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Mike Cruickshank Matched Betting Software Review. Mike’s Latest Product Can Save You a Lot of Time

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Price: £1 for a 30 Day Trial

We have now taken a look at Mike Cruickshank's new Matched Betting Software to see how it can increase your matched betting returns, and make the whole process a lot easier to generate profits.


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Mike-Cruickshank-image We have all heard of Mike Cruickshank by now, and the endless testimonials his products bring. Well, the Matched Betting Software he has just launched is another fantastic product for all those wishing to profit from matched betting.

When the details of Matched Betting Software landed on my desk, I was pleasantly surprised to see Mike Cruickshank’s name and as something of a fan of his stuff, I decided I had to take a more detailed look. I am always excited by Mike’s Products, as they always ‘just work’ 🙂

The first thing that stood out about Matched Betting Software (which is what Mike’s new product is called, personally I think he should have given it a more fancy name, but hey…) is that it is a piece of software which is definitely a new direction for Mike’s products. Not a new direction on the ‘theme’ of what he has offered in the past, but mainly the simplicity of the product.

Matched Betting Profits

Matched Betting Software

Rather than dedicating time to finding opportunities, calculating what will and won’t work etc., Matched Betting Software allows you to look at everything in one place with no need to spend your time going from odds checker to Betfair’s exchange constantly – which is a HUGE timesaver, and as we know, time really is money.

The fact is that whilst matched betting is considered easy money by all who use it, actually finding profitable bets can be pretty far from easy.

Mike Cruickshank says that with his Matched Betting Software, all of the difficulty and effort (basically messing about) is taken out of matched betting itself; saves a lot of time, and this time saving increases your profits, taking it to a whole new level – and having done a lot of matched betting myself, this is certainly true.

Let’s get on to the review…

Product Title: Matched Betting Software – I still think it should have been given a different name 😉

Price: £1 for a 30 Day Trial

Guarantee: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

What You Get:

  • – You get complete access to Mike’s new Matched Betting Software.
  • – Full tutorials on how to use the software, and how to find the offers.
  • – Some great free bonuses included in the software.
  • – Full support by Mike Cruickshank himself.


Here is one of the screenshot from the website:


As you can see, the main onus of the product is time saving, and finding the money-making offers far more quickly than doing it manually. And let’s face it, if something is easy, then you are far more willing to do it, and if you are more willing to do it, you have to make more money in the short term.

Making the whole offer-search easier, takes a way a LOT of frustration for the user. When you are into matched betting, you want to know what offers are available, you want to know where they are, and you wan to be able to access them as quickly as possible. This is what Mike’s new software offers you.

On top of this, it is mobile friendly and can be accessed anywhere, again, this is important because more, and more of us are using mobile devices these days, and we don’t always want to be chained to our computer, and sometimes we have to be on the move, so making the software available of mobile devices, again, will create more profit for you, the user.

The Matched Betting Software

I have just looked at the software, and there were profits all over the place to be had, and that is without even looking at the dutching, and in play software.

For example, look at the following screenshot I have just taken after logging in:


As you can see above, on the left hand side are the percentages of profit you can make, and there are pages of these.

As shown above, you have, for example (anything over 100% is your profit):




Etc. Etc..

These are all profit percentages that you can take immediately, meaning:

19% profit

16% profit

14% profit

Etc. Etc..

Guaranteed Matched Betting profits – quickly

Inside seconds of logging into the website/members area I can see around £400 worth of profits that can be taken immediately, once all the bets are placed, and there are more pages, and other offers, including dutching which give more profits again.

For example, a quick scan of the dutching software shows around £200 of profits to be taken on the first page of the software.

Also, the software quickly tells you how much to back, and how much to lay, where to go, links to the websites of bookmakers to bet immediately, and links to Betfair, and  SMMarkets to lay immediately, meaning you can lock in the profits very, very quickly, and they are then guaranteed.

The Matched Betting Software has been designed with a number of filters in place so that you can search exactly for the bets that you want. This includes things like team names, match names, competition names and even the start time.

There are also a number of features built in which are designed to help you to make the most of horse racing matched betting, with the software being able to both alert you when a bet matches your criteria, as well as the ability to constantly refresh itself so that everything is up to date. Again, this is very important.

There are also a number of bonus features that have been built into Matched Betting Software which allow for live odds on in play betting (which are updated rapidly allowing you to capitalise on any opportunities). The software also comes with the ability to identify arbitrage opportunities as well as dutching bets, all of which allow you to bet with little to no risk.

There is also full training provided on how to use everything, as well as comprehensive support from Mike Cruickshank and his team.


Does The Matched Betting Software Work?

For those who aren’t familiar with how matched betting works, it basically involves taking advantage of bonuses from bookmakers and betting in such a way that bets are guaranteed to profit one way or another.

I won’t go into too much detail on it here as there are plenty of detailed guides online, but it is widely regarded as one of the safest ways to make money on the internet today.

By allowing you to quickly identify bets and relevant odds, Matched Betting Software can give you a massive edge when it comes to matched betting, allowing you to find the best bets, and get the best odds before anybody else. This opens the door for increasing your profit but perhaps most importantly, it can help free up a lot of time.


How Much Does The Software Cost?

At the time of writing Matched Betting Software is priced at just £1 for your first 30 days (I advise you to take full advantage of this, because you can make some good returns for just £1) of access which is a trial period to get to grips with Matched Betting Software and see if it is for you. Once this has elapsed there is a one time payment of £98.97 which allows you access after this. This does seem to be an introductory offer only however as Mike Cruickshank does mention that the price may go up to £249 – and he has been known to put his prices up.

Should you for some reason find that Matched Betting Software isn’t for you then Mike Cruickshank rather generously offers another 30 days after paying the full amount to claim a refund if you aren’t happy with the software.

Profits From Matched Betting Software ?

The amount that you can earn with Matched Betting Software will ultimately depend on how much you want to invest. To create some context on things, Mike Cruickshank says that making £800-1000 per month is a realistic number. But again, time being money, as with anything else, it will all depend on the effort you put in, but the software means you can make far more profits for much less effort than before.

I happen to know however, that there are people who have made several times this figure during beta testing of the software.

The headline for Matched Betting Software starts with Mike Cruickshank saying that you can make as much as 10 times your earnings, and that over 3 months, hundreds of his clients have made in excess of £5,000 – and it is not difficult to see why when you actually see the software first hand.

Free Bonuses Included With The Betting Software

There are many useful bonuses that Mike has included in the product, and all are used to make even more additional products, including the following:

bonus-1 bonus-2 Bonus-3


My Conclusion on Mike Cruickshank’s Matched Betting Software

When Mike Cruickshank’s name is on something it is worth paying attention, and his new product ‘Matched Betting Software’ isn’t any different. The fact is that the guy pioneered what could be done with matched betting and he and his clients have made some very substantial amounts of money through the method. If you have read my other reviews on Mike’s products, you will see that some clients have made over £50,000+ in a little as three years from his products, so we are talking about big sums being made.

Anybody who knows me, or who has read any of my reviews will know that I do not hide the fact that I am a huge Mike Cruickshank fan; the guy is simply a genius in the gambling, and betting arena;  in fact I have spoken to Mike many times, and even interviewed him for this very website, which can be heard, and read here – Ben’s Interview with Mike.

The bottom line is, by helping to take away some of the margin for error, Matched Betting Software helps you to not just make more money, but arguably make it safer than ever before. The thing about Matched Betting Software though, is it isn’t just about making more money, it is about freeing up your time.

Finding matched bets can be a job in its own rights – it is not always easy. You have to find potential bets, find offers, look at laying odds, calculate what needs to be bet and where. Even with the help of somebody like Mike Cruickshank it could be difficult.


Matched Betting Software does a fantastic job of removing all the annoyances of matched betting, and it makes matched betting easier than it has ever been. This is fantastic news for those who already use this method of making money, and those who are new to it. Basically, if you are a ‘Bonus Bagger’, you will love this software!

I have always have sung the praises of Mike Cruickshank and his services because he is head and shoulders above the competition, but with his Matched Betting Software, he has definitely taken the game to a new level.

I cannot recommend Matched Betting Software enough and in my opinion, this is exactly the kind of thing that everybody should have in their portfolio whether a beginner or a seasoned pro. It is a straightforward way of making guaranteed profits, and I don’t think I can say much fairer than that.

Start The Matched Betting Software Free Trail

To claim your 30 day free trial, please click the button below. Basically you can try out ALL the claims made by Mike for just £1, for 30 days, make some money and see what you think 🙂

Remember, Mike Cruickshank has the best name in this business, his previous products are record breakers, and always receive positive reviews because he knows what he is doing.



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5 stars


  • Gaz says:

    Thanks Ben. Testing this now, seems an excellent piece of software!!!

    • Ben says:

      Hi Gaz,

      Yes, I have also had a quick scan around it, and it really does look good for matched betting, and as there is a 30 day trial there is nothing to lose when tryimng it out.

      Mike said that he has hundreds of people who have made well over £5,000 in 3 months trying it out.


  • Robert Newman says:

    Hi Ben, Thanks for the review. I made £113.27 profit yesterday using this software on a few bets on a mixture of horse racing and football.

    It is that good, and also it shows you the liquidity available on Betfair at the price points which is extremely useful. Rob

    • Ben says:

      Hi Robert,

      Excellent, that is great to hear. There really is a lot of opportunity with this, and yet again Mike has done a great job with the software.


  • James says:

    Hello Ben,

    I just subscribed to your website and have been reading lots of info on it so far. It’s well loaded.

    I want to find out if this new software by Mike Cruickhank is going to work for non-UK residents (I reside in Africa), cos most of his systems I believe do not.


    • Ben says:

      Hi James,

      Thanks for the comments,

      Yes, you will need to use UK bookmaker accounts with this, so if you are overseas, make sure you can open them.

      This is a 30 day trial anyway, so you have nothing to lose.


  • Robin says:


    I’m confused. This is a match betting system which looks to be amazing.. But:

    1) is this just Arb’ing all sugar coated?

    2) also you mention in your review it uses sport offers, isn’t that what PM is for with its Calendar?

    Or is this just a way to find our own offers? Not a new way to make money… Just like a nice add on for PM/BB

    Thank you,


    • Ben says:

      Hi Robin,

      You are assuming that everybody has Profit Maximiser, or Bonus Bagging.

      This is a standalone product, and does everything it says that I can see, and yes, you can find your own offers by adjusting the filters.

      New way to make money? Of course not, is there anything really new where bookmakers are concerned?

      This does not distract from the fact that this works, plus there is a 30 day trial, so no risk at all as far as the product is concerned.


      • Robin says:


        Sorry think my message came across wrong. I meant I am a BB member and PM. Great services, the best I have ever used to be honest.

        What I was trying to say was:

        Can this be used in conjunction with PM’s calander to make its own profit. Or does it simply do what the PM calander does by giving you the offers for that day. (Not including any arbitrage the software shows).

        So including PM”s calander can 800-1000 still be achieved per month?

        Thank you,


        • Ben says:

          Hi Robin,

          I think it is far better than that, because the software updates every 5-10 seconds, showing all live data, it has in play options also, as well as dutching.

          The inplay option is unique to this software from Mike’s camp, for example, if there was a football match playing, and depending on scorelines, time of the match, the software will scan the results of bookmakers, and Betfair to see if there is money to be made, and it is almost live.

          But on the general software, every 5-10 seconds the software scans for live arbs, and profits that are available right there, and then.

          I definitely do think that kind of money can be made. Mike stated that his beta testers made over 5 grand in 3 months, each.


  • Open eye says:


    Great review and as always, Mike has delivered again again without fail!

    I am very interested in this latest product but could someone give me an idea of starting bank required?

    Thanks in advance

    • Ben says:


      You can start with a low starting bank, because it is up to you how much your leading trade/bet is, so I would say you can start with a couple of hundred pounds, and then build up.

      Obviously thre high the starting bank you use the more profit, but you can definitely build this up by starting smaller.


  • Scott says:

    Great review cheers.

    Is this another risk free format from Mike or is there a degree of risk with this, not clear whether this worth hitting first before picking up his PM or BB softwares??

    • Ben says:

      Hi Scott,

      It is a different product than PM, but way better than BB, as it it gives very many angles to make the profits from as mentioned in the review, and there is no risk.


  • Pete says:

    I use matched betting so have used most of the welcome offers. Does this effect this scheme and if it doesn’t work can I cancel within the 14 days?

    • Ben says:

      Hi Pete,

      This is not all about welcome offers, there are many facets to the software that finds profitable opportunities, matched profit trades that are there for the taking, it is not about bonus bagging.

      Sure, bonuses could help, but this software is not really about that, as illustrated in the review.


  • denny price says:

    great service by mike as mentioned by others

  • Jim says:

    Hi Ben

    Great review!

    Can you tell me if this is likely to get your accounts limited?

    Is there a way around this?

    As far as I can see ,this is arbing software or have I missed the point


    • Ben says:

      Hi Jim,

      Any activity can get accounts limited these days, but I think what Mike has created here covers all the angles reading arbing, and there are many facets to the product that can be used wisely to try and avoid what you mention.


  • Peter says:

    Hi Ben,

    I’m just about to take the plunge into matched betting and wondered whether this software or Betfair Scalper would be better for a complete novice.



    • Ben says:

      Hi Peter,

      They are totally different products and equally as good in their own right I would say, and I have used and reviewed them both with very good results.


  • Darren says:

    how is this different to the oddsmatchers offered on sites like oddsmonkey, profit squad?

    It looks like it’s just matching the best available odds at bookies and the exchange… right?

    • Ben says:

      Hi Darren,

      There is far more to it than that, and Mike was the originator of all this matched betting with the rest following.

      The differences are mentioned on the review.


  • Rhian says:

    Thanks for the review. I have just purchased a trial for profit maximiser. Would you recommend purchasing the software as well as or instead of the pm?

    I have also purchased accumulator generator (I have started my match betting experience backwards). Out of the three products which do you think is the best?



    • Daniel says:

      Hello Rhian, I hold Mike’s products in very high regard, so if you are serious about yuor matched betting and the profits I would go for the complete package, because it contains all the individual products and saves alot on money in the long term.

      Best Wishes,


  • james jones says:

    I am a complete newbie to sports betting, would you recommend I use this system to get started or use another .

    Did I mention I have never placed a sports bet before

    Thank you

  • Tanya says:

    thanks for your full review. I find it fascinating.
    I lost my job the other week, I’m a single mum and unable to pay my rent.
    I took a gamble (excuse the pun) and invested in BB. I’ve made my investment back and profited £350 already – this is in 4 days! I was lucky with a one hit spin on a free casino offer though. This is not what I intend to do going forward though. A lucky spin?

    I would like to invest in some software but not sure if I should go for PM or the one you’re talking about here.

    Any advice would be very welcomed.
    Thank you

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