How Some Free Racing Tipsters Manipulate Their Customers, and How to Avoid Them

As many of you know, I spend a lot of time testing various systems, and racing tipsters, and one thing that has caught my eye more than most is just how they can be economical with the truth regarding their results, and success.

It sounds easy doesn’t it? All you do is choose a successful tipster, check their backdated results, and if they are showing a profit, you simply jump onto their success train. Really? Well if you read most tipster pages, and testimonials that is how easy they make it look, but I have found some real flaws in how some of them operate.

I am not just talking about free racing tipsters either, even those who charge a premium for thie tips, and information seem to have a set way of manipulation, and when you catch them out, they also have a folder full of excuses to cover their tracks.

eBay Racing Tipsters

To give you a perfect example of such manupulation I recently tested an eBay racing tipster.

eBay have a lot of tipsters, and systems, and most have been on there for months, and usually feedback is given by people who have only done a day or so worth of tips, so they could be positive at that moment in time, but if the results are half decent, then I like to try anything I am involved with over a much longer period of time.

I also check eBay constantly for any new methods, and tipsters and see if any of them stand out. I check their feedback as well as what else they are selling at the time, just to give me an idea of how serious the information is.

For example, if the ‘tipster’ is also selling 20+ other betting manuals then I can predict with certainty that this is not a serious service, but if the seller only has one auction, and the text is unique and unusual I look further.

By unique I mean not all built into a fancy template that pro sellers use, but just written text from an individual who may just have latched onto something worth pursuing, and decided to offer it to the public.

Although most would never do that, and offer what works for them, you do sometimes get little nuggets of information… no really, you do 🙂

Now this tipster advertised that they had made around £800 the previous week to £20 level stakes, and this was on their listing, like so:


Now on this eBay listing the tipster placed all the results for their previous selections/tips, showing the prices and the profits given, which all look ‘great’, as they always do 🙂

So, as the listing was for 99p, I decided to give it a try.

I knew at some stage during the daily tips that I would receive the usual email from the tipster trying to get me to subscribe for full price, which would be fair enough.

After all, if he really was generating £800 a week through his tips, then there would be no shortage of willing, and eager participants looking to get in on a regular basis.

Anyway the tips started coming by email, mainly the night before with all these great prices and not an odds on horse in sight, so this particular tipster was obviously going for longer losing runs, and higher priced winners, which is not a problem as such.

Racing Tipster Results

These are the results from the first 4 days:

Saturday 23 July 2016 Result Profit  Bank
2.25 York – Dew Pond 7/2 l -10
2.50 Chester – Sunnua 9/2 l -20
3.00 York – Swift Approval 6/1 l -30
4.05 Newcastle – Southern Storm 3/1 l -40
4.10 York – Intisaab 7/1 l -50
Sunday 24th July 2016
4.10 Uttoxeter – Kayla 4/1 w 33 -17
5.30 Carlisle – Bajan Rebel 8/1 l -27
5.40 Pontefract – Henley 7/2 l -37
5.50 Uttoxeter – Innoko 7/2 l -47
Monday 25th July 2016
2.45 Newton Abbot – Edgar 11/4 l -57
3.55 Newton Abbot – Vexillum 9/1 l -67
4.10 Ayr – Ingleby Hollow 5/2 nr
4.25 Newton Abbot – The Bay Bandit 9/1 l -77
4.40 Ayr – Archies Advice 6/1 nr
Tuesday 26th July 2016
3:30 Yarmouth Basil Berry 11/1 l -87
3:55 Beverley Jacbequick 11/4 l -97
5:10 Yarmouth Bring On A Spinner 5/1 l -107


As you can see, that even with a starting bank of £100, this was in debit after only 4 days, so at the end of the 4 days I was standing at a loss of minus – £107

Not great, and as you can imagine after the £800+ advertised profit from the previous week, I was feeling desperately unhappy ( Not really, as I was only paper trading 😛 ).

But, had I been using really money like the 16+ other buyers from the same auction I wouldn’t have been jumping for joy.

Racing Tipsters Manipulation

But this got me thinking about the prices this tipster had been giving, and every time he sent me an email all these prices looked ‘great’ but when I went to any bookmakers, or on Betfair, I was not getting anywhere near to the prices being tipped.

I asked the tipster about this, and his reply was:

“Well, if you had put the bets on at 9pm the previous night you would have got them”

Really? Firstly, how many people actually sit there at 9pm waiting for an email, and secondly if using Betfair, which many do now due to being banned from bookmakers, the liquidity in the market would not have been there anyway if you were placing decent wized wagers.

It was at this point I decided to go back to the tipster’s eBay auction as I knew the week before he had been updating the listing daily to show the ‘success’. I could not prove this at this time as I was not getting tips, but even during the period I was getting the tips, and even after losing days I was seeing this:

“Loss yesterday”

“Today returned £100”

I thought “what?, the losses yesterday lost £120 to £20 stakes, so why are you not showing those?”.

It was blatant manipulation, and even when I questioned this by email I would instantly get met with this:

“A big winner will come along soon, don’t judge this over 2 or 3 days”.

The problem is, even on the results I have shown above, there were 15 selections and only 1 winner at 10/3, so nobody in their right mind is going to continue staking when they have already blown their bank in the hope of a ‘big winner coming soon’.

Seems ludicrous doesn’t it.

Yes, I know that there are winning, and losing days, and even winning and losing weeks, but where tipsters are concerned, it is the way they communicate which leaves a lot to be desired.

Now if I check the feedback of this tipster on eBay I see this:


I must add that neither of the above were my feedback.

I also continued to test the selections for about 10 days, and again, at the end of the 10 days there was a loss, but the tipster continued to send these:

“Now your trial is over, you can join us for £35” emails, which did make me laugh, I must admit, because having the audacity to send such emails when the tips being given, and results achieved were so dire, that you could all but just shake your head at the cheek of it 🙂

Now some of you may remember that I recently testing a horse place betting system I generated myself, and that I placed the selections BEFORE the races had even started, and I even placed the odds I managed to bet on, again BEFORE the races had started, and I did this so that you could go off and check the odds I was stating, and then check the results after the races, the way it should be.

You can check my post on this system, by clicking the blue text above. This is how tipsters hould be operating, by being transparent, and reasonable in what odds their customers can get.

Sure there are variables, and odds change but if so, then state this on your service that it could happen!

Tipsters are a Minefield

Yep, they really are.

The problem is, that information is so easy to manipulate that most subscribers do not have the capability to check what is really happening.

This is my criteria for checking a valid tipster:

  • Check their previous results.
  • Maybe check the tipsters name in Google for reviews.
  • Make sure they have a very low starting price offer (or even a free trial).
  • Be alert to prices offered, verses those published.

I suppose the moral of this post is that you need to be careful what you believe, and buy into, especially where tipsters are concerned.

It is so, so easy to back check information and build it into an offer that looks enticing, and tipsters are masters at this, they really are.

So when checking past results, you should always take them with a pinch of salt, because in racing, the past will never equal the future, but it is very, very easy to make you believe it will.

I will add to this review over time, but I mainly wrote it so that you are aware of what is going on out there.

Conclusion on Racing Tipsters

Tipsters are ten a penny these days, especially now that the internet has made it so very easy to promote such services, but really when you get right down to the facts, anybody can have a few good winning days, but does that mean you should be selling your services? No it does not, because what will usually happen, is that once people realist there is no substance in your selections, your reputation will suffer.

A week or so ago I did a review on Betting Gods, and they have many, many tipsters on their books, but the difference with those guys, is that you can take a full 30 day trial and really check out their results before parting with some serious cash.

The have my recommendation mainly due to how professional they are, and they already have a growing reputation as one of the best in the industry, so I can advise that you check them out by clicking this tipster review.

Be cautious out there, and as I said I will add to this review over time.

A Perfect Example of Tipster Manipulation

Just to update this particular post, we recently reviewed a tipster service called Lay Bet Kings, in which we were asked if we would document the tips, and results, which did not exactly go to plan, as the results were extremely poor, but what happened after the review shocked even me, in that I was then alerted that the tipster decided to change his results to make them look ‘better’.

In fact, they didn’t just remove the losses, they changed the whole results page to make it look like that had a 100% success rate, even though when we reviewed their tips there were massive losses.

Click the link above for full details.



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