Is 2 Minute Trader The End of Match Betting As We Know it?

I recently published a review of a product called 2 minute trader, and as I was testing the product it got me thinking about the arbing market, and matched betting niche, which has come up for a lot of scrutiny recently.

As I was reviewing 2 minute trader product for testing, which I think will be launching soon (now launched), I remember a few comments and emails I had received recently, and also some Facebook comments I had read about the issues many people are starting to have with their bookmaking accounts, and this got me thinking further.

Now if you don’t know, matched betting is about cashing in on all the bonuses that bookmakers offer. I would be surprised if you had not already heard about it, but that is not really what this blog post is about.

Is Arbing and Matched Betting on The Decline?

A few years ago when the likes of Mike Cruickshank started his websites offering ‘bonus bagging’ it was a fairly new concept to most. Most people who wanted to earn a few quid from the internet would mainly think about eBay, and maybe testing their skills at a bit of Amazon selling.

So when all these arbing, and matched betting websites started popping up it was like a ‘gold rush’ to reach the promised land, seriously, so many people went full pelt at it that bookmakers didn’t know what had happened.

Most people who had gambled for years had smiles from ear, to ear, because for the first time in their lives they were actually taking money from the bookmaker, and this was definitely a novelty for most.

Sure, we have all read about the odd person who has taken the bookies to the cleaners over the years, but those type of stories are very much few and far between. By a large margin most people who had done any type of gambling had lost money, whether they wanted to admit it, or not 🙂

Although, about 3 months ago I was contacted by a chap who claimed he was making around £80,000+ a year by travelling around different bookmakers all over the UK placing value bets which he would cross-reference online.

I was doubtful of his claims at first, but the reason he contacted me was because he was looking to ‘recruit’ a partner to help with his ‘work-load’.

He claimed that he would provide the bets, and the trading opportunities and this ‘partner’ would also travel 4 days a week, from Monday to Thursday and this chap would simply text and phone through all the instructions on what to place the bets on, and they would split the difference, which I found amazing if I am honest.

Was there a catch? No, because the chap wasn’t asking for any money in advance or anything like that, and I actually told him at the time that if I didn’t have a family and commitments, I would have jumped at the chance to learn from somebody who makes their money this way.

Can you imagine it? Travelling all around the UK cleaning up with bookmakers. It would have been fantastic if I was younger, but I had to decline.

It told me though, that there really are a very small amount of people who still have an advantage over the bookmakers, and I suppose the internet helps with that.

Arbing, and Matched Betting Changed this Overnight

For over 10+ years now I have been making a regular, and pretty decent income online. As many of you know, who have read my story, I started selling on eBay and was very successful at it, even creating a few products that sold reasonably well.

But, I would say without a shadow of a doubt, that matched betting became the number one income generating niche in the UK, literally overnight.

Mums, Dads, teens and even Great Grannies were cashing in like there was no tomorrow – really they were. Don’t forget I was promoting Bonus Bagging for many years, and still do, so I watched the sheer amount of emails coming in on this subject, and also watched Facebook groups soar in memberships.

It was crazy really, and the bookmakers hated it, and they still do. So much so that they all now force users to download (without the users even knowing, which has to be a moral issue) bits of software when they create an account, or even by just visiting the website.

The reason bookmakers took this underhanded tactic, was because they were literally losing MILLIONS a month, if not a week, and they had to do something about it. Therefore for the last, I would say 5 years, bookmakers have been trying every trick in the book to try and combat arbing, and matched betting.

Limited and Banned Accounts with Matched Betting

The more accepted term for being banned by a bookmaker is getting ‘gubbed’, and if you are in any way associated with matched betting then you will undoubtedly see this term more, and more.

In fact I will log into a well known Facebook group right now, and see how many limited bookmakers accounts I can spot..

It didn’t take me long to find a few people tonight commenting about banned bookmaker accounts due to matched betting:


And that is the problem, people who use matched betting start off fantastically well, and usually make a good few thousand before they start having their accounts restricted to silly bets like a ‘maximum of 25p’ or similar, because the bookmakers find out what they are doing, and as they know they will eventually lose money they restrict the accounts.

Bookmakers have teams in their employ which will now regularly sit down at meetings and go through any suspicious accounts with a fine tooth comb, looking for any activity that they deem to be ‘non profitable’ to their business.

Then, if you happen to be on their radar, you can expect the mandatory email stating how they will be limiting your account with immediate effect.

Many people then search Google to see if there are ways around being restricted, but the fact is, although there are ways and means of avoiding it as long as possible, if you are taking all the bonus money on offer, then you will eventually appear on the ‘radar’, and you will then receive the restricted emails that many now receive:


I have had these type of emails myself in the past, and believe me, when you are doing really well those type of ‘bookmaker banned account emails’ come as a pretty nasty shock to your system.

In fact I was reading earlier tonight a question on a forum from a user asking if she thought the bank would accept a mortgage application based on her matched betting winnings.

Scary, as that type of income can be stopped at any time!

What is The Alternative to Matched Betting?

Well, this is really one of the reasons for me writing this blog post.

As I said at the outset of this post, I have recently reviewed another type of betting system called 2 minute trader, and the results have been excellent so far.

I was approached to review the product, as I get approached to review many products due to the detail I place in them, and the testing I do. So I tested this product as I knew it was ‘similar’ to matched betting, but as soon as I started using it I thought:

“Something like this could be a real game changer, and avoid the problems that are out there..”

And what I mean by that, is that during the testing on this new 2 minute trader product, I ‘felt’ like it was similar to matched betting, but with the following differences:

  • – You are not looking for odds that stand out to bookmakers.
  • – You are not obviously betting on sports that attract attention.
  • – It does not matter if you win or lose with the bookmaker.
  • – Users look just like ‘mug’ punters, which is exactly what you want, and that bookmakers like!

The problem most matched bettors have, is that their pattern of gambling becomes so very obvious, and when bookmakers are losing millions of pounds, you can bet your last £ that they will most definitely have ways and means of spotting such patterns.

This new trader system seems to be avoiding that, as still makes a great profit (during my testing it did).

Ideally what you want, is a way to make guaranteed profit, but on a long term basis, slow and steady profits that keep you under the radar of the bookmakers, and I genuinely feel that this new 2 minute trader system could be that.

Profits are not bad either, I made about £70 quid in my first 2 days, and just over £110 quid on my last 2 days, and overall made some good profits.

So really the reason for writing this post, was to say that if you are looking at making this type of tax free income, then you really need to start looking at this longer term, and start using ‘systems’ that can help you to stay under the radar. One of which is at the end of this post.

The new product has not launched yet, and I reviewed it about 10 days ago, and finished it a few days ago with great results, and is a trader system that I definitely can recommend at this moment in time.

Just so you all know, I am currently compiling a very detailed review regarding getting restricted from bookmakers, and how to avoid it, and this will be ready very soon.

I will be detailing all the ways that bookmakers look at your account, and what they look for when deciding on whether to limit your account.

But more importantly, I will be going into detail on ways to avoid detection; and how to ensure that your accounts stay under the radar for as long as possible, while at the same time being able to keep your profits going for longer.

This will help you whether you are involved with matched betting, or not.

But, things are definitely changing, and it will be those that can adapt, and change their patterns that will benefit the post.

Look out for the review, I have nearly finished it 🙂

Another product I recently reviewed that could be a match for matched betting is scalping on Betfair which is generating some very, very good feedback at the moment, and you can read my Betfair Scalping Review Here




  • Jona says:

    Hi Ben, does this really work pal? and i agree i have been gubbed on loads of accounts now m8

  • Wayne says:

    Hi Ben,
    So would you recommend this over something like Profit Maximizer because of these account restriction issues?

    I can only afford to move forward with one system, and being fairly new to all this, it is a bit confusing 🙂

    All help and advice appreciated

  • Steven says:

    Surely if you have match betted before your accounts like mine are nearly all restricted, so how can you make money from this with limited accounts?

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