Jolly Lock Review, Can It Stop Banned Bookmaker Accounts?


Jolly Lock Review, Can It Stop Banned Bookmaker Accounts?

Price: £25 Per Month

Jolly Lock advertises that they can help to stop your bookmaker accounts from being banned, and as this is a huge problem in the UK, we decided to take a further look at this product.


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Jolly Lock Review ImageJolly Lock is being advertised as the saviour to all matched bettors, and gamblers alike, but is it the real deal? It was supposedly Benjamin Franklin who famously said that there are only two things in life that can be certain, death and taxes. To the modern professional bettor however, it is only the former that is true.

However, there is seemingly another certainty that is starting to rear its ugly head in the betting industry, and this is account closures. Let’s not mince words here, the bookies hate to lose. With the increasing popularity of things like matched betting which guarantees profit, account closures are at an all time high.

It is easy to write in jest about the bookies spitting their dummy out when they lose, but the fact is that matched betting has changed the landscape of betting forever. For the first time since betting became legal in the UK bookmakers are on the back foot.

In fact, we did a detailed review on how to avoid banned bookmaker accounts just recently on the blog, which generated a lot of interest and emails from readers who knew exactly the size of the problem in the UK,a nd amongst UK bookmakers taking liberties with their customers.

Just how on the back foot are they? According to the subject of this review, Jolly Lock, matched betting and free bonus abuse is costing the betting industry around £20 million per month. These are not small numbers.

Product Title: Jolly Lock

Price: £25 starting subscription, with various other options offered for additional licences.

Guarantee: No Guarantee Found

What You Get:

  • A licence for the use of the Jolly Lock application/software
  • Full support from the owners.

What Use Does Jolly Lock Have?

For an industry that was worth over £7 billion in 2014 alone, this is small time money. Unfortunately, bookmakers see themselves of the victim here and I have to (very) begrudgingly admit, with some justification.

The use of matched betting operates in a very grey area in terms of taking advantage of free bonuses and the like. You aren’t allowed multiple accounts for example, but who is to say that your Great Aunt Ethel really isn’t taking advantage of the latest slot machine offers to get £50 of free horse racing bets?

In this war on bettors profits, bookmakers have begun to employ increasingly sophisticated methods of minimising the risk of abuse. I won’t go into any substantial detail on these here as I do intend to cover the topic below in a little more detail.

Needless to say, as bookies have upped the ante, a lot of people involved with matched betting have stopped as their profits have dropped and doors closed. There does however seem to be a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel.

Jolly Lock may well be to punters what iesnare is to bookies (for those not familiar with iesnare, I will explain shortly). This new piece of software has the potential to revolutionise matched betting as well as simply successful betting in a simplistic and user friendly fashion.

Bluntly, Jolly Lock may well be a bit of a game changer, however in order to explain why, I will first have to look at the ways bookies monitor your betting.

jolly lock IP software

Why Do Accounts Get Closed?

I don’t want to stick on this subject for too long so I will try and keep things pretty light, but the fundamental answer to this question is because you are costing bookies money. This has been the case for years with some of the more notorious names banned even today from money made in the 90’s.

This used to be a pretty uncommon occurrence however and you had to be making a lot of money to appear on the radar as it was mostly your local manager monitoring your winnings or a telephone betting team.

Online bookmaking has changed everything with accounts available to more people than ever before, and furthermore, it is easier than ever before to open one up. This means that straight away bookies are more defensive in terms of monitoring who is joining them.

These are the kind of messages that are popping up all over the internet:

banned by bookmakers

Combine this with the number of people who are joining with the intent of using bonuses for matched betting and you can see why things like IP addresses and betting patterns are rigorously monitored.

There is also the devil of the betting industry, iesnare. This is a little application that is being installed in the guise of cookies or other standard internet data applications to your computer. What it actually does is logs your internet usage with a view to monitoring and highlighting to bookmakers anything in this usage that may indicate matched betting. This can be you logging into a matched betting site, using multiple accounts through a bookmaker or even simply having a bookmakers website and a betting exchange open at the same time.

It is all very scary stuff and any indication from this software that you are involved in matched betting can result in restrictions or account closures. Of course this is hugely unethical and of dubious legality, and whilst punters are fighting back, it is going to be a long time before bookies are held accountable. Removing the software is possible but it is complicated and offers no long term guarantees.

There is however a newly launched product that deals a lot of the cyber security that bookies have in place and it looks set to be a cracker of a piece of software. It is called Jolly Lock, and now that I have created some context for it, I will look at the product itself.

What Is Jolly Lock?

Jolly Lock is one of the more innovative and interesting products that I have looked at in the last few months. I would even go as far as to say that it is one that I am slightly excited about. It is a new piece of software that helps to cover your online identity in such a way that the bookies methods of monitoring you simply don’t work.

Put simply, Jolly Lock can be viewed as a very specialist and very simple to use VPN or Virtual Private Network.

What this essentially means is that when you connect to the internet through Jolly Lock, your actual details are shielded and replaced with an IP address provided by the software. Furthermore, because of how Jolly Lock works with its virtual desktop, there shouldn’t be anything nasty (read iesnare) downloaded onto your computer.

Of course there have been ways of getting around this to some degree in the form of traditional VPNs however Jolly Lock improves upon them in a number of ways. With a traditional VPN, you may be assigned an IP address that has already been used and banned.

Unfortunately, you tend to be stuck with this. Even if you do have a working IP, using anything on the bookmakers website that runs Adobe Flash instantly exposes your actual IP address. These are both massive problems when trying to remain anonymous.

Jolly Lock however gets around almost all of these problems. First and foremost, all IPs that Jolly Lock issues to users are UK based (which also means that you can use the software to bet from outside the UK) and on the off chance that an IP that is assigned to you doesn’t work, then the team will replace it for you. This is all very good, but in some respects standard fare.

For my money, the biggest things that Jolly Lock gets right is allowing you to use Flash without compromising your IP address. Those who engage in matched betting will no doubt know that a lot of the casino games on betting sites use Flash. This can mean that for the security conscious, you have to choose between losing out on free betting opportunities and keeping yourself hidden.

How do I use Jolly Lock?

I like to consider myself pretty to be pretty competent with computers and so for me using Jolly Lock wasn’t difficult. Honestly, even if you only know the basics of using a computer however, using the software shouldn’t be difficult at all. When you sign up you are given an instruction sheet which comes as a downloadable PDF. This talks you through everything that you need to know, what to do and how to do it.

Once again, if you find that you are struggling with Jolly Lock, the team are friendly and helpful.

Once you have installed and set up the software, you simply launch Jolly Lock, log in to the portal and you will be taken to your virtual desktop. From here, you simply use Jolly Lock as you would if you were betting on your home computer. There is an internet browser preinstalled on the drive (Google Chrome, albeit an older version but it should still work for your betting needs) and there is also a small amount of space for you should you need to save anything.

jolly lock software

When you are all up and running, you can use Jolly Lock in a number of different ways. Realistically though, you will be using Jolly Lock to visit any betting website where you don’t want to leave a footprint. This could involve visiting matched betting sites and betting exchanges through your virtual desktop and actual bookies through your actual desktop.

Ultimately however, you can use Jolly Lock pretty much however you want (within the Terms and Conditions naturally).

There are a few things that I do feel that I need to address if you are going to use Jolly Lock. There is no denying that this is one hell of a tool and it does a lot to advance the ability of the punter. You do however have to ensure that you still follow some basic rules to keep your betting accounts open.

As good as it is, the software is only as clever as the user. What I mean by this, is whilst Jolly Lock can hide your identity and stop bookies logging what you are looking for, if you leave an obvious betting trail with them, you may still find your accounts are closed.

How Much Does Jolly Lock Cost?

Jolly Lock is only available on a monthly subscription basis however there are options for multiple licenses. The first option is a single user licence which costs £25 per month (although your first month is available for just £15 at the time of writing). If you want a licence for 3 users, it is available for £69 (£23 per user). For 5 users, a licence will cost you £105 (or £21 per user).

There is no money back guarantee in place for these options however you can cancel whenever you want by simply cancelling the recurring payment through Paypal.

Conclusion on Jolly Lock

The war on the punter is one that has been well documented with even the mainstream media weighing in on a problem that would usually be condemned to betting forums. The problem up to now has always been that as a punter, fighting back against the bookies you are massively up against the odds (pun not intended). Jolly Lock is a game changer in this regard.

I have known about VPN’s before now and whilst I have looked into them, I have always felt that they don’t offer quite what a bettor really needs. Instead, it this option felt simply like the best on the market. With Jolly Lock however, there is finally something that will suit anybody. This is a piece of software which is simple to use, does what it claims to and gives some sort of edge back to bettors.

If there is one area of betting that can’t really afford to miss out on Jolly Lock it is those who are involved with matched betting. Bookies are really angling to close down this method of making money online and their vendetta is unlikely to stop until the whole concept is eradicated.

With this in mind, I don’t see why you would want to turn down an opportunity to protect your revenue stream, especially when the cost is hardly bank breaking compared to how much you can earn with matched betting.

On the subject of costs, Jolly Lock is slightly more expensive than a VPN but you have to keep in mind that this is a highly specialised tool which has been designed to do a highly specialised job. One that it does very well.

As I said at the start of this review, it isn’t very often that I get really excited about a product however Jolly Lock falls pretty firmly into this category but this is definitely something that has piqued my interest.

This is a reasonably priced game changer and I have absolutely no problem with recommending Jolly Lock to anybody who takes their online betting seriously.


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  • Jon says:

    I’m not convinced that the software will make so much difference. Blocking the IP address is only one issue

  • Dave says:

    How do you know the Jolly Lock team are helpful if you had no problems with your software?

    You mentioned virtual drive…so I’m assuming Jolly Lock can’t disguise your laptop/PC as a differing laptop from one you’ve used previously?

    • Daniel says:

      Hello Dave, Helpful can mean an array of different meanings, to answering questions, to explaining certain aspects, they don’t have to be related to problems.

      Regarding your second question, you could try asking Jolly lock directly which would be a perfect opportunity to see how helpful they are, or not.

      Best Wishes,


  • Mick says:

    David ayers is a c*n artist that sells crap services and systems dont go near anything he he trys to flog

  • Steve says:

    I agree a dodgy bunch and the web site is about selling many other services.
    There are other ways of stopping software being imbedded on your Pc and using VPNs ask an expert these will be better and cheaper than Jolly Lock.This is a basic scare marketing of an expensive VPN.Speak to an IT specialist they will give you many other better solutions.

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