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Accumulator Generator Review From Mike Cruickshank

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Read our review on Accumulator Generator, the latest profit offering by legendary Mike Cruickshank


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If you have landed here, then you are researching Accumulator Generator, which is Mike Cruickshank’s latest product that has been launched.

Mike is well known in the industry now as a serious go-to person if you are looking to generate profits from betting. Other products launched by Mike have been extremely well received, and this one looks like being the same. Mike does NOT deal in gambling, he deals in guaranteed profits – a massive difference – and he always delivers.

Accumulator Generator is a limited selling offer – Be quick on this.

Why is it a limited offer?

The products that Mike produces are always in-depth, and so that he can service his initial clients, he is inclined to reduce subscriptions; he has done this in the past, and he definitely does place limits of subscribers, sometimes for a fairly long time. So if you are interested in this one, act quickly.

Product Title: Accumulator Generator

Price: £149.99 + VAT

CLICK HERE to try Accumulator Generator (RISK FREE)

What You Get:

  • – Comprehensive step-by-step training so that somebody who doesn’t even know what an accumulator bet could have their first bet placed successfully within an hour of joining.
  • – Acca Matcher – it searches roughly 50,000 combinations per bookmaker to find you the most profitable bets for all acca offers.
  • – Bet Finder – this piece of software will find you custom made bets. You can choose any bookmaker, acca type, selection of leagues & teams. This is ideal for using your free bets on an acca, for placing mug acca bets or for any custom offers received from the bookmakers.
  • – Calculator – This works out the ideal stakes so you make risk free profits. The teams and odds are automatically added from the Acca Matcher or Bet Finder so you don’t need to do anything, just place the lay bets.
  • – Reminders – This tracks all of your accumulator bets and tells you exactly what you need to do next. You can call up any of your previous bets.

Guarantee: 30 Days

What is Accumulator Generator?

I have already purchased the product with view to doing this review, so I already have access to the members area, and all the content. When Mike brings a new product to market, I immediately purchase them because I know there is money to be made; and from what I have read, and seen so far this product is no different.

Here is a video by Mike Cruickshank himself explaining exactly what is included in the member’s area:


Now as already mentioned I am now a paid up member of Accumulator Generator, and I will be updating this review accordingly.

From what I have read so far, this is very interesting, and it is clear that Mike has spent a lot of time, and money generating the software that is available for his members to profit from. In a way it is quite similar to Each Way Sniper, although so far Accumulator Generator  is like Each Way Sniper on steroids, as the profit potential is vastly increased.

Just on a side note, when Mike brought out Bonus Bagging a few years ago, although the product works extremely well (and still does, I use it weekly), the offering was fairly basic. Don’t get me wrong, Mike is a top bloke, and you will know that from the interview I had with him a couple of years ago, but the Bonus Bagging product was basic in concept delivery, and although the product worked fantastically well in taking bonuses from bookmakers, Mike himself I would consider an unrivaled genius in this market.

And the side note is this: When you can add sheer genius to the software that can be created these days, it really does become a formidable partnership, and this is where we are at with Mike – The best Bonus finder in the industry, partnered with the revolution that is software that can find everything for you.

…Amazing really when you think about it.

If you have guessed that I am a fan of Mike Cruickshank, then you are right; that guy has put plenty of money in my pocket, via his products, let me tell you 🙂

Anyway, back to Accumulator Generator…

As with Mike’s other products he is yet again guaranteeing a profit on this one; and when Mike says there will be a profit, then there will be a profit.

The Main headline on Accumulator Generator is this:
Accumulator Generator Software

From this, and from what I have already read in the member’s area, this is a guaranteed arbitrage method, using the accumulator format, but with much higher profits than normal, which is why Accumulator Generator is at a higher price bracket than most of Mike’s products.

What Exactly Do I Get When I Sign Up to Accumulator Generator?

As you can see from the video above, this product contains everything you need, including:

  • Over 3 hours of video tutorials.
  • All the automated software to find the bets.
  • Betting calculators.
  • A betting reminder service built in.
  • Complete support.

Ben, in layman’s terms what is Accumulator Generator?

OK, quite simply, if I can put this simply, Accumulator Generator is a comprehensive membership that works on arbitrage football betting, where the profits are guaranteed. Also, you will notice that there is the word ‘accumulator’ in the product name, which tells you that you will be placing a series of bets for a guaranteed profit.

How much profit can I make?

Mike is advertising that the profits will be as follows:
20 percent profit on accumulator generatorIn other words, for every £50 you spend on the bets, you will receive £60 back, guaranteed. Mike also does not recommend spending more than £50 on the accumulator bets, so you already know the outlay in advance, which is very important – what your costing factors are.

In reality, an extremely small betting bank is needed for this.

Do I need any experience?

No, I am am actually in the members area looking around as I type this review, and from what I can see, and have already tested, Accumulator Profit does everything for you. It finds the bets, shows you where to place them, calculates your stake, and shows you exactly where to do; where to go, and how to make the profits. Anybody should be able to follow this, and remember there are hours of video tutorials to fall back on, but from what I have read already, it is simple to grasp.

How much could I really make with Accumulator Generator?

Mike is suggesting that members could make between £1,500 – £2,000 per month, but this really depends on how active you are, and how many bets you do, but it really depends on how much time you have.


For example, if you can spend £50 and receive £60 back guaranteed, making 20% profit back on every bet you do, then the only limitation I can see is how much time you have.

Are the bets just in the UK or anywhere worldwide?

The bets that the software finds, I have already looked, are worldwide, and this gives a big advantage of being able to bet, and profit at literally anytime of the day, because football around the world is almost constant – even when the UK season ends, you have alternatives elsewhere that the software finds for you.

So if you work during the day, no problem, you could just log into the member’s area on Accumulator Generator in the evenings, and the software will find the bets for you to profit from. Or, if you have free time during the day, or at weekends, then again, the software and member area will find the bets for you.

Is there a possibility of losing money?

No, I have already tested the software, and the bets it finds are there, and the profits are definitely there. So providing you follow through and actually place the bets, then you cannot lose. You will make the stated profits.

Are there any downsides you can see?

Honestly I cannot see a single downside to Accumulator Generator, and yet again (on one of Mike Cruickshank’s products) I can quickly see that Mike has put an incredible amount of effort into this service, as well as spending what must be thousands of pounds creating the software for his members; and why I would consider it to be a total no brainer to join, provided you have the time, and couple do with an extra £1,500 -£2,000 per month.

Do I need to spend hours at the PC/Tablet?

Speaking of when you need to be available, I have just been looking at the software again to see how many opportunities there are, and I noticed, and realised that you can actually set all the bets up in advance, so once you have set them all up for the profits, you don’t need to be sat at your screen afterwards, so even if the matches were on during the day whilst you were working, you could still set the profitable bets up in advance, and be making even more profits whilst you are at work.

Here is an image from the software:

Accumulator Generator Profits

As you can see, when the screenshot was taken there were 35 pages of profits to be had, but you will also notice that the software will let you know when the football matches are, meaning you can set the bets up, then leave them to make you the profit.

In Summary

I will continue to keep updating the review, but frankly this could definitely be the best product Mike has launched to date. Mike’s products have already generated millions of pounds for his customers over the years (yes, millions!), and I would definitely predict that Accumulator Generator adds to those profits for users, because it is a simple case of taking action.

The benefits are instant. For example:

  • The software is actually included (no extra cost).
  • Mike is guaranteeing you the profit of 20%.
  • The actual spend per bet is very small.
  • You know what the cost of the bet is right now.
  • This can be used literally day and night.

The price of the product is £149.99, and would be recouped after just 15 bets, and if you completed just 5 bets a day, then Mike is offering you a guaranteed income for just 3 days profits. Frankly, as with all Mike’s products, I personally think he is not charging enough, but that’s to the benefit of those who decide to get on board.

And like I say, Mike is well known now for closing his products when he feels he has enough subscribers, so make a mental note of that, and decide if you want to join.

Only a few weeks ago I read of one of Mike’s customer hitting over £50,000 with Profit Maximiser, another superstar product of his, and this is not unusual with his products. The only differential between those who make such sums, and those who don’t is action, and getting started. The same as anything.

So…. that’s what the product is about…..Over to you… 🙂

As I said, I would get in on this one, and Accumulator Generator has my full recommendation.



CLICK HERE to try Accumulator Generator (RISK FREE)

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  • Andrew says:

    Thanks for the review.
    if you were looking to make 5 x £50.00 bets per day
    What sort of starting bank would you require to cover the bets and Betfair liability?

  • Paul says:

    Hi Ben,

    Thanks for getting an initial write up on here.

    I’ve been looking into having used mikes other products (successfully). My main concern is that I believe these are not just arbs on any old accumulators, these are bets using special offers from the bookies I.e money back if your last bet loses. It seems to a very clever way of betting and covering many outcomes by exploiting bonus offers.
    The only issue I can see, if this is how the service works, is that these offers are limited and can sometimes only be used once, or may only be offered a few times a week. I think it would be difficult to exploit too many if these a week.
    I don’t doubt it will work and that mike has created another great product, but I do doubt talk of £50-70 per day, which is 5-7 of these offers per day…..
    I look forward to your experiences, a friend also told me that there are 4 possible stategies to the system with some being more profitable than others, with the most profitable requiring a lot if time and effort as you need to do something with each stage of the accumulator.
    Will be interested to hear your thoughts and bit more explanation for us readers on the different strategies before proclaiming numbers such as £1500-2000 per month.

    • Ben says:

      Hi Paul,

      Readers, and users are already reporting making the profits as advertised by Mike.

      One today made £40 on his first day, which if done everyday would be £1,200 a month.

      Sure, that may not be possible every day, but considering such profits would pay for the product in a couple of days, and then every day after that would be clear profit, it still works well for those using it, and quickly pays for itself.

      Profit is profit at the end of the day.


  • Andy says:

    From what i can see from Mike’s sale page the average odds are around 4/1 to 5/1 when laying a bet So roughly if laying at 9/2 on average for say £60 (this gives you roughly a £10 profit) you would need £270 to cover this on the exchange so if you want to jump in at x5 per day then you need over £1300 if all bets run at the same time.

    • Ben says:

      Hi Andy,

      I see no problem with that, from what I have been checking, and based on subscriber emails, they are making around £30 per acca (3% based on total outlay on the exchanges sometimes much more depending on the offer), but the profit is guaranteed, and the outlay is never at risk.

      A £1000 betting bank just doing one a day is equal to around £11,000 profit a year based on just 3% of outlay, on just one offer a day.

      Sure, Mike has not advertised it that way, but it still works as advertised. And if you have less outlay to start with, then just start going for £10 profit, and build up, as it would not take long, using compounding to increase profits quickly.

      Reports so far is that this is a sound product.


  • Ben says:

    Hi all,

    From what I have read so far there are 4 base systems in Accumulator Generator, and it is using accumulator offers from bookmakers, but these are not like your ‘bonus bagging’ offers, bookmakers are always offering these type of accumulator offers, some more, some less, they are not usually ‘one offs’, as the bookmakers themselves expect far less wins where accumulators are concerned, which is where Mike’s software comes into it’s own, to ensure a profit.

    To Paul above, it is Mike who is proclaiming those figures on his sales page, and yes it is possible to achieve that from my first initial investigations into all the materials -IF the offers are available, and how many bookies allow them per individual account. A lot of the bookmakers offer one a day, etc.

    But, the crux of the best of the methods is the locking in the profit on the ‘for every £50 you bet you will make £10 profit”, as that seems like the best of the 4 systems in this product, and is definitely doable. That is the closest to ‘set and forget’.

    To put a simple spin on it, as far as explanations go, the bookmakers offer the accumulator offers, and then these are taken, and then offset against the betting exchanges like Betfair to cover any outcomes as well as making a profit. What Mike’s software does is complete all the accumulations for you, to ensure a profit overall, no matter what the result.

    The question is how much can be made from it, and I would say it definitely comes down to how much time you have, but a profit nonetheless.


  • AP says:

    Hi, I live in Sweden. Will this work from here or only in UK?

  • Ben says:

    Hi All,

    I have not had chance to check this product out much, as obviously we have had Christmas, etc. But I am already receiving comments from users, and this is also one that has been left on Facebook for Profit Accumulator:
    Mike Cruickshank Profit Accumulator Testimonial


  • Ben says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I just wanted to point out that I received a message on this page for Accumulator Generator today which I am simply not going to put live, and I will explain why. Also, I have stated on this website many times, that I leave the negatives to other websites, I aim to focus comprehensively on what works.

    As many of you will know I test and review products and services to see if they work, because all I am interested in is if something can make a PROFIT. I am not interested in negativity – Only if something makes a profit.

    I leave negative nonsense to other websites, and forums, making profit is all I am concerned about.

    So, the message went along the lines of:

    “This works, I made 2 profits already, but it is not for me” along with other negativity not related to the product working or not, which the poster already stated it did for him, and that he already made a profit – twice.

    I will not give details of the poster, but here was my reply by email:
    email reply accumulator generator

    So basically, based on what the poster said, he was on course for making £11,000 profit a year with just a £1,000 starting bank, and that is without compounding, which would significantly increase that profit, completing just one offer per day, and he was not happy, and didn’t think that Accumulator Generator was worth it, and wanted a refund from Mike.

    Am I missing something?….

    This website is about what works, and testing, and reviewing what works. If you did more offers per day with this product, or even added it to your arsenal of other products that made £30 a day from a single offer, then very quickly you would, and could be making upwards of £30K a year online.

    I don’t think I am missing something. The reports I am getting is that this is working extremely well for users, and that is all I, or anybody else should be bothered about, unless profit is not your goal, of course 🙂


  • Shakeel Oneil says:

    Hiya this product seems really great with positive reviews and seems impossible to lose. I was wondering what’s the starting capital to place bets and specially when your leveraging at the beginning. When your laying surely you need more than £50 to place the first bet?

    Shak Oneil

    • Ben says:

      Hi Shak,

      You will be looking at around £300 outlay for each offer, BUT, you can start with less, and just build up, as when compounding kicks in, your pot will build up quickly, and remember that the money is never at risk.

      I have had even more emails today from people who have joined, and things are looking extremely good so far.


  • Ben says:

    Accumulator Generator is now live, and open for a limited time as far as I know.


  • Steve says:

    Paid for this on New Year’s Eve. Told that I would be sent an email with the download in 10 mins. Still waiting(2/1/16).
    Why do a promotional push for a product when there is nobody about to sort out problems?

    • Ben says:

      Hi Steve,

      I can tell you right now EXACTLY what your problem is, and it took me about 2 seconds to figure it out.

      You are using NTL as your email, and NTL are known throughout the whole internet as having problems with automated emails, and every other type of email.

      I know this because people email me from NTL email addresses, and even though I respond again, and again, they ALWAYS get bounced back, and get flagged for spam, even from different IP addresses.

      Mike has set this up so that all buyers receive their log in details AUTOMATICALLY, by automated email, and I also know that very many people have purchased this product today, and I have not heard of a single issue.

      Honestly, if you are serious about the internet then NTL (VIRGIN) are not what you need. I would put money on it ( I will if you want me to 😉 ) on the fact that if you email Mike from another email address, that he will respond very quickly.

      Mike Cruickshank has one of the very best reputations online, and is as straight as they come. There are absolutely no concerns there, and I would stake my own reputation by him, that is how confident I am in his services. I have been reviewing Mike’s products for years, and there are never any real problems. His support is second to none, and known throughout the internet as one of the best there is – that is why his products, and services are so popular.

      NTL on the other hand are known as one of the very worst email providers, and it is their fault you have not received a response, no other reason, I guarantee it.

      Your problem is 100% your NTL email address. Everybody online has problems with them. Google it, and see this for yourself.


    • Pedro says:

      Mike is one of the most honest, down to earth person in this business. His products all work very well (tried all- Bonus Bagging, Profit Maximiser+ odds software, Betfair Renegade, Each way sniper+ software, still member of them). Just didn’t try yet Bookie Blowout and Accumulator Generator- not That I don’t trust, I do. They are successful like all his other products, just that the day has only 24 hours and life gets in the middle of it 🙂
      Mike is also extremely friendly and his costumer support is top mark. So if you happen to have any problem, any doubt, for any motive you’re not making money with his services, drop him a line, he will be happy and ready to help.

    • Sticker says:

      I have been using Mike Cruikshank for a couple of years now, just dipping in and out as opposed to diving in a big way and am probably about £3,000 in profit.

      i am just responding to the ppst about a delay in Mike responding or sending log in details.

      I have to say that I never cease to be staggered by the promptness of the response to my queries to the bobusbagging support email line.

      i must have made well over 50 enquiries to this I am just blown away by the fast response, all responses are bespoke to answer my particular query so clearly are individually read and written back to.

      I would estimate that 50% are back within 5 minutes of me sending my query and the rest within an hour or so. I think that two out of the total which were sent on a Sunday were answered first thing Monday morning.

      if anyone can match this customer service please let me know as I’ll use their product as well ( whatever it is )

  • Keller says:

    Thanks for the email this morning Ben letting me know this was back live. I have purchased this now, and it does look good. A fair bit of info to go through but the videos definitely help. I cannot wait to start this on Monday. Looks like a really good additional to what i already do, Ta.

    • Ben says:

      Hi Keller,

      No problem at all, this does look like another winner from Mike, and hopefully a great start for everybody for 2016 for everybody who has got on board.


  • Ben says:


    On another note, since the relaunch today, I have received a lot of emails today from buyers of Accumulator Generator, and some fantastic praise for the product, and service – especially the detail Mike has gone to in ensuring buyers understand how to move forward.

    I wish you all well with it, and I am sure this product will gain a lot of exposure over the coming months, as is to be expected from any product Mike launches.

    Here is the link for access, and more information:


  • George says:

    Are bets time limited like arbs? Is profit/losses made both between exchanges and bookies so that the potential for closed accounts by the bookies is limited? Do exchange commissions eat into profits or is the net profit proclaimed after commissions? I am concerned more about bookies closing accounts with regards to larger accounts and larger wins with regards accumulating the account size.

    • Ben says:

      Hi George,

      Mike knows exactly how bookmakers act, and for this very reason he advises the limits where they are needed to keep under the radar.

      Also, commissions eating into profits? You pay 5% on winnings as you know if the winning was on Betfair. So on £30 winnings, you would pay £1.50 which is not exactly eating into profits, but just seen as an expense by anybody who uses exchanges. The bottom line, surely, has to be profit.

      I cannot give the methods away here for obvious reasons, but judging from your question, this is different from what you think.


      • George says:

        Thanks Ben, and how many bets can realistically be done a day? The blurb talks of 100 a week is possible but then suggests only 5 a day? Bit confused about it’s realistic potential in terms of potential max income. Thanks

        • Ben says:

          Hi George,

          Mike will obviously have scanned how many offers are usually available, as he is an intelligent chap, but he also knows about being realistic, so even if you only completed 1 offer a day, at 3% profit, that is £11,000 a year tax free, two offers a day, then you are at double that.

          I wouldn’t really like to give how many offers a day you could do, but bookmakers are always offering these offers, that I do know.


  • mike says:

    Hiya Ben,
    Just read the reviews….soundsgood but would it work for me…in other words is it village idiot proof ha ha. Lay this, lay that, arbitrage..’confused .com !’

    • Ben says:

      Hi Mike,

      I believe it is ‘idiot proof’, but as with anything you need to learn what to do, and the videos show you how to do that.

      Also, the software finds everything for you, so once you have watched the videos, and understood the mechanics, it will be fine.


  • Paul says:

    Hi Ben, great to hear positive reviews.

    Just confused on the 5 systems.

    The system that you can lay all at once but not leg by leg is that the system that guarantees 20% return?

    The system Im interested is the 20% return only.

    How long would it take to work to receive one 20% return acca?

    • Ben says:

      Hi Paul,

      I cannot give the systems away here, but there are basically 4 main ways to profit from the accumulators, and it is to do with the guarantees that bookmakers give you, should a losing leg of an accumulator happen – which more often than not will happen because successful accumulators are not the norm, and Mike takes advantage of this.

      What I will say is that one of the methods is called ‘locking in a profit’ which does guarantee the profit, but this one you have to complete the accumulator in individual steps, but it is guaranteed.

      The other parts of the methods also give you profits, but the strategies behind it are different, so when Mike guarantees you a profit, he is literally giving many ways to make profits from the same offer.

      Accumulator Generator definitely produces a profit, as advertised, that I will say.


      • Wendy Hampson says:

        I recently bought Mike’s latest product and can’t fault it, and I just wanted to say it is possible to make much much more by using Mike’s advanced Acca methods which he shows you how to do in the training material. It takes a little while to get the hang of it, but it is an excellent product.

  • Hardy says:

    Hi Ben great site!

    I’ve herd about this software from friends it’s something I’ve done manually but only briefly so I’m aware of the concepts behind it.

    I’m guessing this can only be done on pc/laptop looking for something for the iPad if there is a app?

    • Ben says:

      Hi Hardy,

      Yes, it can be done on the PC, etc. but there is no reason why it cannot be done on a tablet either, because all the software is in the members area; you don’t actually have to download anything, meaning it can be done with just a browser.


  • Mike says:

    Hi Ben, great site and enjoying your reviews. I am a huge Mike Cruikshank fan because as you clearly state, his stuff just works.
    I do want to make a quick point if I may be so bold:-
    You can use this in the bookies shops if your accounts are limited or you have the funds to do several accas. Ladbrokes have the monopoly by mine and do the accas in the shop as well as online with the refund.

    • Ben says:

      Hi Mike,

      Thanks for the comments, and the pointers, much appreciated.

      And yes, as you say Mike’s stuff just works, so I am always interested in what he brings out.


  • Kieran says:

    Hi, I’m interested in signing up as I do a lot of ACCA offers and one of the most frustrating parts is finding the good matches, this seems like it would take away a lot of that hassle.

    Couple of questions –

    Does the system log your ACCAs to keep track of profit /loss?

    Does it recommend mug ACCAs?

    With the “set and forget” option, would it be possible to lay 2 or more teams that are playing at the same time?

    • Ben says:

      Hi Kieran,

      To answer your questions:

      1) Yes it does keep track of your accas, what bets you’ve placed & total profit / loss per acca.

      2) I personally don’t bother doing any, accas are dreadful value bets that the bookies love.

      3) You will lay all teams playing at the same time with the lay all strategy. If you have a 6 fold, you will place the bookie acca and then lay all 6 teams at the same time. After that is done you have nothing else to do on that acca.


  • Antônio says:

    Hi Ben,

    Excellent review!

    I would buy this product but I read your comment that it only works for some countries.

    Do you have certainty that Accumulator Generator only works for people that live in UK/Ireland?

    Because the majority of bookmakers are accepting people for other countries now.

    Beyond Tong Langley System, Do you know about another product that work outside UK/Ireland?

    Thank you so much!

  • Adam says:

    I’ve heard that the most profitable way to make money with the software is Advantage play!!
    what I mean by that is to not lay the acca’s!!

    Yes it’s the most risky method and of course there not all going to win and it will be a
    bumby ride from time to time when varience isn’t on your side but providing you make a guaranteed profit from the freebets,
    and you only do acca’s were you get a freebet from an offer..
    It would save a lot of time not having to lay your selections and you would pay no commision to the exchanges
    you also wouldn’t have to take a loss on an acca if the odds drifted on one of your selections
    (this has happend more then a few times to myself!)

    I have the software and I noticed that a lot of the acca’s win that the software selects
    It really does seem like a valid strategy that would make better profits!!

    • Ben says:

      Hi Adam,

      Well, my advice would be to do exactly what Mike suggests, there are already many reports coming in from users stating that this works extremely well.

      If you want to add other variations to that, then that is up to you, but I will not confuse here what is being advertised by Mike.

      If you do test a different angle, and it works for you, then fantastic, and good luck with it.


  • John says:

    Hi Ben
    Read the reviews and it sounds good.
    It says that the software is dependant on the bookies’ refund offer. Do you need those conditions met to make a profit or is profit made regardless?

    • Ben says:


      The profit is met regardless. Not sure what you mean by conditions, but the software works out the profit, and then you implement what is advised.


  • Andrew says:

    Do you have to open a new account with a different bookie for every bet?

  • JonnyG says:

    Hi Ben,

    I have just bought Accumulator Generator after purchasing Mikes other products such as Bonus Bagging and Profit Maximiser, the latter is a must for anyone also by the way.

    I can categorically state that after 1 day and 4 accumulator bets I have already locked in approx £40 guaranteed.

    Ben, I’m struggling on how you can make 11K on this a year from just 1 ACCA bet a day though, realistically for every £50 you spend you get £10 profit which x 365 days is £3’650. I cant see how you can make £30 on each bet like your other posts. Of course their is a possibility you could make more than the advertised £10 (20%) of the £50 stake by using certain strategies on the site but this is more unlikely as you need results to go your way. At the moment I’m just happy with the £10 I’m locking in, then I may experiment a little with the other methods.

    This is an absolute must buy ppl!!!

    • Ben says:

      Hi Jonny,

      Well done on your success with this product, which proves it works as advertised.

      When I mentioned £30 per bet, it was based on the total outlay as sent into me by a subscriber, on how much outlay he spent per profit, and the profits he made.

      As you say, what Mike advertises is that for every £50 spent with the bookmakers, a profit of £10 is returned, which is what we should be looking at, and as you have already mentioned it works, although having looked at the product myself there is scope for more, as the subscriber mentioned, but let’s not complicate what is being advertised, any more being a bonus.

      £50 in, and £60 out, on as many offers as users can complete in a day.

      Yes, money is needed for the exchanges, but remember that this can be built towards with compounding, and when you are making 20% profit for each offer, that is a decent amount to be compounding with.


  • Darren Roberts says:

    This costs £180 not £!50 but still seems a great deal.

    • Ben says:

      Hi Darren,

      £150+vat, as stated at the top of this page, and yes it is a good deal, and users are making it back in days in most instances, based in emails I am receiving about it.


  • Lewis says:

    Hi Ben,
    Will there be rollover requirements as in matched betting?

  • JonnyG says:

    Hi lewis, some special promotional offers that bookies do could lead to rollover requirements if the money your using to bet with is bonus money. I know Net Bet and 10 Bet occasionally offer deposit bonuses with the terms being to be used on doubles, trebles only etc. But this isn’t a great deal because the software is capable of finding out the very best matches for each bookie so actually has hidden benefits in that regard also but like Ben says you don’t need to do rollovers on ACCA insurance promotions.

    Whats your thoughts on the matter please Ben?

    • Ben says:

      Hi JonnyG,

      You are right in what you say, and the software finds it all for you, so not a problem.

      Regarding your other question, it is all about potentials, when we deal in facts here, and I would answer it by email, but Mike knows exactly what he is doing, many of his customers have been with him for years now, and he knows what to look for, and what to avoid.

      I have not heard of a single issue yet, and there must be a lot of people battering the bookies at this moment in time, well probably not, because the profit is mainly on the exchanges, but I understand what you are saying, but as mentioned, Mike knows his stuff, and limits as many issues as he can in the way he helps his members on that subject.


  • p flint says:

    how are profits guaranteed as odds will change on each leg of the accumulator you lay

    • Ben says:

      Hi P Flint,

      There are a few different methods, one of which definitely locks in the profits, this is also mentioned above on this page, and by users who have stated the same.

      I obviously cannot give the whole method away here, but this is working for a lot of people now.


  • craig says:

    Hi ben what would you say is better out of this and ew sniper?

    Great review by the way 🙂

  • Luca says:

    I know for sure all the four methods work

    I’m using this for a long time , manually search and using some spreadsheet, mainly because i live in Italy and i use Italian bookmakers.

    This one is sure to work and is for sure value for money.

    If i live in Uk and Eire i don’t hesitate one second to buy it.

    What bookmakers he cover ?

    I see for example 10bet, is available also from other country, maybe this information is good to make the right choose.

    And for last , i agree with all you review, good site and good job !

  • Charlotte says:

    Hey there,

    Great review and looks amazing. Really want to get on board. Just wondered how you input the bets/lay bets? Before I have done it on a spreadsheet myself, is this something the website does? Or do you need to do yourself?

    • Ben says:

      Hi Charlotte,

      The software works everything out for you, and anything over and above that is in the training materials from Mike.


  • Waez says:

    Hi, from what I can see from many of the bookmakers offer is that you get a free bet equaling your stake up to a certain amount if one of your legs in the acca loses. So it looks like you´d need to use that free bet in a second wager to get your profit, or am I missing something here? Thanks for a good site. Regards Waez

    • Ben says:

      Hi Waez,

      There are 4 different methods that is would not be fair to explain here in full details, but one one of the methods is similar to what you suggest.

      I am receiving emails almost daily about this now, with very encouraging content.


  • Simon says:

    Hi. This product sounds great. I don’t have a laptop, just a tablet and smartphone. Will the software work on these and is there any extra software needed to download?

  • Blue says:

    Hi Ben,

    Is the £150 + VAT a one-off fee or an annual subscription?

  • john says:

    Hi Ben
    Have you heard of a guy called Sam Stobil( not sure if surname is right) selling a product called profit accumulator which according to Sam is similar to Mike’s? Sam is charging on monthly or annual subscription and a restricted refund clause. Kind regards.
    I am still dithering about buying Mike product regards JOHN HOWLETT

    • Ben says:

      Hi John,

      Yes, I have heard of Sam, he basically stole the idea from Mike Cruickshank, after being a member of Mile’s products himself, proof of this can be found here:

      Profit Accumulator Review Sam Stoffel

      I would choose Mike Cruickshank’s products every day of the week, a far better service in every way. Mike is also as honest as the day is long, an originator and is always pushing the boundaries for more profits for his customers.


  • Mark says:

    Ben. I’m considering buying this package. Can you tell me does the acca finder allow for some bookies limitations. Ie bets mus be over 1.2 or only games in certain leagues if it finds accas for you will you still need to check the games are applicable for a refund or does the software do that for you also?

    • Ben says:

      Hi Mark,

      Yes, the software finds everything for you, and then you can filter what suits your needs, and requirements. It really is a great bit of kit, and I have heard all positive so far. Mike makes it so that you fly below the radar as much as possible, so that there are none of the usual problems, with bookmakers, etc.


  • Lewis says:

    Hi Ben,

    Any member reports of bookie restrictions yet?


    • Ben says:

      Hi Lewis,

      None I have heard about, and I receive a lot of emails about this.

      I think that the beauty is now with Mike, is he knows potential pitfalls, and works his software around them as much as is possible.

      When you think about it, Mike Cruickshank knows this stuff, and the pitfalls inside out, as he has been doing it for years, so he designs his software around this, and looks to protect his members, which makes sense that he designs it to keep customer retention.


  • Mark says:

    Thanks for prompt reply Ben. So basically if I pick an acca all the work is done I shouldn’t need to use the filter unless I want to personalise it more? Do you still need to place mug bets all the time or is it likely you can simply just go with the suggestions. Finally I assume I can log on at work at home whilst put and about etc etc?

    • Ben says:

      Hi Mark,

      Correct, and this is not about mug bets, because accas are such low value anyway that the bookies love them.

      And yes, everything software wise is done online, so you don’t need to be at home.


  • Mark says:

    Cool that’s really handy as I have sometimes been put off as my shifts can be unpredictable yet with this system I can check and lay in a few minutes using my phone. I assume all you do is log on. Find the active acca and input the details then lay. Sounds promising that.

  • Jim says:

    Hi, I’m currently doing all options but I’m not part of this yet. I was thinking of joining as sometimes it takes ages finding Accas myself.
    Just a few questions if you don’t mind.
    1 Do I type in something like 188bet or William Hill and it generates an Acca for me as a lot of these sites Jennings Titan etc do not allow customers from the Rep Of Ireland.
    2 Does it take into consideration the bookies minimum odds as most have minimum odds etc.
    3 When I convert the sterling to euro and add the VAT I’m being asked for approx. 15 euro extra? Are ye going off the conversion rate when it was a lot higher? Is there any way this can reflect what the current rate is? I already have access to software to do these and pay less, but if it was more efficient I’d pay as I currently do 20 or so of these a week.
    3. Is there any videos currently showing what this actually does or a day trial like others do?
    It’s just it’s a large enough sum as some others let you buy for a month to see how you like it as I know I can’t do all these Accas as I’m from Ireland.

    • Ben says:

      Hi Jim,

      Your answers from me are as follows:

      1) No, the software simply finds all the accas and opportunities and then you can filter through them.

      2) Of course it will, as otherwise it would not work. Mike knows this stuff.

      3) I am not sure what VAT is added in Ireland, but there is no tax added in the UK.

      4) There are many videos in the members area, and I don’t think Mike has to offer a day trial, because his previous products have created incomes for very many people, and early indications, and reports are that Accumulator Generator is doing the same.


  • Giovanni says:


    Have you tried Mikes new product called Betfair Renegrad!?

    • Ben says:

      Hi Giovanni,

      As mentioned in the email, I believe this is Mike’s system that he is including as a free bonus for this weekend only, for all buyers of his products.


  • Simon says:

    Is this software only using football selections for the accas? I currently do match betting and have several accounts already set up using free bets. One of the things I am looking to do is to move into using accas. But when football stops does this stop?

  • Jason says:


    Can you tell me with this system if bookmakers would limited your account or ban you?

    • Ben says:

      Hi Jason,

      I have not heard of any problems on that score, and bookmakers love accumulators as they are seen as mug bets almost, just that Mike has put together a system to capitalise on that, and the feedback has been great!


  • James says:

    Hello Ben,

    With most UK bookmakers accepting clients from outside UK presently even African nations, is Accumulator Generator likely to work for Africans this time?


    • Ben says:

      Hi James,

      If you can open UK bookmaker accounts, and use Betfair in Africa, then you can use Accumulator Generator, as that is all you need.


  • Jordan says:

    Hi Ben,
    On this method is there a minimum of what you are able to bet. You mention £50. But Could I start with £10 per bet to make a £2 profit on each? As i have a lower starting bank.

    • Ben says:

      Hi Jordan,

      Yes, you can pretty much start with any bank you need, and then build up to higher profits.


  • Hans Hederer says:

    For Accumulator does the software have to be downloaded? Do you need a windows computer or can you run this with a different operating system like chrome?

  • gillies says:

    Hi ben,
    I’m in Kenya and my country is not listed in the billing information when applying to purchase the product.. Don’t we qualify?

    • Ben says:

      Hi Gilles,

      Unfortunately, it will not work in Kenya, as you will need a Betfair account and UK bookmaker accounts.


  • Des says:

    Hi Ben

    I am interested in buying the product, however I understand that this is an arbitrage system and the problem with arbitrage systems are that you have to open up many bookmakers’ account and fund them in order to capitalise on any arbitrage trades.

    Therefore I have 2 questions for you.

    1) Can you tell me how many different bookmakers’ accounts (excluding the betting exchange account) you need to open in order to do 5 trades per day 7 days per week?

    2) Secondly, what is the minimum amount of capital you must invest, in say 5 bookmakers accounts, in order to do 5 trades per day 7 days per week.

  • michael pickering says:

    Hello The answer to my question is probably on here and i may have missed it but here goes, on a bank of £300 how much would my stakes and profit be on each accumulator bet be ?
    Mike Pickering

  • robin says:


    Am I right in thinking that because these are 2/3 days ACCA for example.. our money is tied up for that period of time?

    I read above you or someone saying like £270 per ACCA is needed as an example.

    If we were to do 4 in 1 day with a £1000 bank. That money is tied up for 2/3 days, so only able to do 4 every other day?

    Thank you.

    • Ben says:

      Hi Robin,

      That is correct, but a much smaller bank can be used also, but the fact that it is is an accumulator means there is a series of bets to be completed, and the funds are tied up in those bets until completion.


      • robin says:

        Thanks Ben,

        Did you or know anyone who has any problems with the ACCA’s?

        What I mean is that because your placing bets on matches from all different leagues.. won’t the bookie think that we either stupid or knowledgeable?

        Also I believe it was you who mentioned that bookies have more than likely signed up to match betting sites.. including the top dog Profit Maximiser. Would they ever think to monitor this and ban us from claiming the ACCA bonus

        Thank you

        • Ben says:

          Hi Robin,

          There is no way of knowing what bookmakers sign up to, but I do know that it is not affecting profits.

          There was a customer of Profit Maximiser last week who shown his profits on the Facebook group showing that he topped £100,000 profit over 4 years, so we are talking about serious money here.

          There is a risk in anything, but the are also massive upsides, so think positive 🙂


  • James says:

    Hi Ben,

    How do you make this amount if about 90% of the bets end in the weekend?? because it is nearly impossible to make 40-60 a day during the week days

  • Jaura says:

    Due to Arbitrage activity, most of my major UK bookmaker accounts are heavily restricted. Will it be possible to do this system via in shop betting and using betfair?

  • samuel murray says:

    Hi Ben If you do the accumulator i see there can be a loss if you dont have one leg losing to unlock the bonus from the bookie.
    If you have to lay them as each is played you will be stuck at your computor

    • Daniel says:

      Hello Samuel, If you have ever done accumulators before you will know they are not easy to make them pay at all, which is why bookies love gamblers taking them, so there is much less chance of having a full accumulator coming off, which is why Accumulator Generator works so well.

      Best Wishes,


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