Datakings Review, Does Betplans Betting Plans Make a Profit?


DataKings Review Using BetPlans, Does Automation Really Work?

Price: £50 Per Month

A newly launched product, DataKings is promising 22% return on investments using automation. Early Days, but let's keep track of this system.


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Being heavily promoted by Agora Lifestyles at the moment is an automated system called DataKings created by Peter Higson which I will be looking at, which claims to have an automated way of making money from horse racing.

Now I do have a fair bit of experience with trading and gambling, so this one caught my eye, but mainly because of the word ‘automation’ which I usually see as fools gold, and checking the results from another review website who promoted this product to me, I am not sure DataKings is as straight forward as it first seems.

Starting The DataKings Review

Product Title: DataKings Using BetPlans staking by Peter Higson


  • £50 per month (£600 per year) to access DataKaings Membership.
  • Plus and possibly a VPS if required  – The VPS is around £25 per month.
  • The Betex software required is £42 per month, or £99 per year.

Guarantee: Guarantee for the first 21 days, if you decide to cancel.

What You Get: Access to the Betplans staking.

  • Access to the Betplans staking.
  • Daily new and updated Betplans.
  • Support.

Where To Purchase: Offered by Agora through / Betting Rant (we did a review on Betting Rant recently)

What is DataKings?

From what we can see, what you are purchasing is access to various betting plans that are then compiled into spreadsheets that can be uploaded into Betfair trading software called: Betex Trading software.

(I am sure we will so a review on Betex Trading software at some stage).

Now personally I do not like automation, and have never heard of it making money for anybody, which is why I am a little surprised that Agora are promoting this as a ‘set and forget’, which in the gambling industry is always seen with a side-ways smile usually.

Such automation is usually the dream of many, but the reality of the few – and even fewer long term. In other words it is usually a load of nonsense that gamblers buy into thinking it is some kind of holygrail.

So basically, the idea is that you upload Peter Higson’s ‘rules’ into the Betex software and that is it, the automation does the work for you, and you make profits.

DataKings / Agora Marketing?

Now I really do have to pick up on the way this is advertised by Agora Lifestyles, via their various satellite websites. The way DataKings is advertised is a little typical of Agora, including:

  • Ficticious limitations on memberships.
  • Countdown clocks on the order page which insult the intelligence of potential buyers.
  • Claims of ‘One of the most respected reviewers in the UK’ has tested it (Peter Philipson).

All of which is obviously constructed to build up the product and anticipation of what to expect.

The fact is that the DataKings membership will not be limited, and there is no time limit on how long you have to purchase, so such things put me off immediately.

15 Minutes to Order DataKings?

This is what you see on the order page, a countdown clock showing that you have only 15 minutes to order DataKings:


I left the page to run in another browser, and let the clock run down, which it duly did, and then stated the following:


And yup, you guessed it, I was still able to follow the ordering procedure. In fact refreshing the page starting the 15 minute clock all over again.

Also, only 100 members allowed to join?

This is what the ordering page claims:

“Only 100 Places Available – Reserve yours now

Really? they send a massive email to their tens of thousands of subscribers and only allow 100 members to join? I don’t think so, and I feel that you don’t think so either. I count at least 4 emails from them over the last 24 hours advertising and pushing this product for sale. Not something you would do with ‘only 100 memberships’ available to sell.

I feel such advertising, especially the countdown clocks, belong back in 1990, when marketers used to use such gimmicks to try and rush a sale along, but it is false advertising really, and they should not be doing it.

Dubious Advertising?

You may think I am being finicky over the advertising, but when you consider that The Betting Rant, More Money Review & Agora Lifestyles in general have for years claimed to be the self-styled ‘protectors of the people’ regarding betting systems, and work at home products, I feel sure that you can see the irony, and the rather large contradiction in their own advertising styles when trying to extract money from the public using rather dubious advertising practices themselves.

Regarding ‘One of the most respected reviewers in the UK’ – Peter Philipson

The sales page claims that one of the most respected reviewers in the UK has tested the product.

They are talking about Peter Philipson who works as a reviewer for Betting Rant, and previously More Money Review.

‘One of the most respected in the UK’? Who says so? Just because their own (Betting Rant) website claims this, simply does not make it so. More importantly, Peter Philipson, the reviewer works (paid or unpaid) for the actual website offering the product and who collects your payments via their parent company.

I am sure Peter is a pleasant enough chap, but such testing can never be impartial, not when the related company he works for is making profits from the sale of the product. This is one of the issues this very website (MoneyMakersReviewed) discussed with Matt Houghton a while ago.

……again, this is slippery advertising at it’s best, similar to what Streetwise Publications have done for years.

And considering Agora Lifestyles have berated advertisers for many years on such tactics, it is very surprising that they still promote this way.

Does DataKings Work?

Now I have dealt with the spurious advertising tactics we can look at the product. DataKings has only just been launched to the public, so we will obviously be looking at this in more detail over the coming weeks, and months.

Here is the headline:

datakings review details

So this is obviously being advertised as ‘set and forget’ system; total automation, although looking on the spreadsheet that Peter Philipson has publically offered to proof his own results, there have been periods almost within 21 days (the guarantee period) where a profit has not been made, and the betting bank has not made any notable profits.

In fact, the DataKings results also show that there was a losing run of 14 at one stage over the last few months, so we shall see what users say about this software, the betting plans behind it, and if there is a profit to be made.

And just to give an idea that the advertising is not always showing the reality of results, here is a section of the results that show the losing runs:

datakings spreadsheet

The above snapshot of results show that out of 27 races, there were 5 wins, and 22 losses with the losing run of 14, which on first glance does not inspire confidence that the rules are finding any patterns that could be exploited, and I can imagine that if you had joined at the time the above results were formulated then you would be slightly concerned by the last race.

In fairness to the review though, there was also an instance of 7 wins on the bounce, but what I am trying to show is that none of these betting systems are as glossy in their stats as the advertising states.

That is not to say that it does not work, it may very well work long term (and such information should always be tested on a much longer basis), but reviews are also there to point out that it is never always plain sailing.

On a similar subject, and in the same vein as testing over longer periods, we recently compiled another review on a service that had been profitable for very many months until we tested it, and then there were 2 losing months out of three, this was the Great Bets Service that was doing fantastically well, and all the backdated results looked promising, but during our three month test we did, a loss was reported.

This means that previous results are never a true indicator of future results.

The advertising webpage also states:

datakings results

Please remember that the reference to ‘independently audited’, and the results achieved were carried out by the very same website trying to get you to buy it, so that could be discounted as a single person carrying out a review, and again, I would read the Betting Rant review this website did for more details on who is offering this product.

Who is Peter Higson from DataKings?

I cannot find a great amount of detail on Peter Higson other than he is a ‘respected MD from Devon’ (as stated on the advertising page) who has spent years putting this together and testing it after coming from an accountancy background. And a search does not bring anything up on this individual.

There was a cricketer called ‘Peter Higson’ but it seems that is somebody totally different.

Something else that is to be considered, is that if Peter is using this himself, and if there is genuinely a concern over the amount of members who join that could reduce liquidity in the markets for those who use it, then why would he even offer it to the public in the first place?

What Are BetPlans?

The BetPlans are simply automated filters that a creator of a betting bot will create and then save to a spreadsheet ( or alternative file, depending on which software is being used Betangel for example, uses Excel spreadsheets for this, or a .BAF file).

Betplans Betextrader

In basic terms, the spreadsheets will instruct the software, in this case Betextrader to trigger actions depending on the individual instructions that have been ‘penned’ as filters.

For example,  if the favourite of a race has a history of being an early leader, then one trigger could be to back it at SP (starting price) with a view to laying the horse when it’s odds have dropped by 10%; this can all be achieved with filters placed into the spreadsheet and then uploaded back to the Betfair trading software.

The software then triggers your instructions.

Conclusion on DataKings?

Early days, and as I say we will be looking at this in more detail and offering reports, but I have never read about anybody making long term profits using betting automation, so maybe this could be a first, we shall see, but my advice would be to hang back for now, and see what results come in.

I will adjust the star rating on this review accordingly, as results and feedback comes in, but initially the star rating will be based on poor advertising, and the fact that automation has not worked previously over a long term basis.

Updates to follow.

In the meantime, if you have already purchased DataKings and would like to furnish us with your own results, then please get in touch, or leave a comment below.




  • Flustrated says:

    Thursday 4 bets and Friday 1 bet, all lost. Another 10 betplans for Saturday.
    Will use simulated a/c, so no real money involve. Does not seem promising.

  • Alun says:

    This seems a quagmire of complication so far from what I have been reading.

    I have not taken the bite for this yet from reading other comments elsewhere it sounds very complicated to say the last.

    It looks like most who have bitten are struggling with setting it up .

  • John says:

    I got the email over the weekend, anyone know what results were for yesterday on this?

    Thanks, John

    • Red71 says:


      Bought it on Friday and every one is getting same results it looks like mate.

      yesterday was this ..

      There were 10 bets yesterday 2 that won, 3 that lost and 5 that were not bets in the end. The overall was a loss of – 1.33

      I had a few problems with the software not behaving at first but those were the results yesterday on saturday, friday was one bet which lost.

  • Ruth says:

    I’d agree with comments in the review about Agora. Shadowy sales techniques. I bought a product recently, now returned.See if I get my money back. Customer service poor and full of excuses. Some of the information given in this booklet was not valid.

  • Andy says:

    I’m giving this one a go, I would advise anybody having problems with setup to read the manual again – it’s not long and you will probably find an answer further back. All the info you need is in there, it’s just poorly structured.
    I started with a £350 bank, using the 1% plans, and after 3 days of bets, I’m up by around £18, obviously very short term at this stage – only time will tell.

  • Madcat says:

    The idea is good but I gave up at day 16 as the results were not happening and i know that is not enough time and they all say long term is where it’s at but how long should one have to wait for a profit . Good luck to those still in it but it wasn not for me.

  • Leon says:

    I started using this on April 19th and my 21 day betex software trial ends tomorrow. (In reality you only get 18 days as Sundays there are no betplans.) At the beginning I had problems with the BOT set up but once I’d sorted it out it has been without problems until Saturday. In the ‘Results’ section it showed a winner in the 1350 race at NMK which was incorrect. When I exported the days results it appeared correctly as a loser and the £39+ profit figure suddenly dropped to near zero! I am waiting for a reply to my two e-mails.
    Assuming all the figures in my P & L sheet are correct I did make a profit of £106 during the trial with a £500 starting bank. Just enough to cover the cost of the software. Assuming similar profit every month I’d be about £50 better off each month after paying the £50 for the Betplans. It makes the monthly charge look a bit high.
    Now in a quandry about continuing?

  • Leon says:

    Continuing from my last. I have been in contact with Betextrader and they think it may be a setting in the ‘Betfair Options’ window. I have now changed the setting to ‘INTERNAL BETS ONLY’. It seems a possible and logical solution.

  • Andy says:

    After my previous comment on 6th May, I started using a £500 bank at 2% as Matt has done, my initial £18 gain now stands at a loss of around £70.
    On the plus side, once you get set up (which isn’t as hard as i was expecting after reading some of the comments) it really does only take a few minutes to add the plans – I do mine in the morning before I go to work.
    As I said before – only time will tell….

  • AC says:

    After several months of this new and automated service, the advertised figures have not materialised. There have been more changes to the service and although the strike rate isn’t far from the advertised %. No matched winners massively distort Peters advertised figures (profit) and what you can actually get in the real world with available liquidity. He is at least trying to tweak and improve his system however, this system is pure and simply not matching the advertised results. The costs are hardly cheap either, and I really don’t know how you are supposed to make a profit.

    • AC says:

      To add further to the above nearly a month on and nothings changed the results are getting worse, and Peter continues to be adamant that members should be in profit. However, not a single member including, Matt who advertised this on Peter’s behalf, yet Peter is stating we should now be up. The product doesn’t work. It’s one thing if the system is losing and the advertised figures match this. It’s a completely different ball game when its being deemed profitable and it isn’t.

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