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Google Sniper 3.0 Review – Don’t Believe the Hype


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I’m writing this Google Sniper 3.0 review because starting on the 8th December 2014 there is going to be an absolute TON of hype surrounding the latest launch from George Brown. Chances are your inbox has already been flooded with with promotions promising big bucks so I’m going to try and cut through that and try to deliver some facts…

The original Google Sniper was launched in 2009 and became an instant hit because it worked very well and changed the lives of a lot of people that used it. Since then more that 100,000 people (including myself) have bought Google Sniper and Google Sniper 2.0, but in recent years it has been criticized for being out of date and not getting the results it promised.

But I got an email from George Brown (along with probably 100,000 other people) announcing the arrival of Google Sniper 3.0 which to quote is ‘Going to send shockwaves’ again through the internet marketing world.

As soon as I heard this launch was happening I got in touch with their launch team to see if I could get review access to the new 3.0 version and they were kind enough to let me go in a take a look.

So I suppose the question is…

“Is it any good? Or is it all just hype like these things usually are?”

This is probably the most in depth (and objective) Google Sniper 3.0 review that you’re going to read.


Product Title: Google Sniper 3.0

Author: George Brown

Price: $47

What You Get:

  • Members only access to the Google Sniper 3.0 training course which includes the manual, training videos and process maps.
  • The ‘Sniper Cash Machine’
  • Extra training that shows you how to ‘Bullet Proof’ your website
  • The Rolodex where George Brown shows you all the tools that he uses in his Google Sniper 3.0 business.

Guarantee: Full 60 Day Money Back Guarantee


CLICK HERE to Visit the Google Sniper 3.0 Website for More Information


What’s ii all about?

Google Sniper 3.0 ReviewGoogle Sniper 3.0 is a program that teaches you how to build small niche affiliate websites that are optimized to make money by promoting products as an affiliate on market places like and or through CPA (cost per action) marketplaces like and

The idea behind Google Sniper 3.0 is that you build a whole website around a single keyword. George Brown calls this ‘Keyword Sniping’ which is where the name ‘Google Sniper’ originally came from.

Because your website is laser targeted on one keyword, George say’s that these sites only take 2-3 hours to set up although I think if you’re new to this and you’ve never built a website or you’re not much of a writer, it will take considerably longer.

The way you get traffic to your sniper sites is by getting them ranked highly in the search engines. Now, SEO is normally very difficult but again, because of ‘laser targeted’ nature of these sniper sites George Brown also says (to quote from the manual);

“…for the advanced among you, it means you won’t have to do any of the usual tedious work that’s associated with creating SEO (Search engine
optimization) based sites. That’s right. You don’t need to do any link building or endless content updating here.

It’s a kind of set and forget approach… You build the Sniper website once, and get a continuous flow of traffic to your site from Google (and how we turn that into the money that comes along with it, I’ll explain later) for months, and even years to come in return. 

Pretty sweet, right?

It’s possible because we’ve built an entire site around a single idea or keyword.

Essentially, we’re shoving so much of the same keyword or subject matter down Google’s throat, and we’ve “shoved” it down there in such a strategic way, that they are almost forced into giving us a high ranking on page one – No matter how many backlinks we have.”

So what he’s saying is that a sniper site is super easy to rank highly without having to do the normal Search Engine Optimization work like constant content creation and back linking etc.

The art is in picking the right keyword to begin with.

Google Sniper 3.0The training course consists of a 108 page manual, process maps and 7 core videos that take you through;

  • How to choose what niche to go into and pick a winning product
  • Find keywords that fit the ‘sniper criteria’
  • Creating the foundations of your sniper site
  • The secrets to a 20% conversion rate
  • The fastest way to cloak affiliate links
  • How to build your sniper site
  • How to get ranked and gain authority in record time

This is the meat a potatoes of the training course and I have to say, it is very put together. George goes into detail in everything he talks about so you are not left wondering, ‘How do I do this’, or ‘Why should I do that’ and he is up front about any potential issues that you might come across while building a sniper site.

If you choose to upgrade your membership then there’s also the ‘Empire Module’ that shows you how to scale up your whole Google Sniper Business by outsourcing all the work. And there’s also some additional training that includes;

  • Preselling – MORE Tips On Maximising Your Sniper Sites Conversion Rate
  • What Can Go Wrong With Your Sniper Sites And How To Fix It… FAST
  • The Easiest Ways To Massively Boost Your Sniper Sites Rankings In The Search Engines
  • Special Guest & Full Time Google Sniper Alex Shares His Techniques For Guaranteed #1 Rankings
  • How To SUPERCHARGE Your Sites Using Social Media (And Without Spending Hours A Day On Twitter!)
  • What Products Have Converted Best For Me On Clickbank
  • An Introduction to CPA & Google Sniper
  • How To Choose A CPA Offer To Promote (Different To Clickbank Of Course!)
  • Sniping Keyword Criteria and INFINITE Keyword Suggestions!
  • Real Sniper CRITIQUING Case Studies Webinar


How is Google Sniper 3.0 different to the 2.0 version?

To be honest, much of the original training hasn’t actually changed that much. Obviously there have been updates to parts of the manual and some of the videos but the core foundations remain the same.

With that said, there have been some additions to the training.

The ‘Bullet Proofing’ Module

This is a 60 page PDF that is designed to;

  • Provide additional help if your site isn’t ranking or Google has stolen it back
  • You wan tto  ramp up your existing sniper site’s current earning by 5-10x, or,
  • You want to start freash and build a brand new sniper site using some new strategies

Now as I said in the intro to this Google Sniper 3.0 review, the course has been criticized for not being what it once was – the internet has changed (A LOT) since the original Google Sniper and the 2.0 version was released and while George is adamant that Google Sniping still works, he does concede that it’s getting harder. There’s more competition and Google has changed it’s ranking factors etc.

But the Bullet Proof module has been written to address all of those issues and does offer some really good tips and tricks on how to tweak an existing sniper site that might not be doing so well  and turn it into a site that starts to make consistent money. He also explains how to turn your existing sniper site into something more of an authority, a brand, or if you’re starting from scratch, how to have authority right from the start – I really liked this!

The ‘Sniper Cash Machine’

This is the first part of the training that George Brown tells you to go and look at – especially if you’re a beginner. He say’s that he wants you to get earning money quickly.

It’s actually a clever ploy to try and recruit you as an affiliate for Google Sniper (although you could promote other products) and in this part of the training there are 5 strategies that are designed to get you making money quickly.

1. Facebook – This strategy is shameless really. You are advised to tell your friends and followers on Facebook that you have just bought Google Sniper and tell them how awesome it is. He advocates sending out 2 posts a day for the next week to your Facebook friends as well as private messaging certain people in yours friends list.

He takes approximately 36 minutes tow tell you how to something that could (and should) have taken just a few minutes. Most of this time is him justifying why you should push this out to your friends and family members.

Personally, I feel a bit uncomfortable doing this, it feels to me like one of those network marketing things where you pester your friends and family to join up and you end up with no one that will talk to you!

2. Twitter – This and the rest of the Sniper  Cash Machine are not taught by George Brown. One of his team, Paul McGregor is the guy who goes through it.

But I have to say, this is actually quite a neat little way of making some quick affiliate sales and one that is completely new to me. The way it works is that you use a nifty little tool to find people on Twitter that have publicly declared that they want  to make money. Then you tweet them back with your Google Sniper affiliate link.

Now because they have actually tweeted that they want or need to make money, the likelihood of them actually clicking your link and buying a product is pretty high.

This can also be done to promote any other products. so for example, you can find people that have said they want to learn to play the guitar and tweet an affiliate offer to them.

3. Back to Facebook – Again, I’m not sure I like the first part of this. You are encouraged to find all sorts of Facebook pages with a high number of likes (that aren’t even related to making money) and start posting your link in the comments on their posts. This to me, is another version of SPAMMING so I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing this.

With that said, the second part of the video sounds better. Joining closed Facebook groups that are related to making money and posting in to those people sounds more ethical.  I would say that you stand a much higher chance of converting sales with these groups too.

4. The ‘Ghost Writer’ Technique – This is a strategy that I know works because it one one that I have done myself on quite a few occasions.

The idea here is to find blogs that accept guest posts, write an article that includes a call to action and your link and post it on a blog that gets a ton of traffic. There is a little more work involved in this strategy but as I said, I have done this myself and it deos work when you do it right.

5. YouTube – This is BY FAR my favourite!

It has been around a while but that’s because it works. In fact, this is something that I do every time I review a product on this website.

The premise here is that you create videos to pre-sell a product. You target high traffic keywords related to the product you’re video is about and upload them to YouTube including your affiliate link the video description. You then optimize your videos to rank highly in the search results so when someone watches your video they are excited to click on your affiliate link, making you another sale.

Again, this does take a little work (and maybe a little cash) to create the videos and optimize them but the payouts can be incredible.

So now I’ve explained what is the Google Sniper 3.0 members area, let me show you around it…


What do I need to make Google Sniper 3.0 work?

As this is an internet marketing training course, you’re going to need a computer and internet connection.

You will need to buy web hosting and a domain name, which is standard if you’re going to be building websites so this might cost $50 -$80 depending on which companies you use and the hosting plans you go for.

And that’s it.

All the other tools mentioned in the training are free, although you might want to spend a few hundred dollars getting content created and getting the little bit of SEO work done. But if this is your first time using Google Sniper you’ll probably want to do this yourself anyway.


How much money can I expect to make?

This really depends on you.

What I would say is don’t get drawn into the hype of making $1,500 a day. You’re going to see emails hitting your inbox selling you on making big figures. The chances of that happening are slim.

George Brown says in the manual that a $300 a month income is a success and based on my own experiences of building similar sites, I would say that is achievable.

Of course, you can always go through the Bulletproof Module and scale things up but in order to do this, you must first have a sniper site – and you could always make more sites!

But $300 as a starter I would say is more realistic.


Are there any bad points?

My main issues are with the new ‘Sniper Cash Machine’ as opposed to the training itself.

The Facebook methods really don’t sit well with me and I see those particular ways of making money as SPAM which I think could lose you some friends as well as possible get you into trouble with Facebook. I would’t want my friends telling me that I should buy into a product just so they can get paid a commission – especially when they haven’t even tried it themselves yet – I just think that is wrong.

Having said that, some of the other methods I have used myself and I know they can work well.


My Google Sniper 3.0 Review

I really didn’t want to like Google Sniper 3.0 but the truth is, I really do. The training is basic, but detailed and easy to understand and there is definitely huge potential.

Yes, some of the training in the 2.0 version was out of date but with the introduction of the Bulletproof Module has fixed all of that and more.

And yes, some of the Sniper Cash Machine systems I’m not really comfortable with but that’s a personal thing.

When you consider the amount of content and training that you get for your money, I would say the $47 price tag is well worth it.

All I would say, though is don’t get caught in all the hype of making hundreds of thousand of dollars because chances are it’s not going to happen – at least not quickly.

But yes, consistent profits can be made.

How long for?

Well I suppose that would depend on the site and the niche but even if you make one site that only makes $100 a month, you’re doing well so I would recommend Google Sniper  3.0


Have You Read this Google Sniper 3.0 Review?

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If you have used any of the Google Sniper system? If so, we’d love to hear how you got on. Please leave a comment below.


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