Black Box Betting System Review


Black Box Betting System Review

Price: £24.95

Black Box Betting is a Volume based Betfair System that has been around for a number of years.


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black_box_betting_reviewsBlack Box betting is a Betfair system that has been around for a number of years, although recently somebody sent me this system to see what I thought, and although I will not personally be using it, I will review it.

The advertising for the system is pretty generic, and has the usual spiel regarding somebody finding a system out of the blue, etc. and although this can happen, many advertisements now claim similar.

The main reason I wanted to review this particular product, is because it revolves around Betfair, which is a very interesting topic to me, which you will know if you read many of my reviews.

OK, onto the Black Box Betting review.

Product Title: Black Box Betting System

Price: £24.99

Guarantee: ClickBank standard guarantee

What You Get:

  • PDF file explaining the system
  • Support from the author.

It is a standard Clickbank offer, where you simply pay your money and you get access to a download.

What is The Black Box Betting System?

Looking at the author’s website, he claims to have spent years trying to crack the code of the Betfair system, and that finally after years of trying he has found a guaranteed way of making money.

The website itself is a typical marketing website, but that is not to say it does not work. I have read far worse websites and found products that work, so that never really puts me off.

What does me off this product is that the website loads and then instantly you get a pop up trying to extract your email. Now, I understand why general blogs do that, but on your own product page? It is shabby advertising.

What the website does not do, is go on, and on trying to convince you to buy, and sometimes that makes the offer more intriguing if anything, because it looks less desperate.

But, when I see words like the following:

“Secret system”

“Siphoning money on a daily basis”

….It makes me suspicious, but I always like to give the benefit of the doubt, because in this business of making money from the internet you learn very, very quickly not to pre-judge, because doing so can lead you to a spiral of ‘following the crowd’, when sometimes a little nugget can be found.

I have found many such nuggets over the years, I can tell you 😛

Here is the headline from the Blackbox website:


Fairly straight forward headline, and obviously written to entice, which again is not a problem, everything needs marketing, and certain marketing methods works better than others; so again, I would discount that from any buying decision.

The website also claims that the author has taken years to crack this, but looking at the actual content of the method, I am inclined to think that may not be the case, and could be simply marketing jargon 🙂

The Black Box Betting Product

As I mentioned, the product comes in a downloadable PDF document that can be read on all PC’s and devices that simply requires downloading free PDF software.

There are no videos contained, and no real life examples, although there are examples of potential trading possibilities, but no proof that a profit has actually been made.

The PDF manual is 60 pages long, and explains various factors of Betfair trading/betting, most of which is fairly obvious to anybody with any experience, but may be fairly useful to those just starting out.

There is the usual table of contents, including the following:

  • Disclaimers
  • Market Psychology
  • Greed and Discipline
  • The System Explained
  • Examples of Trades
  • Handling Losing Trades
  • Betting Bank
  • Staking
  • Odds Overview
  • Betfair
  • Backing
  • Laying
  • Market Liquidity
  • Unmatched Money
  • And more..

Does Black Box Betting Work?

I have read all the manual, and I would say that it is not your usual ‘system’, in fact, I would say that it is not a system at all as such, more of a guide on how to look for potential trading opportunities.

I found much of the content slightly confusing; not confusing as in I didn’t understand it, but more confused looking at this from a newbie’s point of view, and how they would read it, and more importantly if it would actually work for them based on the knowledge they have, or don’t have.

I found myself thinking “I can imagine this product generating a lot of refunds”.

The reason for that, is although the manual is explained extremely well, and all the factors of Betfair gambling are explained as well as they need to be, the actual ‘system’ is lacking is detail, and execution information, and that is concerning.

Obviously I understand what is being explained, as I am fairly well up on Betfair, and have used it for many years, but I just think the content could prove slightly confusing unless you already have a bit of knowledge.

Does The System Work?

Well, this is a tricky one to answer, because the way it is explained, I really think some video explanations would help users, and a few videos would streamline the system instead of showing endless examples without really explaining what to look for.

Sure, the author does show examples of what to look for, but the explanations are pretty vague.

I cannot, and will not give away the actual system of how Black Box Betting works, but I can say it is to do with watching the volume of the liquidity that is entering the markets. Like the following image, where the arrow will show you where to click to get up the volume graph:


After you click the above, you will then be presented with the volume graph itself, like this:


If you look on the image above, you can see all the price points, where the liquidity is going, and when it arrived into the market place.

It is all useful information, and the Black Box Betting system also has a certain criteria when selecting the bets/trades, including:

  • Where to Bet (Which Countries)
  • Number of horses (minimum and maximum)
  • The odds you need to look for (minimum and maximum)

Then you are left with what to actual do, and this all comes down to:

Drifting and Steaming

Again, I will not be giving the system details away on here, as that would not be fair to the author, as a fair amount of work has gone into the product, and no product should be just ‘given away’, that goes without saying.

What I will say, is that the criteria behind what the author explains is a little too vague. That is not to say it will not work, but it definitely could be explained better than it has been.

The Crux of Black Box Betting

The crux of the Black Box Betting System is what you actually have to do based on where the volume of liquidity is heading, and this comes down to backing and laying at certain points.

Now in theory this could work very well (if you already have experience), because it is all to do with the volatility of the betting exchanges (Betfair) and what the author states as ‘herd metaility’ and capitalising on this, which does make sense to a degree.

One of the problems is that the author is suggesting to use 30% of your betting bank on every trade that you highlight as an opportunity, and that is FAR too risky (actually it is ridiculous to suggest betting at such percentages of your betting bank, and could bust your bank pretty quickly just just 4 losses), and I would probably advise something more like 3%.

And it is comments like the 30% stake that lead me to believe that although well written, the content is very suspect.

In fact, when this product first launched in 2010, it was an entirely different product, with different rules, and a different system, and it looks like it has now been ‘re-branded’ with a new idea on how to make the profit. Personally if it were me, I would have just given it a new name, so pretty lazy marketing, and product creation also.

Testing The System

I did actually test a few races over the weekend, and I did make a profit on both (as I understand Betfair), but as with all systems, and methods, it needs testing over a longer time scale, because as anybody knows in racing, and gambling, it is actually easy to get the wins, but the real strength of any system is what happens when the losses come, which they always do at some stage.

What I do find interesting about Black Box Betting, is that although I think it could be explained a little better, especially how to trade the opportunities, the general content is detailed, and it comes across like the author really knows what he is talking about which is good to see, which is why I find is strange that he has skipped on the detail of actually implementing the system – very odd!


I don’t think 60 pages of content would be written in an attempt to extract 25 quid from people, and a lot of the advice is sound also, so a little more testing on the variables is required on this.

The author on his website gives some screenshots of his Betfair account showing profits, which although good to see, overall some better examples would be very helpful, and as I already alluded to, maybe a few videos of Black Box Betting working in practice.

It is always interesting to me how other traders view Betfair, their angles on how to extract a profit, and reading of the markets, so although a very good read, and two early successes when testing, a little bit more is required to see the long term potential.

I will try and add some more, facts and figures on Black Box Betting as and when I get some more time, but I think the above review will more than give you some insight into the product, and what you can expect.


It is a strange one this. The manual is well written, but it says very little about the actual system, and does not give you a step by step tutorial on what to do, it is almost like a section has been missed from the manual – an important section, and because of this, I feel most buyers would struggle to gain any real value from the product.

I just don’t understand why the author of Black Box Betting after writing 60 pages of decent content,  would then go on to miss out such important details. It is almost like going for a burger from MacDonalds, it looks great, smells great, but when you bite into it, the actual burger is missing 🙁



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  • Charles says:

    Hi Ben, you are not the only one mate, I read this about 2 weeks ago and thought exactly the same thing, black box didn’t make a great deal of sense to me either.

    • Ben says:

      Hi Charles,

      Thanks for the feedback. I read it twice, going over it and the part regarding backing and laying didn’t make it clear what to do, and where to do it.

      I suspect many users will feel the same.

      It is a shame, as apart from actually giving you what you paid for, it is well written.


  • Phil says:

    I myself purchased the system. I do have quite a bit of knowledge when it comes to trading on the exchanges so it was not new per say

    the rules were a little simple and ive only been able to test it on a few races but so far i havent had a losing bet yet. The content was far better than the usual rubbish that is pedaled to us

    • Ben says:

      Hi Phil,

      Thanks for the comment. I found the rules simply confusing, firstly they talk about laying then backing, but don’t really specify when.

      There is also talk about letting the trades go in play, but then there is a mention of trading out before the race starts, so is contradicting any real direction on instruction.

      Then the author mentions that you are guaranteed a profit, but you are not if the second trade is not taken, or if the market skips past your second trade.

      For example, you could place your lay bet, and place your back bet in readiness for the price to drop, and the market could easily skip past the price point without taking the bet, especially if you are not at the front of the liquidity queue.

      Most of it would be guessing on what is missing, and that potentially makes for a dangerous trading ground.

      I would be surprised if anybody without experience would know what to do based on the content, without guess work.

      I hope the author reads the review and comments, and can add what many feel is missing, and this is based on a few emails I have reviewed also.

      But I do agree that there is some useful content also.


  • Keith says:

    Hi Phil,
    as your other readers said I agree it does not actually
    explain what you are supposed to do.
    Definitely a chapter appears to be missing.

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