Easy Auction Business Review Interview with Andrew Minalto

Having reviewed Andrew Minalto’s Easy Auction Business I was able to catch up with him.Easy Auction Business

Unfortunately he was too busy to talk on the phone but he did take some time out to answer some questions.

Here’s what he had to say;

Ben: Could you tell us a little about bit yourself and how you got into selling on eBay?

Andrew: I’m Andrew Minalto – author of UK’s best selling eBay video course called the Easy Auction Business. I started selling on eBay almost 10 years ago and since then have build a tru eCommerce empire managing a range of brands and dozens of websites.

My full story on how I got started on eBay you’ll find here:


Ben: Could you describe Easy Auction Business and tell us what it’s about?

Easy Auction Business is a video course that shows exactly how to build a successful eBay business starting from scratch. The main 6 modules of the course are:

1. Market Research

2. Product Sourcing

3. Branding

4. Listing Creation

5. Customer Relationships

6. Marketing

Plus there are many more topics covered in individual video lessons and updates section.

All of the videos and other materials are hosted online which means you get instant access to the course once you make the payment, 24/7.

Ben: Who is the Easy Auction Business program aimed at, is it for newbies or the more advanced eBay seller?

Andrew: Both.

Seriously – EAB course is built in a way (step by step guides) that even people who haven’t sold anything on eBay can still follow it and be successful. On the other hand, I do not cover boring stuff like account opening tutorials so even for experienced sellers the course won’t be boring and they’ll learn many new techniques to implement in their businesses.

I’d say half of my customers are total newbies and other half – experienced eBay sellers with existing businesses. The course works great for both groups. That is what I see from feedback & testimonials.

Ben: Now there are hundreds of products about how to make money on eBay on the internet and as we both know, some are good and some are really poor. What makes Easy Auction Business different to all those other products out there?

Andrew: It’s not theory but REAL life material! Everything I talk about is based on my own and other people’s experience – REAL eBay businesses and product sourcing techniques.

I have seen eBay courses where author spends 50 pages describing how to open PayPal and eBay accounts – with large, illustrated screen shots of this process. None of that you’ll find in my course. EAB is NOT a rephrasing of eBay’s Help section!

Also, many of my customers appreciate the fact that EAB comes with FREE lifetime updates. And I do update course regularly. In the beginning of year 2014 I plan to launch EAB Version 3 and all current customers will get access to that for free. Yes, even people who purchased version 1.0 years ago.

Ben: What advice would you give to those people who are thinking of selling on eBay?

Andrew: Pick an idea – product/niche/whatever and stick with it.

Too many people give up way too early, way too early! You can’t expect to become rich selling online in few weeks time, not even months! You have to be persistent and keep working on one thing. Do not give up until you have pushed it to maximum and gave 110% effort.

And of course – get the Easy Auction Business video course so you can easily avoid the most common mistakes newbie traders make. For this alone I think the course is a good investment in your future.

Ben: Finally Andrew, where can people go to find out more about Easy Auction Business?

Andrew: More information about my course you’ll find on this website:



Thanks Andrew!

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