Streetwise News, Publications and Marketing Reviews – My Experience

For anybody that has been involved in trying to make an additional income over the last 20 years, they will no doubt have heard about Streetwise News, Formerly advertised as Streetwise Marketing, and Streetwise Publications.

Even before the internet was even remotely popular, Streetwise News were most definitely the leading company in the UK for ‘business opportunities’.

If you are younger than myself, and only really know about the internet as being the vehicle for your ‘cash generating’ ambitions, then you won’t remember what it was like many years before the internet, when marketing companies only really had mail order as an option to push all their offers to those who were only too willing to send off a freshly-signed cheque for promises of ‘easy money’.

BUT, has anything really changed now that the internet is flourishing?

Who are Streetwise News?

Streetwise News are basically a marketing company that offer various business opportunities to anybody wishing to find an alternative income from home – which has to be said, is a never ending market; so you could say, such a market is the perfect business partner if you have a source of such products that you wish to promote.

Around 20 years ago though, the home business world was mostly about mail order, and if your name and address was on a just a handful of mailing lists, then you can bet your last pound that you would have received very many offers from Streetwise News (or more likely Streetwise Marketing) offering you an endless supply of home business ideas.

What Kind of Products Did Streetwise News Promote?

I remember a few, because I also tested quite a few of their offers, and a few that jump out are the following:

  • System 89p (Betting System that didn’t really live to it’s advert).
  • Dartboard Advertising (Advertising local companies around pub dartboards).
  • Setting up a dating agency (By advertising in regional, evening newspapers).
  • Postbox Advertising Business (By direct calling local businesses offering leaflet inclusion).
  • Setting up a TV selling business (Using the Exchange and Mart – remember that?!).

The reason some of the above opportunities stand out, is because I actually ordered them to see if the products lived up to their advertising; and back in the day, Streetwise always offered a 30 day money back guarantee, which I suspect was aExample-Manual-From-Streetwise large part of their attraction to those who may otherwise have decided not to order the product.

The manuals would always come in an A4 manual format, similar to the image on the right. In fact, I remember how excited I was every time I received one of these manuals.

The advertising back then was pretty in-depth, and would actually work you up into a frenzy of excitement, and you would watch for the postman every day to see if he was bringing you this brand new income stream (sounds a bit sad now, but hey, we have all done it) 🙂

These day though, we see such advertising on almost every website we visit, so the novelty factor of such outlandish advertising does not have the same effect as it once did, because buyers are becoming immune to it.

Did Any Of Streetwise News Products Actually Work For You?

Here’s the thing, if you have read any of my reviews, then you will know that I place a great emphasis on the user usually being the culprit as to why something did not work out for them. The problem in this day, and age is that with so many so-called ‘opportunities’ coming our way, people are more inclined to try and filter what is seen as the easiest Biz Opp, and they do this because basically human beings are lazy…..

Yes, I mean that, most people if they are honest with themselves will ALWAYS take the easier option, and Biz Opps are no different.

I will elabourate on this later on, but getting back to the question…

Remember, that the products I did try were well before the internet started, or was seen as somewhere to try and make money, so all we had was mail-order, and newspapers, etc. to try and decide whether something was viable.

Here’s some of the Streetwise News opportunities I tried, and what happened:

The Dating Agency Product – From Streetwise News:

When I read the manual, the main idea was to obviously start up a dating agency, and the only viable outlet for the advertising of the service was in newspapers up and down the land; eveninStreetwise Dating Agencyg papers, where there were already many such companies advertising a rival service.

Anyway, I started placing adverts, and sure enough orders starting coming in for this ‘dating agency’ I had just set up – as outlined in the manual.

The real problem was, that as I had just started up, there were not really any other ‘customers’ for which people who signed up could communicate with, so in the early days you were actually ‘winging it’, which didn’t sit well with me at all.

The idea was that as new customers signed up, you would match them with previous customers, their details, and who you thought would make a good match, and forward letters – probably more like a pen pal club, than anything else.

The crux of it was, that although I thought I was doing well, after 3 months of advertising and taking orders, when I sat down and looked at the profits, there were none, the whole venture broke even, so I stopped offering the service. I would be surprised if anybody else who bought the manual had more success than I did, as I really spent a fortune on advertising. The market was saturated.

The TV Selling Business – From Streetwise:

This one really interested me, because as a youngish lad, the thought of selling TV’s just hit a note with me (not sure why, probably because it was slightly ‘techy’), anyway, I also read this manual, which was basically a list of companies that sold TVs up and down the country, and the idea was that you approached them, haggled on the best price, and then secured an order for X amount of stock to be delivered to you.

Then, you were to advertise these TVs in places like the Exchange & Mart, and your local Loot newspaper – and if you don’t remember the loot, The-Loot-old-magazinethen it was a little bit like a local eBay (in fact eBay destroyed the Loot concept in my opinion), and you basically advertised anything you liked, placed your telephone number on it, and then people who were interested would phone you up and ask to come around and see it.

I liked the concept, but when I actually sat down and thought about it, and seen all the rivals selling the same products – rivals that already did this for a business, then it dawned on me, that there was massive competition, as although the idea was pretty sound, and other companies were already selling TV’s, that they already had storage facilities for such products, and had increased buying power, so you were really up against it before you started.

Therefore the risk of spending hundreds of pounds on 10 x TV’s and risking if they would sell up against established business just did not sit well, and I just saw it as too much of a risk. I didn’t start it in the end.

The Dartboard Advertising Concept – From Streetwise News:

This was a really interesting one. And the concept was that you would basically sell advertising around a dartboard to local companies. Now, if you cannot imagine that, I have just done a mock up picture which will explain it a bit better – it will help you visualise the concept ;-).

I remember this particular one, because the product came with a video tape (yes, a video, VHS, remember those also?)  from the owner, and how he started his business.

I cannot remember the chap’s name, but he was definitely an interesting character, and explained a few businesses he was running which complimented the dartboard service.

This caught my attention because he sold it to you really well on the videos, and the idea of all the pubs wanting to take your ‘advertising boards’ sounded like a great business; and it certainly seemed to be for the chap who was already running it (it always does, right?!).

The idea of this business concept sounded really great, but (and I know I am saying this at the expense of it sounding like I am coming up with excuses) when you actually delve right into the heart of the business, although they can work, the reality is a HUGE amount of Streetwise-Dartboard-Producdetail that is never shown in any manual, or guide.

The problem I noted, were that most dartboards in pubs already had these covers around them where players marked up their scores with chalk, and the idea of asking a pub landlord to change the appearance of their pub in order for me to install these advertising boards just didn’t ring true.

Sure, there was a business there of having to canvass all the local companies and ask them if they wanted to advertise (a task in itself, as you will know if you have ever worked in advertising), but most pubs I frequented just didn’t have the facility, or want, to allow somebody to put these ad boards in.

I also chalked this venture down as a no go – for me, as interesting as it was.

Ben, Are You Saying Streetwise Products Don’t Work?

See, here’s the thing. I am not, definitely not, saying that Streewise News Products do not work. What I am saying, as I mentioned earlier was that due to the sheer abundance of products that flow, and keep flowing our way, we as customers have a tendency to look at the easy option. I do it, you do it – everybody does it.

Now this does not mean an opportunity does not work – far from it, but what it means is that OUR DEFINITION of what ‘works’ is based around our own opinion of what is worth while; that really is so true, and we employ these attitudes, and opinions in all of our decision making.

There are now endless review sites all around the internet claiming products don’t work, and for some maybe they don’t, but the fact is, and you probably won’t wont to hear this, is that if enough effort was put into most opportunities, then a positive outcome would be achieved.

Think about it, if you really had to make something work, and I mean REALLY had to, then you would act, and think different to when you are just passively viewing an opportunity to see if it is worthwhile.

If for example your mortgage, and the possibility of a pending bankruptcy (as an extreme example) was forcing you to make money for your family’s future security, do you think you would think and act differently than you would, say, just seeking out an extra few quid a month to pay for a few ‘extras’?

You are damn right you would think differently – and you know it – that is the difference between success, and failure for most people – not enough reasons, or sense of important to the task at hand!

Let’s not kid ourselves. Do you think people who are mega successful passively look at opportunities to see if they can work? No, people who make more money than you, or I could ever spend, will know before they even start a new project that they will put 100% effort into what they are doing, and they WONT be looking for forums as back up their ego should they fail. No, they will take it on the chin, and move on.

Success is not a social enterprise, but failure will always be a reason for people to look to forums, and websites to find other people who have also failed, to make them all feel better. This is the very reason why I take a positive stance on this website, because I know very well that a lot of people who may seek out this website, will do so with the intention of placing negative comments – no thank you, there are enough of those type of acidic sites already.

Here’s The Problem With Streetwise News, as I See Them:

The problem I see, and this is in no way directed just at Streewise News, but most marketers of a similar ilk, is that their advertising is way, way, way over the top. And this type of advertising works; it worked far better before the internet, and before people had a tendency to seek out reviews online, but it still works, bStreetwise_News_Manualecause such advertising is playing on people’s in-built greed.

For example, headlines of “How To Make £30,000 in Two Days” is ridiculous to most people, and 99.999% of the population will never see that type of money in their lives. BUT, and a big but, if it is possible, it can be advertised. Now think about that last sentence for a second, because chances are you are purchasing products on the back of that very sentence right now, or you have done in the past, absolutely no doubt about it.

If Something is Possible, It Can Be Advertised

The owners of Streetwise Marketing, David Harrison, and Michael Harrison are professional copywriters, they are MEGA successful in what they do, multi-millionaires many times over (I admire them a lot for what they have done, and most people in the publishing/Biz Opp industry will most definitely envy their success); and it all comes from the written word, the ability to use words to persuade people from their money.

I have never advertised myself as a wordsmith, and my writing is testament to the fact that I probably never will be, but these guys….. they are literally the dog’s boll*cks of the copywriting world, make no mistake. If they write it, the product will sell, and this is where you come in – the customer; because you have an ability to think, and you should be thinking at this stage…

Remember what I said about greed earlier? Well, such copywriters play on every humans greed, their wants and desires to be secure, and that means financially secure, so when you read such headlines of “Make a £30K in 2 days” it definitely attracts your attention, and activates this ‘greed radar’ – whether you want to admit it, or not.

And this gets back to the industry standard of what can be advertised.  It will also be a fact, that Streetwise News will never advertise such headlines if it could not be achieved, because they simply would not put themselves in the firing line of the advertising agencies.

So yes, when you see, and read such headlines it IS possible, because they will have instances on file where it has been achieved; the question for you, is whether it is possible for YOU, the person who is going to be paying X amount to access the ‘formula’.

At this stage you might think that if buyers don’t make the high sums advertised they would simply ask for their money back?

Well, you might think that, but this again comes back to what is possible. Most of these products and services will work, IF they are worked accordingly, and if you acted in the same way as the author of such a product made the money, but as I said earlier most people are lazy, it is in most people’s DNA; and when you put that against the fact that something is possible IF the work is put in, then refunds will always remain low, as people don’t want to be seen as just a lazy sod, do they 🙂

There is definitely some interesting psychology at play in the business opportunity market.

The main problem I find, when reading such manuals from these marketing/publishing companies is that many times the information can be sound, but the attention to detail is missing. Even if the manual is 100 pages long, then you can be certain that the author also has another 10,000 pages he could write on how to really make the information work in the same way that he/she did/does.

Many details, important details will be missed out, and that is the problem with business opportunities in general.

It is just not possible to write down everything somebody does in their day, to day running of a success business; at least not in a way that a recipient could exactly replicate everything down to the minute details, and it is usually these details that are totally crucial to success – and this leads to trial and error, and failure in many cases.

The Conclusion On Streetwise News


And this leads to the conclusion of this review.

Again, if it is possible it can be advertised, so somebody, somewhere is making that kind of money, and now there is a product on offer; offering to divulge the ‘secret’ formula of how it is achieved.

The issue, as with most such products where somebody has made it happen, is if YOU have the work ethic to make it work. 99+% of people will never have anywhere near the ability, or work ethic it requires to generate that type of money, so the question is, is this really the fault of the publisher, like Streetwise News; the marketer who simply promotes what is possible, or another deciding factor?

Or could it be possibly, just possibly, that you do not have the work ethic, or commitment to make the product/information work for you?

That is an question only you can answer…. 🙂

Final Note Regarding Streetwise News

I have added this in the category of ‘Interview With The Experts’; I did email Streetwise to ask them for an interview, but at the time of writing, I have had no response.

The review is not to throw a bad light on Streetwise, because I actually admire them in very many ways. I have used their products and have known about their business for many years. I also used to think (and still do) that they have the almost perfect business, and the owners are obviously very successful in what they do.

I just feel that sometimes their advertising, especially their headlines go a bit over the top, and can sometimes give their potential customers too high an expectation of what they will be receiving regarding the products they offer, especially as they will know, like most people who have run a successful business, that teaching somebody how to replicate a winning formula is just not as easy as is usually explained, or written in a 50 page manual, and for that I am knocking 1.5 stars off the rating.



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  • Terry Rawling says:

    Hi Ben what an interesting article as always from you. That dart board one did make me chuckle a bit. i have bought loads from streetwise over the last 10 years although i never entered any mailing list but most i did send back under the guarantees. i am just a sucker for a sales page it seems and i do get enticed for too much for my own good. great write up and it was really interesting to see what somebody else think about what i have been involved in also buying from the same company. The 89 p gambling system i did try but it did not work for me I ended up losing money but we do live and learn and they have always honoured the guarantees which is why i still continue to buy from them and i still wait for something that works!!!!

    • Ben says:

      Hi Terry,

      Thanks for the comment, and yes I do agree with what you say about guarantees, as Streetwise (Marketing, Publications, or whatever they were called at the time of sale) have also sent refunds when I have asked, that has never been a problem.

      I also have no doubt that many of their products, and offers over the years have worked for many people. I think a lot of it comes down to what suits, because when you think about it, if you are going to start a venture, then although the possible gains may be attractive, if the actual day to day running of the business is not to your liking, then you are not going to put the effort into it, which would scupper any chances of it working, so as mentioned in the review, many times the problem is the user, and not the product, I genuinely believe that to be the case for the majority of opportunities out there.

      People want things easy, and straight forward, when that is simply never going to happen – but it is easy, too easily, to sell it as a dream, and therefore it can cloud the judgment of the buyer, and the main point I was trying to make, is that is this clouding of the judgment the fault of the publisher/marketer, or those who continue to buy into such products thinking that there is an easy way to make money out there – when there just isn’t?

      I think the blame is 50/50 (Streetwise, or whatever other marketer/publisher, as like I said this is definitely not just limited to Streetwise products), and I also think if more people put more effort into what they were trying, they would create more success for themselves, instead of giving up too easily. I have been guilty of this myself in the past, we all have, and this goes back to finding something you are comfortable doing, where you want to put the effort in, instead of being seduced by sales material.

      The bottom line is, if you have ever researched this like I have, is that you will find that people actually like being sold to; they like to be sold on something they really want anyway, like creating an income for themselves, it is a very easy sell, as everybody wants more income than they have, so the marketers do their job, and human nature takes care of the rest of the sale.

      The problems arise when the customer realises that there is a lot of action required to actually make something work, and as most are not willing to take such actions, then they decide that it is ‘not for them’, or that something ‘just does not work as advertised’, and start going to forums spouting nonsense, instead of understanding that the real blame is 1) That they were seduced into buying into the dream, and 2) That the user/buyer was simply not prepared to do their due diligence and take all the action required for success. We are all guilty of this though, we just don’t like to admit it 🙂

      There is no easy money out there, but stating that simply would not sell products…


  • Carol Pringle says:

    Having been a Streetwise customer over the years I quite agree with what I read above but I was quite taken in with the introductory letter from Streetwise/VTA Publications and the 1st 4 monthly courses on The Fortune Files. Part 4 gets down to the nitty gritty when you realise the outlay with no guarantee of even a fraction envisaged income!

    • Roy says:

      I have the 3rd document of the Fortune Files and realise it is just a long complicated way of becoming an affilliate.

      You can become an affiliate without buying this stuff and still get the percentage from the Seller.

  • paul says:

    wake up… Streetwise products are crap!

  • ian fear says:

    hello.streetwise sent me something called the would make me a rich man using this,pay mt mortgage off aswell,if only,has anyone received yet,and have they tried it,i would appreciate feedback,we would all like to earn £788 a week

    • Ben says:

      Hi Ian,

      Nothing sent through the post is going to ‘make you rich’, but read my review above on Streetwise products, which should give you all the insight you need when deciding to deal with them.


  • Martin Sibson says:

    Hi Ben
    Interesting article! And I agree with most of it.
    I’ve been buying Streetwise products since the early 90’s, and in truth I’ve never made a penny from any of them. And believe me I really did try. Even the dartboard advertising. The closest I got to making money was for forex trading, but what the advertising fails to make clear is the size of the required ‘betting bank/investment funds! Typical of most Streetwise opportunities really, always lacking detail of the actual reality.
    Cheers, Martin

    • Ben says:

      Hi Martin,

      Thanks for your comment.

      I think some of the animosity directed towards Streetwise comes from our own expectation, and I am sure that most people buying their products, especially during the early years, the 90’s before the internet, and reviews were available, thought similar to myself:

      “This could be the one”. And would excitedly wait for the delivery from the postman 🙂

      Sadly, it never was, and refund, after refund had to be applied for, which was duly given.

      But Streetwise also have to take blame for that situation, by over emphasising the potential of what were most very basic products.

      I agree totally, it is the detail that is always missing from such products that leads to failure ‘mostly’, but the way I look at things, is I personally always go the extra mile, so I would read such products thinking how I could add a unique spin on them.

      At the end of the day though, there needs to be enough substance to the idea in the first place, which was usually not the case.

      But Streetwise really were (still are) masters at making people buy, and describing the mundane as the best thing every created. That is a skill many would want to own, but there is also a negative downside, as they are now finding out due to the internet.

      I must say though, that I really admire the skills they have.


  • john says:

    HI ben.i like street wise.its name tells you what it is.wise.john is not daft we are we are lead to the want not the need.he gains of the royalties.i ask him one day how many of is workers have made it.never got back to me.leaned on as you go.?wear.i spent gain some nolage .affter 3 copise i ask for my money back.i told his copilet what i found.just a story but no real in site of the quick gain.the one in the pub the black i did lose out on one buy.i got a credit not.then i tried to use it.on one of is sale parter.they sent it back.i left streetwise as i got wise.but i still like to see what is in the story book got to look at the rolx.its free.197 but when you open it up there asking for money 37.i think i will send for it.this is good.the words

  • Russ David says:

    Ah these jolly chaps! I first encountered them in the early 90s with all their get-rich-schemes. I remember one being basically a leaflet calendar full of advertising (that you’d source and be paid for) that people were meant to keep by their phones. Utter rubbish, I signed up for it with 3 others and we didn’t make a penny, no companies were interested. They also had a course on becoming a Letting Agency, I showed it to a mate who was an actual Lettings Agent and he laughed me out of the room.

    Best of all was their Private Investigator course which was little more than common sense and failed to point out the obvious that clients and solicitors like to know you have actual experience rather than reading it from a book. I think the course cost £140, I found a copy on ebaythe other week for £1.50 – just about sums it up!

    I was young, dozy and had a fairly large disposable income for my age- in other works their perfect marketing target. I don’t know (or care) if they’re still pumping out get-rich-quick ideas, if so don’t bother. If you really want to make serious money go and set up a company identical to SW and copy their business model.

  • David says:

    I have just recieved another sales letter from streetwise, its supposed to be something i have never heard of before, the trouble is they sent me the same crap a good few years ago, its a system of codes where you use the codes to make money from fat cat corporations, and you will make £938 a week, why £938 a week, who knows, and lets be honest, who actually cares or believes this utter crap
    Anyway, they want you to take a course costing about £30 a month, they offer a free trial, that means your first months issue can be sent back, all that tells you is what they have allready told you before you applied for the trial, they want you to go on to the second month, then they have made some money off you which at least covers the cost to them of the crap they have allready sent you
    All they want is to keep you hooked every month with the thought that next month they will reveal how you make money with this crap, all the information you recieve in this long course could be put into a book of about 100 pages with a charge of lets say £20, but ofc they make more money buy using a big silly looking booklet with bigger letters and words
    My advice, avoid this company, they sell absolute crap, John Harrison and his brother own this pocket lining adventure, you fill their pockets and try to empty yours, John Harrison uses his copywriting skills, which to be are not very good btw, he writes crap, its all flowery language with no substance to it
    So , there you have it, years of streetwise marketing stuff, and i don’t buy it, but they still send their sales letters to me, why would any decent company keep trying to sell stuff to a person who never buys it, they must be capturing some mugs from their out of date mailing lists, businessmen, that’s a mute point, i would say chancers and pull the wool over your eyes would be a fairer description of what they do… have a nice day everyone 15th July 2017 10.44 am

  • Andy says:

    just stumbled upon this site when googling streetwisenews codes…

    anyway agree with most EXCEPT the bottom line is SW products are crap

    there is a well know site/forum that allowed reviewers and there there was some smart cookies, guys that helped ya if you were into the betting biz…

    and every time SW product came up, these dudes would just EXPOSE all the floors in the system!

    NOW they have stopped any sort of forum with feedback & reviews.

    Folks YOU need to wake up, the ONLY reason SW & their ilk make money is most can’t be bothered to return products, also i remember Stuart goldsmith saying once the internet was under way, the biz op game was OVER!

    Why cos folks can check up etc….

    re: “John Harrison uses his copywriting skills, which to be are not very good btw,”


    John Harrison KNOWS how to write GREAT COPY …thats WHY he is RICH!

    just check this out:
    streetwisenews com/codes

    BUT DO NOT buy!


    Be LUCKY guys:)

  • Brian says:

    I get the bit about work ethic, but if SW products are crap, surely trading standards should be aware of them.

  • Phil says:

    Just received the latest mailshot from the Streetwise stable. The Alpha Code – a licence to print money by playing off one online bookie against another. Normally sells at £227 but first 100 to respond can get it for £97.00 in exchange for a positive testimonial on how brill the product is!! The product has come from a “key contact” – someone JH trusts implicitly! Anyone else received this….or even tried it?

    • Daniel says:

      Hello Phil,

      It sounds like arbitrage which most bookies are aware of.

      Arbitrage does make money, and has been around for years, but you need to know how to avoid detection for as long as possible, and I would advise looking at Mike Cruickshank’s products, who was the originator of such services in this country, and easily the most forward thinking of such operators in many people’s opinions.

      You can search our website here for Mike’s products, and what people think in the comments of the same products:

      Also, I have just completed a review of one of his latest products which can also be found here:

      Best Wishes,


    • Alan says:

      I received to one about alpha codes today.
      If you are good and understand betting ‘odds’ yourself to realize how the same the same bet with the same different bookies can make you a profit on the difference between the win and the lose bets then you can do it all yourself. I had neither the time nor the inclination to send for the alpha codes

  • John Brady says:

    I have been a subscriber and Purchaser of
    Streetwise for many years
    i sent them two emails asking them for some help and advise but they didn’t have the decency to even reply to me.

  • bagpus says:

    Just received a mailshot from Streetwise for ‘The Proven System’
    The price is £127
    Anyone tried this out yet?

  • Joyce says:

    I have finally woken up and smelt the coffee. I have been a customer of Streetwise. for years but nothing ever worked.

    I recently purchased a gambling product from them for £297 which required trying out before refunding. Long story short I didn’t want to risk it and after negotiating ended up getting just half my money refunded and a credit note with limitations (for some other **** product).

    I do solemnly declare to have absolutely no further dealings with this company. None whatsoever.

  • Ann says:

    I have bought many streetwise products in the past and nothing that seemed to work for me but they did used to give refunds when sending cheques.


  • George Fitzpatrick says:

    Could you refrain from posting/ sending advertising stuff to me, many thanks.

  • Daniel says:

    Hello George, you would have to contact Streetwise directly to be removed from their mailing lists.

    Best Wishes,



    The Invisible Signal purchased 6 weeks ago and supposedly tested for three months with kept records for scrutiny. I made a loss over the 6 weeks, nothing near they promised I would win. Now contacted them and asked to see their winning records to see what they say. I have my betting records and have followed the manual instructions to the letter.

  • Terence says:

    If WILL ELLIS has followed instutions to the letter then it should work — SO WHY DOESN’T IT? tHERE’ GOT TO BE SOMETHING WRONG SOMEWHERE.Regards,Terence.

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