The Exchange Trader Review YouTube Videos by Stephen Speight


The Exchange Trader Review YouTube Videos by Stephen Speight

Price: £35 - £360 a year

A YouTube Video Course, The Exchange Trader by Stephen Speight, on how to use Geeks Toy to trade the Betfair exchanges


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The Exchange Trader Course ReviewThere are now many Betfair trading courses online, and some are obviously better than others. About 6 weeks ago one of our researchers came across The Exchange Trader, which is a series of YouTube videos on how to use the Betfair Exchange using Geeks Toy.

The video tutorials are also offered together with a horse racing analytical service, at an additional cost, both of which we will discuss on this review.

We have reviewed a few Betfair trading products on this website, some of which have passed the test, and some were not as easy to follow as they were advertised, so it is always interesting to see new products in this niche.

What I usually focus on with such Betfair courses is firstly the structure of the training. Secondly, I look at the way that the course is taught, and how easily it is to follow. For example last year we looked at Sports Trading Exposed by Tomas Paul, which although the product was presented fairly well in an ebook, the video content that came with the course was relatively difficult to follow and understand, due to a language barrier of the author.

The main problem with Tomas, and his product was that the videos did not have much commentary, and was too reliant on the ebook to explain what he was actually doing, which made the course difficult to follow, albeit Tomas was extremely plausible, and obviously very successful as a Betfair trader.

On the other side of the equation, was The Betfair Scalping Course, which actually won our award for product of the year back in early 2017, and went down extremely well when we reviewed it, and still generates a lot of interest from our readers. The previous owner of the website (Ben) tested this scalping course, and I have seen the results which were very good, plus I am reviewing the course myself currently, and the training is excellent.

But this review is about The Exchange Trader.

Let’s start the review, which will be updated, as and when I have gone further through the course.

Product: Exchange Trader Video Course.

What You Get: Access To The Videos Via YouTube.

Price: £35 for the videos, and up to £360 a year for the data services.

Guarantee: No Money Back Guarantee found.

Support Offered: Yes, via email.

 Where to buy: There is currently not a direct website that I can find.

What is The Exchange Trader?

The Exchange Trader YouTube course promises to teach you how to trade the Betfair markets, taking you from novice to ‘budding professional’. The course starts by explaining a little bit about the Geeks Toy software that the trader Stephen Speight uses, and then explains some simple trades.

Stephen explains that the sole aim is to teach you from the start. Watching the videos, and the way they were titled initially made me think that they were simply promoting the software, but after watching a few of the videos, I am not so sure, as no direct advertising is made regarding any specific sofware, only that Stephen makes a reference to what software he is using.

Stephen Speight does not make any claims of income, and what was interesting is that he also never shows you any real profits he has made, well, apart from a couple of pounds on the trades.

How Does The Exchange Trader Work?

As mentioned already, the videos start by showing a little about the software, and then a few simple trades are demonstrated.

What stood out immediately, is that the trades shown on the first videos were on very high priced horses, and this initially made me think that this was the reason why there are only a couple of pounds in profit shown on most of the videos, because you will not get hundreds of pounds matched at such high prices usually, and to attempt to do so is usually associated with much higher risk.

I am still going through the videos at this stage, but I have seen enough to warrant the start of the review for The Exchange Trader.

Stephen Speight does seem reasonably knowledgeable, although having watching other trading courses, Stephen’s course does come across initially on the fact that he is banking on his knowledge of particular horses, and he will often say things  like ‘I have chosen this horse because…’, so just be aware that Stephen’s course is not based around trading the numbers as such, or the liquidity like other courses on the market.

If any of you have read our review on Betangel, then you will have read about Peter Webb (probably the most successful horse racing trader around) mentioning that he simply trades what he sees on the screen, and does not study the form on horses as such.

The Exchange Trader course seems to be based around acting on particular information, which is another service they provide.

In fact, I would go as far as saying (still at this early stage) that you will definitely be looking more at the analytics of certain horses when choosing which runners to trade on, which won’t be to eveyone’s taste.

Exchange Trader Youtube Videos

Our researcher purchased the course earlier this year. Upon purchase, Stephen will ask you for your YouTube credentials so that he can send you a test video, and then you are able to watch them.

Our researcher actually downloaded all of the videos so that he was able to watch them offline, as he was travelling with his job at the time and a solid, reliable internet connection was not always available. Therefore he uploaded them to a laptop so he could watch them on the move.

The Exchange Trader Videos Course YouTube

You will notice above, that every video starts with the same reference to the software, which is what made me think it was just advertising the software, but this could also be Stephen trying to capitalise on the Geeks Toy brand in the video search engines, which is not uncommon.

I have not counted them all, but I would say there is appromimately 30-40 videos on the course, with timescales ranging from between a couple of minutes long, and some going as long as an hour.

Some of the early videos are back from 2016, and then the majority of the rest seem to have been filmed in early 2017, so they are fairly recent.

The videos are sent to you by a series of emails, although they are laid out in parts, so you have part 1, which is free to view, and does not really give any strategy, and then you have parts 2-7 which is aimed and going into more detail about learning how the exchanges work and how to gain profits.

I used Geeks Toy recently, and what you notice immediately, is that the alerts, for example ‘fully matched’ when you are matched in the market is rather loud (I never actually checked if the volume could be turned down, although I would suspect that option is there in the settings), so when watching the Exchange Trader videos and whilst listening to Stephen.

You actually get a bit of a fright when the trades are matched in the exchange, as the voice over on the software is much louder than Stephen’s voice, so just be aware of that. Not a big issue, but a tad off putting nonetheless.

One example of the YouTube videos can be seen here:

As you can see from the above video Stephen likes to trade outsiders, and some of the trades were around odds of 32, and 34 (and as high as 60.0), which I have never seen other traders do, usually because there is much lower liquidity on such prices, and getting higher bets matched would not be that easy, plus the risks could be heightened once in play.

My first impressions are that The Exchange Trader is offered as a gentle approach to the markets, and to earn a little bit of pocket money whilst at the same time increasing your knowledge of the markets, with low risk, depending on which strategy you use.

The videos are relatively cheap for what you get, although I suspect the main reason for offering the videos at such a low price is that Stephen also offers a service which I think is almost certainly needed based on the training I have seen so far.

Form and Analysis Service

This additional service that Stephen offers is statistical data on which are the best horses to trade that day, but of course this will also be based on the type of trading you are doing. It is the first type of service I have seen like this, where the training videos are offered, and then an additional service that is required to get the best out of the videos.

That is not to say it is not viable, just different, so when bearing in the mind the cost of The Exchange Trader, then quite possibly to get the best out of it, the additional analytical service could be required, which is something to take a note of.

These services that The Exchange Trader offer as detailed as follows:

BRONZE SERVICE – Our bronze service offers customers a way in to our trading strategy.

Cost £9.95 every 2 weeks – £258.70 per year.

Below are the three key areas of trading which we use to identify value. – Form, Race Anylysis, Prices.

SILVER SERVICE – Our Silver Service builds on the bronze membership and has been designed with the more hands on trader in mind.

Cost £11.95 every 2 weeks – £310.70 per year.

GOLD SERVICE – Our Gold Service includes all the benefits of the bronze and silver packages. Plus these added extras: email support, advice and feedback, feedback on yuor trading, access to new videos content not as stadard.

Cost £13.95 every 2 weeks – £362.70 per year.

As you can see, these are relatively high costs for all the race data that much of the trading course refers to and mentions.

How Much Money Do You Need To Start?

Stephen mentions that he always advises a starting bank of £80, which considering the high odds he shows himself trading will definitely leave little scope for profits, because the liability of such odds will be high, so if you wanted to make a return of say £20 on the pre race markets, and you were laying first, then that would be a hefty betting bank you would need.

The Exchange Trader also have data sheets available which will show you how the betting bank can increase depending on which strategy you were using, and by how much your betting bank could increase over a set period, and a quick example of this spreadsheet can be seen below:

The Exchange Trader Profit Targets

There has certainly been a fair amount of time spent creating the videos, and the whole set up.

Stephen is also relatively new to the Betfair course genre, so it will be interesting to see if the contents of the course does actually produce a profit, and if the advice is sound enough to be followed by those looking to make a profit from the exchanges.

Does The Exchange Trader Work?

This is what I aim to find out over the coming weeks, and months. I will also be updating on how our researcher got on with the course. Sports trading is now becoming extremely popular, and so I expect more of these type of course to come out as those who trade now reliase that there is actually a rather large market for people search for these type of product.

Although as I said earlier, some are most definitely of a higher quality than others, but on first impressions Stephen Speight seems to have put a decent product together here.

I am also interested to find out if the videos themselves are as beneficial as other courses out there without any reliance on the statistical service that is offered with the product. I hope I am wrong on that, but I suspect at this stage, and without viewing the whole course, that there could be a little ‘push’ towards to the other services to be able to gain maximum potential from the video side.

And the statistical side of the offer is very expensive.

Conclusion on The Exchange Trader

I plan to go right through The Exchange Trader videos and dig a little deeper, and I will report back to the review with an update over the coming weeks.


In the meantime, I have already tested one Betfair trading course, which is exceptional. Click Here for my review of it.




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