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I was really keen to write this Copy Paste Profit review by Sharon Fussell because it states that you can “Pocket £291 – £687 a Month From this  ‘Copy & Paste’ Amazon Loophole…” without the need for any upfront investment.

Sounds really good. But is it too good to be true?

Let’s find out!

Product Title: Copy Paste Profit

Author: Sharon Fussell

Price: £67

What you get:

  • The Copy Paste Profit Manual
  • Access to a Private Members Area that contains some video training and some resources
  • A bonus report called the ‘Synergy Report’

Guarantee: 30 Days

What is Copy Paste Profit?

Copy Paste Profit from Sharon Fussell is basically an arbitrage system that takes advantage of  and profits from the difference in the price of books between 2 of the UK’s biggest websites, and

The idea being that you find books that are being sold for a penny on Amazon, listing them for a profit on eBay and getting the Amazon seller to ship that book directly to your buyer.

Because of the way this works, the only thing you pay for is your eBay listing fee. You don’t spend any money on product until you have received payment from your buyer. You don’t have to physically touch the product either because the Amazon seller ships the product directly to your customer.

Sharon say’s that this isn’t drop shipping. I not sure why she makes this claim because that is exactly what you’ll be doing should you chose to have a crack at this system. You’ll just be using a fellow sellers instead of a wholesaler but the process is exactly the same.

When you order Copy Paste Profit you’ll get a hard copy manual sent to you through the post. You’ll also instant access to the private members area which contains a downloadable version of the manual so you’re not left waiting, there are three training videos that accompany the manual, some bonuses, FAQ section etc.

I have recorded a tour of the members area so you can have a look inside;

What do I need to make Copy Paste Profit work?

The only thing you need is access to the internet via a tablet or computer, an eBay account, an Amazon account and a couple of pounds to pay for listing fees.

What results can be expected?

Well, Sharon Fussell claims that you can make between £291 – £687 per month with around £300 being typical. But the more time you put into it, the more money you’ll make.

To be honest though, I’m not sure how realistic this is and as there are no real income proofs provided I find it a bit hard to believe, I would say those figures definitely wouldn’t be typical and having tried to use the system myself, the profit margins look very small and from what I can gather you’d need to be listing and selling in volume to make that sort of money.

My Copy Paste Profit Review

To be fair the strategy makes sense and the manual is well written and having spent a day having a good read through the manual and watching all the accompanying training videos I was keen to give it a go myself.

Unfortunately, having spent the whole afternoon of the next day finding potential books on Amazon I was disappointed to see that there just wasn’t any profit in it for me.

Granted, I only spent an afternoon doing this and I’m sure there are some books out there than can be profitable but in my opinion the money that could potentially be made isn’t worth the time it takes to find the items.

And that brings me on to two things that I feel are missing in the manual;

    1. Sharon goes into detail about how to find books on Amazon and although she gives you an idea of what type of genre is most profitable, she doesn’t give any specific details as to what exactly you should be looking for – maybe this is to protect her own interests? I don’t know.
    2. She also goes on to show you how to list those books on eBay. But there is absolutely nothing in the Copy Paste Profit training to show you how to find out whether or not a profit can be made on any give book. So some of the less savvy among us could just go and blindly list these books on eBay and have no idea about whether or not they will make any money at all.

Having looked around the internet, it appears that some people are making a little bit of money, but not many, here are some comments I found on another forum;

Copy Paste Profit Review

So even though it seems that some people are making a little money with this I would say ask yourself how much you value your time before you invest the £67 asking price, which considering what I have said is a little steep!

Thanks for reading Copy Paste Profit Review. Please leave a comment below and let us know what your experiences have been with the product.

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