Million Pound Student Review Andrew Reynolds, Nick Laight and Tim Lowe


Million Pound Student Review Andrew Reynolds, Nick Laight and Tim Lowe

Price: £1997+VAT

Read our review of the Million Pound Student, Offered by Andrew Reynolds, Nick Laight and Tim Lowe


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Landing on my desk recently was a letter from no other than Andrew Reynolds, advertising his Million Pound Student offering, advertised currently with Tim Lowe, and also Nick Laight a few months previous.

Andrew Reynolds, if you hadn’t already heard the name has almost ‘legendary’ status in the online marketing world, as being one of the most successful UK online marketers, amassing upwards of £50million in personal wealth. Impressive? of course, which has to lead to more ‘digging’ on a review basis.

Million Pound Student seems to be an invite only offer

The letter received has a password contained to access the online offer, so if you don’t currentlyAnrew-Reynolds-Million-Poun have the letter, then chances are you will not be able to gain access to the website: (no need to click it, as there is nothing really to see, unless you have a password).

As you can see from the image on the right, the offer (if you look closely, as I know it is fairly small) advertises how you can ‘make your first million’, and normally when you see such numbers branded about you might be inclined to dismiss it with a ‘yeah right, next please….’, but when you see the names involved, and the figures these guys have generated online, then it definitely needs further investigation.

I mean, Andrew Reynolds, Tim Lowe, and Nick Laight must have amassed a personal fortune of £100 million between them, so to offer a ‘measly’ million pound to a student is not so far fetched – and let’s face it, a million pounds 20 years ago was a fortune, not so much these days, but you still wouldn’t turn your nose up at it, either 🙂

Product Title: Million Pound Student

What You Get:

  • – Live training on how to replicate Andrew Reynold’s business, as well as his partners. This will include private coaching and mentoring.
  • – Depending on which particular package you choose, you will also get a revenue share of the business you start.
  • – You are set up with your own limited company in which to start your business with.
  • – You are handed over £200,000 worth of product licenses, which will be the products you will promote to generate the revenue. These licenses will be for intangible, and digital products which you will promote on a website, using Andrew’s advice.
  • Access to up to £1million in private funding from Andrew Reynolds to create products, which is to be used to bankroll your new products.
  • Access to a digital products worth £41,976.00 in which to promote in your new business.
  • Access to fulfillment centres which will supposedly send any physical products to your customers.
  • Bespoke software that is claimed to have cost £50,000 to develop. This is order/customer tracking software which will keep track of all your customer details, and order situations.
  • Access to a TV studio so that you can create your products, and film any content required.

Guarantee: 12 months profit guarantee.

As you can see from the image below, the guarantee (one of them) is that you will not pay a penny in fees until your new company has made £100,000 profit:


What is The Million Pound Student?

Basically (if you could call it basic), Andrew Reynolds, and his partners are going to teach you exactly how they made their money online, using the same marketing techniques, the same products, and the same back up infrastructure.

The claim behind it, is that Andrew is writing a new book, and wishes to detail the rise of particular students who have taken up this offer, and how it is possible to teach somebody brand new to the industry that it is possible to follow a laid-down formula for succeeding online.

I have seen similar offers to this before, but the difference with this offer is the names concerned, the people, the marketers, and the amounts involved.

These people really do turn over extraordinary amounts of money online, which is definitely an enticement. I mean, who wouldn’t want to follow in the footsteps of multi-millionaire marketers, who are going to ‘show you a warts and all’ process of online success..

What Do You Really Think About Million Pound Student, Ben?

Well, if you have followed my website for any length of time, then you will know I always call it as it is, and this product is no different.

The mailshot that came through the post is designed to grab your attention, and the word ‘million’ has now been conditioned in all of us to grab our attention.

It does not matter if you grew up in the 60’s/70’s/80’s or even if you are only in your 20’s now, the word ‘millionaire’ or ‘million pound’ is deep-rooted into our subconscious as the ultimate goal, and to give the feeling of ultimate freedom, so such words will always grab our attention – and always will.

Granted, a million is not what it was, and chances are if you are in your teens, or early 20’s, then a million pounds these days will probably not last you your lifetime, well, not unless you were extremely careful, and had no interest in any comforts.

Although of course, nobody in their right minds would turn down such sums, unless they were some kind of nutjob, which I know my readers are not 🙂 so let’s get to the crux of the people who are offering you this training, and opportunity.

Who is this Andrew Reynolds Chap?

If you have been searching online for income opportunities, then I would be very surprised if Andrew-Reynolds-new-Picyou told me that you had not heard of Andrew. I remember him mainly because he did a TV documentary a few years back, where the aim was to prove he could make a certain amount of money inside a few days (£500,000 inside a week), just using his online business, and subscriber list.

Andrew had a TV team following him around to see what he did, and how he achieved (or if he actually could) this half a million pounds, and they wanted to film it live.

What I remember most about the documentary was Andrew sending a bulk email to his subscriber list, and then watching all the emails from buyers come flooding in. If I am totally honest, I was hooked on online marketing from that very moment. To see somebody reel in so much cash from what ‘seemingly’ didn’t take much effort (I know now that is not true, and that there was MUCH effort that had gone into previous activities to create such a buyer mailing list before the TV crew arrived).

(Image used on the right is copyright Andrew Reynolds)

Andrew Reynolds Cash on Demand

Andrew seemingly used the TV documentary to prove that his Cash on Demand system worked, and that anybody who decided they wanted to follow his formula could achieve similar, in time.

I actually own the Cash on Demand Modules, as I purchased them from eBay many years ago now, in fact here are the modules:


(The above image is taken from a personal product – No copyright claim)

Did Cash on Demand Work For You?

The course itself was very detailed, and provided some very useful pointers. Does it work? I would have to say it does work, albeit the course itself was long, and drawn out, and could probably have been consolidated down to a single book, but this is the main product that Andrew Reynolds created back then, and pretty much launched himself into the spotlight with.

Today, 2016, I am not so sure some of the aspects would still work, as some of the marketing strategies will have changed, as the internet has changed, but the main theme of the course still holds value.

If I could scale down such a sizable course to a basic enough explanation for the purpose of this review, then I would say it contains the following:

  • How to start your own online business.
  • Finding your niche, and the research behind it.
  • How to create the products.
  • How to sell the products, and marketing.
  • Creating a mailing list in which to sell products to.
  • Then holding onto that mailing list for future product launches.

All of the above components still hold water today, and are still basic requirements of starting an online business. What Andrew Reynolds did was create a very long course explaining the details – and there were many, many details. As I said, it could have been scaled down, but as always such courses hold more value if they can be separated into monthly modules which leave you wanting (and paying) for more.

No problem at all with that, it is basic marketing, which Andrew is one of the very best at, no doubts.

Andrew then went on to start the Entrepreneur Channel

I remember the Entrepreneur Channel very well indeed, as I used to be a sucker for all the motivation products that came out of America in the 90’s, and bought most of them from a company called Nightingale Conant, which incidentally is still going strong today:


Anrew Reynolds Entrepreneur Channel

(The above image is copyright Andrew Reynolds/Entrepreneur Channel)


The Entrepreneur Channel contained the same motivational products, from most American gurus, who promoted their CD’s, and DVD’s (it was audio cassettes when I purchased them, and I still have them… wow, that makes me feel ever so slightly old.. 🙂  ).

People like Brian Tracey, and the likes would come onto the show and promote their wares, which again, I have to say are all worthy products, and mainly created before the internet had even started. My personal favourite was the late Jim Rohn – now there was a motivator if you are ever interested. Google his name on YouTube and just watch some of the stuff he brought out – truly powerful stuff.

Andrew Reynolds then went on a crest of a wave, selling out London arenas promoting his brand of online selling; mainly on the back of Cash on Demand, but overall a truly successful individual, and one you cannot ignore if you are wanting to follow in the footsteps of somebody who has just ‘done it’.


(The above image is Copyright Amazon/Andrew Reynolds)

Andrew Reynolds Copy This Idea Book

The last time I heard anything from Andrew Reynolds was when he launched his book, “Copy This Idea“, which I admit to not having read, but I have flipped through a few pages of it from the free options online, like Amazon which give you the chance to read the first few paragraphs, and it seems very similar to the principles of ‘Cash on Demand’.

If you look at the image above, from Amazon, you will see that the book has 4/5 stars on Amazon, so the book does have merit, albeit it is heavily targeted towards the user joining a monthly subscription, which some of the comments from Amazon buyers have also stated.

But it’s all marketing. This is what these people do, they are marketing funnels that work, and are tested.

And now Andrew is promoting Million Pound Student to a list.

I have focused more on Andrew Reynolds in this review because he is obviously the main guy behind the Million Pound Student concept, and I think it wise that you understand the background behind the marketer of the offer. But one thing these details do show you, is that there is definitely pedigree there.

Has Andrew Reynolds, and his products resulted is endless streams of people being able to start their own, successful business on the back of the teachings? That, I could not be so sure about.

Sure, there will always be a percentage of people who make it, and a percentage of buyers who are plain lazy, and wouldn’t be able to succeed even with the very best of instruction, but I could not claim that Andrew is the ultimate online guru, and neither will any Google results show this either, but the guy sure knows how to make money on a personal level.

So just maybe, the Million Pound Student is where Andrew really starts giving back, maybe…

Nick Laight Canonbury Publishing Ltd

Another of the marketers on board with Andrew, is Nick Laight, managing director of Canonbury Publishing Ltd.Nick-Laight-new-Image

Nick Laight is another one of those marketers who is highly successful in what he does, and sells a similar type of products to Andrew – Money making products.

You might know Canonbury from their regular newsletter: “What Really Makes Money”, in which is used to promote new products that come to market from people/vendors who have systems and methods on how to make money from the internet.

Unlike Andrew, who now mainly teaches others how to follow in his footsteps, and is mainly a coach, Nick Laight actually promoted products that his users can follow, in the hope of replicating an actual business model.

(Image used on the right is copyright Nick Laight)

Nick started Canonbury Publishing with his wife back in 2003, and also runs a website called WhatBizOpp.


(The above image is copyright

Nick states that he has also banked over £11+million during his time in business (figures from his website), which again, similarly to Andrew is equally as impressive, and seems to run a tight ship at his business.

Also working alongside Nick at Canonbury is gambling writer Clive Keeling who writes the ‘what really wins money side’ of their publishing arm, and the eBay product writer April Harper, who writes eBay confidential.

Tim Lowe, Waverley Media Ltd

Tim Lowe is also one of the marketers involved in the Million Pound Student, and if you have been reading my own website for long, you will know that I have given recommendations toTim-Lowe-Image one of Tim’s products, (The Tony Langley Product – Click Here For Details) as well as had an interview with Tim Lowe himself, which was intriguing and fascinating at the same time.

Tim actually confesses and has no problem in revealing that it was Andrew Reynolds that lead him to the successful path he is on today, after attending one of Andrew’s workshops many years ago.

This is the part that is very interesting to me. If you read the interview I had with Tim, you will see that he didn’t come from a successful background, and he admits that himself, but it was only after he attended the workshop run by Andrew that he began to really flourish in his own business, which was a mail-order business at the time.

(Image used on the right is copyright Tim Lowe)

This more or less proves that if a method is viable, and can be executed to the author’s instruction, then it can work. And Tim even states that he was just an average Joe before absorbing what Andrew taught him way back before he was the online presence that he is today.

Tim Lowe runs his own personal blog, as well as being the managing Director of Waverley Media Ltd, a publishing company.


(Image used above is copyright

On his blog Tim details various ways that he has gained a foot hold in the business world, with snippets and often humorous anecdotes that makes the ‘teaching’ behind his words much more palatable.

Oh… and did I mention that Tim Lowe has also banked over £25million during his time in business.

So yes, the three people who have marketed the Million Pound Student certainly come with high credentials.

What Will I Be Doing on Million Pound Student?

I can image that once you have attended the training courses, and one-to-one tuition that you will be set up with a Ltd company, a website, and have an array of products in which to promote.

This is all well and good, and fantastic to have such ammunition at your disposal, but the main part of ANY online business is getting eyes onto your website, generating traffic and building a customer email list. This without a shadow of a doubt is much more important than the product itself (in my opinion, and I have sold a fair bit myself!).

With this in mind, and if I myself were going to participate in Million Pound Student, then the first thing I would look at is the customer generation, the marketing skills/training that is being offered, and make sure that this is not run-of-the-mill.

Listen, these guys are the best at getting eyes onto web pages, so you REALLY want to tap into that, so make sure that a large part of the training teaches you EXACTLY what they do to generate traffic and customers.

The last thing you want, or need is to have parted with a couple of grand, and then be left with a website and Ltd company that is not turning over a bean, and the main way to do that (in my opinion) is MARKETING, and not the usual garbage you read online, but marketing from multi-millionaires that are promising to teach you what they do to turn over such figures.

That is what you want to know about more than anything, so make sure you do find that out.

Costs of Million Pound Student?

The cost of the product is certainly not cheap, but it is all relative really. The way the internet is going, products certainly are creeping up higher, and higher, and for products to keep ahead of the pure rubbish that is advertised sometimes, it has to be realistic in it’s price also.

There are 4 different price bands for the product, depending on what you can afford, and depending on your decision regarding what is called ‘revenue’ share.

Basically, depending how much you decide to invest, will decide how much profit you are going to make, and be promised as a share of overall profits – almost like a partnership.


Of course no marketer worth their salt is going to give away their secrets for peanuts, and when you consider the marketers involved here, who turn over the quoted price points (above on the image) in a single day, then there is potential there to make money. Only you can decide if Million Pound Student is really for you.

Conclusion on Million Pound Student

Well, there is certainly a lot of information to get your head around, so you need to weigh up to cost, the product, the offering, and any potential downsides.

Personally, I see myself as a little further down the line to most people who are looking at starting an online business, but this is mainly based on experience.

The key points that stand out to me are the guarantees on offer, the revenue guarantees, and the security of your payments should this not all work out for you.

I would also ask the question of which products are contained in the package, because one of the sticking points I personally would see, is if the same products that Andrew used to make his fortune, and substantial business would still work in today’s market place. Then again, a quick look at the company accounts on Andrew’s businesses show millions of pounds sitting in a shareholder account, which shows he is still making serious income today, and so are the other two marketers mentioned above.


If you have received the letter, and are interested, then make sure you are satisfied with the guarantees in place, and ensure that you understand exactly what is going to be offered once payment has been made.

Million Pound Student sure does look enticing, and you should also consider that the internet is not going anywhere fast, so if you have that kind of money to spare as an investment into this, then it might be worth looking into in more detail.

I always say avoid the hype of such sales pages, and look at the detail of the product on offer. Because if you fall for hype (I am not saying Million Pound Student is hype by the way!) then once you have invested, and are past the ‘honeymoon period’ of the transaction, then you need to know what you will actually be doing on a day-to-day basis, and so you should consider is there enough detail on the sales page for you to make such an informed decision.

Final note on Million Pound Student.

This definitely looks interesting, and if it were me starting all over again, then I would look at the best people in the industry to teach me, and those who are connected with this offer are certainly that, but just ensure that you read all the details on this, as it is quite an investment – but it could very well pay of for you in a big way, should the product really deliver.

My Star Rating on Million Pound Student Review.

You may notice that I have given this product 3.5 stars, which I nearly upped to 4.0 stars, and the reason I have given it 3.5 stars is not because I don’t feel there is value in the offer, especially when you consider who is involved, but mainly because I have not tested the product – and yes, I can review a product without testing it, as I am reviewing what is being offered here, which I sometimes do if there is interest.

No, the main reason I have not given a higher star rating, is because I am not going to be enrolling myself, and therefore I cannot know for sure that the marketing training offered will be of enough value; maybe it can, and if I find out exactly what marketing is being offered, I very may well increase the star rating, but I just would want to know for sure, that the marketing offered is the real deal, and is capable of producing the turnovers advertised –  because a business will either fail, or succeed on the advertising; customer generation and capability to create email lists for future products, and therefore if you do decide to enroll on this, make sure the marketing has the potential to make this happen – this is crucial.

Actually though, on the first day of live training you also have the option of a full refund, so ASK about the marketing if you decide to go on this course. Ask about the marketing on that first morning, and make sure it has ‘millionaire’ value. That is the main concern I would have, but you are covered with a refund, and the guarantee.

I will update the review as, and when more information becomes available.

First Edit:

Guarantees On Such Products, Like Million Pound Student:

On the basis of a comment received, I thought it would be valid, and prudent to mention the guarantees on such products. Yes, on these type of products you will usually see that there are various terms and conditions attached, and that the user will usually miss these small-printed terms, but what they usually consist of are the following:

  • What is advertised will be made available.
  • The buyer/purchaser WILL have an obligation to act and take action towards the intended goal, and any specified income guarantees.
  • Logs of activity will need to be taken to prove that you have taken the required actions.

The above may seem a bit over the top, but consider the following, and the ‘view’ from the company’s perspective:

When such offers are put together, there is a lot of expense put into being able to offer the participants the opportunity; infrastructure, personnel, facilities, and time invested by the promoters. Therefore the promoters see it fair that if the opportunity is taken up, on the premise of a money back guarantee being attached, then the participant (the buyer) should adhere to strict terms and conditions should they decide to claim a money back guarantee at a future point in time.

It does make sense to me, because nobody does anything for nothing, not even millionaire marketers, and if you are deciding to take up na opportunity with them, then they see it as only fair that you take the required action as outlined in the terms and conditions.

Are such terms fair?

Well, read them and see. The responsibility is on YOU to be fully agreeable with the transaction you are entering into. If you renege on your side on the agreement, then that would be your decision, but at least you know (or should know by reading all available terms) what is expected of you.

Usually what is expected is for you to take some action, and work towards the actual attainment of the mutual goal – making money, so I don’t see a problem with that. If you already know you are not somebody who can take action, or has a personality trait that is ‘lazy’, and passive, then obviously being in business may not be the ideal situation for you.

You sometimes have to be honest with yourself, and make a decision to either go for something, or not. As with anything in life, once the ‘honeymoon period’ is over, there is usually some hard work to be done, and nothing was ever achieved without hard work.

Andrew Reynolds Mobile Bootcamp 2016 – Update

I received a letter today from Andrew Reynolds advertising his latest mobile bootcamp, and rather than starting a new thread I thought I would just add to this review.

Here was the letter received:


I have had to scale the image down, and the size file was massive, but I thought I would add this here because over the last week I have also received no fewer than 2 separate emails from readers asking if they should take up the offer.

Now the bootcamp seems to be ‘free’, and included in the letter were 2 x ‘tickets’ to attend the bootcamp, which is seemingly advertising a new way of making money from the mobile phone arena.

The letter also claims that it will be ‘free for one year’, and that those attending the bootcamp will gain access to this system at no cost.

As you can also see from the letter, the main headline is that users can make as much as £3,542 per day from using this new mobile phone income system, which is obviously designed to entice people to go to the bootcamp.

Mobile Bootcamp  ‘Free’ Tickets

Looking at the website that is given to register for these ‘free tickets’, there is in fact a suggested cost, and the suggested cost is in a donation of £147 per person who attends. Not compulsory, and although it is a fantastic cause, the extend of which the sales website goes to get you to attend does not sit well with me on this one.

I have only really added this to this review based on the questions I have been asked about it, and whether I think those who asked should go.

Of course it is not up to me, but looking at the website, which is a VERY long sales pitch on why you should attend, I can only conclude that there will definitely be some kind of cost to this business opportunity – at some stage.

No marketer sends out tens of thousands of letters containing printed paraphernalia without looking to get a return on their investment somewhere along the line, and neither do they create a mobile phone income generating system without looking to profit from somewhere.

So I will leave it at that.  I don’t really have an opinion on it either way, and it is not something that would interest me without more transparency being offered, which this offer does not give.




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  • Chris says:

    Hi just found this page after a google search after receiving the letter myself. At first I thought it was something to do with making a million pound for a student before I read it properly. A young student I mean. Enticing as you say, and you have done a good review on it so thanks for that, Ben. I am still deciding if this is something I should allow further interest on. I am tempted, and your review has definitely helped me understand it all more. thanks. I will think it over a lot more.

    • Ben says:

      Hi Chris,

      Thanks for the kind words. Yes, it is an interesting offer, especially with the people involved, as I stated in the review. Although a few things to consider, I agree, again as mentioned in the review.

      I hope the review helps you to make your decision, as part of your research.


  • Mairi Ward says:

    Hi Ben, I’ve read your review with interest. Was looking for something more conclusive.
    My husband spent over £30,000 on various “opportunities” including Cash-on-Demand with Andrew Reynolds. Each time he lost his nerve when it came to spending even more money on advertising so each “opportunity” failed. His last venture was with Tim Lowe, three years ago. This time money-back-guaranteed. That one had to do with “trading bets” and cost £120 pm for support, over and above the training cost. He did not find the support support helpful. At the end of the 12 months he found his records were not sufficient to claim his money back. He has since had a stroke and cannot tell me what he has learned from these experiences.
    No doubt these men are honourable and have the best intentions but I find this letter confusing. It speaks of offering all these products, licenses, lists, etc being given to you but then goes on to speak of a studio that is available to make your own products. That is way beyond my ability. I’m wondering what else is not as simple as it first appears.
    I am not looking to make a million but about £1,500pm would suffice to prop up my £350 pm pension.
    Any advice?

  • Ben says:

    Hi Mairi,

    Thanks for the reply. Regarding being conclusive, I can only review on what is available, which is what I did.

    If you are looking to top up a pension, and around £1500 per month, then the safest way to do that would be Profit Maximiser, Click Here For Details.

    Literally thousands of people are doing it, and you should not have any trouble topping up your pension in a very nice way using what Mike shows you.

    In fact Mike who runs it sends you all the offers you need, and many are making up to £100 a day.

    Here are today’s offers to give you an example, as I use it myself:


    Take a look at the link above, and if you need any further details you can email me.

    Regarding the Million Pound Student, yes, there is a lot of information to consider, and without having used it myself, I cannot be swayed either way, but yes, most of these type of products have strict guarantees attached, but when you think about it, the promoters do put a lot of money into it, and need to ensure that the participants keep their side of the transaction agreements.


  • Mairi says:

    Hi Ben,
    Many thanks indeed for the time you took to give me the pointer I need. I totally agree that promoters invest a lot in developing their products so have to use strict requirements for their guarantees. My problem is that I require something that is idiot proof.
    I’ve looked at Mike Cruikshank and feel quite excited at what he offers. It seems simple enough for me to understand with a bit of practice. The reviews have also helped in making my decision.
    My day began in a state of apprehension that I was getting into something too big for me. Now, thanks to yourself, I have settled on Mike Cruikshank’s offer and feel relaxed and optimistic.
    Your help is greatly appreciated.

  • Debe says:

    Ben, why is there no tel no’s made available on the sales letters? Legitimate companies normally display contact no’s don’t they?

    Why is it necessary to pay such large amounts of money upfront before having a chance to check a company out, meet with the principles and know what you are getting into?

    In a day of much Internet fraud handing over up to nearly £20,000 by credit card to people you have never met sounds preposterous don’t you agree?

    If I was interested in a franchise I would expect to visit the offices, meet with the owners, satisfy myself that everything stands up before entering in to a financial commitment and the process would start with a phone call to the HQ. I would also speak to my bankers, accountants and solicitors.

    It seems amazing to me that so called business minded people would hand over such sums without carrying out due diligence and even more amazing that marketers can ask for such sums upfront when mlm companies in the uk are restricted to accepting £200 in the first week.

    What laws apply to direct sales schemes like this in the uk? Is there a 14-day cooling off period for example?

    Tim Lowe’s sales letter says you can change your mind by lunch time on the day of training however, there is no reference to a statutory cooling of period.

    Your thoughts please?

    • Ben says:

      Hi Debe,

      Thanks for your post.

      I think with intangible products like Million Pound Student, cooling off periods (legally) do not apply, because they are ‘services’ that cannot be handed back, which I am inclined to agree with.

      And my honest opinion is that we live far too much in a consumer nanny state, where buyers are not taking responsibility for their own actions sometimes.

      Sure, it is a lot of money, but I would always, always advise to pay for such products via a credit card, with the protection this provides, then providing the terms and conditions have been adhered to, then you would have nothing to worry about.

      I can assure you, that if these big marketers made a habit of of taking such sums and not delivering, then their merchant accounts would be up for analysis very quickly, because don’t forget, with credit card companies, THEY are taking the responsibility for such transactions.

      It sounds like you have been burnt with MLM companies in the past, and I personally do not like such companies, and their shady tactics, and their 95% drop out rate due to over promising their wares, but not everything can be tarred with the same brush.

      The people on this particular product are very wealthy individuals, and although I am definitely not giving my recommendation to this product, I do feel sometimes that the purchaser needs to take some responsibility for their actions, and as I say, providing you pay by credit card, and have adhered to the terms, you should not have a problem with similar purchases.

      Another consideration is that do you think such high profile marketers would want to damage their reputations by not delivering? I don’t think they will, and don’t, but I do know that the onus will ALWAYS be on the buyer sticking to the terms, so if you decide to purchase this, or any other high ticket product, definitely make sure you have read all available terms, because if you decide to go for a refund, then the contract is the terms, and if you cannot prove to your credit card company that you have followed everything to the letter, then you won’t have a leg to stand on.

      But what I will say, is make absolutely sure you know what you are getting into, because where such sums are mentioned, you will absolutely need to stick to your side of any agreements, as mentioned above, and if you have doubts, then don’t do it.


  • ron taylor says:

    Hi Ben,
    I to received the offer of a million pound student and like many others did Cash on Demand and other offers from Tim as well. Reading your review of Million Pound Student reminded me that your totally correct In you do need to read the Terms and Conditions otherwise if you don’t adhere to the structure of the course, you certainly won’t get your money back. I must have cost me over £20k before I learnt that you need commitment till the end and when your running your own business as well that’s not on the Internet it’s not very cost effective to start on these projects. I only wish that this had been offered in the beginning as I’ve often said to Andrew to do something like this But you need to do everything asked of you till the end. Your point about lifetime of the products is very valid we can’t all be selling similar products and be that successful can we? Ron

    • Ben says:

      Hi Ron,

      I agree with you, terms are everything when running a business, and entering into agreements.

      I think with this internet age, people are more inclined to try and ‘find out what it is’ passively, then try and claim for a refund when they realise they cannot be bothered to take action.

      And my take on that is well, who’s to blame? I blame the individual concerned for not following through. As we all know, nothing worthwhile will be handed to you on a plate, so why should such companies accept abuse of their terms?

      It’s about responsibility in my eyes, and far too many people these days become ‘opportunity junkies’, flitting from one offer to the other, without really putting in the required effort.

      It’s just that some businesses do not accept abuse, and fair play to them I say.

      And once again, I am not giving my recommendation to this product, I am neither for, or against, but I would definitely not be against an offer based on price. It all depends what is being offered; what you are asked to do to complete your side of the deal, and more importantly, do you have it in you to follow through, and not look for exits (refunds) when the going gets tough, which it will at some stage.


  • Debe says:

    Well Ben, I know someone who attended the workshop and the only thing he came away with was a box of discs. He has to set up his own websites, do the copy writing, branding, advertising and marketing etc, etc. Nothing is set up as indicated by the sales letter, he has to do it all and he has no experience in doing so. Thousands of pounds spent and really still at square one. What do you think of that Ben? Should he be asking for a refund?

    • Ben says:

      Hi Debe,

      Well, if that is genuinely all the person came away with, then you have to ask the question why they only walked away with that, without standing their ground based on what was advertised, and speaking up at the time?

      It is difficult to say really, but of course there are guarantees based on what the offer initially advertised.

      I would ask your friend to maybe contact the promoters now about their concerns, but I personally would have done this at the time of the workshop, and ensured that what was advertised was delivered.

      It is relative really, because one person may look at what they walked away with physically, without understanding that not everything was going to be done for them, and that the actions now required were detailed in the terms; which I assumed the person did fully check and digest before entering into the overall agreement.


      • Debe says:

        The morning session was I understand mostly trivia therefore,the attendees had to wait until the afternoon session to hear the more nitty gritty stuff however, in the Q & A part near the end one person expressed his concerns i.e. that he could not afford to spend more money on websites and marketing etc. He was told he could just start by promoting Andrew Reynolds book ‘copy this idea’ on his facebook page if he had one? Apparently, he kept repeating his concerns but was just condescended too as it became too embarrassing on camera. So Ben people are charged between £2,400 and £19,200 and leave with a box of discs and then have to pay around £120 per month for support which amounts to a video in the post. No contact tel no’s were given out so no one can lift the phone for help. Is this good business or will people feel conned and let down yet again? It’s ok for Andrew and Tim to boast about making tens-of-millions-of-pounds but for someone starting off with no experience and a small budget you can understand the sense of disappointment and foreboding this brings. FEAR is a big factor for people trying to start a business so without the help expected many will flounder. Of course, Andrew and Tim know this and actually refer to it in the workshop. They say we will be lucky if one person makes it? Well, if they know that surely they should provide what they imply they will provide in their sales letters. This is only fair as very few people can afford to throw away money like this. Andrew presents himself as a nice humble guy from an impoverished background who has gotten very rich however, one might well ask has he gotten rich at the expense of naive, gullible and perhaps desperate people?

        • Ben says:

          Hi Debe,

          This is mainly why I made the suggestions when you first asked the question about attendees knowing exactly what they were getting before paying, and if I am right, a refund could have been obtained on the morning of the workshop, THAT is when I would have asked these questions, personally.


  • Debe says:

    I am sure you would have asked the right questions at the right time Ben, unfortunately, most people are not as smart and bold as you and in the case of the person I know, he is elderly and quite vulnerable. And as for the young man that spoke up later in the day, I am told he was foreign with a very poor grasp of what was being said to him. Again, a vulnerable person being taken advantage off – not nice!

  • Tim Lowe says:

    This is Tim Lowe.

    I agree with most of what Ben has to say but must take issue with the words of ‘Debe’ who apparently knows somebody who attended who is apparently ‘elderly’.

    Obviously I was actually there and I recall only one person who looked ‘elderly’ who has been a customer for many years and is delighted with what he received. I know this because he has emailed to say so.

    I cannot think of anybody else who could be described as ‘elderly’.

    The so called ‘foreign person’ is far from vulnerable having bought many products from Andrew over 10 years and having asked by email in advance for all sorts of deals. His command of written English was first class.

    Everybody has Andrew’s personal email address, my personal email address and the email for my right hand marketing expert who is available for support should I be unavailable. My phone number is on my main website and many customers call every day.

    The chap who was asking about where to start was told by Andrew exactly what everybody else was told which is to start my marketing Andrew’s book because, as promised, everything is all set up already, including sales pages, videos and money taking facilities.

    This was exactly in line with the promises made as was the teaching of other alternative methods of approaching the business.

    Finally, we asked everybody for written feedback and that feedback was universally positive and no mention was made of any of these points.

    Quite how things change in people’s minds afterwards I cannot ever understand. However, if Debe’s ‘friend’ would like to get in touch with me personally I can discuss these concerns in more depth.

    Tim Lowe

  • Phillip Haran says:

    I am curious how the market can take hundreds more people selling the same products to English speaking people. Surely there is a saturation point which will be reached quicker with more people offering the same materials?

  • Peter says:

    Another letter received offering a ‘risk-free’ trial for £199 + VAT.
    Why are they offering the course again, albeit via DVD’s?
    If this was really viable they would be swamped with helping the people who attended the original course and not peddling it again just to get more money!

  • Dan Alexander says:

    great post Ben keep up the good work.

    A word of caution though for those looking at signing up. These courses are designed to only make one person very rich; the person selling the course.

    There business is the business of selling information products at inflated prices with usually a monthly subscription also involved.

    The ‘millionaire lifestyle dream’ is continuously pushed to the front whilst any risks involved are barely or never mentioned.

    How about telling everyone exactly how many past students have made millions and how many have lost even their initial investment?

    And if they really want to help why not simply offer it at an affordable price and when a student has made their first million take 50%.

    Now that would get my respect.

  • Ben says:

    Updated regarding a new mailing from Andrew Reynolds.


  • Seeos says:

    just one word, avoid! i also bought COD and it was a waste of money in my opinion. And this bootcamp for phones, even for those who didn’t go Reynolds is now emailing asking for £500+ to become involved, so much for being ‘free’

  • Michael Hutchinson says:

    Don’t waste your time with these out of date courses and ones that are just put together by the cheating Yanks and then sell to reynolds to sell on again & again.Alos don’t buy from David Anderson. Anderson Dynamics.

  • John says:

    why on earth would anyone in there right mind buy ANYTHING from these SNAKEOIL mercharts in this review?

    wake up folks they are DREAM sellers!

  • Bernard Dearle says:

    yes i agree with Johns comments
    DONT DO IT!!
    Darren Winters is another one
    they will charge to tell you the idea
    then sell you a course
    on that course they sell you an upgrade
    then more upsells blah blah blah
    MOST of the money is from selling the idea

  • S. Ward says:

    Could you please give me some Intel on Andrew Reynold’s ‘Digital Nomads’ product? I am worried my 81 year old mother is going to be sucked in to this? Thankyou

    • Dawn says:

      Hi S Ward, I have been sucked into it and feel like I have made a big mistake. Luckily or unluckily I got in at £99 +VAT instead of the £600 originally asked. I was very disappointed to find out that there was only a 20 minute video of instruction and to learn about getting traffick required a 300 odd mile trip to a seminar which I could neither afford or attend. Seems like it is hard luck if you can’t attend. Then I emailed him once to ask if the product I had chosen for my front-end product was suitable, and I was told I needed to decide myself as he wanted to retire!!! I am going to try asking for my money back, but won’t hold my breath. Please stop your mother from making this mistake. I know the bootcamp was nothing but a 3 day sales pitch for his buddies. It costs a fortune to travel there, get accommodation etc only to find it is just a sales pitch, and then the shock comes that the course actually costs £600 sand is not free after all, and there is no support if you are stuck. and you have to pay £118 per month to find out that you will have to pay out for graphic designers, websites, hosting, autoresponders etc etc. I have wasted thousands too – not wanting to be a millionaire but just to be able to make a living from home because of my health problems. I wish I knew at the start what I know now!

  • Brian says:

    Have you had any feedback / comments on Canonbury Publishing’s ‘Video On Demand’ product?
    It is available on monthly subscription and appears to be of the same ilk as Andrew Reynold’s ‘Digital Nomads’

  • Jane says:

    My husband and I bought in to Heloise Laight’s (Canonbury Publishing Ltd.) “Video on Demand” training last April (2018). We paid nearly £3000 for a day’s session plus all the videos. We also subscribed for the monthly ongoing training to help us set up our own VOD subscription site.

    Prior to attending we were given the impression that it was a one-off session but during the day we found out that they were running at least 2 more sessions and now it seems it’s available online.

    On viewing the videos we found they were all from Simon Coulson’s Internet Business School and many of them were over 12 months old and others even older! The monthly training videos have been very amateurish and the support has been very poor.

    We would like to think that if we persevere we could have a sustainable business but as time goes on we’re not convinced.

  • Edward Whitfield says:

    What do you think about Ben Lee’s Selling on Amazon system, via Canonbury Publishing? The Intro Videos look very good. However, Bryan Addison of US seems to be selling a similar system for a lower figure.

  • Mark Steele says:

    I have been on bel lee training now for 4 months
    I finding that as the course goes along its getting long winded
    I haven’t made any money yet even though I have products on amazon
    I not even sure if Ben Lee has anything for sales on Amazon,
    as he must be making a good almost of money selling this course
    I would say think twice about doing this course.

  • Dawn STEPHENSON says:

    Hi, i joined Andrew Reynold’s Money Hack Live PROGRAM late, as I did not want to attend the 3 day bootcamp at Brighton. These 3 days are not training at all, they are a huge sales pitch by various associates of Andrew, and I was not willing to pay travel and hotel costs and spend 3 long days just to be sold to. The bootcamp was free, but all the products touted by the various speakers were not. If you paid £495 you got access to the MoneyHack Pro course which AR said would be 11 free products that you could use on your mobile phone to make a fair stash of money. I watched the recordings of all of the bootcamp speakers, and now am watching the videos from the MHpro products we get access to for paying the money. I’m a bit disillusioned now, as the products aren’t in fact products, but pages to sign up as an affiliate to sell these products but with no ‘free’ training on how to do it. It’s probably great if you already have a client list or a free way to get traffic. So glad didn’t go to bootcamp. Though I have to say that there were some fantastic products on sale there, but they were expensive.

  • Dawn Stephenson says:

    Dawn, looks as though we have had the same experience with it. I too was told I had to work it out for myself as he was retiring. I think he has gotten rich feeding off unexperienced, desperate or niave people looking for a way to get their heads above water.

  • karlo says:

    Dawn , I attended the Brighton fiasco and was extremely disapointed
    you are absolutely correct. Free hacks…a total LIE it was all just a money making sales pitch and a complete waste of time. UI personaly now consider A.Reynolds to be a wealthy snake oil salesman and not worth dealing with.

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