Bet Angel Review, Is Peter Webb’s Betfair Trading Software The Best Out There?

betangel-logoFirst launched all the way back in 2005 by a then relatively fledgling Peter Webb, Bet Angel is a piece of software for trading on betting exchanges. Since then Peter Webb has worked hard to ensure that Bet Angel continues to be the best, consistently updating the software as new customer requests come in and new technologies emerge.

This is something that is massively important with more and more competition cropping up all the time, despite which Bet Angel has remained one of the forerunners when it comes to betting exchange software.

If you are interested in trading on Betfair, then this software, and this review should definitely be of interest to you, it is probably the main software application that most people use when looking to get started, and when learning about the advantages that some users seem to have when they trade.

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What is Bet Angel?

I have touched upon what Bet Angel actually is however there is so much more to both the software and the services that are on offer. The software has been designed to primarily work with Betfair, the largest betting exchange in the world (I will talk about betting exchanges a little later on) and it does this by being a piece an official Betfair Vendor App.

This means that it is built on Betfair’s own API (Application Programming Interface) which allows a piece of software to interface directly with the Betfair exchange. By doing this, users of Bet Angel can find markets, place bets and check their current and historical bets from within the software. This does mean that Bet Angel will connect directly with your Betfair account however Peter Webb runs a very above board operation so there’s no need to worry about it being a scam.

Peter Webb in his marketing for Bet Angel says that the primary objective of the software is to give you the best possible chance of making your trading or betting pay, something that he claims to be more than possible given the suite of features that Bet Angel has. Many of these features were actually based on the same tools that traders were using to trade on Forex markets and were revolutionary at the time, allowing for much more complex and more refined betting strategies to be developed and implemented.

This is evidenced in the beginnings of Bet Angel with Peter Webb originally creating the software purely for his own use (he was one of the early adopters and pioneers of Betfair and the betting exchange) which allowed the creation to focus on trading.

As a piece of software, Bet Angel is a joy to use, especially when compared to some of its competitors which seem to be bogged down with complicated user interfaces and hundreds of drop down menus before you get to the feature that you want. Bet Angel just has everything laid out in front of you with no real complicated processes to find what it is that you want to do. From a technical standpoint, Bet Angel isn’t exactly intensive and doesn’t require a hugely powerful PC to operate it, you should have something reasonably modern and it must be a Windows based machine.


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What are the features of Bet Angel?

There are too many features to list available with Bet Angel but I will do my best to look at them comprehensively, but without going into too much detail here.

The default screen for any market won’t really look too different to the usual Betfair exchange showing details of odds for backing and laying however this is about where the default experience ends. To help users to place bets faster and as such gain an edge in a competitive trading environment, Bet Angel utilises one click trading which is completed with a staking plan that you can set yourself (for example clicking a bet automatically places it at £2).

From here you can look at a ladder view which shows the liquidity and number of bets that are being placed at certain odds. There are also screens which automatically configure both dutching and bookmaking bets for you showing stakes needed, odds and the predicted profit.

This is only scratching the surface of what Bet Angel can do however. There is a powerful in play betting tool that shows you what is happening to the odds in real time therefore painting a picture of how the race is going. By looking at this you can then get a feel for whether or not there is any profit to be made via an in play bet.

There is also a tool that looks specifically at football games and looks at market activity to predict what a likely outcome will be for a game in a variety of different markets including the end result, over under goals as well as additional probability statistics on the correct score and the total number of goals. As well as providing this service for football, Bet Angel also includes a similar piece of kit that covers tennis. If all of this isn’t enough for you, Bet Angel also include advanced charts that allow you to add your own indicators ala Forex trading.

For the ultimate in customisation however, Bet Angel allows you to create your own scripts in Excel based on your own betting systems which you can then import and automate. This is obviously a complicated process and not something that everybody will want to, or be able to do, however it does make Bet Angel ideal for those who know exactly what they need a piece of betting software to do.

It is also worth pointing out that for those who don’t wish to run Bet Angel from a home computer or who want it to be active all the time, the professional version of the software does have a version for uploading onto servers.

Betting Exchanges

The whole purpose of Bet Angel is to allow you to place bets on betting exchanges. For those who aren’t perhaps all that familiar with what a betting exchange is, it allows users from around the world to bet on the outcome of events with each other. There are a number of rather unique features that a betting exchange utilises that a normal bookmaker doesn’t and these are what Bet Angel and its contemporaries take advantage of.

The first of these is to lay a bet. This is a common term on Betfair that is often referred to as simply laying. This means that you are basically betting against an outcome, for example laying a horse means that you win if that horse loses. The other unique feature of a betting exchange is that bets can be traded before they are cashed out, a process that is commonly referred to as greening up. This means that if you have a bet that is showing as profitable part way through the race, you can then essentially “sell” that bet so that you can cash out.

Both of these are very important to traders and as a result Bet Angel provides plenty of facilities to utilise these unique advantages to produce profit.

In terms of the different betting exchanges that are out there, there are two main ones and Bet Angel offers software that is compatible with both. The largest and the one that I have mentioned so far is Betfair. This is the exchange that Bet Angel was originally built for trading on and the one that creator Peter Webb prefers to use. The other option is BETDAQ which offers a very similar service however the market share of BETDAQ is less than 10%. Despite this, as mentioned, Bet Angel does offer a piece of software that is compatible with it.

Bet Angel Pro or Bet Angel Basic?

There are two different versions of Bet Angel available which are massively different in nature however they do provide a somewhat similar user experience in many ways. The basic edition is a free piece of software and it features a hugely stripped down version of the professional version of Bet Angel. It has one click betting and allows you to see some charts in relation to bets that you currently have open however this is the extent of it.


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In contrast I have already detailed what the professional version can do in the features list and as such, I don’t believe that it warrants a recap.

The reality is that by preference, you will always want to go with the professional version of Bet Angel as the multitude of additional things that you can do with it will definitely help you to take your betting game further. If however you are just starting out with Bet Angel and perhaps aren’t so certain on whether or not it is for you or even if you feel overwhelmed by all the additional features, then Bet Angel Basic is probably good enough.

The fact is that whilst it doesn’t do much that Betfair’s manual betting doesn’t do, Bet Angel Basic does provide you with a small edge and that may well be enough.

Peter Webb

The man behind Bet Angel is the man in the header, one Peter Webb. He started his betting career way back in the early days of Betfair and was allegedly one of their first customers. He actually started trading full time following a successful stint working in distribution for Compaq and Medion, companies that produce their own branded PCs.

(Video Copyright Bet Angel Ltd)

Not long after starting trading he began to work on Bet Angel, initially to improve his own edge as a professional trader. Since those humble beginnings the software and general offerings have grown into one of the biggest names in Betfair trading software. What is really noteworthy about Peter Webb’s relationship with his software is that he seemingly continues to use it even to this day for his trading.

This isn’t so much noteworthy because a product creator is using their own product, you would expect this from anybody who has created something legitimate. What is amazing is the scale and scope that Peter Webb trades through it. An interview back in 2010 revealed that he can trade millions of pounds per week with a float in his Betfair account of £250,000 and given the fact that he had at that point been trading successfully for half a decade, it seems reasonable to assume that at the very least these figures have at least stayed the same.

If there was any doubt about Peter Webb’s position as a top quality professional Betfair trader it is worth pointing out that he started out with just £1,000 placing £5 bets. He also claims to be the only trader that has ever successfully traded live and in real time which was at a number of seminars for Betfair.

Bet Angel Community and Support

As you would expect from a professional operation Bet Angel comes with a rather substantial support network which comes from both Peter Webb and his team as well as a larger community.

The official support offers a contact option which allows you speak directly to the support team. There is also a comprehensive user guide which runs to over 100 pages, all of which are organised online so that you can search for exactly what you are looking for. On top of this there are also a number of videos that show you how to use the software which are presented in an “over the shoulder” perspective.

This is just one aspect of the community behind Bet Angel however. There is actually a massively active forum of users that cover a huge variety of topics, both related and unrelated to betting, Betfair and Bet Angel. To create some perspective on just how big and active this community is, there are over 1,700 topics with almost 10,000 posts that aim to help those who are new to Bet Angel and want to get started. This pales next to the 50,000 plus posts that look at sports betting.

The community itself is actually very helpful and friendly with all the members seemingly wanting others to succeed which can be difficult to find in betting as in my experience, a lot of the community are too busy looking out for themselves to care about others.

Yes, there is also a forum on the website where users of the software ask questions, and ‘toy’ with ideas of what ‘could’ work, but on the whole it is mainly occupied by people who literally give nothing away regarding their own success, as you would expect. There is also a detailed manual on the software which explains everything you need to know.

As if this 14,500 member strong forum wasn’t enough, Bet Angel also has its own blog which is frequently updated and looks at topics relating to trading strategies, trading horse racing and football as well as updates on the software. These are updated by Peter Webb and offer a lot of insight into what has happened at events, how this has impacted trading and quite often provides an insiders perspective on things. This doesn’t just make for an interesting read, but it encourages you to think about how you bet and how this can be leveraged for improvements.

Bet Angel TV

As if the communities and the blogs weren’t enough, it is also worth taking a little bit of time to talk about Bet Angel TV. This is something of a sibetangel-tvde project from Peter Webb that provides literally hundreds of videos on a variety of different topics. Some of the videos aren’t necessarily stand out and are simply tutorials on using the various bits of Bet Angel however they do remain useful and are welcome.

What is really interesting about Bet Angel TV are the numerous different strategies that Peter Webb talks about. To put this into context, he has uploaded 35 videos to the section on horse racing alone which look at various aspects of trading, from finding bets to dealing with losses.

Betting Exchange Academy

The Betting Exchange Academy is something of an offshoot of Bet Angel and it is here that Peter Webb plies his trade as an educator on sports betting trading. The services are not cheap with classroom courses starting at £399 however it should be clear by now that Peter Webb is very much the real deal and if anybody can show you what you need to do in order to become a successful trader it is him.

As well as these classroom courses there are also seminars that teach you about betting and betting as a business with a focus on horse racing. Finally there is an option for personal mentoring with Peter Webb however this obviously isn’t going to come cheap.

How much does Bet Angel cost?

As mentioned, Bet Angel Basic is free however what we are interested in here really is the professional version. There are 6 different ways that you can buy access to the service which are as follows:

  • 24 hours of access for 99p
  • 1 month of access for £29.99
  • 2 months of access for £39.99
  • 3 months of access for £59.99
  • 6 months of access for £99.99
  • 12 months of access for £149.99

It is worth pointing out that all of these figures are paid up front and in a single lump sum and come with no money back guarantee etc. The purchase is for a license which allows you to install multiple copies of Bet Angel on multiple computers with no additional charge and the costs involved do not automatically renew.

Does Bet Angel guarantee me a profit when trading?

Of course not 🙂

Bet Angel is simply a tool that you can use to help your trading easier and more streamlined. If you have systems, or methods you wish to try then Bet Angel maybe something that can make testing easier, but it certainly will not guarantee you a profit, and nor does it advertise this. Sure, Peter Webb is a professional trader and has many videos showing him how he makes serious money using Betfair, but please don’t think you could simply follow what he does and succeed.

If it were that easy, we’d all be doing it…

Conclusion on Bet Angel

What is there that is left to say about Bet Angel? It is definitely one of the best Betfair trading platforms currently available and in many respects is quite reasonably priced when you consider the work that has actually gone into it. Through my research it has become very apparent to me that Peter Webb genuinely cares about his product and his business and this is something that is good to see.

There are a lot of products that are put out online that appear to simply be a quick money grab but Bet Angel has existed in one shape or another for a long time and there is nothing to suggest that it is going to be off the market any time soon.

The list of features reads like a professional traders dream with everything clearly geared towards helping the user to make as much money as possible as easily as possible. For those who are more technically minded, you can make Bet Angel do pretty much anything you want with its Excel integration which is definitely a boon for those who have a set system that they have found to be profitable.

The only criticism that can possibly be laid at the feet of Bet Angel isn’t even a criticism of the product really, it is simply me taking the time to acknowledge that there are pieces of software available that do a number of similar things but are free. Whilst Bet Angel Basic is also free, it is a little to stripped back in my opinion to compete with things like Cymatic Trader which sits somewhere between Bet Angel Basic and Professional but also won’t cost you anything.

With all of this in mind, is Bet Angel for you? Honestly, it is a pretty serious investment and one that I would only recommend if you are serious about your Betfair trading. If you already play about on the exchange but don’t want to commit, then even the basic version can give you an edge with one click betting and the like in place.

It should be said however that Bet Angel won’t make you a better gambler or trader on its own and some of the few bits of criticism that I have been able to dig up have been people saying that they aren’t making more money (although this is usually down to something that they are doing wrong). This may seem obvious but in the spirit of balance, it is something that is worth pointing out.

Do You Use Bet Angel, Ben?

Yes, I myself use Bet Angel almost daily, and it really is a serious peice of kit, but mainly because the features detailed in the software are what you use, and it makes (for me at least) trading easier, rather than having to rely on Betfair’s website.


Looking For A Way To Profit Using BetAngel?

I also recently reviewed a product that uses Bet Angel, and which scalps for profits which works extremely well, and this Betfair Scalping product can be seen by clicking here.





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  • mick says:

    when is next day tutorial at Hook

    • Ben says:

      Hi Mick,

      You are probably best getting that information from the Bet Angel website, as I do know the Peter Webb teaching days are popular.

      I have never been to one myself, but if you are serious about Betfair trading, it may be worth looking into more.

      If you do decide to go on a workshop with Peter, please let us know how you get on, and whether you thought it value for money.


  • Wilford says:

    bet angel is the only betfair software i use, and i have tried them all, some others are decent also but i suppose you use what you get use to don’t you.

  • tony boyce says:

    Thanks for you review here.

    Can you tell me please if Bet Angel can be downloaded to a Linux computer?

    • Ben says:

      Hi Tony,

      I have personally never tried it on a Linux, but I suppose you could use a platform like VMWare to replicate the Windows environment.

      That way you could probably get a free Windows XP download and run it in a virtual environment.


  • Gavin says:

    Time you updated the BetAngel prices on this site!

  • Keith says:

    Having used it myself I can tell you its

    Over-rated and over-hyped.

    but best of luck if you use it..

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