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BTC Trading Academy ReviewWe were recently asked by Ryan Carruthers, from the Betfair Trading Community to compile a review of their latest BTC Trading Academy Course, which is a brand new Betfair trading course that claims to offer a full overview of how to trade the exchange markets across an array of different sports.

As you know, we are very honest in our assessments when it comes to the claims of such courses, and this review will be the same. Courses on Betfair have seen a spike in recent years due to the popularity of trading the exchanges, and sports trading in general, so let’s break down exactly what is claimed, and what is offered on the BTC Trading Academy.

We have already reviewed a fair few Betfair trading courses; some not so good, and some exceptional, BFScalper for example, which I reviewed in great detail, and showing my profits, as well as Steve Howe that receives positive feedback, and what we would say regarding this subject, is that although there is a lot of content out there for those looking to gain entry into this arena, success rates are not that high, so the training and teaching has to be exceptional to even stand a chance.

There is also another side to Betfair trading and that is the software angle, which again, we reviewed many of the main ones, including: Betangel, Cymatic, BetTrader, Geekstoy, and more.

So the components of trading Betfair are fairly vast, and wide.

Let’s Start The BTC Trading Academy Review…

We are still fairly early on i this review, and when we were approached to compile the review, we are, as I type right in the middle on the corona-virus pandemic, therefore time permitting, this review will take as long as it takes, as obviously during this time, there are other considerations.

Product: BTC Trading Academy

What You Get: 120 Lessons/videos

Price: £147

Guarantee: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Support Offered: Yes

 Where to buy: TBA

What is The Betfair Trading Community?

Firstly, it’s probably wise to start this review with the core website behind the offer of the Betfair course…

The Betfair Trading Community is a portal set up by Ryan Carruthers where those interested in learning to trade the Betfair markets can discuss strategies, systems and ways to trade.

From what I have seen, the website discusses a variety of different subjects all related to taking advantage of the exchanges, but it looks like mainly a forum, with some input from the owners of the website, as well as some strategies being offered to those paying for the service.

The idea behind it, as with similar websites on many subjects, is that members will be paying for some sound strategies, along with the ability and option to discuss, and increase their knowledge with like-minded folk.

To be totally honest I had not heard of this website before being approached by Ryan to compile this review, and therefore I am learning all about it from a standing start, and this will help, because for those that have already read some of my reviews, they will know that I do already trade Betfair, and this will help with the subject at hand.

As it happens, I am already a profitable trader, and have been for a while, so if the teachings on the course are valuable, I will say so; if I think it is a product that has just been quickly put together, I will also say so, because the price (£147) is not the most expensive course out there, it is still a pretty sizable amount when taking into consideration other products in the market.

Costs of The Betfair Trading Community?

The costs for the Betfair Trading Community, and BTC Trading Academy are detailed below, bearing in mind that the Betfair course has only just been launched:

Betfair trading community costs

As you can see from the above image, the pricing ranges from:

  • A 24 hour pass for £2.99
  • Monthly access to the community for £29.99
  • Annual pass to the community for £299
  • The BTC Trading Academy for £147

I wouldn’t say that the cost for entry into the community is particularly ‘cheap’, apart from the 24 hour access, but I have seen more expensive also. Of course, this all depends on the value you gain once you have invested, and gained access. If you make more profit than the cost, or gain the knowledge required that you need, then the price becomes less of a factor, no matter what you are purchasing.

The BTC Trading Community or Academy?

The BTC Trading Community promotes that you will learn how to trade the Betfair markets, using training from the expertise of those who have set up this platform. Before joining (costs above) there is some free information on their website, together with a relatively large YouTube presence, which is also advertised directly from the website, to give you an idea of the type of training they can offer:

betfair trading community videos

Of course, it goes without saying, as with many who promote on YouTube this way, that although this content is given for free, the sole intention is to join the paid versions of their website. This seems to be the standard way to advertise these days.

I have to say though, that unlike many websites trying to attract custom, the Betfair Trading Community website is lacking in content that explains exactly what you will be receiving. Yes, on the pricing option it shows some detail, but I think when asking for payments, some proof of success is required as far as what to expect after you have paid, etc.

Like I said earlier, I have never heard of this website before, so a little content on the credentials of those behind the paid services would be very helpful.

Ryan Carruthers states on the website that he found very profitable ways of scalping on the football markets, which takes just 15 minutes to implement, and I think this may have been the entry into the whole website, when putting it together, because once you know how to make a profit, even the smallest profit, then it is human nature to try and increase the options around this, and on the pricing options it claims to hold 10+ proven strategies to profit.

The BTC Trading Academy side of the offering is the main focus of this review, and as you all know by now if you have been following this website, we never, and will never follow blindly, so let’s see what the course itself has to offer…

What do you Get with BTC Trading Academy?

OK, so the reason you are probably reading this review is to see if the BTC Trading Academy is actually worth it, and to see if the course content will be beneficial is teaching you how to trade.

S0, let’s delve into the actual mechanics of what is being offered here, and then I will give my views…

Betfair Trading Academy Course

Let’s Starts with The BTC Academy Sales Page.

The sales page is fairly sparse in content, especially considering the price being asked, and I hope Ryan will not mind me saying this, but I have a pet hate of people obviously reading from a script when they are compiling videos – instead of talking directly to the camera. It is just a bug-bear of mine, and lacks sincerity, almost ‘cheesy’, but that is just the way it comes across to me. No offence intended, but there is a product being sold at the end of the day.

I feel if somebody is passionate about what they are promoting then they should be able to compile a sales video un-scripted, that’s just a personal thing for me, and after reviewing a lot of products over the years, it does stand out, as well as a few spelling mistakes.

Ryan Carruthers states that he has compiled 52 lessons (although the payment side states 120 lessons…) of trading essentials that has taken over 15 years of experience to generate.

Ryan also states that the course teaches to the following:

1. BTC Trading Academy – Trading Essentials

You’ll learn the 3 most important things when trading – how to create a trading plan, when to trade & what to look for in the markets.
  • You’ll learn how to quickly work on your mindset so you can be a mentality ninja and be so calm when trading – This is where so many traders make the biggest changes to their trading!
  • You’ll learn the technique we used to manage our banks over our trading careers.
  • We shall show you how to find an edge in any market & how to find value, no matter what sport you want to trade.
  • Then you will learn how to execute all this new found knowledge and take the markets on. Including entry and exit points!

2. BTC Trading Academy – What sports to Trade

Including Football, horse racing, Tennis & Cricket.

3. BTC Trading Academy – How to Make Money From Trading

The sales page claims that when you have finished this course you will:
  • Know how to create an exact trading plan – when to get in, how to research and when to get out.
  • A Ninja like mindset for your trading – no more rollercoaster of emotions when trading.
  • You will learn how to pick a sport and smash it!

The BTC Trading Academy also claims you receive the following on the course:

  • Full Betfair Ultimate Trading Course with over 120 lessons – over 15 years experience.
  • Clear notes on every lesson to highlight what you will learn every lesson.
  • Lifetime access
  • Full support on the course
  • Video lessons

BTC Trading Academy Membership Area

Obviously on this BTC Trading Academy review  you will no doubt want to know what the training set-up looks like, as well as what content you are going to receive once you have invested, so the next part of this review will detail what you receive as part of the package.

This is an ongoing review…


  • Harry Hindsight says:

    BTC is a s***. Carruthers deletes negative comments and blocks anyway that has the audacity to criticise his ‘strategies’
    The admins don’t make money from trading they make it from subscriptions.

    (potential defamation removed)

  • Jake watson says:

    These guys are pathetic, just look at what they wear and where they record these videos. The background is a tacky wall and they present themselves so scruffy and dress as if they’re on the dole. Now you don’t have to dress smart to show you’re doing well but both lads who makes videos do not give off the impression that they are doing well from trading and the way they speak of strategies and instructions on how to win, you would at-least see some nice furniture and a decent house. Tackie green wall and un even shelves full of clutter. They just make money from sign ups.

  • Jackflush says:

    If you question anything they delete the comment. This is a joke, I almost respect Ryan but the other guy???? Pathetic !!

  • Bob says:

    Ryan promotes himself openly as a marketer, not a trader.

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