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Overnight Momentum Trader Review – Coming Soon


Price: £247

Overnight Momentum Trader, by Rich Fitton and promoted by Canonbury Publishing. We have not reviewed the product yet, hence why we cannot recommend the product.


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Overnight Momentum Trader brought to you by Rich Fitton, and promoted by Canonbury Publishing is a course which is advertised to show users how to make profits from Forex Trading.. Review Coming Soon.

Is Overnight Momentum Trader Profitable?

We will soon be looking in details at what is being offered here, and will then make our own judgement as to the recommendation of Rich Fitton’s product. Anybody who has ever traded on Forex will know that it is not easy, but obviously some people are making profits this way, and maybe Rich Fitton is one of those? Maybe, but just because Mr Fitton can do it, does not always equate to teaching materials.

Have You Used Overnight Momentum Trader?

We have not used the product, and it is a high ticket item, but that does not necessarily mean you will not be gaining value.

We will update the page as and when we have more details.

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  • Steve says:

    Hi Ben,

    Any update on when this review will be posted?

    There doesn’t seem to be many reviews for OMT at the moment.

    I’m on the edge with whether to purchase this or not. There have been a couple of comments elsewhere from people who are nearing the end of their 60 day trial and currently running at a loss.

    • Ben says:

      Hi Steve, as mentioned by email, we also read the same comments, and with this being quite an extensive product to test and review we actually felt the time was not worth it, or the effort to review, not when the comments are not that positive so far.

      There is a money back guarantee though, but just not worth the time for us at the moment.


  • Rob says:

    I have used this system for over a year, and it doesn’t work.

    It has worked in the past, I have backtested it extensively – but since 2016 results have been either flat or steadily declining.

    Rich also ignores e-mails asking about this.

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