TSOHost Reviews, Can Their Support Be Trusted to Host Your Website Business?

TSO HOSTING COMPANY If you have found this page, then you are probably looking for reviews for TSOHost, and their hosting company. Now I have used many hosting companies over the years, and they all advertise benefits, and features, but how true are the claims?

I have hosted several websites on the TSOHost platform for around 6/7 months now, and I just wanted to put a little warning message to those who believe they are 100% secure, because I have found a few issues which I feel should be highlighted.

If any of you read my Heart Internet Review, you will know that I am a big believer in being in control of your own website, back ups, domain and owning the ability to migrate your website as quickly as possible, and that it is only when things are going wrong, do you appreciate a good hosting company.

Who are TSOHost?

TSOHost are owned by the Paragon Internet Group, but there are also connections with the much feared Endurance International Group, who I also discussed on my Heart Internet review, and their habits of buying up smaller hosting companies, and stripping out the support, and general ‘goodness’ from what was initially being offered.

Therefore, in my opinion, when hosting with TSOHost, you are already at the mercy of this ‘stripping out of the goodness’ from what was a good company, which started with good intentions, but then subsequently went on a declining slope as far as customer service is concerned.

I initially started using TSOHost due to my problems with Heart Internet, and as we all do, we go to Google and do a search for reviews. Actually, I read some good things about TSOHost from a Facebook group of WordPress users, and some of them actually indicated that TSO might be what I was looking for.

So off I went in search of the ‘reviews’ and was pleasantly surprised at what I found. Mostly good reviews, and some recent reviews from unhappy customers, like the following:

TSOHost Customer Reviews:

tsohost-customer-reviews tsohost-review2

My Personal TSOHost Experience:

Anyway, this is about my review and my experiences with TSOHost, so let’s get started…

Where websites are concerned, hosting is everything, and reliable hosting gives you peace of mind, but finding reliable hosting is not an easy task. As already mentioned, I based my decision to use TSOHost of a Facebook recommendation, as well as online reviews.

If you own a website, or have owned websites, then you will know that a hosting company will fall, or rise by it’s support.

You MUST have good support for your website, especially if your website generates an income, otherwise if something happens to your website, or it goes down (which it will…) then you need to be able to obtain the following:

  • Easily be able to contact the hosting company.
  • Ideally by ticket, email AND phone, if needed.
  • Clear communication.
  • Timescales for any fixes that are applicable.

My Migration to TSOHost

My old website was not on the cPanel format that TSOHost support, so I contacted them before deciding to use them to see if they would help with the database transfer, and unzip all my website files once migrated.

This part of the service was almost seamless, and I was initially impressed. TSOHost installed my website, and on first impressions the website was fast, responsive, and working extremely well.

I was also able to contact them on the phone up to about 11pm, which all seemed fantastic. The people on the other end of the phone were also knowledgeable, and it seemed a great choice to use them.

In fact, the day after installation I received a telephone call from one of the managers to ask if I was satisfied with the service so far. This pleased me a lot, because I thought if they are so ‘on the ball’ at the start, then this can only lead to good service later on.

After about 24 hours there was an issue I could not solve myself, and as it was late at night (after the phone support cut off deadline) I sent them a ticket, and thought at sometime in the night, or after a few hours I would get a reply, and a fix to this little problem that had occurred.

Now one of the main reasons I decided to use TSOHost was that they CLEARLY advertise on their website that they offer 24/7 support. In fact here is what they clearly advertise to entice new customers:

tsohost 24/7 support

(Image copyright TSOHost)

That’s pretty clear, yes? So you would think if you had a problem with your website at any time of the day, or night then support would be able to rectify any issues, and that you would also be able to contact them easily?

Exactly, that is what I thought also…..

Anyway, the ticket was not updated until around 9am the next morning – about 9/10 hours after submitting the ticket.

Hmm…. Anway, I thought I would give them the benefit of the doubt, maybe it was a ‘busy night’, and that they had a change of shift, or ‘something’..

A few days later, I had another issue, so again, as it was late at night I submitted a ticket, but this time I was very curious as to what their response time would be.

Yet again, the ticket was not answered until 9am (ish) the next morning. Luckily it was not an important enquiry, but if it had been then my website would have been down for 10 hours!!

I queried this with one of the managers, who said they would be adding more staff to fix this problem, and that although they did offer support overnight, it was not highly manned.

The conclusion is:

TSOHost Do Not Have Night Time Support!

This is a fact, and I have tested it a few times since. If you submit a ticket after 11pm, then your ticket will get answered in the morning, around 9/10am when they have staff in the place.

This means, that if you have a website issue, say your website goes down after their phones close at 11pm, then your website will be offline all night. Not great eh?


Also, something else I have noticed about TSOHost support, is that even during the day, if you are lucky enough to get an email reply inside 2/3 hours, then the reply will usually be asking you something else – something that they could easily, and quickly check themselves, meaning you will reply with this ‘easily found’ answer, and will then have to wait another few hours for a reply.

Not good, not good at all.

This is actually false advertising, because TSOHost know for a fact that people will be attracted to their website based on this advertised “24/7” support, but it is not delivered, so I am sure the Advertising Standards Authority would have a lot to say about that.

TSOHost are cheap as chips, BUT.

Yes, TSOHost are cheap, very cheap in fact compared to some other providers, and when things are going well, things are fine. But, as with ANY hosting company, they are only really tested when you need support, and this is the time to see how good they are.

In my opinion, they have set their support up just to ‘clear tickets’.

Think about it though, why would a company do that, because it is false economy. If you are not providing the correct answers to your clients, then obviously the same clients are going to be coming back time, and time again giving more ‘easily found’ information, and this whole farce means that other customers are being delayed in their responses also.

It becomes a merry-go-round queue, and one that could be expensive if you rely on your website.

My TSOHost Complaints

My main complaint is the poor support, and it is poor. My ticket inbox is full of responses that were left until the morning, promises that things ‘would get better’, but today I had to send them another ticket, the first one for a few months, and sadly, the support is just as bad; being sent in circles and an end result that takes twice/three times as long due to their inability to be proactive.

As I have already said, what is the point of having decent facilities, and benefits if the actual support is letting them down, with support being the number one factor is hosting websites.

I cannot Recommend TSOHost

I really wanted to be able to recommend TSOHost as everything started well, but unfortunately the service is simply too poor for professional use, and although they may be attractive for pricing, such attraction quickly vanishes when you are met with bad support, and unfortunately, that is the situation for me, as a customer.

Take my advice, and find a hosting company that has good support, although they are not easy to find, but it will save you a lot of frustration 🙂

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