George Brown Profit Master System The Zero to $100k Master Path Review

George_Montague_BrownFor anybody in internet marketing, the name George Montagu Brown (or George Brown) will either put a smile on your face, or they may shake their heads. I will explain the reasons why later. Now, George is launching his “Profit Master System The Zero to $100k Master Path” course.

Many marketers will have a quiet admiration for George, and most will certainly have used at least one of his products at some stage of their internet marketing career.

The conclusion of the Profit Master System, and webinar, and all full details of what actually happened can be seen by jumping to the following section of this review by clicking here.

George also used to have a fantastic reputation as one of the UK’s leading marketers, and brought out some very good products, and some not so good…

Either way, he generates a lot of interest, and this is mainly because the guy has made a fortune online, and was a millionaire by the age of 18/19

George Brown has not been ‘around’ for a couple of years due to one incident with his latest product launch, which let’s just say, ‘didn’t go to plan’. Although yesterday he sent a bulk email to all his subscribers asking them to register for his latest webinar, which he has entitled:

The Profit Master System Zero to $100k Master Path

Who is George Montagu Brown?

George first appeared on the marketing scene around 5/6 years ago and started generating interest as this young marketer who seemed to have the golden touch. George’s products have included:

  • IM Elite
  • Traffic Ultimatum
  • Google Sniper System
  • Google Sniper System 2.0
  • Google Sniper System 3.0
  • Predator

George Brown quickly became a millionaire of the back of products he promoted which started with internet marketing products, and then went on to information product generation via his Google Sniper Course, which was, in it’s day, a ground-breaking product (for some people at least, I already knew the formula).

But yes, to some, based on comments you would have thought they had been handed a golden key to ‘wealth’.

…You know how some people can get carried away, and are easily excited 😛

The problem was, as is the problem with most marketers, is that they flog their products to death, re-branding, and trying to make their past customers believe that they have something new. This is when Google Sniper 3.0 was launched, I have a review on the product, which although was OK, it was just the same as the original.

You can read my review on Google Sniper here.

I won’t go into too much detail about the products George launched, because most of you reading this will know about them, or you probably wouldn’t be reading this now after searching from Google, but just to recap, I will say a few words:

IM Elite

IM Elite was a decent product at the time, although by today’s standards it would be looked on as fairly mundane, and the internet has moved on, but at the time is did contain some useful bits of marketing advice.

Traffic Ultimatum

This was launched just before George really hit the ‘big numbers’, and I still have it on one of my old hard drives somewhere, and although not mind blowing, again, it did contain some useful information for the time it was written. It is outdated now.

Google Sniper series, 1, 2, 3.0

This is where George Brown really made his name, because at the time it was written many people still didn’t understand what affiliate marketing was all about, which if you still don’t know, is all about traffic generation, and sending traffic to a vendor’s site in return for a commission once a sale is made.


(Copyright George Brown, and companies)

Google Sniper hit the ground running, as the market was most definitely ripe for this type of information.

To put simply, the idea was to use long tail keywords, and keywords in the actual domain names to manipulate the Google searches into ranking you on the first page of their search engines.

It worked fantastically well, and made George Brown a LOT of money. In fact, it make him the number 1 ClickBank seller on the planet for a time, which is no easy feat, believe me.

The following video will show you George making his Gazillions on ClickBank:


It seemed like every market was using George’s strategies, which incidentally, were nothing new to me, because I had been using the basics for many years already, but when it was introduced to a mass market, all the ‘sniper’ sites started to dominate the search engines in a way that had never been seen before.

For the first time ever, online marketers has a set of instructions that just worked, and people were making their first online profits much easier than ever before.

The basics still work today, but are nowhere near as effective.

It was a great product, and easily one of the best that had been introduced to the marketing fraternity at the time. Then Google Sniper 2.0, and 3.0 were introduced around 12 months later, which to me, contained pretty much the same information as the first product, just reworded and rebranded.

The problem for people using Google Sniper is that Google themselves changed their algorithms, and muted a lot of the tactics that George taught. Not all of them, but enough to make a markable difference to people’s results.

For example, one of the tactics (the main tactic) was to start a website and if you were targetting frogs that can sing opera, you would buy a domain name called “” and Google would rank the website thinking “It must be releavnt because the actual keyword is in the domain name”.

It worked for a while, and worked very well, but as we all know, Google is no fool, and quickly squashed that ‘loophole’.

What Came Next with George Montagu Brown

By this stage George Brown could do no wrong, and was almost literally walking on water as far as internet marketing was concerned.

If he had a product coming out then people most definitely wanted a piece of the action, and would purchase based on his name alone, such was the respect he had from the online marketing world.

Then came the problems…

Yep, George decided to increase his profits once more with a much anticipated launch.

His new launched was so anticipated that the search engines were already filling up with eager affiliates registering the ‘name’ of this product reading for traffic to start arriving.

Forums such as The Warrior Forum waited with endless threads talking about this ‘exciting new George Brown product’, and people couldn’t wait for it to arrive, such was the success most had already made on his previous products.

George Brown Launched ‘Predator’…

The new product that everybody had been waiting for was called ‘predator’


(Copyright George Brown, and companies)

George create a video stating that it was a live online webinar, but the reality is, that it was pre-recorded, and the signs were obvious. But people wanted to know what was going on, so stormed over to his website to see what this great new revolution was… as they do 🙂

You can watch the original video here:

The product sounded fantastic, and the video went on for ages. Even though George looked like he was an interviewer in an Iraqi prison 🙂

The price of the product was £800 (or might have been $800) I cannot remember exactly, but as it was so much more than George’s previous products people expected that it was the real deal, and everything that George claimed it was.

In marketing, a high price can sometimes attract a higher number of sales, because consumers are conditioned on price being a value factor, and if something costs more, then people can (sometimes wrongly, which was in this case…) make themselves believe that it must be ‘quality, and worthy’ of such an investment.

The bottom line was though, that all George Brown had created was a bot for scraping emails from Craigslist, and then spamming the hell out of them with anything you wanted. As he said it took him 2 and a half years to make?

It was illegal, and pathetic to be honest.

What a let down…. a let down on the product, and a let down on George Brown for producing such rubbish, and insulting the intelligence of his subscribers.

Not only that, but the software had major problems and didn’t do as expected, so people were screaming that they had not received what they had paid for. Many also knew about the legalities of such a product, and wanted a refund.

Here for example, is a search result for the product still online today:


Customers on forums were wanting George’s blood. They felt duped, and abused.

The problem was that George Brown had created such a loyal following, that when Predator launched it was like being slapped with a wet fish right across the chops.

The product really was rubbish, and not only that, but there were alternative products that did similar for a fraction of the price. But as I said, scraping and spamming (which essentially what the product was) was, and still is illegal.

How could George Brown get it so, so wrong??

It still surprises me even today what happened, and this was around 2 years ago. George had the marketing world at his feet, and had he done things the right way, I suspect he could have doubled his wealth. There was nobody around at the time in the UK to touch his success.

People, buyers and followers just could not believe what George had done. It was totally self inflicted.

Anyway, all this was around 2 years ago, and George Brown went quiet after that, but he is now back.

Last night I received an email from George asking me to watch his new video, in which he is promising to show all his subscribers exactly how he has made $21 million over the last 5 years (I told you he was a millionaire, but I didn’t know he was worth that much), and that he will show us everything, even his ‘hidden money generating systems.

This new launch is going to be called:

Profit Master System Zero to $100k Master Path

George has filmed a video of himself somewhere exotic (don’t they all), and pretending to be ‘just one of the regular guys’ again, states that he is going to show his subscribers everything that is usually hidden.

Here is what the website says:


(Copyright George Brown, and companies)

In the video he claims that it is the publishers that are making the money, and not the affiliates (didn’t Google Sniper claims to make money for affiliates?!…hmmm), anway, yes, he is now saying that his new product will show, and teach how to be an actual publisher, instead of a normal affiliate who compete aginst each other.

The product is not out yet, but no doubt there will be more video emails to create anticipation, and get the affiliate marketers into their usual frenzy.

I will update this review as and when the product launches, but for now, and after George Brown’s last product, I am pretty sceptical about it.

My personal feeling is that George is going in for another last, and probably lazy payday. How he can sit there on his videos pretending to still be one of the top marketers is amazing to me, especially after the Predator product. It seems George has developed a thick skin, or that he is so far from reality, that he doesn’t care.

Not only that, but the Facebook comments under his video really does show that some people are delusional. The comments from his subscibers, many of which are oblivious to what happened at the last launch.

I am sure George Brown is not a bad chap. Good looking young lad who made millions the easy way, and all that….it is the stuff of movies. But this is business, and on the strength of his last catastrophic launch, I am just advising a little caution.

My advice is: Tread with caution This Profit Master Course

George Brown Profit Master System Update 27th July 2016

The ‘Live’ Webinar?

Well, it came and went and was totally SHAMBOLIC.

It went offline after around 9 minutes:

George Brown Webinar

I will update this thread tomorrow as it is after 3am here, but let’s just say George failed on the big stage with this one…

Then everybody left very quickly:


Also, one thing was for sure, it definitely wasn’t live, as promised. It was again pre-recorded. And the following viewer summed it up in one post:


Look at some of the user comments before George stopped people commentng:

George shambles

And more:


Until they stopped comments from viewers to stem the negative damage:


A lot of unhappy people, and from the content that was shown, it looked just like a re-hashed Google Sniper, promoting niches using ClickBank products.

Nothing new at all, and a total waste of everyone’s time, but as I said I will update this tomorrow.

….I actually cannot believe I stayed up until past 3am for this 🙁

  • Morning after – I am awake now, so further updates…

George Brown Profit Master System Price

Well, after a well deserved lie in after the shambles last night, I wake to somebody sending me the link to the profit matcher actual product, and the price?

After the webinar breaking down, and the anticipated build up of the Profit Master System, I was expecting the price to be a few hundred $$’s, but I was blown away by what I have just seen, and not in a good way..

Look at this for pricing:


(Copyright George Brown and Companies)

Wow, eh? $1,500 (or £1,500 once tax has been added for UK viewers)

Anybody spending that kind of money for old and outdated information really must have a screw missing in their nut, because they can find everything that was advertised from Google Sniper (around $50), and from a few bits of free information online.

There is nothing new here.

What is The Profit Master System?

In my opinion, and based on the content I did see on George Brown’s pre-recorded webinar last night, it was based around the following:

  • Finding a niche
  • Building lists from that niche
  • Finding suitable ClickBank products to promote to that niche
  • Making an affiliate commission

Sound familiar?

Of course it does, because that is EXACTLY what Google Sniper used to do, and this seems just like a glorified version of Google Sniper, and nowhere near worth the money George Brown is asking (in my opinion, and I suspect many others).

As I was watching the content last night, all I could think was “This is just a hash of Google Sniper”.

George Brown Webinar Fail – Watch the video below

Here is all you could here on the webinar last night – static, click the video to play what we all watched:


Not great, and that static noise was far louder than it sounds on the video above. It was an absolute mess of a launch, and as mentioned by many other people, was definitely not live, as promised.

If it was live, then of course they would have known about the problems, and fixed them earlier.

The content we did hear?

Well, It was not exciting, George seemed to be making it up as he went along for most of it, and was just showing screenshots mainly of how much ‘he’ makes on ClickBank, and George was saying things like:

“Find a niche like dog grooming, shed building, and then build a list, as there are people making 6 figure a month incomes from it”, etc. etc.

The problem though, is that although niche building does work to a certain extent, it is nowhere near as easy as George claims it is, and again, all this was taught in a previous sub $50 product, so why anybody would even think about paying $1,497 + VAT for it is crazy really.

Conclusion of George Brown Profit Master System

I don’t want to knock George Brown really, because 6/7 years ago this young lad was at the top of the tree, and his Google Sniper product revolutionised the affiliate marketing industry, but it really does seem like he is a one-trick-pony.

Since Google Sniper, George (as mentioned above) has brought out the illegal Predator, and now a re-hash of Google Sniper with this Profit Master System.

I simply cannot recommend this. I think George is yet again pulling a fast one, and trying for a last ditched effort at trying to make something sound new that most people already know.

Also, claiming the webinar was live, when it obviously wasn’t. George claimed that his invitations went out to 400,000 people, and that we must get in quick to secure a place on the ‘live’ show, claiming he already had 3,000 people securing their place.

See this claim on the website before the webinar:


(Image copyright George Brown and Companies)

Firstly, it was NOT live, and secondly, at any one time on the webinar there were never more than just over 400 people viewing. So either George got his numbers drastically wrong, or people just were not interested after the last failed Predator launch.

Why try and insult the intelligence of his viewers by claiming it was live, when it wasn’t. The fact is most people could give a hoot if it was live or not, but they do care about being duped.

Either way, the attraction to George Brown from the marketing fraternity seems to have vanished.

Much of what he is offering these days can be found online for free.

For example, George claims to give ‘cheat sheets’ to the preliminary niche research. I mean come on, all this is so 2005, and can be found for free with a simple Google search.

As I was listening to George on his short lived webinar last night (before it got cut short through technical issues), it occured to me that he actually sounded out of his depth, and was, for want of a better phrase ‘BS-ing’ when trying to explain how lucrative niches can be.

For a guy who has made $21million, he does not seem to have any new ideas at all, and nothing George said last night was anything new, and nothing in addition to what anybody has already heard.

As part of the price of the Profit Master System, George says you will get the following:


(Copyright George Brown and Companies)

  • Profit Master System ‘worth’ $15,000
  • 8 weeks Profit Master training ‘worth’ $10,000
  • Copy me templates ‘worth’ $5,000
  • Dream Factory ‘worth’ $5,000

Really though, the above valuations are laughable. Copy me templates? Can be found for free.

Training worth $10,000? come on, George will be teaching Google Sniper principles that can be found for sub $50.

Before George launched the Profit Master System he was emailing for about a week, building us up with anticipation for what he claimed was going to be ‘the best products of 2016’, and the following is what we witnessed:

  • Mistruths about a live webinar, when it was obviously pre recorded.
  • Shambolic webinar where nobody could hear, or watch anything.
  • Content almost identical to Google Sniper.
  • Inflated valuation on the cost of what was offered.
  • Ridiculously high price on Profit Master.

I am sure that George feels embarrassed today, because the ‘launch’ was a massive let down for all who spent their valuable time on this.

I am sure there will be affiliates all over the world waiting with baited breath at being able to make affiliate commissions peddling George’s lastest product, but I won’t be one of them, I have to be able to sleep at night.

 I cannot recommend the Profit Master System by George Brown

As I said early on in this review, George once had the marketing world at his feet, but now this is two failed launches, and it is staggering that somebody who has made so much money online can get two launches so, so wrong.

I have recommended a few of George’s products in the past, especially Sniper, which was (at the time) fantastic, but many things simply do not add up since then, and George still seems to think it is still 2005, when all these big launches worked, and people were easily manipulated with ‘look at how much I have made, and you can too’ statements in the internet marketing niche.

It is NOT that easy to tap into niches anymore – Google have made sure of that.

Times have moved on, and people are much more aware these days, and are rightly cautious of big money items with ambiguous ‘guarantees’.

It’s a shame, but as they say, all good things come to an end, and the legend that was once George Brown has come to a sad, and unpredictable end.

I was now going to give you a link for Google Sniper, because that is still value for money (not as much as it was, but paying $50 for the principles, instead of $1500 for Profit Master is much better). But, it seems that Google Sniper has now been banned from the ClickBank market place. I wonder if George has now been banned from ClickBank? Who knows.

Either that or George has stopped affiliates from marketing it, and effectively stopped their income, which is not good considering it was affiliates that created George’s wealth in the first place.

Anyway, very disappointing all around.

Enjoy your money George, with Google Sniper you definitely earned it, and it should have ended there, because with the last two products, it shows there is nothing new on the horizon… 🙁




  • Damian says:

    Hi Ben, Good read that. I know all about George Brown, as I purchased his predator and had to do a charge back with my cc card to get my money back after he ignored me for weeks. I notice there is a webinar on this new thing, I’ll watch it but as you said with definite caution!!!

  • Peter says:

    Hi, I am in shock! A genuine and honest product review from an internet marketer! Thanks very much for the heads up. I bought Sniper and made lots of money from that, but I was already doing exact match domains in long tail niches anyway. I did not know about Predator and I appreciate the intel. I signed up for the tell all webinar and if I can stay awake until 03.00am I will listen to it! Thanks again.

    • Ben says:

      Hi Peter,

      Thanks for the comments, and yes, I believe in honesty. There is so much rubbish written online that I will not be adding to it. How some marketers behave in the pursuit of making a few coins and still sleep at night always amazes me.

      Yes, GSniper as we know was a great product, especially for newbies who had no idea how easy it was at the time to dominate the searches. As we also know, that has now changed, but it was fun at the time.

      The Predator product was a whole new ball game (totally shambolic) and illegal, so how did George not even know that? Of course he did, and many of us didn’t expect to even hear from George Brown again, but I guess he thinks a 2 year timeframe is enough for many to ‘forget’. Nope, I remember it very well, he definitely tried to pull a fast one as far as I am concerned.

      This new product, Profit Master will be interesting viewing, but I suspect many of the people he has emailed will also know about the Predator fiasco, and will also be cautious. He massively damaged his reputation beyond repair for many of his loyal customers.

      The problem will be all the affiliates who don’t care about his past, who will be pushing this new product for all they are worth, no matter how good or bad it is.

      I don’t think it will be that exciting to be honest with you, because after Google Sniper it was always going to be difficult to follow on with a decent product, and I think George knew that, and then went for one last pay day with Predator, no matter what the cost to his reputation.

      But hey, when you have millions into the double digits in the bank, I suppose you care much less than when you are starting out.


    • Shams says:


      I bought Google Sniper 3 the other day. Do you think it is still worth it to implement the system and make money with? As I have read a lot of reviews which put George Brown in a suspicious list? Looking forward for your honest opinion whether I should invest my time and money on implementing Google Sniper techniques?


      • Ben says:

        Hi Shams,

        Google Sniper used to work fantastically well, but Google have now put a stop to most of the tactics taught in the course.

        It still works a little, but I read of one sniper user that had over 1,000+ websites earning him around $13,000 a month in income.

        Then all of a sudden Google banned all his websites, and his income vanished overnight.


  • Ben says:


    Well, tonights the night folks.

    The ‘live’ workshop is going to be presented by George Brown on his latest product.

    It should be fun 🙂


  • Ben says:


    Well, the webinar was a total waste of everyone’s time. It last minutes then went offline.

    An embarrassing shambles for George, and I suspect most of his subscribers will leave after this. A shame, as was once the biggest online marketer in the UK.


  • Trenna Middleton says:

    It doesn’t matter George if you got knocked down tonight. As long as you fell and you can look up, you can get up. I think it’s a brilliant and comprehensive program. It fills in a few missing parts for me. If you would reduce the price a bit, I will still buy it. Congratulations George. The effort is what counts.
    A new believer in you.

    • Ben says:

      Hi Trenna,

      That is two failed launches in a row now. I suggest that you should do a little research on George above and beyond what you may see in videos.


  • ray says:

    absolute trash, those people who say that they do not video their stuff are liars. this was just going to be more hype. that is why the whole system went down. never again. my money stays in my pocket.

  • jo says:

    well considering you say that you have made over $21 million ?? and you are helping the poor and the needy (well done) you could have gained much more by selling your product to everyone for a generous $49 so that they may also follow you and help others world wide who are needy.still this just smacks of personal greed. enjoy living in the poverty of the world and showing off your wealth, not advisable i speak from experience, cos what goes up will definately come down with a biblical crash. i am sure that 3000 times $49 would go a very long way in costa rica/& the third world countries.

  • Josh says:

    Hey there, Actually I have learned so many stuff from one og George’s product called google sniper. Apllied his methods and gained lots of things. Money, reputation. I don’t think he is one the fake guru. There are some down side but I’m sure there is many things to learn from him.

  • juraviel says:

    I just finished watching today’s restream (and suffered through 30mins of sales pitch at the end). I don’t think you can say all that stuff you did without actually purchasing the product. It looks like a much more indepth, comprehensive one than google sniper, that builds up on the proven ideas, that work today. Price is ridiculous indeed, it topped 1900$ for me with tax, so i’ll never find out if it’s really worth it (supposed to be the complete system that made him all that money). I mean what people have trouble with is actually putting all those ideas together and making it work.

    Even was not live, and questions fake (they turned off the chat right after it started). Mixed feelings

    • Ben says:

      Hi Juraviel,

      The whole pitch was supposed to be live, it was a blatant attempt at duping his viewers. He did the same thing with Predator.

      $1500+tax to find out how to sell in niches? Give me a break 🙂

      George raked in millions from Sniper so do you really think he is making all these small websites about fitness, gardening, and knee pain when he has $21m in the bank?

      I highly doubt it, those screenshots he is showing from ClickBank I suspect are from his core products that he has always sold.

      The sales pitch at the end of the video is one of the cringiest I have watched:-

      “guys, guys, guys…. your gonna miss out, guys, 50 Facebook places, Guys…oh go on then I will increase it to 75, guys, just for you, guys….but only if you get in now..guys. This may never come around again, guys, honestly, guys, this is it, guys, only 1500 Bucks, guys..What’s it worth to pay off your mortgage, guys, have financial freedom, guys, this is what I am offering you, guys…”



  • Sal Moreno says:

    I bought Sniper as well as Predator which I refunded once I realized that it was a spam tool.

    That “live” webinar was a disaster and after I realized what he was charging for the information in Profit Master,I decided he got what he deserved for being a greedy “expletive removed”. That guy can make some money and there is no question about that, but he’s short sighted and needs to learn how much more he could make in the end by treating us, his customers, as well as new customers with some decency and offer his products at a reasonable rate and stop lying about “expletive removed”. His main problem, he thinks he’s clever.

    • Ben says:

      Hi Sal,

      Yes, we all know Google Sniper was a fantastic product, and George does deserve a lot of credit for that, but since then it has all gone downhill unfortunately.

      Sniper does not really work anymore, not as well it is did 5/6 years ago, but anybody to think that niche marketing is as easy as George explains on his webinar really needs a reality check.

      Sure, it sounds fantastic, all these niches out there, but don’t you think there are already thousands of people tapping into that, and who you will be competing with.

      The other issue is, that on the ClickBank payment form I see that George was able to set his own refund terms, which is over and above the security ClickBank usually give.

      Remember, that you have to complete the course to gain a refund, and this ‘completing and what it entails’ is not given in writing either.

      I would advise caution. It is a lot of money, and the guarantee terms and definitely not advertised in any kind of detail.


  • Chris Potts says:

    If anyone has purchased Profit Master or is interested in sharing an account to lower the costs I would appreciate it.
    I understand that this product does seem shady but I would really like to take a look inside the course.
    I was in the livestream and I was even one of the angry viewers in Ben’s screenshots or the disastrous evening.
    Reply To This Post And I Will Arrange To Contact You

    • Ben says:

      Hi Chris,

      I would wait, it won’t be too long before George sends the ‘reduced price’ emails, as I was watching another video from him yesterday which did mention another offer that is going to be offered, which is usually a month or so after the first launch.


  • Chuck says:

    A good article on DISGRACED internet marketer George Brown.

    I bought the original Google Sniper and remain on his mailing list now, mainly for my own amusement. His latest launch has not disappointed. The first video of him showing off where he lives and providing “value” which could be summarised up in 5 seconds just shows how deluded he is. He got very lucky with Google Sniper, and his other products or “frauducts” deserve the slamming they got. His “I am a good guy now” routine doesn’t wash with me at all. He is clearly doing the launch for the money and not to “give back” at the silly prices he is asking for his product.

    The last e-mail I got from George almost sounded like he was begging people to buy.

    There must be a simple way to earn £100/day profit without selling others how to make money online information or scamming people. I have been searching for several years now…

    • James says:

      Chuck, you hit it right on the head. Before GS, George was struggling hard, he didn’t even know how to do SEO. If you read his old Warrior Forum posts you’ll see right before GS launched, he was still asking how to build a backlink etc..Lol.

      He pretty much got lucky with GS. He figured out that Google gave sites with exact keyword match in the domains top rankings and smashed it with the course cos it obviously worked back then………but times have changed and Google killed that with the Panda algorithm. But by this time the money was well and truly rolling in big time and he just milked it for all its worth. GS 2, GS 3…….what a load of bollocks. The guy is still banking hard from GS sales through clickbank. He is truly what you call a ONE HIT WONDER. Constantly lying and showing his earnings from his GS sales as proof of earnings for his other stuff.

      People should stay away from him…..yeah he’s made millions, but at the same time he ain’t no internet marketer………I can bet you he won’t have a clue about how to build a PBN or even how to structure a silo website……this guy is out of touch. He earned his money and just kicked back…………..but you know what, i don’t blame him. When youre waking up to 15-25k pay cheques everyday, its hard to stay grounded.

  • Earnestine says:

    Guys there are better courses out there and for a lot less than what George is offering.

  • Chuck says:

    I am curious as to whether anyone can find the Facebook page for the product, as it would be an idea of how many buyers there were for it.

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