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Charlie Burton AdvantEDGE Review. A Forex Training Course.


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I am reviewing Charlie Burton's New AdvantEDGE Forex training course, which teaches you how to profit.


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Charlie Burton AdvantEDGE ReviewLanding through my letterbox yesterday, was a promotion for trader Charlie Burton, and his new product AdvantEDGE which is a Forex Trading course. So, I feel like it is time to put all of my cards on the table regarding a certain subject…

I do know that most people can find Forex confusing, and I used to be the same. This doesn’t mean that I don’t understand it, but the sheer volume of numbers can be confusing if you have not had a good enough teacher.

And although I am not a teacher, I like to think that I am a half decent reviewer 🙂

And for those that don’t know, Forex is a currency trading platform. Basically you are ‘betting’ against the rise, and fall of the world’s currencies, and their value. You are ‘betting’ which direction the prices will go, either up or down, and the points inbetween these is where you can make a profit, and a fair few people make their living this way.

Come to think of it, I remember a documentary on TV a few months ago, where this young man from London (and I mean young, he was about 21) was making a fortune trading the Forex markets, 6 figures a year, driving around in sports cars, buying his parents houses, and all kinds.

If I remember rightly, he was a graduate, with his chosen subject being totally unrelated to how he now makes a handsome living  – taking my reviewer’s hat off for a second, that translates to a load of cash. I actually remember thinking at the time “If only…” 😛

Acually, I am going to find the article right now… bear with me.

Yep, here it is. A chap called Elijah Oyefeso, 21, who now works for just an hour a day, and makes around £30,000 a month:



I know, I know, I am going around the houses slightly, and you want to know about this letter/email you have received about Charlie Burton AdvantEDGE. Interesting stuff though, eh, and who wouldn’t want to ‘work’ for an hour a day bringing in that kind of income? People do though.

Right, back onto the review..

With this in mind I haven’t ever really found myself having the balls to commit to a Forex product before now, especially given some of the ludicrous claims that you hear. Although since that documentary I mentioned above, I had planned to look at it in some more detail this year.

But like I say, I have been reading and researching this news Forex offer since yesterday; including the man behind it, and I am definitely going to look further into it now!

Charlie Burton Forex Trader

Having done my research over the last 24 hours since the mailshot landed, I have to say that this looks very diferent to some of the usual rubbish that gets promoted, and this is mainly because Charlie Burton is involved, who is a very well respected Forex Trader.

Before I explain what the product is, let me explain the credentials on Charlie Burton, based on what I have found:

  • 17 Years+ Full Time Trading Experience.
  • Presenter at IX Investor and The London Investor Show.
  • Featured By The BBC on Traders, and Investments Show.
  • Millionaire Currency Trader.
  • Trusted by large hedge fund trade companies.

High credentials indeed, I am sure you will agree.

So what is Charlie offering?

Charlie Burton AdvantEDGE Forex Trading Review

Product Title: Charlie Burton AdvantEDGE

Buy From Where? (offer is now closed)

Price: £89.95 for the first three months, going up to £149.95 for the remaining 9 months. Thereafter ongoing access to the indicator is priced at £29.95

What You Get: 

  • It’s a 12 month Forex Trading course, complete with video tutorials, and other informational instructions,  that will teach you all the strategies that Charlie knows, and the intention is that you will be trading by the end of the first month, and subsequent months will increase your trading knowledge.
  • Software to indicate suggested trades. This is an indicator created by Charlie himself, which works on his own personal algorithm (set of rules), and will select trades using the same criteria that he, himself uses in his daily trading.
  • Full support by Charlie.
  • Live webinars hosted by Charlie himself, which will give the subscriber access to live trading, further training, as well as the ability to ask Charlie questions in a live environment.

Promoted By: Waverley Media

Guarantee: There is a money-back guarantee for the first 30 days, so if a customer tries it out & decides it isn’t for them, providing they change their mind in the first 30 days they get their first months payment back.

Broker Guarantee: The broker has also offered a 30 day protection on a bank of £300 – so if you deposit £300 into a live trading account, and assuming you only take trade recommendations by Charlie Burton, then if they lose money in the first 30 days the broker will refund up to the £300.

This means, that as well as the 30 day guarantee, you also get £300 of any potential losses reimbursed.

A confident guarantee indeed.


So What Is Charlie Burton’s AdvantEDGE ?

During my research I have found that Charlie Burton is a seasoned, professional Forex trader. I have even gone back many years to see if I could find any ‘dirt’ on him, and found nothing. All I could find was positive comments from his past customers, and the Forex industry as a whole.

Charlie trades full time, and therefore he does this for a living, in fact trading the currency markets has made him a millionaire; and now what he is offering, is for you to join a trading course where he will teach you about the industry, but more importantly, the course members will also gain access to a piece of trading software which will choose trades by Charlie himself.

Put simply, when the software is loaded up on your computer, it will alert you to a trade, and ask if you wish to take it. The website states that these trades will happen 2/3 times a day, and it is up to you if you decie to take them.

The website also suggests that you can increase the number of trades by learning exactly how Charlie makes his ‘big money’, and that by following the advice, you can increase your profits even further.

Here is an example of a trade alert, asking you if you wish to take the trade;


When I say Charlie chooses the trades, he has programmed a piece of software to think, and act on the exact same triggers that he personally uses, and then the software will alert you when to take a trade.

Basically, the software will allow you to follow one of the most respected traders in Forex today (I have written that because genuinely, after my searches this guy is as clean as whistle!).

With that in mind when I saw the term “Forex” in the subject of the letter I instantly dismissed it. Too many scams out there I thought. This should be the end of the story but after doing my usual digging, it clearly isn’t.

I must admit, that I put the letter to one side yesterday. Later on I was re-reading it when something jumped out at me, specifically a name.

Charlie Burton. I knew that I’d heard it before somewhere and instantly, that niggly little voice in my head was going to work, telling me that I had to find out where I recognised it, or it’d drive me insane. I get that, remember the DailyMail thingy above? I have to find things out if they are niggling me… 😛

A quick search later and it came back to me. Charlie Burton appeared in a BBC documentary that was all about traders and how they make money. I only vaguely watched the show but I remember being impressed by his approach to trading which was no nonsense way of communicating, as well as (I have to be honest here) his seemingly amazing lifestyle. Anyhow, my itch scratched, I decided to have a look at what is being sold and frankly, I was rather impressed.

What is the profit potential with AdvantEDGE?

I know the difference between trading and gambling, and I also know that as far as currency trading is concerned, that gradual growth is what matters, and managing your risk as much as possible, and Charlie (well, the website) states that you will be risking no more than 1% of your trading bank, which seems reasonable, although as far as income potential is concerned, this is what is stated on the website:


My curiosity got the better of me….

I have now joined Charlie Burton AdvantEDGE

Yes, I joined AdvantEDGE yesterday afternoon, and am now a paid up customer.

On first glance, the AdvantEDGE members area is massively comprehensive in detail. So much so that I couldn’t begin to break everything down here, but to provide some perspective on just how detailed it is, AdvantEDGE actually runs for 12 months. It is a fully fledged course. I think the onus is about making some money with the software, whilst at the same time teaching members to make even more. All good so far.

Once logged in, Charlie Burton introduces users to Forex trading, what it entails, how to trade, how to remain disciplined. There isn’t a stone left unturned during this and the whole thing is well laid out.

Remember, I, like you have never used Forex before (I am guessing you have not, anyway, hence why you are reading my review).

A big part of this, is that as well as showing you what you need to do to be a successful trader, what to expect etc. AdvantEDGE also comes with a piece of software that looks impressive. It indicates for you the suggested trades that Charlie Burton has selected (using an algorithm built into the software), specifically for his AdvantEDGE program.

What I like about it is that it provides continued access to these selections automatically without any input required, but also helps you to look for why a trade may have been selected in the other training materials. And as Charlie himself has made the selections, you are getting indicators of what is making a profit directly from somebody who does this for a living.

Just out of Interest, and to put a voice, and face to the man himself. The following video is Charlie speaking about his trading at the Showfx World Conference a while ago:

As you can see, Charlie is professional, articulate and knows what he is talking about, and this product, AdvantEDGE, Charlie is promising a profit to new customers of the training course…. or your money back.

Charlie Burton AdvantEDGE Guarantee

I’ve said that AdvantEDGE runs for 12 months, and for this kind of product running for this kind of length of time, you would expect there to be massive costs involved. Unfortunately, I have to disappoint you here, because if you are like me, you will be pleasantly surprised. Your first 3 months cost just £89.95 (less than a cup of coffee a day as they say), whilst the remaining 9 months are a further £149.95.

These numbers are very reasonable, and the kind of Forex products I was discussing earlier I have seen advertised at thousands of pounds. With that in mind, AdvantEDGE is something of a bargain from what I have seen so far.

On top of this, there is one of the most genuine money back guarantees that I have ever seen.

As well as providing a 30 day money back guarantee with Charlie Burton AdvantEDGE (meaning you can really get a feel if it is for you), Charlie Burton has arranged for the unprecedented. If you deposit a bank of £300 into a live trading bank, follow Charlie’s trades, and lose money in the first 30 days, the broker will refund up to the £300, as well as getting yuor subscription payment back!

This is unheard of, and I have never encountered anybody selling a product who is so willing to put their money where their mouth is.

Conclusion of Charlie Burton AdvantEDGE?

So what do I ultimately think of AdvantEDGE?

Has it sent me over to the Forex side?

The answer is rather complex in some respects. I feel much more educated about Forex trading and I also feel less like it is a complicated quagmire than I used to. It is clear to me that Charlie Burton knows his stuff inside and out and he has demonstrated it many times over.

This gives me real faith that with time and his guidance, anybody can make Forex trading work for them.

But remember there is a guarantee also, not only on the money paid, but on losses up to £300, which I feel is important, therefore all you have to do, is make sure that your losses do not go over that amount and you get to test this product for no risk – And I like that part of it 😉

Also, if you look at the following chart, you will see that the publishers, Waverley Media seem to have been testing Charlie’s software over the last 11 months, just to make sure that it works. The image is a bit small, as I have to make images small on this website due to the width being narrow, but the image shows that over the period of the testing (11 months), every month made a profit, which over the months averaged out at 9% growth per month (9% profit per month):


One of the things that really impressed me about the whole operation is that there is no bull crap fed to you. Charlie knows that Forex trading is hard work and AdvantEDGE really helps you to prepare for this. But initially, the software you gain access to makes easy work of quick profits, whilst at the same time building you up to become a fully fledged trader.

This means that when you’re sat looking at charts, you don’t suddenly feel overwhelmed or out of your depth which helps keep the discipline that is so important (as AdvantEDGE mentions several times). The software does it for you, and as we all know, it is much easier to learn something when you are already making money, and have some momentum behind you – which is what the indicator (software) will give you.

So will I be trading in the future? I actually think that I might be (time permitting). Everything looks easy enough so far, and let’s see if the indicators, and automated selections from Charlie make a profit over the next month, and if not then I have lost nothing.

Further Thoughts on Charlie Burton AdvantEDGE

AdvantEDGE has definitely reignited my Forex interest (remember I had planned on looking into Forex this year) and whilst I don’t think I will be reliant on it as a method of income yet (unless I prove to be the next Warren Buffet accidentally), as I do have other interests, I will be trading, and testing this out.

The fact is that for me, I enjoyed what AdvantEDGE has shown me so far, and I want to continue this and see where it leads, but I think I’ll be keeping my stakes small, and ensure that I stay under that £300 guarantee amount, at least to start with.

Charlie himself is extremely plausible, and highly successful in what he does, as well as being highly talked about is all currency trading circles, and you certainly dont get to own a home like this, with a porsche outside without knowing what you are doing:


Nice house, nice car, a millionaire from trading, he has to be onto something, right? So let’s find out, and make a few quid at the same time 🙂

To me, AdvantEDGE is worth every penny so far, and is a definite five star product as far as content is concerned, most importantly, at a very fair price. This really is very fairly priced. I have looked at some Forex products which were stupid money, and from spurious traders.

This guy is well known, and I seriously doubt he would risk such a reputation on a product, and indicator that does not work. He obviously does not need our money, so why would he risk it. I suspect he wouldn’t, and that (again from my research) he just loves teaching others how to trade.

If you are looking to gain insight into Forex trading then I don’t think that you can do much better than AdvantEDGE, and I certainly don’t think you can for less than 4 figures. This product is, in my opinion, extremely low priced compared to alternative courses; and alternative courses that don’t offer the guarantees that AdvantEDGE does.

My recommendation is to try it. The guarantees alone are protecting you, and based on what I have read in the member area, the content, and from my research of Charlie himself, I will give it a 4.5 stars on the review, and assess things at the end of the 30 days (time permitting), and update accordingly, as I always do.

Just as a final note, I was just thinking to myself, that have you ever watched TV,  a documentary or similar (I do this all the time) on how the wealthy live, and how they made their money and thought “I’d like a bit of that, if only I could learn what he/she knows”. Well, for once, I actually think this product fits that exact situation, and you CAN learn how it is done, from somebody who has proven it.

I am very impressed with what I have seen so far, and I am very interested in how this will pan out. I will add some content from the member’s area over the next 24 hours, to show you what to expect.

Charlie Burton AdvantEDGE UPDATE 08 June 2016

As promised, I said I would get back to you with some content from the AdvantEDGE members area.

Here is what the AdvantEDGE members area contains:


  • Home – Self explanatory.
  • Modules – Now these pages contain the content of the actual product, and looking through them, there are currently 7 pages of explanation videos, and tutorials on every aspect of Forex trading you could think of.
  • Also, the videos guide you through from start to finish on how to use the software, where to start, what to do, everything you need. A lot of content, and nothing left to chance it seems.
  • How To’s – These so far explain how to open the trading accounts you will need for AdvantEDGE, as well as a video on how to use the indicator.
  • Latest – I suspect here will be latest news and information for members.
  • Support Tickets – Again, self explanatory. If you need any advice, or help with your purchase, then of course you would submit a ticket to Charlie himself.
  • Licence Code – This licence code allows you to activate the download of the software, so that it is live to use.

As I say, there is a lot of content, but what stands out immediately, is how good a communicator Charlie is. You know sometimes when you listen, and watch videos the speaker bores you to death with his voice? And this puts you off even learning? Well, Charlie is the opposite. He is clearly passionate about the product, and his industry, and this definitely comes through on his many videos.

  • Email Alert Service: Also mentioned is that an email alert service is going to be set up so that you don’t have to be at your pc all the time.

Basically, what is mentioned is the option to set up a VPS (Virtual Private Server) that you can log into even when you are out and about, and when you get the email alert (of a potential trade) you will still be able to put the trades on.

  • Example of the first video:


Don’t bother clicking it, it is just a screenshot, I obviously couldn’t just ‘lift’ a video and show you 🙂 as that is for paid members only, but this first video alone is around 30 minutes long, and explains what is going to happen, what you need to do, and the ‘roadmap’ to follow to get the best of of the course.

This first video is eye-opening, it really is, because Charlie explains a lot about his background, where he came from, his journey into trading and how it all started, early successes, going it alone, and exactly what can be achieved – inspiring stuff, and if you don’t feel raring to go after watching this video, then I don’t know what will get you going!

The first video also explains that it is Charlie’s goal, that by the end of the first month, you will be trading by yourself, and then every month onwards will be a journey to increase your skills.

Subsequent videos then go onto explain, in ‘baby steps’, how to use the product, and exactly what to do.

Great stuff so far, and I have my head currently stuck in the middle of the videos, as I am eager to learn it all.

Updates will follow as, and when I feel something needs adding to the review, but so far all as advertised, and impressive, and has my full backing, and recommendation so far.

Charlie Burton AdvantEDGE UPDATE 20th July 2016

I just wanted to add a further update here to AdvantEDGE.

I myself have been fairly busy and have not had the time to get my teeth stuck into this product as I would have liked, although the following figures were presented today which I feel will help people researching this product and looking for the reviews, and decent content.

Although a few people have been asking whether I had any statiistics for people using indicator, and how they were getting on.

The figures are as follows for what would have happened last week had you been using the indicator:

There were 13 trades last week, and you would have had 10 winning trades out of thirteen, and ended up 158 points on the week. So at 50p a point that’s £79, at a £1 a point that’s £158.

The following is a trade log that was sent with the above stats, which shows the winning 10 trades, and the losing 3 trades


I hope that helps to add a little ‘meat’ to the statistical side of what is happening for existing users.

Charlie Burton AdvantEDGE UPDATE 4th August 2016

For those that missed the webinar on Tuesday 2nd August, Charlie has now mentioned that from month 4 you will have the opportunity to use the indicator on an automated basis.

This essentially means that you will not have to log in and click’ accept’ for every trade, the software will do everything for you.

In the month of July there was a 9% profit on the bank, so when you reach month 4 you should be able to make the profits automatically.

Why not automate the indicator from day one?

That’s what I thought at first when I first watched the webinar, but when you think about it, and Charlie mentions this also, that if you rely on fully automated software then you are not really learning to trade, or can fine tune your trading skills.

automated AdvantEDGE trading

I think what they are doing is use the membership to actually train you on trading basics for the first 3 months, and then in month 4 when you are familiar with trading, the AdvantEDGE indicator side of things will be automated, should you choose.

Charlie mentioned on the webinar that if you want to do manual trading AND automated trading (indicator) then you can do this simply with two accounts, one for the automated indicator, and one account to use on your PC.

I think it is a good idea personally, as many people may not want to trade, or have the time to learn everything, but may just want to make say 9% a month on their money, which is fair enough really. Pensioners for example who just want a better return on their savings, and let’s face it the bank interest rate is a joke.

A dedicated VPS trading service.

Also mentioned on the webinar is that Waverley Media (the promotors) are now fully regulated by the financial authorities (you have to be to be able to offer automated software), but they also have their own VPS (virtual private server) services, which means you can now log into an account from anywhere using any device and select the trades.

There is a cost for this, but they also offer (when I keep saying they, I mean Waverley, who are promoting this) an option on how to get it for free, which is discussed on the webinar.

Obviously you may wish to stop that when it goes fully automated, but that is an option they are advertising.

Enhanced Support.

Also I spotted in the AdvantEDGE members are that there is a little pop up now advising that all new customers are now entitled to free one-to-one telephone support for the first 6 weeks of membership. Here is the message:

AdvantEDGE Support

A decent addition if you need it, I thought.

Maybe I think too much 😛

I will update again if anything else is adding that I feel could be helpful to readers.

Stay Tuned, and bookmark this page (Press Ctrl + D to bookmark this page)


AdvanEDGE Has Now Closed



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  • Stu T says:

    Great review Ben, it does look good, Charlie does seem to be the real deal and i am very tempted to try it

    • Ben says:

      Hi Stu,

      Yep, Charlie certainly has the credentials, and as I mentioned in the review, I highly doubt he would put his name to something that does not work.

      The page says that he uses the software himself, and with a 9% average profit per month on the testing, it certainly will be interesting.

      I reviewed it mainly based on the guarantee, which is what got my interest, which is why I will be trying it, and I advise others to take a further look.

      Forex has always been something I wanted to have a stab at, but I just couldn’t be bothered with all the research to find genuine info. I can be a little lazy like that sometimes 🙂

      But this seems all done for you, and at the same time increasing your trading skills. Definitely looks good so far.

      I am a bit busy today, but I’ll try and get some more info on it over the next few days from the members area.


  • Pete says:

    Thanks for the review Ben. Just got the sales letter for this product from Tim Lowe & wanted to find out more as it looks pretty good. What I don’t get is if the automated software selections offered are so good, why are they not just accepted automatically. The very fact you have to say ‘Yes’ suggests you need to make a decision as to whether you think it’s a good trade or not, and as this is aimed at total Forex newbies like me that worries me. I wouldn’t know a good trade from a bad one if it came up and hit me in the head. Or is it simply a case of the software saying ‘This is what Charlie recommends. Do you want it or not? Your call.’ Have you tried the software yet?

    • Ben says:

      Hi Pete,

      That is a good question, and from looking around the members area, and having watched the videos now, I would explain it like this:

      This is a 12 month course, so Charlie has started off by explaining the basics, as like you say, it is aimed at newbies, and to be honest even the basic information on the videos I didn’t know, and I thought I knew a little bit about everything (don’t we all!).

      It starts with module 1, which is totally newbie friendly (was for me, as I know nothing about it really), and then the last video explains what is coming next month, which will be more advanced levels of trading.

      From the look of it, and the way Charlie explains it, he is saying he is going to teach us everything he knows about trading, using the same strategies as he uses daily, to make subscribers into traders.

      The idea with the software, is that whilst you are learning, you can use the automated indicators to make money at the same time, without needing to know the technical knowledge that Charlie knows (because we don’t know it yet, do we).

      So I think the idea is, to get traders (us newbies) used to how the trading works, accepting the trades, etc. because it is was fully automated without human intereaction, we wouldn’t learn anything.

      That is what I can gather from it. The software is created using Charlie’s algorithm (his procedure for selecting the trades), so it is a case of selecting all of them. Not all will turn a profit, but as mentioned in the review, for the last 11 months that Waverley media has been testing it (says so on the webpage) it has made a profit every month, and an average profit of 9% returns per month. It says some months went as high as 18% profit.

      It is what Charlie really knows that interests me about this. This guy is a 7 figure profitable trader, so he obviously knows what to do, so I for one will be following this very closely.

      Something that does strike me about it all, is Charlie’s confidence that he will turn us into traders, and that we will make money. Like somebody who is 100% certain in his abilities to make it happen for his customers, and that is exactly what I wanted to see.


  • Steve says:

    Thank you for posting your review, Ben.

    I can always rely on your website for posting comprehensive and timely reviews on the latest money making products or services.

    I’ve purchased this today. Let’s see how it goes.

  • Geoffrey Urch says:

    Nice review I await an update on the software as I have tried Binary options Auto software and lost my bank
    Regards Geoff

    • Ben says:

      Hi Geoffrey,


      That is what I was saying with the review, there is so much rubbish out there, but this is the first time I have seen somebody with Charlie’s calibre offering such a product.

      I don’t think he would risk such a stellar reputation, and so far the materials have not dissapointed.

      Early days, but the 30 day guarantee with be my friend either way 🙂


  • Steve Portch says:

    Interesting review and very detailed, if an average of 9% is made approx monthly even starting with a balance of £1000 would take along time for the fund to build up considerably. so for example say after 6 months you’ve progressed and were trading quite well you would need 50k in your fund to make 4,500 per month? Thoughts
    Cheers Steve

    • Ben says:

      Hi Steve,

      From reading the content, and listening, and watching the videos, which I have now done, the onus is on building the member to becoming a trader.

      The 9% per month, and the indicator supplied is just for members to see that money is being made whilst at the same time building the knowledge monthly to become a trader on a much higher level. It says on the sales page that he has made as much as £110,000 on a single trade, and that he makes around £1,000 a day, and will teach it.

      As far as I am concerned, 9% per month profit, compounded, whilst at the same time learning far more advanced trading methods is a very good deal.

      Charlie himself does not place too much emphasis on the indicator so far, because he is trying to get across (in the videos) that there is much more money to be made, which is what he is going to teach.

      Although it is a great starting point, and for 2/3 clicks a day to make 9% per month, compared to 0.75% a year in a bank account seems logical enough to test this out.

      Then on the course itself, you will be taught how Charlie makes his money. Which considering the guy is a millionaire from what he knows, I suspect a lot of people will be interested in gaining such knowledge.

      I know I am, if he can teach how to make a 1/3 of that £1k a day he makes, it is worth my time taking a look 🙂

      There is also a calculator on the sales page, which explains exactly how much can be made over an 18 month period, just using the indicator, but for me, the real value is gaining what Charlie knows!


    • Steve says:

      Hi Steve,

      Have you used the calculator on the sales page?

      If you invest £1000, after 72 months (6 years), you would, in theory, be a multi-millionaire.

      Unless you’ve got a very considerable starting bank, this will be a long-term journey to wealth, which will be worth every minute and every penny spent, if it delivers those kinds of results.

      I’m 27 now – if I can quit the rat race in six years time, I’ll be a very smug 33 year old.

      • Ben says:

        Hi Steve,

        There is no quick route to wealth, as we all know, and compounding stacks up in a very short space of time. I think people can underestimate compounding sometimes. I have my own calculator on this site somewhere.

        There are even ISA millionaires these days, who compounded year, after year.

        But as mentioned on another comment, the indicator is just the start, Charlie mentions that the whole aim of the course is to turn us into traders, with the indicator just being the starting point.


  • Jim Law says:

    Hi Ben
    having subscribed to a previous scheme published by Markiteer etc, I now look for the smallest detail(s) not mentioned. For example, in answer to the question “How often do I need to trade…” Tim answers “……will offer you 2/3 trades a day, and all you have to do is click one button to accept them…….”
    The second graph, which you have not shown extends from June 1st 2015 to April 26th 2016, a period of 331 days. Even my limited maths calculates that to somewhere between 662 and 993 trades, all of which have to be accepted (your statement). In addition, doesn’t the product costs £89.95 PER MONTH for the first three months, and £149.95 PER MONTH for the following nine months?

    • Ben says:

      Hi Jim,

      Thanks for your comment, although I have no idea what you are trying to insinuate.

      All you have done is repeat what is freely available to view on the sales page, and on the review.

      The pricing is on the sales page, and the review.

      The 2/3 trades a day statement is also on the sales page.

      The fact is, there is a no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee, and the course is being offered by a highly respected, and successful Forex professional.

      People will either want to learn how to trade Forex, and follow in Charlie’s footsteps, or they won’t. I don’t see anything else really.

      I am not sure what else it is that you are trying to say.


  • Lankles says:

    Ben – I am the ‘Steve’ that commented at the start thanking you for your review and stating I had purchased this also.

    I’m changing my name to ‘Lankles’ on here, not to trick anybody, but because I intend to post regular updates from my perspective too as we go along and there are a LOT of Steve’s, so it could get confusing.

    This post is to Jim Law and anyone else with similar concerns –

    You WILL be taught on the course, early on, how to set yourself up so that you do not need to be sat at your computer waiting for trade alerts.

    I will admit I haven’t tested this out yet, I’ve had a busy week and I’ve only gone through the first two videos, but when I can, I’ll let you know how I find juggling a full-time job with this.

    • Ben says:

      Hi Lankles (Steve)

      Yes, I can confirm that, as the IP addresses are the same.

      Thanks for confirming 🙂


  • Simon Vaulks says:

    Hi Ben,

    I received the mailshot today regarding this from Tim, on first impressions it looks very good, I knew you’d be reviewing it if it came from Tim so I dropped on here to see what the initial impressions were 😉

    Just a couple of things that maybe stop me from taking ‘the plunge’ on this straightaway, I’m currently learning Tony’s hedging systems and I’m profiting (plus testing) Pete’s Betfair trading methods, so while I’m learning these I don’t want to ‘spread myself too thin’ and end up spinning too many plates.

    Anyway, back to this system, from the comment from Steve above, even using the system’s suggested trades with a 9% yield, a bank of £5,000 could generate £450 monthly? Then with compounding this would grow monthly. Just a view on it to make extra cash without taking the full advantage of learning all the advanced techniques. 9% is far and away better than any ISA or investment out there, after all…

  • Steve P says:

    Hi Ben,

    Thanks for your insight, i’m still toying with this and I think I may take the plunge. I’ve emailed Tim or Tim admin team and have had replies the following day which is good. Trades noticfications can come through on your smartphone and placed through your mobile, this is quite important as I’m at work all day, I would have to place these trades decreatly on my phone at work. One question he could really answer is how much time is required to dedicate to this system i.e. 30 minutes each night, everyone works and absorbs information at a different pace, how much time are you spending on this system? After the initial 12 months was the monthly was £25 can’t quite remember without having the sales letter in front of me.

    • Ben says:

      Hi Steve,

      I have not started it properly yet, as I have had a few things to do.

      Yes, after the initial subscription, it is around £25 to continue to use the signal, although I suppose the idea is that you will be able to do it yourself by then, from Charlie’s training.

      Charlie’s first live webinar is tonight actually.


  • Steve P says:

    Look forward to hearing what your thoughts are afterwards. Cheers.

  • Steve P says:

    Hi Ben,

    How did did the webinar go?


    • Ben says:

      Hi Steve,

      Very informative, the first webinar was a full explanation of the software, and indicator, how it works, how to use it, etc. It lasted just over an hour.

      Charlie confirming again that the indicator is mainly to keep customers ‘ticking over’ with some income, with the main value being making some good money with the trading techniques he teaches you.


  • Steve P says:

    Hi Ben,

    Glad it went well, basically it’s like everything in life, you have to be dedicated and put the time in to make it work. Nothing is free or giving on a plate. Even if he is giving you 2/3 trades a day to put on. So in a years time where do you honestly think you’ll be and do you have a plan on how much revenue you expect to achieve?

    • Ben says:

      Hi Steve,

      I think the value is in the teachings from Charlie, and not the indicator, so as to where anybody will be in a years time really depends on their dedication.


  • Jon says:

    Hi Ben
    I have just watched the video and looked through the sales letter, it all looks good and could potentially provide a good income.
    A quick question though – it looks like the chart in the video is CAD/JPY on an MT4 platform.
    If the program scans for trades, if you have multiple charts open will the program scan all the charts?
    Maybe a way of generating many more trades per day?
    Good review by the way,

    • Ben says:

      Hi Jon,

      The indicator scans all the open charts, which are 6 charts shown on the training videos, and there is a green circle on them all, which shows they are all scanning for potential trades.


      • Geoffrey says:

        Hi, Can someone update us if they are trying the Software it looks good but a bit more proof would be good or a longer video is needed showing more trades over a longer period of time ?

        • Ben says:

          Hi Geoffrey,

          Early days yet for anybody trying it, as the idea is that the first month is learning.

          There is a 30 day money back guarantee though, and there are no conditions attached to it, so nothing to lose by trying it.

          I have not had the time yet, although I have downloaded and installed the software.


  • Robin says:

    Hey Ben,

    This does look interesting as I traded forex some time ago. Will they be limiting the number of places?

    Also does it mostly trade with the U.K. Or US sessions?

    Thank you.


    • Ben says:

      Hi Robin,

      I am not sure if they will be limiting places, although I suppose there will become a point at which the support has a capacity, as this is proving very popular so far.

      Regarding the trades, the indicator selects based on the algorithm, there is no preference being given to particular currencies, although that may be in the actual teaching, based on Charlie’s own philosophy.


      • Robin says:


        Thanks for the information. Reading the sales page or
        Mentions the software has addition nap features?.. Is one of these being automated?

        Or will the software always be semi automated?

        Just wondered as I could learn in my own time while the software is left running in a VPS



        • Robin says:

          Sorry my phone decided to change everything.

          I meant to say – the sales pages states the software has additional options. Is one of these options fully automated?

          Thank you

          • Ben says:

            Hi Robin,

            The software is not fully automated, you have to click to select the trades.

            Basically the signal software finds the trades and then you are alerted to whether you wish to accept them or not.

            The idea is that it gets you used to trading, and make some money at the same time.

            The real value is in what Charlie teaches you throughout the rest of the course, showing you how he trades to make all the mney he does, his strategies, etc.


  • Ian says:

    Must say,this is one of the best reviews i have seen. From what your readers are saying most believe it is a good system but just want a little more reassurance. Would be really helpful to hear from people who are using the system and what their findings are.I am basically feeling the same, however as the returns take a long time to build I am wondering whether I would make enough money to cover the initial costs of £89 per month. If we can get real users views hopefully they can explain to us better

    • Ben says:

      Hi Ian,

      Thanks for your comments, much appreciated. I believe reviews should have the ‘meat’ in them, as I would want to know details myself if I were reading.

      I must admit, I have been fairly busy with other projects since this launched, so have not had time to get my teeth stuck into it as much as I would have liked.

      I do know Charlie has completed a few webinars now, and we are still in the first month, with the aim to get people trading properly by the end of that.

      I have had a fair amount of emails from users, all positive, and Charlie comes across very well.

      I will see if I can dig some details out on trades so far using the indicator.


  • Karl says:

    What if after the 3 month @ £90 and your just in profit to pay this fee you go into the 4th month @ £150 and lose can you cancel straight away or are stuck with the remaining 9 months @ £150

    • Ben says:

      Hi Karl,

      With respect, I think you are missing the point.

      This is a 12 month Forex training course taught by a millionaire trader, and month by month more is added, and more strategies.

      It is obviously in Charlie’s interest to make this work, or he, and Waverley Media know that people will start cancelling, as you are not tied in. So if you felt you were not gaining value, you could simply cancel.

      Although once you start to watch the videos and see how genuine Charlie is, and how he wants this to work for you, your doubts will drop.

      I heard back from Waverley yesterday regarding the profits from the indicator, and already for this month the profit is at 4.1%, which is in line with what is being advertised.

      So the profits from the indicator go some way to paying the fee, but the REAL value is the additional strategies that Charlie will be teaching you – the same strategies that he uses himself.


  • Ben says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I have updated the review to show some statistics.

    Last week there were 13 trades selected by the indicator, and 10 of them were winners, producing 158 pips of profit.

    Please read the final part of the review for more details.


  • ramdani salah says:

    iwant to see all stats can you give the link to myfxbook stats

  • Adrian says:

    When will you provide update for following 2 weeks?

  • David says:

    Sounds very tempting after such a comprehensive review. However, can you tell me if the Broker(s) used in conjunction with this software offer guaranteed Stops on trades? I could not possibly trade forex without this safeguard as the risks can be immense.

    • Ben says:

      Hi David,

      The risks are not immense when you are dealing with such small percentages of the bank, together with stop losses which the indicator has, and Charlie teaches, but there is a guarantee anyway, so if you are interested there is nothing to lose really.


  • Noah says:

    Are the webinars that have already taken place, available to be watched by people joining now?

    • Ben says:

      Hi Noah,

      Yes, all previous webinars are in the members area.

      There is one tonight actually just finishing, but I couldn’t make it so will watch it over the next few days as they are always placed in the webinar section.


  • Rustum says:

    Hi . Looks like a nice system. Is the AdvantEdge the same as the one click system? can it be used on its own without the course?. Which broker must be used in oder to get the £300 guarantee? Can the software work with any MT4 broker.?

    Thanks for your time

    • Ben says:

      Hi Rustum,

      The indicator works only with the dedicated broker that Charlie advises. Some brokers are not as honest as others it seems, and take advantage of newbie traders, which Charlie does not allow so he insists on his broker, who has been vetted and validated, and work in partnership with this project.

      I am not sure what you mean by ‘one click system’, so I cannot answer that. If you mean Simply One Click, which is the original website offering this, then yes, it is the same.


  • Andy says:

    Hi. Ben,

    I use a Mac as opposed to a PC , will the relevant indicator and software work on a Mac, as some don’t.


    • Ben says:

      Hi Andy,

      Yes it will, I have just checked the members area and there are instructions on how to download and install the indicator software on a Mac.


  • Stu says:

    It is a very good course so far and I am very pleased. Just don’t expect it to make you a millionaire in 2 weeks before forex isnt like that it is gradual growth. The idicator they give you and the software does what it was intended to, make some passive money.

    • sbeazley says:

      #Stu are the indicators enough to make you £500-700 a month?

      • Ben says:

        Hi Sam,

        Just to answer you from my perspective, the average profit percentages for the last 12 months are all in the review, so it is very easy to work out how much can be made per month based on a starting trading bank anybody has.


  • Andy says:

    Thanks for the prompt reply Ben

  • Matthew says:

    Any news on how software is going?

    • Ben says:

      Hi Matthew,

      If you check the comments or the actual review you can see how it is performing. 9% profit last month.

      But bear in mind that this is from the indicator, the main value being from the actual course, which is very well explained, and from the webinars I have watched live, customers are very happy so far.


  • Mike says:

    Hi Ben,

    How has the automated software done this month? I heard it was in the minuses

  • MAL. B. says:

    Hi Ben
    Can you give an update on your recent experiences over the last month since your previous comments, please?
    It looks good for those who are in for the long haul, i.e. 12 months and beyond.

  • Ben says:

    Hi Guys,

    I have been a tad busy over the last month so I have not had that much time to look in on it, with holidays, other work and things.

    Profits go up and down on these type of products, but if you look at the graph on the review you will see what it has achieved over a 12 (approx) month period.

    Also, I did read that the automation is almost complete.


  • Ian says:

    Hi Ben,
    I like your ‘up-beat’ style of reviews, also the keeping down the negativity from the people’s comments.

    I am tempted with this system – but I have not seen anywhere – what time the trading takes place?

    Some trading is only done at the open of the markets eg London or New York. Does this enable you to trade any time of the day?

    As currently not available to trade / view a computer or phone between 11.00 to 21.00.

    Cheers, Ian

  • Edmund says:

    i joined this a few days ago hoping to turn my trading around. I have tried for a few years to do it, winning a lot, losing some, losing some more, winning some more, but have never found consitency, so hoping Charlie can turn this around for me. So far so good and a lot of great info so far. to reply to Ian above you can trade whever the markets are open which is most of the time.

  • rob says:

    Hi Guys, I just wondered how things are going with the AdvantEdge auto trade system for others? I started late June, had a small loss in July, larger loss in August and am heading for another losing month for September. All in all I’m about 17% down on a my account. This is not the fully automated system so I am not managing to trigger all trades and often the mail does not arrive in time before the trade entry times out. I just wondered what other’s experience of this was and whether anyone was on the pilot rollout of the fully auto system and how that might compare?

    • Ben says:

      Hi Rob,

      Trading is always long term as you know, with the ups and downs that bring, but I would advise you to contact Charlie on this one.


  • Aaron says:

    Do you have to be a UK Citizen to do this, I am in Australia. Is it particular broker that only operates in the UK?

    • Ben says:

      Hi Aaron,

      I honestly couldn’t answer that, but the broker is UK based.

      I would suggest contacting Waverley and asking.


  • jay says:

    hello all. I have just found out on charlie after the bbc programme he was featured in.

    but I have some concerns as most do.I am a sceptic when it comes to claims of money making. ie not yet found a consistent way to earn money from binary or forex.

    I’d love to talk to Charlie which I doubt is possible due to his high demand.. So has anyone tried this?and is it profitable? .Can one use the indicator alone?..or do I need to go through the entire course? .

    all comments welcome..

    • Ben says:

      Hi Jay,

      Always good to be sceptical, it keeps us on our toes, although as you say, you have watched the programme, which should give you all the credibility you need regarding Charlie, and what he is involved in.


  • Gerry says:

    Hello Ben (or anyone else using the Advantedge software),

    A quick question regarding the actions required to accept a trade…is it literally a single mouse click to accept a trade, or does it also require you to manually enter the trade with the broker?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Craig Done says:


    First of all, great review! Just two quick questions….

    1) If you are out and about is there some kind of alert so that you can place the trade on mobile or do you have to be infront of the PC

    2) Does it have a stop-loss in the software so if it goes to a certain point the ‘wrong’ way it will cut you out of the trade?

    Thanks in advance


    • Ben says:

      Hi Craig,

      Thanks for the compliment, appreciated.

      To answer your questions:

      1) Yes, you can place the trade on a mobile, but it would have to connect to a VPS where the software would sit and can be accessed whilst out and about.

      This is offered in the service.

      2) Yes, the software does have stop loss built in as standard.


      • Craig says:

        Thank you for the quick response! I think I will definitely give this a try.

        Did you carry on using the software after mentioned on this review? And is this the best forex softare you hve trialled/reviewed to date?

        Could you just explain the VPS bit in more detail? Because I assume you have to use a specific broker for this, and if so, do they support the software needed on mobile? Im all a bit confused because it seems if there was only 10 selections in a week (is this right?) then you would want to hit all of them really, or does it find selections as and when you are sitting on the software?

        • Ben says:

          Hi Craig,

          No, I never had the time to carry on after the review, as I have other interests offline.

          From what I did research though, I wouldn’t look anywhere else other than what Charlie provides, because just a simple search finds what he is about, and what his peers think about his ability to trade.

          The VPS is simply a server that is partitioned for users, and on this partition you can place there anything you like, like an online virtual computer where this software can sit, and that you can log into at any time, and from anywhere, even a phone using data.

          The selections can be any time of the day, but there is now automation from month 4 of the course, so you would then not have to do anything.

          The reasoning behind it starting on month 4 is to get the students used to the software, and how they could trade other systems manually, instead of just relying on automation, but it is there.


  • Aiden says:

    Looking to get involved with this as I’m looking for some educational trading material to sink my teeth into. Curious as to how the automated system is going too, as I’ll probably be using that to subsidize some of the subscription costs.

    How has it performed since the software was first released? Is it in profit?

  • Ben says:

    Hi everyone,

    It has just come to my attention that the AdvantEDGE programme has now closed to new customers.


  • Patricia Hunt says:

    Well today is the 4/11/16 “and I have just received a mailer to join. So maybe it’s not closed

    • Ben says:

      Hi Patricia,

      The original product (a membership) has closed, what you received is a different product altogether.


  • Rah says:

    Hi Ben,

    do you know if this will be reopened in the future or if it is closed for good. I was hoping to sign up for this but not for a while as I couldnt commit to the expense at the present. Thanks.

    • Ben says:

      Hi Rah,

      I have no idea as I have not been told anything, I just know that the original product is no longer for sale.


  • Rah says:


    thanks for the speedy response Ben. I found a link & signed up for the newsletter so hopefully they`ll let me know. Cheers again!

  • john says:

    Getting a bit worried about this course im a long way in and was told about this new indicator that we are getting absolutely free as the mail said

    but now we only get it if we turn up to a seminar and pay 2.5k! i thought i was paying enough into this membership already

  • Tim Lowe says:

    John, I am sorry but you are mistaken, you will receive everything that has been promised if you remain subscribed to the course.

    The seminar provides extra methods and approaches as well as notifications of big swing trades – this is something that has never been offered before.

    Tim Lowe

  • john says:

    thats great news tim,,thanks for your response i took it that we would only get this if we went to the seminar which is impossible for me as i dont live in UK..Ben you can remove my comment if you like..apologies

  • Raymond says:

    Great webinar yesterday and plenty of room to ask questions to Charlie and Ali!

  • stewart says:

    Charlies traing is good but I think the automated software performance is way over hyped in the adverts. Like Rob says above I lost money in the 4 months i subscribed…but admittedly missed some of the trades. Officially last month was around break even…the month before slight loss. Nothing like the 6% gain they were advertising

  • John says:

    Im very skeptical about someone who claims to earn a fortune day trading that takes sitting at your screens all day but then chooses to spend a considerable amount of time traveling the country doing seminars trying to sell his method.just ask to see at least 3 months of live trade history before parting with any money.

  • jerry smith says:

    This is a good course but as others have said the automated software has been a dud since it went live with losses every month:

    August -10.84%
    Sep -3.49%
    Oct -0.21%
    Nov -0.08%
    Dec -4.78%

    Total loss -19.40%

  • Matt Travis says:

    AE is bad and the results are incorrect. Once again Tim Lowe is making stuff up to get buyers. {Admin has removed the defamation from this post}

    • Chez says:

      Not all of Tim Lowe’s advertised products fall through the floor – Tony’s Football Hedging has not had a losing trade since going Live.

      Sometimes he just doesn’t find the strongest product!

      • Ben says:


        The fact is that different products may suit different people.

        If every product worked for everyone, then we’d all just pick a product and then live happily ever after.

        That will never be the case, and as Chez stated, Tony’s product was, and still is extremely good.

        But that does not mean that Charlie’s product is not working, I am sure there are many members making that product work also.

        But as I say, not every product will work for everyone.

        What some need to understand, is that when people are trying to teach you how they generate their income, it may be something they have never taught before (even though they can do it themselves), and therefore there will always be teething issues on how the training migrates, until the right formula is found.


  • Richard Fisher says:

    I trust Charlie completely.
    I’ve just joined and entered my credit card details, but I can’t see what to do next.
    And can I operate AdvantEDGE on my PC?
    Join while you can, folks!

  • Mohamad says:

    Hello, Charlie Burton has a website and is selling monthly membership for getting access to his training courses and some other benefits. I really want to be a forex trader and I’m planning to buy the membership and start my education with him. Now do you think that old program was useful for you? Is he the right person to put my time, money and energy to learn from? please guide me, Thank you.

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