Horse Racing Systems, Free, Paid For, and Which One To Choose

As long as there has been horse racing betting, there have been horse racing betting systems. Once upon a time, you couldn’t go down the bookies without someone or other telling you about how they know that Salt and Vinegar is a dead cert. How do they know?

Well it’s simple really, he hasn’t lost on a race longer than one mile when the going has been good, but this only counts when the sun rises before 8am and he actually lost his last two races. Or some other such nonsense.

The problem with horse racing systems is almost anyone who has a punt on the horses will tell you that they have one, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are any good. They never tell you about the losses

So where do you start with horse racing systems, more importantly, identifying the ones that work? At the time of writing this I have looked at literally hundreds of horse racing systems and there are very few that I would consider “winners”.

There are a huge number of reasons for this and it is my intention to explore some of these over the course of this article.

Probably the best place to start is with what a horse racing system can entail, as there are so many examples out there that it is difficult to know what you are looking for or at.

Types of horse racing systems?

In its purest form, a horse racing betting system is any system which is designed to help you, the user, pick horses that have an increased chance of winning, and thus make a profit.

In the main, these will be what are called self selection or mechanical selection (meaning that you do the work yourself). These are systems in which you are given details of what to look for in order to see where a horse has an edge.

These are massively varied and I can tell you from experience that they range from very grounded in reality to pure flights of fantasy.

The second type of horse racing systems that you might see is a piece of software. These software based systems are usually built around the same selection process as mechanical selection system.

Do All Horse Racing Systems Work?

Well, put it this way, I ‘know’ some of them work, as I use them often, but what you will usually find is that every man and their dog (horse) are trying to flog some kind of system.

For example, if you go to Google search and type in ‘Horse Racing Systems’ in the video section, you get over 234,000 results:

horse racing systems

What do you think the chances are of those systems working? zero, and you know why? because if every horse racing system worked, then we wouldn’t need to work. Everybody would just sit in their pyjamas all day gambling for a living.

Does this happen? Nope, of course not, but it does not stop them trying to flog you the latest, rehashed rubbish.

But most definitely there are many systems that do have validity, and are worth investigating.

Horse Racing Systems on eBay

And then you have all those sellers on eBay who are trying to flog the latest system, promising riches beyond belief. I actually do look at such systems sometimes to see if there is anything I can change to make them work.

This one caught my eye recently, and the seller was promising that ‘every single day was winning’, and that there were ‘whole months of wins‘:

horse racing system failure

The reason it caught my eye, was because the seller placed a picture of himself, and the price was also quite high compared to most of the systems, and instead of the usual ‘sales pitch’, it was a case of “I have a system that has won every day, and never had a losing day in the whole of September, etc. etc…”

It caught my eye, and sometimes you know, you do find some gems, so I paid for it, and you know what it was?

It was a ‘system’ where you simply go to every race meeting, every day and back to win on every horse that starts at 4/1, or 9/2. Increasing your stakes as you did so after every loss. I mean, what an absolute joke. A ‘system’? More like a route to bankruptcy.

Sure you would ‘win every day’, and the day I bought it from him, I did check the results, and there was an immediate loss of something like 14 races on the bounce, so do you think anybody in their right minds would have placed a progressive stake on the 15th race? 🙂

And then you have eBay sellers who sell bundles of systems ‘for a special price’.

betting systems that win

30 Betting systems ‘that win’, for just £1.35. I mean, how can you resist that? You could be living in New York with a private jet inside a couple of weeks, couldn’t you. But do you know what, there really are people who buy into such tosh, and do purchase these ‘bundles’ thinking they can make money. It is very sad to see – from the buyer’s point of view, and from the seller.

But it shows you, if there are systems that work, they won’t be found on eBay, but it does not stop them trying.

Horse Racing Systems I have reviewed:

I review many products as most of you already know, and one of my keen interests is definitely gambling, and Betfair, and therefore I place a large emphasis on my website around these two subjects.

Here are two horse racing systems that I have reviewed and that received very good feedback.

  • A Dobbing Bookmakers System – This is what is known as dobbing, which is taking advantage of price drops, and then cashing out on the exchanges.

There are of course very many systems out there, and many either use software, or are just manual actions when following instructions.

The difference is instead of you having to carry out the work yourself, the software applies the relevant parameters and gives you the outcome. Obviously this is much quicker than doing it yourself.

The third and fourth type of “systems” get something of an honorary mention in so much as they aren’t systems by definition, however they definitely fit into this group. These are tipster services and training courses.

Tipster services are ten a penny and I have more than lost track of how many are out there as there seems to be a few new ones landing in my inbox every week. The other type of “system” that you don’t see very often at all is training based.

These don’t show you a specific method, but usually feature a professional bettor talking about what they do day to day to find different bets that they can place.

What are the pros and cons of each system?

With a self selection based system, the pros are arguably more inherent than any other type, namely that you can identify potential winning bets whenever you want to. You also have some input and can look at modifying the selection process if you are a more experienced bettor.

That having been said, there are also some equally apparent downsides to self selection systems. The most obvious is that you can get it wrong. This sounds like something that shouldn’t happen and if it is a well written system, shouldn’t happen.

However human error is one of the more common reasons for these failing. The other problem can be that a system simply stops working. Depending on the person putting it out, some systems are based around patterns and probability that work under certain conditions but not under others.

For example, one that looks at jockey/trainer pairings.

When it comes to tipster services (which I reviewed here), the pros and cons are pretty much in line with those for a software based horse racing betting system, namely that it is quick and easy, however you don’t improve your knowledge or understanding.

There is more to it than this however. There is an additional ‘pro’ however in so much as having a real person means that if a system isn’t working, they should be able to mix things up and get things profitable again.

This is however something that you pay for with some tipster services charging in a month what a full system may cost.

Training for developing your own system is something of an interesting proposition, however finding somebody who offers this is definitely a tall order.

When you do though, you will can expect to be taught what to look for when developing your own horse racing betting system as well as how to be flexible and alter your approach when it is struggling.

This means that you are equipping yourself with a life long skill and potentially, building yourself a business (for example you could sell your own system or become a tipster).

Unfortunately, training in this kind of thing doesn’t come along often and it is often expensive. It is probably the most sustainable option on the list though.

Automated Betting Systems

Software based products are very similar in terms of the pros and cons to a self selection betting system. There are however a small handful of very big differences.

The biggest positive is that it is much less time consuming than finding the selections yourself. Software also removes any human error. This doesn’t mean that software based systems are flawless however.

One of the biggest cons to software based horse racing betting systems are that you cannot make amendments to software or tweak the system. You also don’t really learn anything from it. Because you aren’t making selections, you don’t get the experience of this analytical approach.

automated betting systems

The fact is, if automation really worked, then again, we wouldn’t have to go to work anymore, and could sit at home watching Sky Movies all day 🙂

There are many systems really, including but not limited to:

  • Each Way Systems – Each way betting, giving more options on the outcome. This means that you can bet on a horse for example, and you can make gains if it fnishes in the first 3/4 positions.
  • Accumulator Systems – Progressive results systems that increase in value. These are a combination of bets that when they come off increase in value as your winnings are carried onto the next event.
  • Dutching Systems – Betting on more than one outcome at the same event. For example you can back 4/5 horses in the same race and no matter which one wins, you can receive a similar profit.
  • Lay Betting Systems – Betting that something will actually lose. This is mainly via Betfair where you are betting against other participants, one bets to win (back bet), and one bets to lose (lay bet.

If you click the links above, you will be taken to an explanation of each particular system, and the merits and pitfalls of each.

Conclusion on Horse Racing Systems

Finding the right horse racing betting system for you is all about identifying what you want from it. For those who are looking for a quick bump to their income with money not really being a problem, then signing up for a tipster service may be the answer.

At the other end of the scale are self selection systems. Unfortunately, there are so many of these available that it can be very difficult to find what is good and what is bad. Once you get on to a winner though, you should be pretty much set, especially if you already have an interest in horse racing.

Personally, my favoured method would be to seek out a detailed training programme. With this you open a lot of doors and allows you to look beyond the next £10 or £20.

As I’ve already stressed however, this is an investment of time and money and certainly won’t yield instant results. The other thing that you should consider is that if you are getting a quality product. This is especially true if you are looking at something that is self selection.

Research is key here and if you do opt to buy a product, you should make sure that it comes with a money back guarantee as this gives you ample time to trial it without actually investing any money.

This only leaves the question of whether or not you should be betting on the horses rather than any other sport.

This is a very interesting question and it depends entirely on how you like to bet. There is a certain consistency to horse racing, although less so than football and tennis.

This means that you can identify trends if you are willing to put in the time, whilst still allowing for some value in the odds.

As with the betting systems themselves however, horse racing betting does require a fair amount of concentration and effort to make sure you are doing the right (and profitable) thing, but it is also equally rewarding.

No horse racing systems will work right out of the box!



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