The secret ingredient you must have to make more money

BelieveI was thinking about what to write today when I got an email from  shall we say, a not-so-happy customer that went along the lines of;

“I bought your Pre-Owned Profits home study course nearly a month ago and so far I haven’t made a penny. I was sceptical when I bought it but I thought I would give you a chance…

I have bought course after course and none of them have ever worked the way they say in the sales pitch – and neither did yours.

…I’m extremely disappointed…..

…I want a refund!”

So, I gave the guy a refund.

But there are a couple of points in this email that I want to bring to your attention.

The first point;

I was sceptical when I bought it’.

The second;

‘I have bought course after course and none of them have ever worked.’

And its these 2 sentences which bring me onto the point core point of this blog post which is – if you want to make more money, have more fun and live a happier life, you have to BELIEVE that it can be done.

It is this BELIEF that is the ‘Secret’ ingredient that I alluded to in the title and without it you won’t achieve a damn thing.

So looking back at the email I received from my customer, its obvious that he didn’t believe he was going to make money with my system when he bought it.

Now I know it works because it’s the very system I’ve been using for the last 4 years – the system which is responsible for me quitting my job and working for myself and it’s a system that nearly all of my customers have used to create substantial income streams for themselves.

He didn’t believe that any other system could work for him either which is why he has bought course after course.

But if you don’t actually believe that something can be done, how much effort are you really going to put in?

Chances are, not a lot!

And the sad fact is that there are a lot of people like my customer – they don’t believe that they can make more money. That there’s always a catch and that the people that create these money making systems are only doing it to line their own pockets.

Now to be fair, I understand why people think like this. The ‘biz opp’ industry is  full of cowboys creating and promoting ridiculous money making products that have neither been tested or proven to work.

They aren’t going to go away.

But guess what? Its completely immaterial!

Most of the time people don’t fail because they fall for a scam – they fail because they lack the belief in themselves that they CAN make more money and when they don’t really believe, they don’t REALLY try – and when they do inevitably fail they get even more cynical and so the cycle continues…

Failure after failure after failure until they just give up.

Just think for a second, if Thomas Eddison didn’t really believe in himself we wouldn’t have the light bulb. He failed more than 1,000 times before he eventually cracked it.

Was he special?


He just had an unwavering belief that something could be done and the belief in himself that he could do it.

And when you have this belief…




So the chances are that you WILL fail a few times.

You might not find the right business opportunity at first.

God knows, I have tried and failed at more income strategies than I care to admit. The odd one was a scam, but most were genuine, legitimate products and services.

The problem was me. Maybe I couldn’t get my head around the concept, I didn’t have the time to invest or maybe I didn’t have the money to fund it.

What I did have though was the belief that one day, I could work from home.

I could have MORE money.

I could work LESS.

And I could have a HAPPIER life.

Now I have all of that.

And you can have it all too – you just have to BELIEVE it and BELIEVE in yourself.

So start believing!

Take care…


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