Postcard Cash Interview with David Shillito

Postcard CashSo after reviewing the Postcard Cash system I was keen to speak to the creator of the product, so on Saturday I was lucky enough to get together with David Shillito who is the product author and a direct marketing expert.

So with his permission I recorded part of our conversation so and uploaded it to the website so you can get to know him a little better and decide whether Postcard Cash is for you.

I spent 4 hours with him in total and trust me when I say that this guy is a genius!

So here’s the recording;

If you haven’t seen my Postcard Cash review, you can CLICK HERE and have a good read through it. I have also posted a video showing you some of my own results from using the system.

I have had the interview transcribed for you so you can read along but if you’ve not got time right now you can download the transcript here.

Ben: Hi guys. It’s Ben from Today I’m going to be speaking to David Shillito who is a direct marketing expert and also the author of the Postcard Cash System that I reviewed on the website for you not so long ago.

First thing I want to say to you Dave is thanks for taking the time to be here today. I appreciate you’re busy. So …

David: Sure Ben, no, you’re more than welcome and it’s a pleasure to be here, mate.

Ben: Excellent. Cheers. So just getting straight into it, for the people that haven’t heard of you before David, can you just give us a quick background on yourself?

David: Oh, yeah. I came from the entertainment industry doing – working in night clubs and casinos and then I started selling things, started selling insurance and all kinds of crazy stuff.

Then I was fortunate enough to find a mentor who specialized in direct mail and I learned an awful lot about direct mail. In all the many websites and I do a lot of selling on the internet and all kinds of marketing gooey goodness, I’ve never had more success and still continue to have more success than I do using direct mail.

So I’m a bit of evangelist for direct mail in the UK and I believe that especially because of the state of the internet at the moment that the time has come to be educating people in the UK who are trying to do selling and marketing that direct mail is something they should be taking a really serious look at. So that’s why I created Postcard Cash.

Ben: OK, right. That leads me onto the next question. Could you describe in more detail exactly what Postcard Cash is?

David: Yeah, it’s an education product. It doesn’t sexy, does it? I wrote a book. It’s not so much how to but more why to, why it is. In this day and age, where it’s really, really difficult to get people’s attention on the internet, if you’re trying to do any – sell anything, it’s a much better idea to drop a letter or a postcard onto people’s doormat because you get the retention. The delivery is 100 percent and when they take that postcard and type the URL, the internet address thing into the browser or what have you, completely comes out of Google and all that malarkey.

So, I genuinely believe that the time has come to do your marketing; not necessarily selling but do your marketing offline. So I wrote a book about it, imaginatively called Marketing with Postcards and as well as being an education document as well as being a book hopefully people will find entertaining. It’s not a big, fat, thick thing. It’s an easy read. It’s designed to also promote me so people get to learn more about me and that helps me and my other businesses. So I thought, “OK, well I’ve written a book. It’s for sale on Amazon. But how do I promote it?”

Because I’m so infused with the idea of using direct mail to do marketing, I thought, “Well, I will let other people sell it. So anybody who buys it, they can resell it,” which led me on to the idea that while instead of it being the same price as a book usually is, I will have more educational elements and it will be a support site that is full of – chockfull of all kinds of other stuff and a script, a system that does the selling for you.

So it became – it grew into a book and the system that resells the book and if you acquire that, you turn that on automatic and get the right to resell it and the whole thing is 97 pounds which some people go, “Whoo! Ninety-seven pounds, that’s a lot of money.”

But when you’re reselling it, when you’re the reseller, and people are paying you the 97 pounds direct into your PayPal account, that starts to become more exciting, doesn’t it?

Ben: Yeah, course it does. Now obviously I’ve bought the products. I’ve looked at it and I’ve used it myself. One of the things that you say on your website is that this system works because of the internet. Now can you sort of expand on that a bit and tell us a bit more about what you mean?

David: Yeah, it does seem a little left field that, doesn’t it? Well here’s the thing. People think the most valuable commodity in the Western world if they’re asked to guess, they will probably say something like oil or gold. But in truth, the most valuable commodity in the Western world today is people’s attention.

We’re all in attention deficit, really difficult. I mean we are bombarded today with more commercial messages in one 24-hour period than your average village dweller was exposed to their entire life. We are bombarded left and right, constantly being sold to all day everyday, online, offline.

You know this is true. Your listeners know this is true. So getting people’s attention which is what marketing is, getting people’s attention before you can sell to them on the internet is like nailing jelly to a mirror. It’s like herding cats, very, very difficult.

So the whole point of the Postcard Cash System is we’re taking people offline and bringing them to online by using direct mail to get their attention. It’s much easier to get somebody’s attention on the doormat than it is in the inbox and because attention is so difficult to get on the internet because everybody is in attention deficit. That is the reason why this system works so well.

If people were spending two, three, four minutes on every website and reading every email that they got, it wouldn’t be as potant as it is. But you and I, Ben, and your listeners know that you only spend nanoseconds on a website and you hardly open any of the emails that you get and bang, bang, bang, you delete them one after the other.

Nobody has got time for anything at all on the internet and for that reason, that is the reason that postcard marketing and direct mail works so well.

Ben: OK. Thanks for that. Just sort of moving on from that point, in terms of going through the mail. From the people that I’ve spoken to, one of the biggest objections I get is that postage in the UK is actually quite dear. So how would you answer that?

David: Well if you’re selling something at a fiver, let’s say you’re selling a book or a gizmo or what have you through the mail, it’s going to be really tough to make the economics work, isn’t it? You know, with a stamp of 50p, it’s going to be tough to make the economics work for you, selling a fiver or a tenner. But Postcard Cash is almost 100 pounds.

So, if you’re making 100 pounds per sale, you can afford to spend a pound to acquire a customer, couldn’t you?

Ben: Yeah.

David: It’s a tiny, tiny amount. So it’s not so much how much does a stamp cost. It’s how profitable it is, whatever it is that you’re promoting. If what you’re promoting is very profitable, so when you do make a sale, you’ve made some proper money, then you can afford to outspend the competition.

So somebody else promotes in a low cost, low ticket 5, 10, 15, 20-pound product through the mail. Yes, they’re going to struggle to make the economics work. But this is 100 pounds a sale. So I don’t really care if the stamp is 50, 60p when every time you make a sale, it’s 100 pounds. That is the reason why it costs less. Should I say it’s less important how much your stamp is to how profitable the campaign is? Does that make sense?

Ben: Yeah, it does.

Now one of the last questions I’ve got, I mean obviously I bought the product like I’ve already said and I am quite new to direct mail but it worked for me but obviously there’s going to be other people that are new to it. Is this something that you think everyone can pick or use or is it just sort of aimed at a specific…

David: Yeah. I can see where you’re going with that. That is a good question. I created a system. I wanted this with passion and I’m not kidding. I wanted this to be a system because there are lots of people making awful lot of money on the internet. But when you look carefully at what they’re doing, they’re positioning themselves as internet marketers. But what they’re actually doing is email marketing. An email marketer is not the same as being an internet marketer.

So these people are making an awful lot of money on the internet usually doing personality marketing. So they have mentors to teach them to create a personality, Frank Kern or Chris Farrell or whoever it may be. People buy into the personality and it’s the personality that does the selling. Yes?

Ben: Yeah.

David: They’re not teaching you to do personality marketing so they can’t in all honesty turn around and say, “Just you do what I’ve done and you will get the results that I’ve got.” That is just not true. So with passion, I wanted to create a system, A, B, C, 1, 2, 3, push button, pull the lever.

I don’t care how old you are, what color you are, what religion you are, whether you’re 10-foot tall or in a wheelchair. I don’t care. This is systems dependent from A to Z. It makes no difference who pulls the lever. If you follow the system, then you will succeed.

Ben: Excellent. This is going to bring us onto the last question now. There’s going to be people that may have questions or concerns or they might want to contact you for any particular reason regarding the product. Is there somewhere that they can go to actually get in touch with you and sort of get their concerns met?

David: Oh, sure. Yeah. There are lots of ways to get in touch with me. First of all, I have a website at That’s D-A-V-I-D of course. Shillito, S-H-I-L-L-I-T-O, That’s probably my main website at the moment. So if you would be kind enough to put a link somewhere wherever this is going to appear, that would be great.

But as for Postcard Cash specifically, then yes, I have a web-based online help desk which is manned by myself and my able-bodied ships cat Ellie and that can be found at

There’s a knowledge base there so at times – we’re asking lots of questions there today Ben. But many of those frequently asked questions are on that help desk. So if you have a question that is not answered there, please feel free to open a ticket and wherever I may be on this planet, either myself or my able-bodied ships cat Ellie will get back to you sooner rather than later. So that’s the best way to get in touch with us.

Ben: OK, right. David, I think that about wraps it all for today. As I’ve already said, I understand your time is pretty valuable. So thanks for jumping on the call with us today. It is very much appreciated.

David: That’s good use of my time. It’s an honor to be here Ben. I’m not saying that lightly because the internet is chock-full of flimflam artist people, chiefs who have never been Indians or pretending to be experts. But you and I have kicked up a lot of the same dust in the past and I don’t know if the folks at Money Makers Reviewed really appreciate the shape of the lens that you are reviewing things through as being forged on the anvil of personal experience.

These aren’t capricious opinions. Your opinion is of value and if I didn’t think so, I certainly wouldn’t be on a call like this. So it’s an excellent use of my time. You are more than welcome Ben. I respect you and what you’re doing and I just hope that the folks
who have come to Money Makers Reviewed will understand the information that they’re getting there is of real value.

Ben: Well again, thanks for the recommendation. I appreciate that. So David, I’m going to leave you with it now. I appreciate you’re busy like I’ve said. So I will get out of your hair and again thanks for your time. I will see you …

David: I will tell you, you’re more than welcome Ben. It has been a pleasure …

A massive thanks to David for that and as I say, if you haven’t already checked out the Postcard Cash system you really should.

Please share this video and this page.

If you have used the Postcard Cash system or if you are thinking of purchasing it, please leave your comments below;


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  • Canute Edwards says:
    5 stars

    Hi Ben,
    May I say that I thought this interview was very shapely.
    Like a lot of skeptics I was waiting for a clanger to be dropped,but there were none.
    I personally will be trying this out and I’m quite optimistic about
    the end results.
    It might even help with my own website which sells high-end products.

    Good gear mate and thanks.

    • Ben says:

      Hey Canute,

      Thanks for your comments!

      Just out of curiosity, what sort of clanger was you expecting?

      The system is genuinely a quality system so do give it a go.

      Thanks again


  • James says:

    Hey Ben,

    Congrats on the review and interview.
    I too have been on Davids list a long time, I was about to start looking into direct mail as I got into this game because of the Andrew Reynolds t.v. ad on the entrepreneur channel and then onto simon coulson through him, which led me into internet marketing.
    But I got really excited when david sent an email saying he was working on this product.

    I cant wait to get started because I have been on the fence awhile waiting for some feedback about this promotion.

    Anyways cheers 🙂


    • Ben says:

      Hey James,

      Good to see you on the website!

      Funnily enough, my journey started way back up is very similar to yours. I originally heard of Andrew Reynolds and then Simon Coulson when I went to an entrepreneur bootcamp some years ago now.

      Anyway, have you bought the Postcard Cash system?


  • Chris Bukin says:

    It’s a good little system and makes money when you apply it. There is no rocket science behind it, people always read postcards and companies have promoted this way since the beginning of days. It made a me a tidy profit on the first attempt, and the second attempt brought me in 40% more profit.

    I will be setting a few more campaigns up over the coming months.


  • Hosty says:

    Basіcallʏ, I managed everything as the manual stated and the sales went pretty well. I made 11 sales on the first run. Happy with that.

  • john sherry says:

    I know this is not the place to mention this ,but here goes.
    I purchased the system from a person called paul g nice and I have not recieved anything yet.Date of purchase 22-5-15.If you can help please do.thank you John Sherry

    • Ben says:

      Hi John. I don’t know where you purchased it from, you say 22/5? We are only on the 20/5 now, so it looks like you have your dates wrong.


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