I am testing a new place only Horse Racing System by a friend of mine.


At a friend’s barbecue a few weeks ago, I got talking to an old family friend who I had not seen for a while.

As we were talking he mentioned my website, this website, and told me that he has a place only horse racing system that he uses that works really well for him, and has done for many years.

Now this guy is salt of the earth, and very level headed, so I decided to delve deeper into what he was saying.

After discussing further, I asked him if I could trial this system on my website, and he agreed, so I will be trialling it, and putting up the results.

What Is The Place Only Horse Racing System?

This is a place only horse racing system, which means you are betting that the horse will place in the first 2/3/4 positions of the race, and if they do you will win, and make a profit.

Depending on how many runners the race has, will decide on the amount of places a bookmaker, or Betfair will give you to bet on.  Obviously the more runners, the more placing positions will be offered.

I asked Tom (The family friend) what his ‘system was for his selections’, which he didn’t want to give me, but he was fine with him giving me the selections, and said he would text me every day with the selections that he would be using himself, and told me to try it with level stakes.

Obviously I have no idea at this stage if a profit will be made from this place on betting system, but Tom’s confidence dfinitely captured my interest, so if it does produce a profit, you can be rest assured I will be trying to get the methodology behind it 🙂

Place Only Horse Racing, The Selections.

I will be starting with a £1000 Starting bank, using 10% per stake.

For example, I will be using £100 per trade.

I think 5% would be better, and offer more protection, but I think if there is a long losing run, then even at 10% it would give a good indication if there is any merit to this. Let’s see what the results bring in, and see if it can be tinkered with in any way.

I started testing this yesterday, 10th June 2016.

The horses chosen are NOT all Favourites, and not all odds on, the criteria I am told has nothing to do with the odds, or whether it is the favourite or not.

Here are the results for the place only horse racing system, which will be updated until it turns out to be useless, or it makes a profit. I will add up daily, if a profit has been made, and I will leave out Betfair’s 5% commission for now, because this is not only just for Betfair, some bookmakers also offer place betting.

Place Betting System Results

£1,000 Starting Bank = 10% of Bank = £100 per bet

Selections will be placed here before the races start, so you can check:

Friday 10th June 2016 –

EASY TIGER at Goodwood 18.45 placed 2nd at 1.54   = £54 won – Bank Now: £1054

Saturday 11th June 2016 –

CAIUS MARCIUS at Hexham 14.40 Placed 2nd at 1.23  = £23 wonBank Now: £1077

BRONZE BEAU at Leicester 19.10 Placed 2nd at 2.58 = £158 wonBank Now: £1235

Sunday 12th June 2016 –

No Selections Today –

Monday 13th June 2016 –

NAM HAI at Nottingham 21:10, unplaced at 1.42  = £100 lost – Bank Now:£1135

Tuesday 14th June 2016 –

No Selections Today –

Wednesday 15th June 2016 –

INEXES at Hamilton 15:20 Placed 3rd at 1.97  = £97 won – Bank Now: £1232

TOURTIERE at Ripon 21:00 Placed 3rd at 2.24 = £124 won – Bank Now: £1356

Thursday 16th June 2016 –

MISTY MAI at Fflos Las 19:40 unplaced at 1.97 = £100 lost – Bank Now:£1256

Friday 17th June 2016 –

INTISAAB at Ayr 20;45 Placed 1st at 1.38 = £38 won – Bank Now: £1294

Saturday 18th June 2016 –

DARTMOUTH at 15:40 Ascot Placed 1st at 2.76 (3) = £176 won – Bank Now: £1470

TONIS A STAR at 19:35 Haydock Placed 3rd at 3.35 (3) = £235 won – Bank Now: £1705

Sunday 19th June 2016 –

LADY RA at 17:30 Hexham matched at 2.1 (3) = £100 lost – Bank Now: £1605

Monday 20th June 2016 –

No Selections Today –

Tuesday 21st June 2016 –

MALAYSIAN BOLEH Brighton 17:15 Placed 3rd at 2.1 (3) = £101 won – Bank Now:£1706

BRONZE BEAU Leicester 18:40 matched at 1.8 (3)  = £100 lost – Bank Now: £1606

Wednesday 22nd June 2016 –

No Selections Today

Thursday 23rd June 2016 –

APRICOT SKY Hamilton 20:40 matched at 1.65 (3)  = £100 lost – Bank Now: £1506

IMPERIAL LEGEND Hamilton 20:40 placed 2nd at 2.48 (3) = £148 won – Bank Now: £1654

Friday 24th June 2016 –

No Selections Today –

Saturday 25th June 2016 –

No Selections Today –

Sunday 26th June 2016 –

WHAT A GAME Cartmel 14:20 Placed 1st at 1.63 (3) = £63 won – Bank Now: £1717

SLEEP IT FIRST Cartmel 17:30 – 3rd at 1.94 (3) = £94 wonBank Now: £1811

Monday 27th June 2016 –

GET UP AND DANCE 16:40 Pontefract trying to match at 1.46 – Did not get matched, and no bet, odds were too low at BSP.

Tuesday 28th June 2016 –

INNOKO 21:10 Chepstow unplaced at 3.05 (3) = £100 lost – Bank Now:£1711

Wednesday 29th June 2016 –

IVERMERE 15:30 Catterick 2nd at 1.69 (3) = £69 won – Bank Now: £1780

DUBAI SHEN 17:10 Unplaced at 4.6 (3) = £100 lost – Bank Now:£1680

POSH BOUNTY 21:00 unplaced at 1.69 (3) = £100 lost – Bank Now:£1580

Thursday 30th June 2016 –

WOT A SHOT 13:40 Placed 2nd at 2.10 (3) = £110 won – Bank Now: £1690

GOLD CHAIN 16:40 Placed 1st at 1.94 (3) = £94 won – Bank Now: £1784

Friday 1st July 2016 –

LEAN ON PETE 20:15 unplaced at 1.57 (3) = £100 lost – Bank Now:£1684

Saturday 2nd July 2016

IMPERIAL LINK 15:15 Placed 1st at 2.24 (3) = £124 won – Bank Now: £1808

Sunday 3rd July 2016

VALLARTA  17;10 Ayr placed 2nd at 2.39 (3) = £139 won – Bank Now: £1947

MR SNOOZY 16:50 Market Rasen  2nd at 1.35 (3) = £35 won – Bank Now: £1982

Monday 4th July 2016

QUEBEE 20:05 Windsor 1st at 1.47 (3) = £47 won – Bank Now: £2029

*** End Of Selections ***

I will not be publishing any further selections here, this definitely works, and has made £1,029 profit in 18 racing days, using level stakes.

Please see my final conclusion, and update at the bottom of this review.


Tom Stated the selections he picks win over the years 80% – Currently win rate is: 72.72% Very Impressed so far, and the profits are averaging £50 per day over 16 days so far 🙂

And just to show that I am getting matched at these kind of odds, and that the placements are as mentioned, 2/3, etc. including the potential returns on the place betting please see my Betfair screenshots below:

As you can see on the first image, it states the horse, the race course, and the ‘to be placed’ positions, in this example (3), meaning if the horse/s finish in the top three positions, then I win the profit stated.


The image below from the same bet as above shows the potential profit I would make if the horses came in the top three positions. This profit is returned (if they place) on top of the stake money, so it is pure profit.


The beauty of this type of betting, is that anybody can do it, it does not involved sitting at the PC for any length of time, it is simply place the bets first thing in the morning, and forget them, until the next day. Tom stated that is exactly how he has done this for many years; he finds and places his bets first thing in the morning, then gets on with his day.

Just to say, I am not yet sure if a staking plan will work with this, or whether level staking is enough, although I will be testing either way, and also using my own experience to see if anything can be improved, should I work out how Tom is selecting the horses 😛

How Does Place Betting Work?

If you go to Betfair, and then select the Exchanges, then select horse racing, then you will see once you have selected a race, that on the left hand side place betting will be offered, as on the following image:


Now because you are place betting, and taking advantage of the fact the you can win the bet by the horse finishing in the first few positions, the odds given by the bookmakers, or by Betfair will be less. Which makes sense, because instead of having a single chance to profit, winning the race for example, you now have as many as 4 chances to make a profit.

As you will see on the image below, now that place betting has been selected on Betfair, the odds for the same horses (check the above image) have now reduced (check the image below):


Therefore, if the selected horse at 14:45 at Sandown was ‘Kings Pavilion’, you would then double click the back odds (2.46) and your place only bet, and this would then be entered onto your Betfair betting slip.

Also, on the betting slip, Betfair will tell you how much profit you will make, and more important (as this is place only) the betting slip will advise you of how many places you have placed your bet on:


As you can see from the above betting slip, if you horse finishes in the top three (3) positions, then you will make your profit, in this example, you would make £14.60 profit if your horse finishes in the top 3.

Just out of interest, the horse in the above example, Kings Pavilion came third in the race, so £14.60 would have been won to £10 stakes, or £146.00 would have been won to £100 stakes. Proof here: http://www.sportinglife.com/racing/results/11-06-2016/sandown-park/result/727288/betstars-by-pokerstars-handicap

Now there are some variables with place only horse racing.

For example, the places given are related to how many horses are running, so if you place your bet, and then some runners pull out of the race, you may find that the places given are reduced, and the winnings paid out are reduced based on ‘reductions’, but these are variables all systems, and methods will have, and I would not worry about them when basing results over the longer term.

This makes sense, as you have more chance of winning with less horses, so Betfair (or any bookmakers) will probably reduce the places given.

I am told by Tom that this situation is not usually a problem.

Conclusion on Place Only Horse Racing System

Here will be my conclusion on Tom’s system, whether it works, or does not work.

One thing Tom did say, was that it is a long term system, and that nothing ever works short term, which we all know, so I will be giving this a good trial for a few weeks, and see if there is any merit in it.

As mentioned, it may turn to nothing, but we will see. Tom thinks I will be surprised at the results, and the profits.

If it works, and turns a decent profit, then you know exactly what I will be doing, I will be trying to get the method of how he makes his selections. If it fails, then I will of course laugh at him every time I see him 🙂

Update on Tom’s Place Only Horse Racing System

At the time of writing (Sunday 19th June 2016), Tom’s system is doing EXACTLY what he promised. He said it would be an 80% win rate, and profits to a £1,000 bank are 70.5%, and have returned a profit of £705.00 in 8 racing days, where horses were selected.

There is definitely merit in this place only system from Tom, no doubt about it, so let’ see what the long term results are, because any system has to be tested over a longer period of time.

Final Update to Tom’s Place Only Racing System.

The problem I see, with people offering systems, methods, and tipster services, is that even if they work, potential buyers of such systems and tipster services just want to pay peanuts for them, and it becomes a merry go round of rubbish, with people just trying whatever is out there without ever seeing the true potential of something that works.

I have discussed this with Tom, who explained that he has used this type of selection process for well over 15 years, and that it genuinely makes him about £20,000+ a year profit. Tom also mentioned that in the last 2 weeks of the selections there was actually a lull moment, which happens sometimes, but that the results over recover to make an average profit.

I have also checked Tom’s results going back around 8 months, as he does not really keep much records, and why would he?!, he is not a system seller, but from what I have checked the results were very similar to the last three weeks of my own testing, which fills me with total confidence.

Now when you think realistically about it, if such information can GENUINELY make you such profits per year, would you really expect to get your hands on it for £25 a month? or pay £30 for an ebook that would then get resold and slapped on ebay for a fiver, therefore getting literally destroyed and devalued? If it were a business sale making that kind of profit, you’d be paying in the region of £50,000+ for it.

Nobody would pay that, obviously, and therefore I think that this is the reason that ‘genuine‘ information that works is never sold to the general public, and I promised Tom I wouldn’t do anything that jeopardises his income whilst testing this. He did say it could be offered to a few, as selections, but I am not sure I want to do that. Nobody would pay the true value…

Most people are happy to think they can pay a few quid for something that is advertised as ‘it works’, and then make themselves believe it is possible by trying as much garbage as they can, similar to this kind of thing:


Then they wonder why they have folders full of system ebooks on their PC, or why they have that little corner full of failed ‘systems’ they have printed off over the years.

I am not saying that everything that gets sold for less than it’s true value does not work, but sometimes you just come across some information and it makes you sit up and think about the potential far beyond making a quid quid from selling it in a PDF file.

Those dreamers on eBay and other sites will always be there, but sometimes, just sometimes you find something from somebody (like Tom) that totally has some real, sustainable value, and can actually put some real money in your pocket. Will those £1 – £20 ebooks do that, of course they won’t. It is pure folly to think otherwise.

Obviously I know the selection process now, and in fact I have been finding the selections for myself over the last 5/6 days and placing them here, then double checking with Tom that my selections were the same as his, and they were, 100%.

Genuinely, the simplicity is staggering, and such simplicity is one of the reasons why I really doubted this would make consistent profits when Tom first told me about it.

One thing is for sure, there really are people out there that make serious profits selecting horses based on a form criteria, and I have never come across one before that works. This does, and I am truly excited about it.

The Results:

After testing the place system for 18 days worth of selections (days where a selection was made), I made a profit to £100 level stakes of:

£1,029 Profit in 18 race days

Which equates to an average profit of £55 per day.

28 Selections.

19 wins.

67.85 win percentage – Although Tom tells me this will average out to around 80% over a few months, hence his mentioning of a ‘lull’ over the past few weeks, but if a ‘lull’ can make me £1,029 inside 3 weeks, then I would happily have them all week long!

The longest losing run was: 2

The longest winning run was: 4

This is also not a ‘favourite’ selection, and neither is being a favourite part of the criteria, which is what impressed me. Basically, the selections find real, and true value.

I can honestly say, it is by far the best selection process, and form based system I have come across, and I have tested hundreds over the years. In fact, as the longest losing run was 2, I could have made the same profits with just a couple of hundred quid as a starting bank.

I am surprised at the results. For many years people have been trying to make profits to level stakes and failed miserably.

This one works, absolutely no doubts.

The selection process is very tight, with value being given to the selections which gives a lot of confidence when betting on the selections.

I might now see how far I can push it, and may double the stakes to £200 per stake, which based on the above results would actually equate to around a £40,000 a year profit, although just sticking to £100 stakes and making half of that is still a nice tax free income 🙂

I will also probably update the page in a few months to let you know how I have got on, but too many people jumping onto the selections would definitely have an adverse effect on liquidity and push the prices down (I am not sure by how much, I will monitor it for now), and therefore, based on what I have seen of Tom’s results, and my own testing, if I were to offer this, I suspect it would be for a price most would not be willing to pay. We’ll see.

Extra Final Update on Toms Place Only System

I thought I would make an addition here because I have been receiving a LOT of emails about this since I stopped placing the daily trades here.

I have not been doing the trades every day because I have a lot to do away from this website, and have other interests, but just to give you an example of the last few trades.

Here are the last 14 trades:

Date Horse Course Time Odds Result
Friday 8th July 2016 Man Look Chester 21:20 1.68 Lost
Sunday 10th July 2016 LE GRAND CHASE Perth 16:10 1.83 Won
Sunday 10th July 2016 TYRELLS SUCCESS Perth 17:20 1.25 Won
Monday 11th July 2016 GONINODAETHAT AYR 15:30 2.86 Won
Tuesday 12th July 2016 BERNISDALE BATH 16:45 2.32 Won
Wed13th July 2016 PERSEID Uttoxeter 16:30 2.06 Lost
Thursday 14th July 2016 TINSILL Hamilton 14:30 1.41 Won
Friday 15th July 2016 ORIENT CLASS Haydock 15:50 1.89 Won
Friday 15th July 2016 HEAD SPACE Newbury 17:15 2.52 Lost
Friday 15th July 2016 TRINITY STAR Pontefract 20:05 1.72 Lost
Saturday 16th July 2016 Scottish Newbuty 15:00 1.26 Won
Saturday 16th July 2016 Knights Table Ripon 16:50 1.35 Won
Sunday 17th July 2016 Strumble Head Newton Abbot 16:20 3.65 Won
Sunday 17th July 2016 Ginjo Stratford 17:40 1.68 Won

On the above 14 trades, they would have produced a profit of £550 to £100 level stakes.

I did promise Tom that I wouldn’t offer it, because as this is a place only system, there is nowhere near as much money on the place market, as the direct betting market, so liquidity could be affected if too many were on the same selections, which in itself is not a deal breaker, but prices would probably drop also.

I will be leaving this alone now, but yet again, it does show you that people really are making money using Betfair. It is just not advertised in an eBook for £2.99 😛








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  • Malcolm Jones says:

    Hi Ben, I am going to put a few quid on those selections today. Thanks for testing this and letting us all know about it. Like you had said it might turn to nothing but you never know do you. Keep up the sterling work on this website, it is easily one of the very best out there for great information. Malcolm J

    • Ben says:

      Hi Malcolm,

      Thank you for that, I really appreciated it.

      Yes, you never know do you. Tom is a quiet, reserved kind of bloke, so I have never really had any such discussions with him before, so I was taken aback slightly when we got onto the subject of horse racing.

      I love testing things out anyway, and yes, you never know.

      Tom said I would be surprised at the results, and profits, and that he has done it for years, so it will be interesting.


      Editing, 2 wins out of 2 so far, and a 7.7% profit, so should I stop now and state that this is a 100% winning system? 🙂 🙂

      I suspect they might be famous last words, but we’ll see.. Although Tom just text me with a smiley face also.

  • Len says:

    Hi Ben how many selections per day are there on this system?

    • Ben says:

      Hi Len,

      You are brave calling it a system for now 🙂

      Tom reckons 2/3 a day, sometimes none, sometimes only one, and that the selections can be bet on first thing in the morning, and it has nothing to do with any in play, or anything like that.

      Just straight forward selections, to be placed, and then that is it until the next day.


  • Ben says:

    It just occured to me, that although the selections can be good, horses that fall can be bad for the system, as then they have no chance, no matter how good they are.

    Still… Long term remember 🙂


  • S.T says:

    Hi, It is look good so far, Ben. Over 10% profit already. How do you think you might know the selections?

    • Ben says:


      I am just checking the selections he gave, and then looking at various form factors to see if there is any common factors, and I think I have found them.

      Anyway, early days, and I will give it a couple of weeks to see if there is anything in it.

      As we all know, or should know, winners are fairly easy to find, but it is the losing runs that can scupper a system, so it needs a good run.

      I enjoy testing systems, and as I am putting the selections up on here before the races start, you can see also if they are winning, losing and making a profit.


  • Len says:

    great weekend ben. that is 23.5% profit already?

    • Ben says:

      Hi Len,

      Yes, certainly a great start.

      I actually think place betting has a lot of merits, even over each way betting, because although it cuts the odds from a direct win bet, when used with some checking of form on certain race courses, I think a definite advantage is being found here.

      Let’s see what the long term results bring, I will run the test for 3/4 weeks.


  • Gary Matthews says:

    Hiya Ben.

    I would definitely be interested in the details of this if it takes off. I trust your judgement based on what I have read of your stuff in the past, and I have bought a few of your products too so count me in if this works.

    • Ben says:

      Hi Gary,

      Early days yet, although I must say that I really like place betting.

      I have been toying with another system today, that I made myself and won 4 out of 5 races today, so there is definitely merit in place betting.


  • Ben says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I know many people were following my own place only system, which made over £1280+ in 4 days, although I have made a new thread for it, as it has generated a lot of interest.

    The new thread can be found here:


    I decided to start a new thread, so it was not becoming confused with this thread, where I am testing Tom’s place system, which is also doing very well indeed.


  • Jono says:

    Sound good!

    Is there any instruction information about the selection of horse to bet on place?

    Not sure I can’t find it somewhere on this page.

    • Ben says:

      Hi Jono,

      No instructional information given, I am just testing it at the moment.


      • Jono says:

        Ok fair enough.

        Will you tell us the instruction information if you complete this system one day?

        Many thanks, J

        • Ben says:

          Hi Jono,

          I won’t put it live onto this website, no, as a lot of people read this website now, and it would reduce liquidity by a large margin.

          If this works on a longer basis, I may decide to offer the selections on some type of limited basis, but still early, I think we need at least a month of positive results before that is even a consideration.

          The selection process does seem to have a lot of merit now.

          Tom has now revealed the selection process to me, and it makes a lot of sense, and is one of the best I have come across, with some decent thought as to why the selections are made.

          This is one of the reasons why there are not a lot of selections, sometimes none, and usually one, or two a day, because the selections offer some real value, which is needed with all selection systems, not just place betting.

          There is no point just banging out selections for the sake of it, and Tom has now taught me why he selects certain races, and which ones to avoid, and the horses that have the best chance, together with value.

          I have genuinely placed £100 on each selection, from a £1,000 starting bank (as shown in the screenshots), so I am currently over £800 in pure profit in less than 3 weeks, which cannot be ignored at all. Plus the losing runs are very low in that time due to the value being selected on the horses/races.

          At this stage, I would be very surprised if this place system selection does not produce long term results, just as Tom promised it would; but I need to test it for at least a month, and maybe more.


  • Stuart Dyson says:

    Ben those are excellent results.

    I am interesting in taking the selections if you wish to offer it as a service,

    Please let me know how I get these selection s should you stop offering them.

    I have been putting some money your seclections since about day three if you putting them on here and I have made about £340 so ta for that Ben.

    Let me know please ben if you are going to offer this as a service. I have tried loads in the past and none of em have worked and it really does look like you have something here mate. Let me know

  • Vic says:

    I am interested also, please email me full details. Thanks.

  • Ben says:

    Hi Vic, and Stuart.

    I have received a fair amount of emails asking the exact same thing, and if I did offer the selections, then it would definitely be on a limited basis to protect liquidity, and prices.

    I will have a think and see how it could be done, and what sort of limited service could be offered.

    It is still early days, but I personally think there is definite money to be made on these selections, and I can see now how Tom has used it long term.

    As I mentioned above, I know the selection criteria now, and it definitely is a valid selection process and the chosen selections have value, hence the positive results so far.

    It would be more of a tipster service than a system being offered.

    I will give it some thought.


  • Paul says:

    Hi Ben

    Tom needs to decide if he wants to take on a small number of subscribers.

    Offering his selections to 50 subscribers at £80 a month making him £48000 a year and won’t affect his
    profits or adversely affect prices.

    This way he won’t ever have to reveal his system but still take a few
    ‘along for the ride’ as it were.

  • Paul says:


    Would you keep us entertained and continue posting Tom’s
    selections on your site, say for another month?

    • Ben says:

      Hi Paul,

      One of the reasons for stopping was time really, as I am quite busy away from this website, but what I will be doing is placing the trades in locked Word files, which cannot be modified.

      Therefore, if I place the results back on the site at a later date, at least they can be checked as genuine, as I will be creating the Word file with the selections before the races start, and then locking them so they cannot be modified.

      For example, I have already created the selections Word file for today, which shows the date created, and time created, as you can see here:

      Tuesday Place System Selections

      Regarding your other post. It is not set in stone, and I will monitor the liquidity and pricing, etc. to see if there is any scope for having a few on board.


  • Ben says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I know a lot of people have been following this thread, so I have made a final edit to this place system that can be read here:



  • james naughton says:

    hi ben if you decide to offer limited places for toms place system would you please consider myself,regards jimmy

  • michael pickering says:

    Hello ,Do you have any places available for Toms Place System ?
    Mike Pickering

  • Mal says:

    Hi again, Ben.
    I followed your comments a few months ago on this Place System.
    Is it definitely “on ice” until further notice?
    I know that you have other priorities & others have been tested successfully since and are up and running.
    PS When do you sleep? – ha!!

  • Ben says:

    Hi Mal (and Michael above),

    Yes, it was never intended to be sold, but should that change I will make a posting here. I’d probably sell a load of them, but it would affect liquidity, and although I know I could make a few quid selling the information, I am not prepared or have the time (currently) for the emails such sales could generate.

    That may change though, but at the moment I have no plans to make it available for sale.

    As for sleep, I do it with one eye open, and one finger on the iPad keyboard 🙂


  • Mike Salway says:

    Any idea what his system is yet? Even an inclination? You spotted any trends? Also, when is he going to share his picks with the general public? You know how impatient we are and we want winners.

    • Ben says:

      Hi Mike,

      I know exactly what the system is, but I promised I would not give it away as because it is place betting it can reduce liquiity.

      Should that change I’ll let you know.


  • Mark Beckenham says:

    Hi Ben. With regards to the x2 sets of results posted above. Just to clarify, these picks were chosen by following your friends system on the morning of the racing day is that correct?

    • Ben says:

      Hi Mark,

      Yes, that is correct.


      • Mark says:

        Thanks Ben.

        By looking at the form of the horses selected, it is possible to spot a common theme and ascertain why the selections are made? I have been making some money place betting of late, however this has been by monitoring price movement. This means that I have to wait until a minute or two before a race before I decide if I back a horse to place, which is not always easy to do when I am at work. If I could find a way to find horses to back on the place markets in the morning before I leave for work based on certain form factors that would be great. I am assuming that your own Place Betting method is based on form also?

  • mark says:

    O.K, thanks Ben. I will have a look and see if I can spot any common factors. Cheers

  • omar says:

    Hi Ben,

    Have you used this method lately, and if so, could you please provide us with your latest results if possible?

    I understand that you will be placing the trades in locked Word files, which cannot be modified.
    Therefore, if it is not so much trouble, can you inform us how it is performing so far?

    • Ben says:

      Hi Omar,

      I never carried it on, I was just testing it and showing live on the website what was possible, more out of curiosity to see if it actually worked, and it did work extremely well, as you can see on the results, all of which were posted before the races started.


  • Curtis says:

    I hope you don’t mind me asking you a question on this one.. Are there any races that are not selected solely based on the (course) they are racing at? E.G all races at Ascot may automatically be a non selection? I look forward to hearing from you.

    • Ben says:

      Hi Curtis,

      No, there are certain filters in the criteria, but Ascot as a whole card (I know you are only using that as an example) would not be one of them.


      • Curtis says:

        Ah I see, I thought that some races may not even be considered if they took place at a certain course, thanks for clearing that up. Would you look at the form of other horses in the race also? Or is it solely based on the form of the horse in question + other factors? I appreciate your time.

  • Matt says:

    Hi Ben

    Can I ask what the criteria is for getting the selections, or would Tom be willing to sell the system.

    Many Thanks

    • Daniel says:

      Hello Matt, Reading the comments it was mentioned that it would not be for sale. Knowing a little bit about place betting myself I know this is probably down to liquidity issues on the place markets on Betfair which is much lower than standard liquidity.

      Best Wishes,


  • Daniel says:

    Hello, I have been discussing and looking into the prospect of offering this information as a product, and after much, much persuasion I am almost there on an agreement, and may be able to offer the criteria and selection process 🙂

    This subject and page probably receives more emails than any other on this website, so after agreeing with the chap who created it, and who originally gave Ben the sections to proof on this page last year, over the last few days we have been in discussions with a publishing company this site has reviewed a few products for to see if they can verify and test the information for me, and if the results are still as impressive, compile it as a course and product.

    No promises, but stay tuned.

    Best Wishes.


  • Mark says:

    That sounds great. I have been able to work out a number of the criteria factors, but I am struggling with others. I would be very interested in having a look at this! Any idea of how long this may take to get off the ground?

  • jim stimpson says:

    Please contact me if and when bets are available.

  • Mark says:

    Hi Daniel / Ben, hope all is well. Just wondering what tha latest is on this?

    • Daniel says:

      Hello Mark/Jim, I am still trying to get agreements as to whether this can be brought to market. The main sticking point, the same as before, is liquidity.

      I will update as, if and when.

      Best Wishes,


      • Mark says:

        O.K no problem, I will have another look at this page in a couple of weeks to see if there is anything further.


  • weber says:


    Please, which of the systems you have tested, of the money with consistency? Something that to make an extra income consistent or even live from it?

    Sorry English, I’m from Brazil!

    Thanks for the feedback!

  • Mike Harvey says:

    Hi Daniel,will you be promoting the product on this page or elsewhere, if so how will we be able to evaluate everything and can I take it that the information will be exactly as Toms methods, step-by-step?

  • Mike Harvey says:

    Hi Dan & Ben, since there have been no reply from my post and this review has been going on for a year can we take it that this 9great idea) will not come to fluition? Please respond.

    • Daniel says:

      Hello Mike, Apologies for the delay, busy time at the moment, but yes, the whole page did state that the intention was not to offer it, but just for testing purposes to see what was possible. I thought it may be viable to launch something for readers, but it has turned out not to be the case, for the same sticking point being limited liquidity being available if multiple people were using the same strategy,

      Best Wishes,


  • phil says:

    why carnt he just allow a small number of members at leased that would be something, please help us fed up of looseing punters. thank you phil

  • Stephen Blackburn says:

    Is this product still available. I have received a flyer from someone promoting it. I believe his name is Simon Foreman

    • Daniel says:

      Hello Stephen, It was never available in the first place. Never offered for sale, so what you refer to is nothing to do with what was tested on this website.

      Best Wishes,


  • Michael says:

    Hi Just found your review & I would be grateful if you could send me an e-mail in order that I can contact you directly.

  • JOE says:


  • Craig says:

    Looks a real system Tom has , but I take it he only places bets on good going never soft or heavy going ? Have a great weekend

    • Daniel says:

      Hello again, Craig. I cannot confirm that diagnosis on filtering.

      As previously stated the main reason it has not been offered in any more detail is due to lack of liquidity in the place market.

      Best Wishes,


  • Bet says:

    This is such a tease haha. But yeh if having a lot of people following a method will crash it, you would never tell others the details.

  • Nick Anderton says:

    Looked into what they do it doesnt work 4 have lost in a row today which blows his losing run of 2 out the water

    • Daniel says:

      Hello Nick,

      The criteria was never given to anybody by us (even though very, very many people asked by email), but somehow you have ‘looked into it’ and concluded that what we didn’t give in the first place does not work?

      Well then you must be a long distance mind reader, and if you are, then you might be better suited playing the lottery instead 😉

      There is no way you could have filtered the selections from what was posted, but if you believe otherwise, then good luck to you.

      Best Wishes,


  • Rori says:

    I have recently come across this review and I would be grateful if you could send me an e-mail in order that I can contact you directly as I am interested in furthering he potential of this method if possible
    best wishes

  • STEWART says:

    were can you get this place system please

  • kenneth rawcliffe says:

    where can i purchase the system please

  • ken says:

    Hello sir
    please can you tell me where i can purchase this place system.


  • kenneth rawcliffe says:

    please can you tell me where i can purchase this system please

  • sunday Osa says:

    How can get Tom selection

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