sections:

Trade Profit Ninjas

  • Racing Refunds
  • BOG Ninja
  • Market Movers

Stable Profit Ninjas

  • DOB/Sniper  (similar to Bookie Blowout and 2 Minute Trader)
  • In Play Scalping Horses
  • Lay The Field
  • In Play Scalping Footy
  • The Hokey Cokey
  • Suspended Hokey Cokey

What the above areas show, is that as well as offering a complete matched betting service, Profit Ninjas have some additions that are going to teach their members how to trade on Betfair without bonuses being used, or they may be used, but more of an addition than a rule.

I am still waiting for access to their full website to be able to elabourate on these trading additions, but they are the main reason why I have started this review.

On a slightly negative note, I do feel that the Profit Ninjas website could explain a little bit more about these features, because they are most definitely a unique selling point on their service, and as it stands, they are almost understated.

If these trade features were explained in more detail, I genuinely feel they would increase their subscriber base, because in this particular niche there are so very many websites all trying to compete for a slice of the pie, and it is ‘uniqueness’ that will be the deciding factor for many, so if the owners read this review (and I am very sure they will) then that would be my advice.

The reason I say that is because many matched betting services, and sites offer these additions at a price, and this worked very well in the early stages of this niche, but now more, and more are doing this, and it is great to see.

It was only 12 months ago that a sudden influx of matched betting websites appeared, all looking the same, with poor content, and with even poorer customer experience.

It is the extras being added by some websites that show they are trying to give their customers an enhanced experience, and I like that, it shows effort has been applied, and that they really do have their customers in mind, instead of trying to make a quick buck.

There is nothing worse than seeing a website that has just been knocked together quickly on the basis that they have seen somebody else making a few quid, and thought “I’ll have some of that”.

So yes, Profit Ninjas seem to be in the ‘good’ category regarding what they are offering customers, and the direction they are steering in.

And the review will be updated, and as when I can view the actual content on the trade side that is being offered.

How Much Does Profit Ninjas Cost?

The pricing is fairly reasonable, and can hopefully be seen on the following image:

profit ninjas pricing plan

The image is slightly blurry, as the image was massive, I had to reduce the colour in it; but I am sure you can see the basic concept of their pricing structure.

Bascially, you have the following:

  • Monthly subscription without software – £8 per month.
  • Monthly premium with software – £16 per month.
  • Annual subscription without software – £75 per year.
  • Annual subscription with software – £120 per year.

All the content you receive is detailed on the drop down underneath the prices.

This is the first time that I have seen such a website have their pricing structure not include the software being offered.

Any Negatives on Profit Ninjas?

As previously mentioned, I feel that if their website was explained in a little more detail then they may attract some more subscribers who may be shopping around looking for differentials amongst similar sites in the matched betting industry.

The website itself looks to be fairly new, as does the service.profit ninja products image

From what I can find Profit Ninjas started in 2015, which although they are fairly young, that is not neccessarily a bad thing – it can sometimes be a good thing, because a fresh pair of eyes looking at the industry can sometimes be a big advantage.

So until I can gain access, that is the only slant I can give, which is mainly something for the website owners to look at, and not a dent on the service itself.

Another negative I have found, is that on their website they do have a button for ‘join for free’, which is a free trial, with the wording “trial our service for free”, but when you click that button it simply does not work, which is disappointing, and looks very amateurish to say the least, and on this basis I have downgraded the star rating of the service.

It may be that the website owners started off with good intentions, but that free trial button being disabled may mean that the website is now not being serviced as well as it should be, because attention to detail should be everything in such a competitive market.

Conclusion of Profit Ninjas?

This is a fairly short review so far, compared to my usualy detailed reviews, mainly due to lack of content on the website itself, and I will definitely be adding additional thoughts to this page as I gain access to them.

But from what I have seen so far, and read during my research, is that Profit Ninjas have something a little different to their offerings than what is generally found of many matched betting sites.

The trading side of it interests me a lot, because it adds a whole new dimension to potential profits for their subscribers, and will be very interesting to see what it contains.

Although, on their website they do have a section called ‘recent results’, and I have just been reading about it, and have downloaded the publically-available spreadsheet which they kindly offer.

This alone shows they are confident in the service they offer, and it does look a very profitable service by all accounts.

See here:

profit ninja trading profits

As you can see they have well over 15 months worth of profit and loss on there, and the average profits per month are definitely reasonable, and again, from what I can initially gather this is from the trading side of their website, not the general matched betting.

But, as I mentioned in the negatives section of the review, the website and some of the call to action buttons, including the ‘free trial’ are not even active, making the website look poor, so I have had to place the ribbon on this review as ‘average’.

I only started researching this Profit Ninjas website tonight, but the more, and more I look at it, I really do get the feeling that it is not that up to date, which is a shame, because with the right marketing, and professionalism, they could have been onto something. It could be that they have just made a mistake in not setting that button live, but professional services would not make such a mistake, so we’ll see.

I am not going to pay money to test something that may not be up to date, so I have requested a trial from the owners, and I will see if they respond.

At this stage I cannot recommend Profit Ninjas.




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