Great Bets Review Testing and Latest Results


Great Bets Review Testing and Latest Results


Price: £25+

Great Bets is an established tipping service that many are already talking about, and early results have been very good. Read our review on this service to see if they are the real deal.


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greatbets top image Great Bets is a relatively long standing tipster service that according to the creator has produced a significant and consistent long term profit for subscribers. The service is operated by an experienced tipster, Martin Wilkins.

Now I have heard a LOT about this tipping service over the last month or so, and a few of my readers have also asked if they are for real.

The first thing that really grabbed my attention with Great Bets that unlike a lot of tipster services the website is seemingly rather subdued. This is in part down to the fact that where most tipsters make outlandish claims and provide nothing but dodgy evidence, so we have chosen chosen to take a factual approach.

This is beneficial when looking at a service as it allows you to instantly know exactly what you are getting into (rather than being misled) and most importantly, what you can expect in terms of profit from a service.

As a service, Great Bets provides subscribers with selections on a daily basis, sent out via email. Martin says that he will usually try to issue these between 10am and 12am each day giving you at least a few hours in order to place bets. The selections that Great Bets send out are for a variety of different sports from the ever popular horse racing and football, all the way to snooker, golf and even Formula One. The vast majority of these will however be for horse racing.

Now, as most of you know, I have never been a big fan of tipsters, but as this one really is generating a lot of interest, I just had to look into it further 🙂

Product Title: Great Bets

Price: £25 starting subscription, with various other levels of membership offered.

Guarantee: No Guarantee Found – Although there is an image that says ’90 days guaranteed’ but no further details can be found.

What You Get:

  • Access to the website depending on which level of subscription you have chosen.
  • Tips are given via the members area.
  • Emails are also sent to subscribers with tips on a daily basis.
  • Full Support.

Where To Purchase: (click link after reading review)

Who Are Great Bets?

Given the number of sports that Martin Wilkins takes into consideration for Great Bets, you could easily be forgiven for thinking that it is a service that will overwhelm.

…Especially for those who are perhaps new to betting and don’t understand some of the bigger fancier terms. Instead, Great Bets goes in the opposite direction and there isn’t a single tipster service that immediately springs to mind which has performed so admirably off straight forward bets.

The most common bet is an outright bet on horse racing, however you can also expect to see the occasional each way bet as well. Football betting can be a little more complicated with over/under bets advised to Great Bets subscribers and tennis goes even further with handicap betting. Realistically though, if you are having any trouble whatsoever, Martin and the Great Bets team are available to offer support.

Moving away from the logistics of Great Bets as a service, I feel that it is important to also look at the numbers as these paint a much more accurate picture than words ever could.

The volume of bets that Great Bets issues is very reasonable with most days providing no more than 1-3 bets. Of course there are the occasional days where Martin may find more than this, but Great Bets never ventures into the realm of 20 bets per day (something that I have seen from a number of tipster services in the past).

There is a clear staking plan in place for Great Bets and this is a big part of helping to keep things simple.

All bets are advised to stake 10 points, 20 points or 30 points. Whilst this initially sounds a lot, Martin is keen to point out that Great Bets uses a £1 per point approach to this which means that these aren’t really overly inflated numbers designed to make a service look more profitable than it is (something that a lot of tipsters are prone to doing).

Unfortunately, there is no published strike rate for Great Bets and given the length of the service it would take me far too long to start calculating this. Fortunately, there is full proofing supplied by Martin and this is updated on a daily basis. For those who find that the strike rate is a deal breaker when looking at a tipster service, I would conservatively estimate that Great Bets has a strike rate of around 35%. Realistically though, it may be quite a bit higher than this.

How Does Great Bets Tipster Work?

One of the things that I really like about Great Bets is that Martin keeps his straight talking approach in describing his approach to the service. He talks at length about his experience in betting (around 15 years) without wandering into the realm of fantasy (no claims of picking winning horses with Granddad over breakfast at 8 years old here) and it is a respectable enough past.

There is certainly enough information on offer that I would feel confident following Great Bets.

The actual selection process is based first and foremost on which sports that Martin Wilkins feels he has the greatest chance of picking winning bets on.

This seems to be the cornerstone of Great Bets and ultimately allows for more winners and less losers. It is strongly suggested that there is a team behind Great Bets who put “hours of research” into any selections that are issued, and that betting is approached based off this teams insights and knowledge about all sports.

Sports Great Bets Supply Tips For?

Great Bets supply tips for the following sports genres:


great bets sports tips


Naturally, the actual formula that Martin uses is kept under a pretty tight lock and key however he does freely offer some insight into betting. Ultimately, his strategies for Great Bets are based on a number of different factors. These can range from things like how confident the team are, how many valid selections are available and the overall action of the day.

Given that this approach to Great Bets is claimed to be based on a number of years work of honing, this is a believable statement in my opinon.

If there is one thing that is clear (although not explicitly stated) it is that Great Bets has a strong focus on the concept of value and getting the best possible odds per bet. This is something that is backed up by the fact that Martin only really recommends placing bets that Great Bets issues through 3 bookmakers.

These are Paddy Power, Bet365 and Boyle Sports. This is mostly down to the fact that all 3 bookmakers generally offer the best odds on selections, but they also offer best odds guaranteed,

Cost To Join Great Bets?

It would be unreasonable for me to sit here and try to paint Great Bets as being a cheap tipster service. I would be lying if I said that it was. However it is important to consider the difference that there is between cheap and value for money.

In terms of packages, there are several available for Great Bets. These include:

  • Weekly Membership – £25 every 7 days
  • Monthly Membership – £99 every 30 days (representing a 7.6% saving)
  • Quarterly Membership – £249 every 3 months (representing a 22.5% saving)
  • Six Month Membership – £459 every 6 months (representing a 30.6% saving)
  • Yearly Membership – £849 every 12 months (representing a 33.9% saving)


great bets payment options


All of these packages can be upgraded or downgraded at any time you wish simply requiring you to submit an email to the Great Bets team.

It is worth pointing out the fact that there is no money back guarantee on offer for Great Bets. Whilst this may well be considered a big downside for some, the reality is that most tipster services do not provide this option and it is more unreasonable to expect Martin to do so than not.

Finally there is the cost of establishing a betting bank to consider as well. It is recommended that you start out with a betting bank of no less than 500 points or £500. Naturally this amount can easily be scaled up and the staking plan for Great Bets allows you to bet more or less in accordance with your budget.

Profit Potential on Great Bets?

The performance of Great Bets is by far and away the most impressive part of the service (so far), and it is exactly what I was referring to when I mentioned expense not being the same as value for money.

In the lifetime of the service (since March 2016), Great Bets has yet to encounter a losing month. This is a fantastic feat in and of itself, however it is the amount of income that has been generated that really stands out.

The lowest scoring month for Great Bets generated “just” 112.2 points. This would mean a small profit of 13.2 points if you factored in a monthly subscription cost as well.

The wider reality however is that the average monthly profit that Great Bets has generated over 10 months is 321.36 points of profit. Given that most gamblers that I know of will start with £1,000 rather than £500, this would mean staking just £2 per point. Using this number and the monthly subscription fee of £99, your average monthly profits for Great Bets could quite reasonably be an average of £543.72 per month for very little work.

Great Bets Review Results

Conclusion on Great Bets

Where do you begin to assess the worth of a genuinely good tipster service? The fact is that most of what I look at day to day is a bit naff, and even the good ones come with some limitations of substantial risk.

Put simply, Great Bets is one of the most complete tipster services that I have ever looked at, however I feel that it is important to understand my reasoning for considering it to be one of the better tipster services currently on the market.

The obvious thing is the profits. Whilst some companies can easily blow up their results and claim that they can make £20,000 in a year, this would often mean betting £500 per bet which is a ludicrous amount to stake every day.

With Great Bets however, I feel that an extra £6,500 per year is a very decent amount for a service which would (using my example numbers in the rate of return) never ask more than £60 of you for a bet. The thing is, this is also quite easily scalable and betting £5 per point would make a respectable full time income for users (although neither Martin nor I would recommend starting here unless you had the income to back it up).

One of the other things that really impresses about Great Bets is that the variety of bets means that this is really a complete portfolio in one service.

This also helps to add to the fact that despite being expensive, Great Bets does have a decent degree of value there. If you were to get a decent horse racing, football and “miscellaneous sports” tipster service, this could easily run you to £200 per month.

I do feel that it I should address some of the things that Great Bets does that I am perhaps not so keen on.

If I am honest, despite my statement that I can see the value for money in Great Bets, it would be remiss of me to address the price. As somebody involved to some degree in the betting industry, I can see where the money goes and the work that is involved with running a tipster service. To a layman however, £99 per month is a lot of money to pay out, not to mention the fact that we’d all like to get anything for less.

I also feel that some aspects of Great Bets may be a little overwhelming, especially if you are new to professional betting. For example, there are a number of months that have seen more than 4 different sports, some of which feature some rather complex bets.

I think that it can be easy when looking at products like Great Bets to simply presume that everybody is on the same level and that we all have the same understanding of betting, but this simply isn’t the case.

Those minor issues aside, I believe that I should point out what the greatest thing about Great Bets is in my opinion, and this is the consistency of the service. Any tipster service can knock out massive profits one month, only to lose them all the next (something that I have seen happen way too often).

With Great Bets however, month after month, the profits remain consistent and there are no signs that this is going to stop any time soon.

With all of this in mind, Great Bets does represent a considerable investment and it is one that I wouldn’t like to recommend frivolously. It is however one of the strongest performing tipster services I have looked at in recent memory and most importantly of all, it shows consistency.

Were I looking to get started with a tipster service that covered all bases, I would find the cash to use Great Bets.

The fact is that this is serious service for serious gamblers, and I can’t really think of any that are much better available today.

The Proof Of The Pudding – Testing and Results

We are currently testing the results of this – Tipster Reviewer: Julian Daniels

The following content and testing has kindly been offered and supplied by Julian, an accomplished system, and tipster tester who has reviewed for many review sites in this niche.

15th January 2017 Great Bets Review Update

Great Bets cover a variety of sports including horse racing, football,snooker and tennis. Most tips are advised at 10 or 20 points per bet. Sometimes 30 points per bet. There are from two to eight tips per day. Every day so far has had a bet, even Christmas!

Bets usually arrive in my email inbox  in the morning between the hours of 9 am and Noon. On occasion they have arrived much earlier in the wee hours.  There is a web-site too, to access the day’s bets.

Only three Bookmakers are utilized: Bet365, PaddyPower and Boylesports. Martin informs me that there have been no limited customer accounts arising from the success of his service to date. This is most likely due  to nearly all tips being favourites or near favourites.

I have recorded results according to the advised Bookmaker and their odds at Oddschecker according to the time I received the email. If you utilize all available bookmakers at Oddschecker then your potential profits would be even higher.

I am using a starting bank of  1000 points.

We started recording results on December 24th 2016 and here is a summary of the results so far (till end January 15th 2017).

Number of bets: 106 (mostly horse racing)

Non runners: 2

Winners: 31 = 29.8% strike rate

Starting Bank: 1000 pts

Lowest Bank: 596.9 pts

Highest Bank: 1075.7 pts

Current Bank: 1075.7 pts

Profit/Loss: 75.7 pts

Current Results can be dowloaded from here

3rd February 2017 Great Bets Review Update

As it’s the end of the month, here is an update to my review of Great Bets. Attached an updated Results Sheet. There are a few corrections (over the original sheet) after double checking my results with the official results and bet histories.

Review Update:

Great Bets has continued to perform well resulting in another  profitable month. I report 468.57 points profit for the month of January. Overall, profit lies at 158.42 pts since I started the review that  covers the period December 24th 2016 to the end of January 2017.

The results graph shows that the service is quite volatile with two notable downswings, but it recovered well and the overall trend remains upwards.

Here are some key stats for the period of the review:

Number of calendar days: 39

Days with bets: 38

Number of bets: 165

Horse racing bets: 155 (includes 5 non-runners or void races)

Soccer bets: 10

Overall strike rate for  Service: 31.3 % (50 winners out of 160)

Horse racing strike rate: 31.3% (47 winners out of 150)

Soccer strike rate: 30.0% (3 winners out of 10)

Start Bank:  1000 pts

Lowest Bank: 599.5 pts

Highest Bank: 1199.2 pts

Current Bank: 1158.4 pts

Monthly Profit (Jan 2017): +468.6 pts

Profit/Loss since Review Start: + 158.4 pts

Profit and Loss Graph to Date:

Graph Dec-Jan 2017

Latest Results can be dowloaded from here

7th March 2017 Great Bets Review Update

February Update for Great Bets:

Great Bets had a very disappointing month, suffering its first losing month since inception on March 1st 2016. It lost 206 points during February.

Since I started reviewing Great Bets on December 24th 2016, there has been an overall loss of 78.08 pts. My review has  clearly fallen in a very volatile period for Great Bets. However, it did reach an all time profit (for  my review) of 266.62 pts on February 11th 2017. The Overall and Horse Racing Winning Strike Rates both remain in the region 31 % to 32 %.

Here are some key stats for the full period of my review (December 24th 2016 to February 28th 2017):
Number of calendar days: 67

Days with bets: 66

Number of bets: 277

Horse racing bets: 262 (includes 5 non-runners or void races)

Soccer bets: 15

Overall strike rate for  Service: 31.6 % (86 winners out of 272)

Horse racing strike rate: 31.1% (80 winners out of 257)

Soccer strike rate: 40.0% (6 winners out of 15)

Start Bank:  1000 pts

Lowest Bank: 599.5 pts (December 31st 2016)

Highest Bank: 1266.62 pts (February 11th 2017)

Monthly Profit/Loss for February  2017): -206 pts

Current Bank (end Feb 28th 2017): 921.92pts

Profit/Loss since Review Start: -78.08 pts (minus)

This review will continue through March 2017

Profit and Loss Graph to Date:

great bets results for February graph








Note the Profit/Loss Graph shows Profit/Loss against Bet Number

Latest Results can be dowloaded from here

The above highlights the first losing month for GreatBets, hopefully just a blip.

Updated results will appear as and when they are received and reviewed.

3rd April 2017 Great Bets Review Final Update

I have been following Great Bets now for over 3 months. March 2017 was a winning month with a profit of 67.03 pts.

Overall the service ended up with a loss of 11.05 pts for the full review period: December 24th 2016 to March 31st 2017. Given the Quartely Membership of £249, the service has clearly been unprofitable.

Here are the vital statistics for the full review period.

Number of calendar days: 98

Days with bets: 97

Number of bets: 421

Horse racing bets: 404 (includes 7 non-runners or void races)

Soccer bets: 17

Overall strike rate for Service: 30.4 % (126 winners out of 414)

Horse racing strike rate: 30.2% (120 winners out of 397)

Soccer strike rate: 35.3% (6 winners out of 17)

Start Bank: 1000 pts

Lowest Bank: 583.95 pts (March 28th 2017)

Highest Bank: 1268.55 pts (March 15th 2017)

Monthly Profit/Loss (March 2017): 67.03 pts

Current Bank (end March 2017): 988.95pts

Profit/Loss since Review Start: -11.05 pts

The above statistics (and the graph below) clearly show a very volatile service with the highest and lowest banks both occurring within a 2 week period of the last month. Based on my review, I would give the service a definite FAIL.

Results on Graphs During Our Testing: Decmber 24th to March 31st:

Great Bets Graph Dec 24 - March 31st

March Results can be downloaded from here.

However, the last graph shows the official results since March 1st 2016 with a whopping profit of over 3000 points. My review may represent only a blip in the overall service. So I recommend a NEUTRAL rating.

A Service perhaps for the professional or semi-professional punter with a large bank and the emotional fortitude required for a roller-coaster ride.

Great Bets March Results

Great Bets Review 6 Month Update – Impressive

After six months (December 24th 2016 to June 23rd 2017) of monitoring Great Bets:

I am pleased to report a total profit of 820.48 pts over 6 months

Betting at £1 a point, this gives a gross profit of £820.48. The cost of the service is £459 for a six month period, so the net profit is £361.48.

Typically stakes are 10 pts a tip with occasional tips at 20 pts or even 30 pts.   Therefore, the average punter betting mainly £10 a tip (£1 a point)  would have made a modest profit of £361.48. Given a starting bank of £1000, that represents a return on starting bank of  36 %.

Betting at mainly £20 a tip (£2 a point) results in a net profit of £1181.96 and a return on starting bank (£2000) of 59%.

Betting at mainly £50 a tip (£5 a point), results in a net profit of £3643.4 and a return on starting bank (£5000) of 73%.

Betting at mainly £100 tip (£10 a point) would have a significant net profit of £7745.80.

The above represents a 77% return on starting bank of £10000. Given that most bets are on favourite horses or near favourite horses and also the fact that the prices are widely available over a large number of bookmakers, the professional punter would have no problems getting £100 bets on.

The graph below covering the full period of my review to date shows that the service has recovered well after the initial stagnation and overall it is heading in an upward direction.

There has been a total of 748 bets given of which 17 were void. The strike rate is 32% (231 wins out of 731).

Graph of Profit/Loss against Bet Number covering the period of the review:

Dec. 24Th 2016 to June 23rd 2017


Since the start of the service on March 1st 2016, the overall profit recorded on the Great Bets web-site is 3937.68 pts as of June 26th 2017 (start of day presumably). The overall graph is included below.


Since we are in a profit of  809.48 pts over a six month period and given also the official results since the start of the service, I am happy to  upgrade the review to PASSED with the following caveat: an expensive  service geared more towards the professional or semi-professional punter with a large bank and the emotional fortitude required for a roller-coaster ride.

Furthermore a minimum starting bank of £1000 is required.  This is a service that continues to prove profitable in the long run.

Update 23rd August 2017 – Further Results

This is my final update on Great Bets. I have now been monitoring the service since December 24th 2016 and this review has reached a milestone of 1000 tips, which occurred on August 22nd 2017.

My previous report was at the end of the first six months and in it, I was pleased to report 820.48 pts profit (before fees), which equated to £361.48 after fees (and betting £1 a pt).

Unfortunately, the bank now stands at -28.35 pts after 1000 tips (a very significant sample size). So this service has actually lost money over an almost eight month period and that’s without factoring in the cost of the service itself!

The graph below (Profit vs Tip No.) shows the results over the full period of my review from Dec. 24th 2016 to August 22nd 2017. The service suffered an horrendous July and lost all its profit, it is way too volatile. I have no alternative, but to grade this service a FAIL. I will not be monitoring it any further.greatbets final results

This service might still have some interest to the professional bettor that looks at service results on a yearly basis – as the official results still show a significant positive return of over 3000 pts since Great Bets went public (see graph below).

final graph great bets


Click Here To Try Great Bets


We have now downgraded the star rating to 2.5 based on the not so great performance over the last 8 months.




  • Jeff Muir says:

    Unfortunately Great Bets seems to have hit the buffers in February!!!
    As at 20th Feb they are in the red with only 8 days left. No where near even recouping the £99 monthly fee.

  • Andy says:

    Seem to be chasing there losses over the the past couple of days,Going after bigger prices with bigger stakes.
    Hopefully a short term blip.In the contact I have had with them ,they have been quick to reply and given full explanations to any questions I have asked.


  • Amir says:

    is review ongoing?

    • Daniel says:

      Hello Amir, Our reviewer Julian has kindly agreed to continue testing the results for a little while longer, and results will be updated accordingly.

      Best Wishes,


  • Jeff Muir says:

    Joined on 1st Feb and had to give up in the 3rd week of March as they emptied my £500 (recommended) betting bank. My total losses for the 7 weeks were £630 including loss of betting bank and the (Very) high fees. I joined this service because of the good reviews but this decision bit me on the bum I am afraid. The ‘Neutral’ rating as far as I am concerned is a dud and it should be a FAIL in capital letters.

  • Jeff Muir says:

    The review says March was a winning month of 67.03. This is incorrect as March was a LOSING MONTH when taking in the £99 per month fee!!!!
    ACTUAL LOSS to a member in March was £31.97

  • rover says:

    A grossly over-priced service that is little more than a mediocre tipster of low-priced favourites.

  • Daniel says:

    Hello All, Our reviewer has now completed a full 6 months of daily results, and as you can see by the end of the review the results speak for themselves, and we have now passed this service as profitable.

    Best Wishes,


  • bagpus says:

    How can your reviewer list this as profitable?
    Great Bets LOST over £600 in July?

    • Daniel says:

      Hello Bagpus, The results are for 6 months, not a single month, as mentioned on the review. Tipsters do go up and down in their profits. The results are as above, although we are still compiling testing, and therefore on the next update your quoted figures will most likely be included.

      Best Wishes,


      An edit to the above..

      Ironically, our reviewer has now completed the latest set of results, and they have now been added to the review.

  • steve says:

    don’t forget those recurring payments or else

  • paul hodgson says:

    could you review this site now over the last year well down after subscription????????

  • chris keating says:

    Take a look at their recent results. Absolutely dire performance, funnily enough not mentioned here. I guess the affiliate £££ is too alluring?

    • Daniel says:

      Hello Chris, I take it you didn’t read the Update 23rd August 2017 – Further Results before joining, as you would have seen that we gave this product/service a fail.

      So maybe start actually reading before placing silly comments, because ultimately you are responsible for your actions, and if you failed to read before joining, and thus fell into the trap of the sales speil, then you only have yourself to blame,

      Best Wishes,



    Unless inside fixing will always return to mean (close to zero ) the probability of +3000 points would be like winning the national lottery.

  • Russ says:

    I have tried this service and they get the occasional very good run but unfortunately are currently on an horrendous losing run so I have cancelled my sub. Also they have a recommended staking of 20 points, sometimes 10 make what you will of that.

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