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Hello and thanks for clicking through to this blog post.

My name is Ben.


…I thought it would be good to formally introduce myself and let you know a little bit about myself and why I created the Money Makers Reviewed website.

Not because I’m a self obsessed ponce who like to talk about himself. But because like I said in the email that brought you to this page, the internet is a very faceless place.

It’s incredibly hard to trust people online, especially when it comes to the Business Opportunity Industry, simply because of the amount of scammers and sharks that are out there pushing and peddling systems, products and softwares that just don’t work.

You see, I’m a sucker for a ‘biz opp’.

There, I’ve admitted it!

Ever since leaving school I have always been on the lookout for different ways to make money and as a result, I have spent (and lost) only God knows how much money on different business opportunities.

Even now, when I  have a few different businesses that are doing well I still get sucked in.

There’s not a day goes by when I don’t receive an email from someone trying to sell me the latest and greatest money making system or piece of software that you just click 3 times and it will fill your bank full of £97 payments.

Now most of the people that are sending these emails have never bothered to introduce themselves or even tell you a bit about the product or system they’re promoting.

They just expect you to get your hard earned cash out and hit the BUY NOW button.

So I either unsubscribe or delete their emails without even looking at them.

But sometimes it’s really hard to say ‘No’.

Do you know what I mean?

And I figured that if I’m going through that same battle every day, then surely there must be other people going through it too.

I have also created products of my own in the past, some of which I no longer own, and have passed the rights over, including:

Find, Bid, Flip by Ben

This product was set up on the back of my own success finding, and selling products on eBay. There are some unique items you can find sometimes, and the products can mount up.

Auction Sales Machine by Ben

Not too dissimilar to my other product, on making your eBay business a success, as well as introducing affiliate marketing and combining this to make further profits.

I have a lot of experience mainly on eBay, and affiliate marketing and seeking out what is really working online to make a little extra money, but more importantly, what can be used by others, which is why I have in the past created, and owned my own products.

But I also have a vast interest in marketers, and how they operate as well as the huge sums they can push their way using written word.

As the internet has grown the amount of ‘opportunities’ offered by an endless portal of vendors is growing all the time, and some will work, and some won’t.

So as I am very interested in such products, I though if I am going to be trying them, then I might as well review them as well 🙂

Ben Industry News

I have also featured on a few industry recognised websites like SaleHoo.com. Here is an extract from the interview they did with me a few years ago:

Ben Doyle Review


And that’s why I created Money Makers Reviewed.

If I’m going to be buying these products anyway, I might as well show you how I’m doing with them.

If a system makes me money I will tell you about it and promote it with an affiliate link, (that’s how I make money with this website). 

If a system loses me money I’ll tell you about that too and advise you to avoid it.

If I lose money through my own fault, I’ll admit it and show you what I did wrong. After all, just because you lose money doesn’t mean it’s the system at fault – we all make mistakes and it’s sometimes too easy to blame the system instead of ourselves!

We’ve all done it!

Anyway, that’s enough about me.

I  just wanted to out down why I created this website, and what I am about.

Negativity is NOT welcome around me, or my website.

Yes, we all know that not all products work, but we also know that it is not always the fault of the product, and that in this game, many users expect results for no effort put down, and when this does not happen, they like to go running to websites and forums crying about their disappointment, when the reality is, they themselves could have taken more action, and created better results.

Such nonsense will not be going onto my website.

There are loads of websites around that have certain members who jump on anything they see as positive, mainly because they themselves have failed many times; have become cynical, and just downright negative in their life.

I will not allow such people to spread such a negative ‘cancer’ on any website where I am involved.

Life is far too short, and those who succeed are those which also feed their minds with the right information – positive information, and then take action.

I hope you enjoy my reviews, and looking around the website. It’s been good talking to you!









  • Dave McBryde says:
    5 stars

    Just want to say a big thank you for the videos about Clickbank & Fiverr the 5 Step System.Brilliant thanks again.

  • james says:

    Hi ben

    Tried the clickbank/fiverr system last night. Looking forward to seeing the results.


  • Bryan says:
    5 stars

    Hi Ben

    Thanks for the Clickbank and Fiverr 5 step system. I have just tried it ut and am looking forward to any results from it.


  • denis says:
    5 stars

    hi ben
    thanks for the clickbank system and thanks for saying hellow
    i am very new to all this computer stuf 58 and worked on the buildings all my life
    hoping to make a new start after having to give up work after developing neck cancer
    this is my very first email hope it gets through

    all the very best

  • Ric says:

    Hi Ben I just wanted to say what a great little website you have here, and I appreciate all the work that you put into your reviews, it is a great insight to all looking to make a little extra. Ric

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