Tim Lowe Review and Interview with Waverley Media Ltd

Tim Lowe Review

As somebody who is quite famous in the online business world, I have great pleasure to be able to interview Tim Lowe, of Waverley Media Ltd.

Now the name Tim Lowe is heard quite often around the internet, usually due to his company, Waverley Media Ltd being at the forefront of offering products that actually work for his customers, based on reviews we have read; and Tim’s company has also produced some quite high profile products, and services over recent years.

Now I know he won’t mind me saying this, when I mention that Tim has banked over £20 million from his business activities, and that he has only been able to achieve this by offering consistent value to his customer base – some of which systematically purchase every product his company produces – such is the quality that Tim’s company has produced over a long, and sustained period of time (based on reviews).

Waverley Media Ltd have produced a variety of different trading products, as well as various ‘how to start a business’ type products which are very well received by his customers. Tim is also quite vocal regarding the potential of his offerings, and has also been known to invite potential customers to his offices to meet his team, and show full disclosure of the earning potential of what is being offered – leaving no stone unturned.

When speaking to Tim during the course of me asking for this interview, what immediately comes across is that is he really is just an ordinary guy; no real airs and graces, but what is also very evident is his desire to succeed, and produce value. For somebody who has, quite frankly, turned over staggering amounts of money in his businesses, Tim comes across as very approachable, and with a definite willingness to help others –  which is refreshing to see.

Tim Lowe Products

Many people when searching for reviews online want to know if something, or somebody is a scam.

Well, from what I have seen, and from the many years that Tim Lowe has been offering products, he is quick to point out that for any product, or service his company launches, that he always carries out due diligence to ensure that what he is offering his customers works as advertised.

You will often see Tim talking on various forums, and online websites where his products are being discussed, and this alone shows that he is passionate about what his company offers, as well as providing a visible online presence, which many markers simply avoid.

I find Tim quite unique is this regard, and his comments on various forums always seem to generate a fair amount of interest, because it is not often that you see a genuine multi-millionaire talking on forums.

Here’s Tim Explaining a Little Bit About How He Started:

Tim Lowe, owner of Waverley Media Ltd

Let’s begin with the interview…

Ben: Hello Tim, and thank you for taking the time to do this interview. For the few that don’t know you, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Tim Lowe: Of course, I am 51 and live and work near Farnham in Surrey. I run several companies all of which offer some kind of expertise or training to people who want to find ways to improve things for themselves. We look at everything from ways for people to make a little extra money all the way to the means for people to earn a substantial living with their own full time business. Whether that’s from something as everyday as betting on horses, or as fascinating as your own internet marketing business or as complex as option based long term stockmarket investments we’ve probably marketed it at some point as many of our products are now Joint Ventures with the experts in their fields.

I’ve also been involved in marketing a lot of other information over the years from (ironically given my love affair with food) weight loss programmes to job interview techniques.

Ben: How did you start working online?

Tim Lowe: In the late nineties I found myself in a job I didn’t enjoy, working for a boss I hated in the security and fire alarm industry. I decided to take a big gamble and start my own fire alarm business but after a couple of years I just wasn’t making any real progress. Yes we were surviving but my home was full of bits of fire alarm and my wife kept asking when I was going to be able to afford some kind of proper premises and my business partner kept asking when we were going to be able to pay ourselves more than we could have earned working in McDonalds!!!Waverley-Media-Logo-Image

I got a mailshot suggesting I attend an ‘open evening’ all about the new opportunities available online and along I went…I was sold an expensive seminar place that night and whilst many people in that position would have probably regretted it, I didn’t. I was super excited and resolved to do whatever I needed to make this work. When I went along to the actual seminar I couldn’t believe how negative many of the other people were but also astonished at how many were assuring the presenter that they were ‘going to do this’. I was tempted to do so as well but instead thought that I would make a promise to myself to really do what I’d just learned and then tell the speaker about it, once I’d done it.

I just settled down to the work and made a go of it, simple as that. I reasoned that if other people had made this work then so could I, so when things went wrong, as they always do, I just took it as a learning experience and carried on, never really doubting that it would all come good. The seminar was on January 18th 2001 and 4 months later, on May 15th I sold my fire alarm business. I was bringing in over £15,000 a month by the end of the year and unlike the tiny margins in fire alarms, this was practically all profit. A couple of years later we exceeded the million pound a year mark and have done ever since.

If I have a secret it is that I honestly never doubted that there was money to be made online if I followed in the footsteps of those who had already done it and so I expected to succeed with what I was doing. If something didn’t work I always blamed myself, not ‘the system’ so I just kept going until I got where I wanted to be!!!

A Little Interlude….


Tim Lowe Millionaire Mindset BookTim Lowe Millionaire Mindset Book

Tim Lowe is also the author of the book “Tim Lowe Millionaire Mindset”, which contains in his words “The very best of his widely read online newsletter giving an entertaining and unrivalled insight into overcoming the hurdles and pitfalls on your path to setting up your own highly successful and profitable online business”.

I have actually read the book, and it is a very interesting read. What I found fascinating is that the book is written over a number of years, during the building of Tim’s business, and it is insightful in the fact that you are reading the off-the-cuff thoughts from a genuine multi-millionaire throughout the progression of building his business; which for any budding entrepreneurs out there, I am sure you will agree that such daily thoughts can have a positive influence when starting up, and actually getting to see inside the mind of someone has made the gains we are all looking to make.

The book can be found on Amazon.


Back To The Interview…

Ben: You have obviously done well for yourself and created a lot of value for others along the way. Do you feel anybody could make a success of starting an online business?

Tim Lowe: Yes, I do. I come from a really ordinary working class background, definitely with no silver spoons!! I was pretty much thrown out of sixth form college and in the end I had to pay to take my ‘A’ Levels and I duly got a complete set of ungraded results, after which I had a series of grotty jobs so I don’t think that success is about having a university education or a great background as many people now seem to think. Nor is online business about being brilliant with computers. I had never even turned a computer on until 1999 and thought they were posh typewriters. My view has always been that if I can follow someone else’s already successful path then I can succeed at anything. I also realise that if I cannot do something then I need to find somebody who can and get them to work with me. I once designed and installed my own central heating system despite never having done any kind of plumbing before. I bought a book about it, worked everything out and got it all fitted and then ‘borrowed’ talent from a qualified gas engineer for the one bit I couldn’t do which was connecting the gas up.

Ben: On the same theme as the last question, what main advice would you give to somebody thinking of starting up today?

Tim Lowe: Find somebody with real, trustworthy information that you believe in and can follow. This needs to be somebody who has actually achieved what you want to achieve and that you like as it’s no good trying to learn from a wannabe or somebody who is brilliant but annoys you every time they speak!! Make sure that they can give you what YOU need and if they can then get their information and follow EVERY part of what you are supposed to do. I would strongly suggest working twice as hard as they say you should and never doubting them, even if you are not succeeding. By all means ask questions but remember that if they have done it and you are struggling it is pretty certain that you just need to keep at it to succeed.

I am always amazed at how two people can take the same system and one person will do brilliantly whilst the other will claim that ‘it doesn’t work’. You need to decide to be the one who makes it work!!

Ben: Tim, the internet has obviously grown exponentially over the last decade, do you think the future of small business is now mainly online, or do you think there are still enough opportunities away from the internet for people to succeed?

Tim Lowe: I think that the internet is one of many innovations which has thrown up new opportunities for small business off and online and I think that there will be many more such innovations which will change everything many times over. Without people the internet is nothing but wires and bits of silicon, so businesses have to be about people interacting with other people, however they do that. We all communicate much more than ever before so we know people like interacting with each other, all a business has to do is find a niche that appeals to people and choose the best way for people to interact with it. Sometimes that’s online and sometimes it’s not, you wouldn’t go out for a virtual drink at a virtual pub with virtual mates would you? Some things are just better done in the real world!!Tim's Minions Digital Academy Programme

Ben: Finally Tim, I read recently about the ‘Tim’s Minions Digital Academy Programme’ (image, to the right), have you any opportunities in the near future that our members may be interested in?

Tim Lowe: I do, I can’t say too much just yet 🙂  but I don’t mind telling you that my focus these days is making products which are really easy to set up and use but which won’t let you lose money if things go wrong as this is what most people tell me they want. I have two fairly major launches this year, one is in the football trading market and the other takes both Forex and the stockmarket as its starting point. They both offer great potential returns with little or no risk and not much work either so most people should find something to excite them!!!

And that concludes the Tim Lowe interview & Waverley Media Ltd Review.

I would like to thank Tim Lowe for giving up the time to answer a few of my questions, and I am sure all our subscribers, and visitors will find your answers extremely insightful.

Just as a slight update to this page:

Since the interview, Tim Lowe has launched a product that is generating a lot of interest for all the right reasons, which is an online Sports Hedging product that a lot of people are excited about, click the link above to read my full review about this.

It is one of the best products, and most talked about trading systems I have seen in a long time.

Tim Lowe & Waverley Media Ltd Update 19th July 2016

I thought it best to update this review, as I do with all reviews when the person/company being talked about has brought out a new product, or offering.

Tim has recently been involved in launched a new Forex training course which seems to be doing very well. I have joined the course also, and it does look like a genuine course, offering some good value.

The course is a monthly subscription course, that will teach all students how to profit from currency markets, and the gentleman behind the product, Charlie Burton certainly knows his stuff.

You can view my opinion of this product by clicking > Online Forex Training Course

Early discussion on the course is positive, and has at the time of writing been launched for around a month.






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  • Chris Baines says:

    Interesting. Followed Tim Lowe and his stuff for a while. Good to hear the background info..

    • Ben says:

      Hi Chris, I am pleased you liked the interview. I was surprised at how open Tim was, and I personally find it very interesting when speaking to people who have made that kind of money, it’s what we are all trying to do.


  • UK2015Paul says:

    Good read that,

    I was on Tim Lowe’s V System course a couple of years back which was a high ticket seminar but was worthwhile for me. I still use the information today. Not all of it as some of the methods were not my couple of tea but two in particular I still use today a few years later and make good money from them. We got to meet Tim at the seminar and he came across as a decent chap, but overall I did get value from the product which was my only real concern. It shown me that not everything has to be cheap to work. There was a couple at the seminar that I kept in touch with and they still make a lot of money from it, far more than I do. I am very cautious in my betting so I have probably held myself back over the years but I am very happy with my one and only purchase so far from Mr Lowe.


    • Ben says:

      Hi Paul, Great to hear you are doing well with one of Tim’s products. Always good to hear when people are doing well with anything and putting the effort in. All too often you read from people online when they cannot make something work, or from people who give up too easily by not following through with something, whilst others make it work. Usually the only deciding factor is perseverance.


  • Jase says:

    Hi Ben!

    Tim Lowe Smart Sentinel ?? I received some details today about this, which does look interesting, something to do win building mobile websites, have you heard about it, and maybe you could do a review about it?

    Thanks, Jase.

    • Ben says:

      Hi Jase,

      I have actually read about Smart Sentinel, but didn’t have any plans to do a review about it.

      You are right though, it is regarding building mobile versions of websites for customers, which based on Google’s emphasis on mobile viewing, and their insistence on websites looking valid on smart phones and tablets, it does not look a bad idea.

      I have read recently that Google is de-ranking websites that do not have decent mobile versions of their websites, due to so many people having mobile devices these days, so it is kind of important to businesses especially.

      I might do a review on it if I get the time, and if there is enough interest. I’ve just added Smart Sentinel as a tag on this page, which if there is enough interest, the traffic will be a good indicator of whether a review is worthwhile.


  • Maureen Bennison says:

    Rec’d you letter yesterday re forex. Read through the further details, then tried to order/resister but was advised ‘site not available’.
    This occurred continuously over 30-45 mins. Is there a problem?

    • Ben says:

      Hi Maureen,

      I also received the letter, and the website on it worked fine for me. I tested it again just then.

      Maybe try an alternative browser, or try it without the www. and see if that help.


  • William Jones says:


    I was just wondering if anyone has used the cash curator micro-system that Tim Lowe gives free with a Digital Academy membership, and whether it does what Tim says it does – e.g. earn a few hundred pounds a month with low investment?

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