Sports Trading Exposed Review Offered by Tomas Paul Betfair Trader


Sports Trading Exposed Review Offered by Tomas Paul Betfair Trader


Price: £94.80 (incl VAT)

Sports Trading Exposed by Tomas Paul is a relatively new product, and therefore requires some testing to see the validity of what is being offer. As a Betfair trader, Tomas provides instruction on how he profits.


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Sports trading exposed Tomas Paul ReviewSports trading is a particular passion of mine, so when I was recently presented with yet another Betfair trading product I just had to review it. This one is Sports Trading Exposed written by Tomas Paul, and ex professional volleyball player.

Many people try to make profits from Betfair, and obviously not many people achieve this, mainly due to the fact that there is not a great deal of information on how to trade successfully, but there have been a few products launched recently which are starting to change this.

Sports Trading Exposed is another one of them.

One thing I do want to say from the off, is that Tomas Paul is not from the UK, so although there is a slight language barrier, the PDF and content has been written by an native English person to ensure that there are no issues on that score.

OK, onto the review:

Product Title: Sports Betting Exposed, by Tomas Paul

Website: TBC

Price: £94.80 (incl VAT)

Guarantee: 60 day guarantee if not satisfied with the product.

What You Get:

  • 234 page PDF document containing the full training course.
  • 45 Real Time videos that are linked to on the course.
  • Full support from Tomas himself.

Where to Buy: Sports Trading Exposed Website

What is Sports Betting Exposed?

The product is in PDF format, and is a download after purchase.  The PDF is also complimented by video training which is linked to from the book itself.

Tomas Paul claims to teach to how to follow in his footsteps and train you how to make a profit from Betfair just like he has done for the last 11 years.

Just to show you that I do have the product for this review, the following screenshot will show you the PDF:

sports betting exposed review

The Sports Betting exposed product claims to teach readers how to trade on Betfair for maximum profit.

Included in the manual is a variety of different subjects all relating to the conclusion of teaching someone from the start how to trade the Betfair markets for a profit.

On early impressions the book is extremely well written, and Tomas Paul also shows a little of his own personality throughout the book.

I have not fully read the book (yet), as like I say it is 234 pages long with a fair amount of detail, but the downloadable book has obviously had a lot of thought and attention go into it.

I would say Sports Trading Exposed is very professionally written, of Amazon quality in fact, which is refreshing to see and is certainly not the usual poor quality found for similar products, so early impressions are very good on the whole.

Who is Tomas Paul, The Trader?

As I mentioned earlier there is a section regarding the history of Tomas, not a great deal but he explains that he was a professional volleyball player and started trading on Betfair back 2006, and has now been trading for 11 years after making over £250,000 profit from the Betfair exchanges.

Paul does mention early on in the book that he is now slightly bored with trading Betfair, and that is the reason for him putting pen to paper and writing Sports Trading Exposed. He also mentions that he has a strong dislike of Betfair since the introduction of the premium taxes (a stealth tax by Betfair placed on those who do well!)

What Does Sports Betting Exposed Contain?

The book as already mentioned is extremely detailed, infact the ‘table of contents’ for the book is one of the longest I have ever seen, and I have read a lot of books and never seen anything as long as this index –  over 7 pages of ‘tabled contents’  and this is the first page, which I am not sure is required to be brutally honest:

sports trading contents download

As I say, there is 7 pages of contents, which is a little over the top, and could be seen as padding the book out, but with such a long book, maybe it is needed, I don’t know yet until I really get into the ‘meat’ of what is being explained.

Just going through the book, it is obvious that the very basics are covered; not in any great detail but I would say enough to cover most angles.

Is Sports Trading Exposed Explained for Newbies?

I am not sure yet, the product explains how to open a Betfair Account, and has the links to downloading trading software, etc. The book is divided into three main sections:

1) Theory – The theory explains how Tomas uses his various trading techniques to make a profit (not tested yet).
2) Practice – The practice will obviously be putting to test what you have been taught in the PDF’s.
3) Videos – The videos are demonstations of trades and situations that Tomas is teaching to students.

 Sports Trading Exposed Videos

Now the videos are interesting, because what Tomas has done is broken down into segments exactly what happened on the trades, and has linked directly to certain sections of the video as and when events happened, and subsequently has written the text to explain alongside the actions, like so:
sports trading exposed videos
This is something I have not seen before, and what it looks like to me, is that whoever has co-wrote the book for Tomas has a fair amount of experience in outlining how to write step-by-step instructions that can easily be followed.
One of the slight areas I think could potentially be of issue is the videos explanations.
I have watched a few of the videos and because Tomas is not a native English speaker the translation could be lost. I will update more on that at a later stage once I have gone through the course more.
sports trading exposed Video
It is quite possible that the PDF is enough, and that once the information has been digested, then the videos will be more audibly palatable, we will see after I have progressed further though the course. I also think that the videos should be protected somehow, because as it stands they are simply on Youtube and could be found by none-paying viewers.
I am sure paying customers would not be happy with that, but I would suspect this is more an oversight than anything else.
Tomas also does not talk that much on his videos, to explain exactly what he is doing whiclst trading, which may also be a slight concern, but again, I will need to go through the full expanation in the PDF download to assess this further, which I will be doing over the next few weeks.

What Software Does Sports Trading Exposed Use?

The software that Tomas uses, and recommends is Geekstoy (I have done a recent review on Geekstoy which I will be publishing soon), and Tomas also uses Geekstoy in all his video demonstrations, so if you use different software already, you will have to learn and purchase Geekstoy to follow Tomas’s examples, and training.

Early Conclusion on Sports Trading Exposed.

I am still going through the content, and therefore this review will be updated in due course.

The product is obviously detailed, and Sports Trading Exposed is very professionally presented, but as we know the crux of the information, and the training will be if the information is adequate enough to generate users a profit.

Betfair trading is never, and never will be an overnight income creator for anybody new to trading the exchanges, so this will also need to be taken into account when apply the final rating, but early impressions are good on the professionalism of the product.

I just need to complete the book, and test the actual product, and this Sports Trading Review will be updated accordingly.

Updates and testing to follow.



  • Konstantina says:

    Hey, any recent comments on this system? Did you try it in practice already? Thanks!

    • Daniel says:

      Hello Konstantina, It is teaching you how to trade not a system and I am still going through the sports trading contents when I have spare time, so I will update.

      Best Wishes,


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