Betfan Review, Are They Really The Tipster Champions?

betfan-logoSitting down to write about Betfan as a whole entity is a pretty daunting task. After all, this is a business that has produced well over 100 different tipster services and countless points of profit for subscribers. How big can one tipster service be I may hear you ask? To create some very basic context, Betfan is more than just one company but instead has 5 different arms, each providing their own experience and service.

Betfan Overview

The company was founded way back in 2010 by Simon Tofield, a web designer and Stephen Gwalter, a blade technician. Since then there has been hugely significant growth and expansion in terms of what is on offer and even how it is offered. The first website for Betfan was a rather simple (albeit well put together) affair that offered a different service each day listing:

  • Top horse racing & betting advice every Monday
  • Tuesday golf betting and sports update
  • Midweek eye catchers, stories and top tips every Wednesday
  • Thursday is Power NAPs Day
  • Friday with TV’s Mike Cattermole
  • Saturday with Dave ‘Devilfish’ Ulliott & the world of gambling
  • Sunday Anteposts & eyecatchers from an ex bookie’s notebook.

Even in the early days of Betfan it was clear that Simon Tofield and Stephen Gwalter were working hard at making the company the biggest and best that they can and this is definitely a theme that has continued through to today no doubt will into the future.

This work ethic has led to some pretty great things for Betfan however one of the things that I like about them is their constant commitment to beating the bookies. This is a phrase that pops up a hell of a lot in their sales material and frankly, with good reason.

The fact is that almost all of Betfan’s products make a lot of money very quickly and in most cases, this continues to be the case and as a reviewer, Betfan is often the benchmark against which I compare other tipsters.

So what exactly is on offer here? As I will look at below, Betfan offer something for everyone whether you are a punter, a budding tipster or even an affiliate marketer looking for something that you know your customers will love. The Main Website

The head of the beast as it were, is which is where Simon Tofield and Stephen Gwalter offer their core service. As a website (as well as the various different arms of the larger group) offers a variety of different features.

The first point that should be made in regards to any Betfan website is that you have to be signed up as a member (which is entirely free) in order to access their member’s area where the bulk of the content is.

Naturally at the core of this is the various tipsters that Betfan work with and help operate and I will be looking at these in proper detail shortly.

Betfan’s website is something of a minefield once you’re in the member’s area and it’s very easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of stuff that they throw at you but I reckon that there are a few things that are worth looking at more than anything else.

Betfan also claim to have a whopping 56,000 members!


(Image Copyright Betfan Ltd)

I will start with what is arguably the second most important part of the Betfan Member’s Area. “Your Tips” is a section that lets you sign up for access to daily free tips. These usually come from one of the many services that Betfan operate which really allows you to get a feel for what to expect if you choose to invest in any of them proper.

These aren’t always winners and as you’d expect from any tipster service there are no guarantees but it makes for a pretty good jumping off point if you want to get used to following tips, staking etc.

You may also be interested in the tabs for Tipster Champions and Top Performers as these list all of the best Betfan services, both within the Betfan website and the wider group. This brings me onto the raison d’être of Betfan which are the various tipster services. There are a huge number of these available with offering 31 different tipster services alone.

These mostly look at horse racing however there are also options available for those who want to bet on horse racing, sports betting or football.

Each service that Betfan offer is operated by a wholly independent tipster which means that each and every one is unique. The services themselves range from coverage for horse racing events (for example at the time of writing I can see a tipster service advertised for the recently finished Pinchestown Festival in Ireland. All of this means that every Betfan service is hugely different and so there is likely to be a tipster service for everybody.

The Betfan Tipster Service

One of the standout features of Betfan when compared to a lot of tipster services is that all of their tipsters are fully proofed and you can go on and view this. This means that if you are thinking of joining a service or you like the sound of it, you can check out the viability. This has saved me a number of times from making bad decisions and has become a foundation of whether or not I see a service as genuine as a real tipster will happily meet this expectation.

target-tipstersThe proofing also comes with details on the ROI (return on investment) as well as strike rates so that you can quickly build a picture of a services performance.

One of my favourite parts of any Betfan product is the copy writing which is dynamic, interesting and sometimes; seemingly a little fanciful. This makes the sales pages always worth a read and the writing allows for the personality of the tipster to really jump off the page at you.

When paired with the proofing this makes for a really interesting approach which lets you to understand exactly what you are getting into. This lack of lies makes Betfan one of the most trustworthy tipsters that I have had the pleasure of looking at.

Betfan Blog

As well as the main website and the tipster service, Betfan also operate a blog which is usually updated by the various tipsters. The posts are often long and detailed and look at what is going on in the sport and horse racing word and how this has affected bets. They may also talk about their recent performance and reflect on the results that they’ve achieved.

The blog also includes the occasional giveaways, for example, at the time of writing, Simon Tofield and Stephen Gwalter are offering a guide, 60 Flat Horses to Follow 2016. This blog is a good way of keeping up with the company as a whole as Simon Tofield and Stephen Gwalter tend to release updates here whilst tipsters will talk about their current goings on, why they’re winning or losing and even what their predictions are for the future.

Whilst the Betfan Blog isn’t something that is going to necessarily add any monetary value to your betting, it is a fantastic source for free information that you can then use to help you to improve your understating of betting, tipster services and your general knowledge of the sport.

Winning Information Network, Bet Kudos and Tipster TV

Although Betfan predominantly operate under the Betfan branding, and this is the main umbrella company, they actually provide a number of different services in the guise of Winning Information Network, Bet Kudos and Tipster TV.

Fundamentally, the differences between Betfan and any one of its affiliates are negligible, especially in terms of what they offer on the main websites.

Really, these different arms are there so that Betfan can spread their branding around more. For example, the Bet Kudos branded website has 30 services, Winning Information Network has 27 whilst Tipster TV currently has 12.

As well as allowing the Betfan group to grow and group products (there is generally a loose collective or theme in terms of what the different brands offer), it also allows for top performing tipsters to have multiple services through the Betfan group without oversaturating any particular one (and I can think of a few tipsters off the top of my head who do this).

The main thing to take away from this is that if you see something from Winning Information Network, Tipster TV or Bet Kudos, you are always dealing with Betfan and the same rules will apply.

A Look at Some of the Betfan Tipsters


(Image Copyright Betfan Ltd)

From the launch of the service, Simon Tofield and Stephen Gwalter have worked with some of the biggest names in gambling through Betfan. This is apparent even from their first basic webpages which listed Dave ‘Devlifish’ Ulliot as a contact. Tragically, Dave passed away last year but he was working with Betfan pretty much till the end with his service Betting With the Devilfish.

This is indicative of the integrity that Betfan offer with even the biggest names showing loyalty, a theme that has continued and been built upon.

Here is a list of some of the Betfan Tipster services currently on offer:

  • Andy Bell Racing
  • Betcha Naps
  • Betcha Racing
  • BetFan F1
  • Betfan VIP
  • Betting Opportunity
  • Chris Anzani Racing
  • Dog Race Wagers
  • Equo Early Raters
  • Fantastic Eights
  • Fold4Gold
  • Free Daily Newsletter Tip
  • Golf Bet Gold
  • Grand Bet Auto
  • Howard’s Eyecatchers
  • Kevan Minter The Colonel
  • Love Sport
  • Mr Smith
  • One Point Profits
  • Pro Sports Betting
  • Punchtown Special
  • Race Advisor Guide
  • Race Ratings Pro
  • Racing Excellence
  • Shrewd Tipster
  • Sports Bet Paradise
  • Stable Line Gold
  • Super Tips
  • The Gambling Don
  • Unity Racing Club
  • Weekender Special
  • Winning Way

With this in mind there are a few services that I would like to highlight as they show the reach and influence that Betfan have as a company.

One of the biggest names is Kevan Minter, AKA The Colonel. He has been involved in horse racing for over 25 years and has held down jobs working as a writer and even a TV presenter for a number of different publications and channels.

He also says that he works at various well known racecourses as hospitality. To cut a long story short, Kevan Minter is a big name and so in operating not one, but two tipster services through Betfan, this reflects on them and their pull.

Another tipster of note is Andy Bell. He also operates a number of different tipster services through the Betfan group, all of which have enjoyed success. One of the ways that Andy Bell’s name is best known however is for his head to head events where he and another Betfan tipster will compete to make the most profit off a single festival.

He has even written a book documenting his time as a tipster through Betfan which is very interesting and well worth a look for anybody who wants to see a tipster service from the other side.

Betfan have also worked with people like Mark “The Couch” Winstanley and The Sun tipster Nigel Feeley in setting up Tipster TV. Both names that will be known to anybody involved with the betting industry on a regular basis.


Tipster Planet

Tipster Planet is a very different service to most of the ones that Betfan offer. Simon Tofield and Stephen Gwalter refer to it as their proving ground and this is definitely an apt metaphor. Tipster Planet is a website that anybody can sign up for to have their tips proofed by Betfan with a fully managed service up for grabs for those who are able to generate a consistent profit.

There can literally be hundreds of tipsters vying for this prestigious prize at a time with many dropping out when they find that they can’t actually cut it. This is just one side of Tipster Planet however.

As well as allowing tipsters to compete, subscribers can also sign up for a very reasonable cost (£9.99 per month) and get full access to selections from all the tipsters uploading on a given day.

When you consider that a number of these tipsters have been good enough to go on and get their own fully paid up service, this makes Tipster Planet something of a bargain. It also presents a great place for both sides to start developing their understanding and knowledge of what to expect when following/managing a tipster service.

Is Betfan for me If I’m a tipster?

Whilst I am by no means an expert on how much tipsters pay, I do feel that Betfan offer a very decent sounding package.

They pay all of their tipsters 25% of the profits from their service, 40% to affiliates, 20% is for the running costs whilst 15% actually goes to Betfan itself. Where working with Betfan becomes a bit of a no brainer in my book is that there simply isn’t a comparable tipster service out there for marketing.

Betfan have one of the largest subscriber bases in the betting world for their services and this means that you can rest assured that if you sign up for them as a tipster, then your product will be in front of as many eyes as possible. It also goes without saying that it is in their best interests to promote you.

Simon Tofield and Stephen Gwalter say that there is a cycle of sorts if you do become a tipster where you will start out with plenty of subscribers before this drops to anywhere from 45 to over 100 at which point this is your steady audience.

If there are any problems then the team work with their tipsters to help them to get back on track and into the black as soon as possible whilst also offering understanding that any service may have losing streaks.

They also say that there is the possibility to boost your income which brings me nicely onto my next point 🙂

Become a Betfan Affiliate

As mentioned above, Betfan pay out 40% of their profits to affiliates which means that there is a small fortune to made for those with the right kind of list and marketing infrastructure in place. This is well in line with a lot of affiliate programs and I would even go as far as to say that it is more generous than most.

There are a number of features that are available exclusively for Betfan affiliates including real time reports, daily text messages and competitions and leader boards.

Bad Press

When it comes to any kind of product there is always going to be something of a divide and Betfan’s products are no different. There are a small number of people who get rather upset when their services don’t recreate some of their more legendary feats.

These critics of Betfan are usually most vocal on various betting forums where you can see them claiming that a service is a rip off because they happen to have lost a bit of money in the short term.

There are also some other criticisms about how Betfan has so many different services, with some questioning why a tipster that is as successful would require so many services. The fact is that when it comes to Betfan a lot of people miss or perhaps more likely overlook the fact that Simon Tofield and Stephen Gwalter aren’t tipsters.

They are two guys who simply want to help Betfan subscribers to beat the bookies and pocket some extra cash.

On a personal level, I do sometimes feel that the results that are offered are somewhat inflated by the staking plans that Betfan typically recommend which is 5 points per bet. This is something that you can see if you read any of my reviews of their products and has also been picked up by other parties but I don’t really see it as being a deal breaker.


Conclusions on Betfan

As a company and a service there aren’t many websites online that can come close to what Betfan have achieved.

The fact is that through their various services Simon Tofield and Stephen Gwalter have been producing consistently profitable services since 2011 and when I say profits, a fair few of Betfan’s services have smashed through 1000 point profits and this is no small feat for any tipster management company, let alone one that has produced these results time and time again.

The fact is that navigating the world of tipsters is a very tricky affair and there are an increasing number of what I would call scam services appearing on the market. These always offer huge profits with nothing to back it up, in other words, the polar opposite of what a respectable and tried and tested tipster would aim to do.

In this regard, Betfan is something of a beacon showing people what they can expect in advance and being quite open about their processes.

The only real criticism that I have about Betfan products lies in the costs which are sometimes very much on the high side. During my research into this article and taking the time to look at how much they actually pay out, it feels somewhat justified.

So what are my final thoughts on Betfan?

Namely that at the centre of the service is integrity and reliability. There is a transparency to their operations that is often missing. Like any tipster service there are no guarantees but I feel that as a company, they remain accommodating and help to guide members and manage their expectations.

I can’t ignore the fact that Betfan have produced some of the longest running and most profitable tipster services which means that they must be doing something right.

I have often said that Betfan’s products are worth trying, and I stand by that. There are some very convincing results on their website, and I would say take a look with an open mind, read the stats, the results and see what they can offer you.



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