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Matched Bets Review, What is All About? We Find Out


Price: £14 Per Month is relatively new to the matched betting arena, but sometimes that can be a good thing, read the review to see what we found out about this site.


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Matched Bets LogoMatched Bets is a relatively new matched betting website to come onto our radar. I recently wrote an article asking if matched betting was still working and still worthwhile and not surprisingly, companies continue to emerge that are specialists in this niche.

I am not surprised however as those who read my opinions will know that despite a ‘potentially’ bleak future (at some future point), there is still money to be made in the here and now.

You will need to avoid bookmaker restrictions though, which we compiled another review about. It can definitely be done, and if you wish to prolong the income you can make from matched betting (and some people make a LOT, sometimes 20/30/40K a year from it), then I advise you read the content on the link above.

In spite of the fact that there is still money to be made through matched betting, it has been some time since I have seen anything new in this department.

Recently however I was invited to take a look at a new entry into the market (, an invitation that I have taken to with gusto, namely because there is a new feature with this product that I haven’t seen before.

So what will I be looking at today? The product is Matched Bets and it is still relatively new. In spite of this, there has been a lot of positive feedback and interest in the service. So with all of this in mind, let’s start to take the time to look at Matched Bets.

Product Title: Matched Bets Matched Betting Service

Price: £14 Per Month, or £99 per year

Where to Buy:  (please read the review first for benefits of membership!)

Guarantee: You can cancel at any time.

What You Get:

  • Access to the website.
  • Access to standard match betting tools.
  • Access to the matchedbets Facebook group.
  • Full Support and user guides.
  • Access over 180 welcome and reload offers
  • Reload and MoneyBack Offers Updated Every Day by 11am
  • Advanced Odds Matcher with 32 Bookmakers and 4 exchanges
  • In-depth training on a range of matched betting strategies
  • Save time with our advanced Odds Matcher with real-time updates
  • Forget spreadsheets, the bet tracker does it all for you in just a few clicks
  • Customer support from 8 till late every day
  • No Contract required, cancel anytime

As I am going through this particular review, I will randonly quote Key Points, and images of what customers can expect from their MatchedBets membership.

What is Matched Betting?

I always like to provide a refresher on matched betting because it is something that a lot of people are looking for online yet aren’t necessarily familiar with the concept.

This is of course due in a large part down to the media coverage that this form of making money online has recently enjoyed.

MatchedBets also have their very own section that will teach you ALL about matched betting, how it works, and exactly what to do. I have taken a look at these guides, and they excellent:

learn matched betting

In fact, you could say that over the last 12 months or so there has been something of a renaissance as far as matched betting goes with media outlets as large as the Guardian advocating the method as well as websites like Save the Student and Money Saver Expert all offering endorsements.

Matched betting is a very special way of betting that can fundamentally eliminate the risk that comes with betting.

This is done by taking advantage of offers from bookmakers and using them in such a way that you are essentially betting with the bookies money. In fact, the term matched betting comes from the fact that you are matching a free bet in order to guarantee your profit. In doing this, you put yourself in a position whereby no matter the outcome of a given event, you can still bank a profit from your bets.

Whilst it sounds too good to be true, matched betting has proven to be a consistently profitable approach to making money online for a lot of different people. I have personally seen people making tens of thousands of pounds in a single month (albeit rarely) although most users of matched betting are simply looking to supplement their income with a low risk and low effort method.

So What About Matched Bets?

As I have already mentioned, Matched Bets is a relative newcomer into the matched betting arena however this doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. In fact, as Matched Bets demonstrates, sometimes taking the time to look at the competition can lead to a very good offering.

In many ways, I don’t think that this is a service that necessarily does anything different (with one massive exception which I will look at in much greater detail below) however it does it very well.

Generally speaking, there are two core things that any matched betting service should do well and that is list offers and match odds. Matched Bets handles both of these very deftly.

You are probably best watching the first video on the welcome screen as soon as you have logged in:

welcome to matchedbets

The above is an image, not a video by the way, I couldn’t obviously just pull a video from their members area 🙂

The second thing to look at is the offers screen. This is where any budding matched bettor should head as it will allow you to see not just what potential guaranteed profit is available (writing this late in the day, there are offers going all the way up to £160 of guaranteed profit).

Matched Bets Done For You Links

One of the things that I really like about Matched Bets is that there is an “Info, or show instructions” button next to each offer.

show matched betting offers

This breaks down what you need to do to claim a bet as well as listing what the best bets to place are. Possibly more importantly, this screen also tells you some of the terms and conditions of an offer, for example, the £160 guaranteed profit tells you about how much you will need to wager, odds restrictions and time restrictions. There are also links to loopholes etc.

What this means is that at a glance you can tell whether or not an offer is right for you. Sticking with the example above, a quick look at the info screen tells me that this is not a bet for beginners.

As such, I would be able to skip over this and come back at a later date rather than finding myself with £1,200 in a Bet365 account and terrified that I’m going to bankrupt myself.

Key Point: After logging in, you are presented with the MatchedBets Dashboard:

matched bets dashboard

The other thing that is really important when you are looking at a service which deals with matched betting is how many matched odds chances it can identify.

This is something else that Matched Bets does particularly well with their odds matcher page offering almost 2,000 matches at any given time. Naturally, some of these are better than others however there are a number of filters that you can apply in order to identify the best.

Listing all of the filters would be a rather lengthy task so I will focus on some of the more important ones. The main one is what Matched Bets refer to as the match %. This expresses the percentage you’d keep on a qualifier or of a bonus. Essentially, the higher this number is the better.

Matched Bets Odds Matcher

As well as this, you can also filter based on odds and ratings, markets or competitions and perhaps most importantly for any long term bettor, bookmakers and exchanges. Here is an example of the MatcheBets Odds Matcher:

odds matcher software

As you can see from the above image, at the time of writing there were well over 18,000+ variations of matches to look at.

This is of particular importance as some users of matched betting can find their accounts with certain bookmakers restricted or in some cases closed. Furthermore, you may have free bets waiting with some bookies and not others. If this is the case, Matched Bets allows you to skip time wasting by trying to find events that will suit you and having them all in one place.

The same thing very much applies with the betting exchanges too.

With some matched betting services that I have looked at before now, restricting anything at all can cause a massive dip in availability of betting opportunities but this doesn’t seem to be the case with Matched Bets. With 36 bookies and exchanges considered for the odds matcher, this does allow a lot of freedom to find the best possible chances.

There are also other aspects to Matched Bets, some of which are very much “industry standard” whilst some are new and rather exciting. There is a matched betting calculator and a solid customer service offering (which has email support and live chat 8am till late and an information centre which is online 24/7).

One of the things that I haven’t really seen before now is a forum which appears to be relatively active and seems to have enough people posting to be worth a look (truthfully, I didn’t spend too much time here).

What really jumped out at me however is something that I don’t recall having ever seen before at another service. Acca Backers is still in its beta phase meaning that Matched Bets is still very much testing this, however it is undoubtedly one of the more interesting developments I have seen in matched betting for a considerable length of time.

So How Does Matched Bets Acca Backers Work?

Given that Matched Bets is running with a totally new concept with Acca Backers, I only feel that it is fair that it gets a considerable look. After all, it is not an everyday thing when there are new developments in the sports betting world. The methods that Matched Bets use for the accumulators in question are a good way of creating scenarios where you can gain additional funds for betting.

acca backers

I feel that it would be remiss of me not to point out that the methods that Acca Backers employs are rather advanced. Whilst it is interesting and can boost the bank, the Matched Bets team do acknowledge this fact and say that backing and laying accumulators is for their more advanced members.

When you look at the Acca Backers page of Matched Bets, there will be a list of accumulator bets. These are predominantly based around football however there may occasionally be events from other sports too. As you would expect, the accumulators that you will be backing tend to be five folds and higher, something that is likely necessary to get the best possible odds.

It is important to take the time at this point to say that not all of the Acca Backers that are available through Matched Bets have a matched element. Some of them are simply straight forward accumulator tips. Even the examples that require laying Matched Bets lists as being higher or low risk.

This is important as even though this new development in matched betting has a solid underpinning, it is really only something that at present supplements current methods.

Once you have selected an accumulator bet that you wish to place (which comes complete with details of which bookmaker to use and the relevant odds), you then have to look at the laying strategy that Matched Bets recommends.

This is of particular importance as laying the bets that make up the accumulator is crucial to getting the best out of this new method. I won’t go into these different methods in detail as truth be told, the whole process is actually rather complex and the Matched Bets team have done a great job of explaining things themselves.

So How Much Will I Pay for Matched Bets?

There are 3 different ways that you can sign up for Matched Bets, all of which come at costs that I think it is fair to say are reasonable. Payment for all options is handled directly via Paypal and it is important to keep in mind that there is no money back guarantee offered with Matched Bets. For a number of reasons which I will explore, I do however feel that this is more than reasonable.

matched bets pricing

Before you pay for Matched Bets, you have an option to sign up for the service entirely for free. This is limited however so that once you have made £50 of profit, you then have to pay. This means that whilst there is no money back guarantee in place, if you choose to reinvest the money you make from your trial period then you will essentially have received 3 months of the service for free.

This leads me to the monthly costs involved with Matched Bets. The service is priced at just £14 per month which is slightly cheaper than some of the other examples of matched betting products that I have looked at before. There is also an option to sign up for Matched Bets for a full 12 months period which is a one time cost of £99 (a limited time offer).

How Much Can I Expect to Earn?

Quite how much you can make with Matched Bets will ultimately vary depending on how many of the offers you want to take advantage of. Those who invest a lot of time and effort into matched betting have reported making a few thousand pounds each month. I personally feel that this is a rather lofty number to aim for however (at least after the first month or so).

Realistically, I think that making around £300-£500 per month is a reasonable enough figure.

Key Point: MatchedBets states that you will get the very first £50 profit for free:

matched betting offer

So Is Matched Bets Better Than the Competition?

I find it rather difficult to compare and contrast the matched betting market in a lot of ways and this is in a large part down to the fact that there is very little that changes from one service to another. What I can categorically say is that I don’t think that Matched Bets does anything any worse than its competition and this is something that is rather important to consider.

There is also a rather useful forum built right into the Matched Bets website, where you can converse with like-minded members on the exact best way to turn a profit, and any other offers that members find are usually posted as well, creating a community feel that is very useful:

matchedbets forum

What really stands out for me is the potential of the Matched Bets Acca Backers service which as I mentioned is very much in its beta phase. Whilst I wouldn’t like to go out of my way to say that it is going to be a game changer, it is certainly something that I Haven’t seen any other services offering and this is a big step in the right direction.

Here and now, I don’t see it as being a game changer however in the future, anything that adds opportunities to improve the profit to an already successful method of making money online will likely be welcome.

Conclusion on Matched Bets

Matched Bets has inadvertently reminded me that whilst matched betting may not necessarily be the money making juggernaut that it is today forever, there is still a decent amount of money to be made now. In terms of how Matched Bets stacks up, this is a difficult thing to consider and that is largely down to the fact that there is generally very little difference from one matched betting product to another.

Here is an official Matched Bets Video Explaining:

With Matched Bets however this has been broken with the Acca Backers service. I cannot stress enough that if you are looking for a matched betting service, you shouldn’t be buying Matched Bets solely on the grounds of this new feature.

For example, if you are already using a service and were considering taking advantage of Matched Bets to increase your betting potential, you will be sorely disappointed.

Given the fact that Matched Bets does what it does, I don’t see why you wouldn’t at least give some thought to changing from your existing service. For my money, Matched Bets is massively flexible for users with a lot of bookmaker offers and decent and numerous matched betting opportunities  on offer. Whether or not this is enough to consider it to be “the best” is a very subjective concept.

What really matters to me is that in using Matched Bets, you will ultimately profit. If you put your free £50 towards an annual subscription to the service, I can easily see anybody who actually follows the instructions making 10 times their investment in a year although truthfully, this is me choosing a bare minimum figure to work with.

The presentation of Matched Bets is top notch and browsing everything never feels difficult or leaves you in anyway confused and if you are, there is a fantastic support network in place. With all of this in mind, I don’t really see why you wouldn’t consider Matched Bets, even in a competitive market and I have no qualms in saying that it is a decent product.

Matched Bets Review Update May 2017

Rob from matched Bets has now confirmed the following additions to his matched betting services, which we feel valid to add here:

1. Matched Bets have added a daily offers calendar. The calendar is accessible via the top navigation bar by going to Offers > Offer Calendar. From here, users can view reload offers by day as well as sign up offers which haven’t been completed yet. There is also the option to filter the daily offers by bookmaker and mark as done when completed.

2. As well as football and horse racing, they have recently added tennis and golf to our list of sports in their odds matcher tool to give users more choice for events to match bet with.

This MatchedBets service has our recommendation – A lot of quality work has gone into the service.


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