Betting Mastermind Review, A complete Spectrum of Profit Generation


Betting Mastermind Review, A Complete Spectrum of Profit Generation


Price: 97+VAT

Betting Mastermind is a complete collection of Trading and matched betting products from Mike Cruickshank. For a great price you can gain access to the lot.


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Mike CruickshankLooking for Betting Mastermind? I would be surprised if you have not already heard of it, because basically Mike Cruickshank has packaged up every product he has, and is offering it on a plate to those who are serious about matched betting and making profits from a variety of different avenues.

New releases from Mike Cruickshank aren’t a common occurrence and so I was excited to see how Betting Mastermind would play out, and that is exactly what I have done.

I know that others have rushed out a few pages of content relating to Betting Mastermind before now (more likely than not to bring in traffic), but I really wanted to see if this latest effort was as sustainable as previous products. Especially given that I do think that the matched betting bubble will eventually burst.

Sitting down to write this now, you probably won’t be surprised to hear me say that Betting Mastermind is every bit as quality as you would expect.

Mike Cruickshank has proven time and again that he can deliver results and this latest offering doesn’t break this cycle. I don’t want to get too much into the nitty gritty of Betting Mastermind here, but this may be one of the best betting products currently on the market.

Here’s a Video of Mike Cruickshank Explaining How Betting Mastermind Works:

Let’s Start The Review.

Product Name: Betting Mastermind

What you get: See content below (too much to put here!)

The price: £97 + Vat

Money Back Guarantee: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Author: Mike Cruickshank

Where to Buy: Click The Link: Try-Betting-Mastermind

What is Betting Mastermind?

There is so much on offer here that I genuinely don’t know where to start, but I will try with an overview of the product. Betting Mastermind brings together a large number of existing and new tools and strategies that Mike Cruickshank has offered before.

As is so often the case when dealing with Mike, Betting Mastermind puts a focus on very low risk betting methods with a view to building a betting bank which you then put to work for the profit.

A Little Bit of History of Mike Cruickshank

When Mike Cruickshank first sat down to create his first Bonus Bagging product, I don’t think that he could have anticipated just how large an online empire he was going to build.

None the less, this is exactly what has happened. When the creator of this online operation says that: “Nobody has EVER offered a betting system nearly this powerful before!”, then you have to pay some attention.

Of course, I am writing this as somebody who is very familiar with Mike Cruickshank and his previous works. In order to understand why any new release is a big deal, we do have to delve into the history of Betting Mastermind a little.

Betting Matermind Spoiler Image

I should take the time to point out that any of the products that I mention here will be explored in detail a little later on in this article, as such, if you still feel out of your depth, don’t worry too much.

Mike Cruickshank made his name by launching what I believe was the first major matched betting product onto the market. Matched betting involves using free bets from bookmakers, as well as laying bets, to make a profit with no risk.

This was revolutionary when it launched and there have been a number of imitators in recent time putting out similar products.

In order to really understand just how profitable matched betting can be, Mike Cruickshank and his followers supposedly took SkyBet for over £1 million in 24 hours due to a loophole on one of their offers.

Some people would have been happy with this success however Mike Cruickshank isn’t one of them. This is probably or the best as without his tenacity, I wouldn’t be writing about Betting Mastermind now.

There have been a number of products since those relatively humble early days which have continued in the vein of the initial principles of Bonus Bagging. What this means in real terms is that all of his products (and by proxy, Betting Mastermind) retain that low risk approach to “betting”.

In many cases, there is absolutely no risk at all.

So What do You Get With Betting Mastermind?

In terms of what this betting system entails, there is a lot of ground to cover. Put very basically however, Betting Mastermind takes a number of different products from Mike Cruickshank and compiles them into one big one.

This combination of tools and betting strategies are ultimately designed to produce a rather substantial profit and boy are they capable of delivering.

There are 11 different products and tools that ultimately make up Betting Mastermind.

Here is what Mike states on the website:

Betting Mastermind

OK, so now you know what Mike states, let’s go into some detail about exactly what the complete Betting Mastermind package includes, and what you can gain from it.

There is definitely some overlap between some of them, however each of these has at some point existed as either a stand alone strategy or as an upgrade to something existing. With that in mind, I want to take some time to look at each of these tools and what they can do for you.

  1. Bonus Bagging – This is the first product that Mike Cruickshank launched and it is the one that catapulted him to the fame that he now enjoys. As such, it is no surprise that this is where Betting Mastermind decides to start users off. Bonus Bagging provides you with bets for 30 different bookmaker “new account” offers. This is a brilliant starting point as it allows you to immediately build a decent sized betting bank.
  2. Profit Maximiser – If Bonus Bagging sets you up, then Profit Maximiser is what takes you to the next level. In many respects, this is the centre of Mike Cruickshank’s online products and it is by far and away the one that most people have enjoyed success with. When you buy into Betting Mastermind, you receive full access to the Profit Maximise membership site, video tutorials and access to a member’s only forum. Having explored Profit Maximiser before, I can say that all of these are invaluable tools in and of themselves. Finally, you will receive all of the latest bonus offers directly to your email complete with instructions on how they actually work.
  3. Matched Betting Software – This is a really neat and straight forward piece of software which will allow users to take control of their betting experience. Featuring bets across a number of sports, everything is simply laid out detailing the outcome, market, odds to back and lay at and even the bookmakers and betting exchanges that you should use. If all of this sound complicated, as is the case with almost anything from Mike Cruickshank, there is plenty of support available.
  4. Each Way Sniper – Each Way Sniper was a product that was launched by Mike Cruickshank in order to help users to find a more consistent strategy to make money. Using Extra Place Races, Betting Mastermind isn’t reliant on bookmaker offers or bonuses in order to generate a profit. This adds a lot of flexibility to the Betting Mastermind arsenal.
  5. Accumulator Generator – This is one of the more recent offerings from Mike Cruickshank and it was a very good product then and remains so now. As is the case with Each Way Sniper, Accumulator Generator is another attempt to move away from being overly reliant on bookmaker offers. This involves placing a number of different bets and lay bets at advised odds. As is the case with most of the tools included with Betting Mastermind, the bets etc. are all detailed for you.
  6. EV Maxmiser – This is a rather unique product within the Betting Mastermind stable. It doesn’t look at traditional betting methods and as such, there is perhaps a little more risk involved than there is with other Mike Cruickshank products. EV Maximiser focuses on using casino bonus offers and how to extract the best possible value from them. There is definitely a lot of potential to make money here, however by the same token, there is more risk inherent.
  7. Betfair Sniper – For those who find dealing with bookies tedious, Betfair Sniper may well be up your street. It is a Betfair system that only uses exchanges. This is a simple strategy which is explained in full by Mike Cruickshank. You are essentially looking at value in the markets whilst Mike Cruickshank will show you how and when to enter a trade. You will also be shown how to leave it to trade out for an equal profit, regardless of the ultimate race winner.
  8. Betfair Renegade – This is a rather helpful tool which allows you to make money from football markets on Betfair. Without going too much into the details of how it does things, Betfair Renegade shows you the correct Betfair odds for match odds on the correct score and over/under markets. This is a “bet and forget” system which means that there is no need to trade out in game etc.
  9. Bookie Blowout – Mike Cruickshank refers to this as his “idiot-proof” system for beating the bookies at their own game. This is again a straight forward service where you are advised of bets directly to your email. You receive information on stakes and odds, and all you have to do is place the bets advised.
  10. Betfair 1% Club System – A rather interesting offering from Mike Cruickshank this one. It is a Betfair trading system that targets making 1-2% of your betting bank in profit on a single trade. As is something of a trademark of Mike Cruickshank, this is all done with the least possible risk. The Betfair 1% Club System is a decent little earner that can be run, even when you’re on the go.
  11. Project Prosperity Training System – In many ways, this is crucial to Betting Mastermind as a project. It is a 5 step training system in which Mike Cruickshank shows you how to maximise your profits as well as how to get results in an hour or less per day. The Project Prosperity Training System is a fantastic feature as it allows you to make the most of your money, but more importantly, help manage your finances.

Full details on Betting Mastermind – Click Here

Before now I have seen people start out with matched betting and the like and they have ended up losing out because they have started to get silly with their money.

Whilst the Project Prosperity Training System doesn’t tell you how to spend or when to withdraw, it does help you to ensure that you have enough to bankroll the next stage of your betting experience.

And with that, we’re done looking at the bulk of Betting Mastermind. It is certainly a hell of a lot of content that is being offered in one package.

Even though I have looked at several of these products individually before now in much greater detail, I also feel that it is important to review their purpose here so that you can really start to see what Mike Cruickshank is setting out to do with Betting Mastermind.

Betting Mastermind is probably the single most comprehensive and powerful betting tool that I have seen for a considerable amount of time. The beauty of this as far as I’m concerned isn’t just the product, but who has worked on it.

I think that it is fair to say that Mike Cruickshank is probably one of the most trusted names when it comes to making money through betting. This is no small feat and it adds weight to Betting Mastermind that simply wouldn’t be there if this came through the typical crappy affiliate channels.

How Does All of Betting Mastermind Work?

Put bluntly, Betting Mastermind works by bringing together all of the different products that Mike Cruickshank has ever released. Each of these uses a different strategy and approach to betting in order to make profit. Whilst each of these is very much proven, by bringing them all together there is the potential to make massive amounts of profit here.

For those who are a fan of somewhat obscure 80’s references, Betting Mastermind is a little bit like Voltron.

betting mastermind done for you

The truth is that Betting Mastermind has a clear starting point, and with the Project Prosperity Training System, you can start to build your profits. What I like about this path is that unlike some betting systems which leave you an instructional manual and no implementation strategy, Betting Mastermind really holds your hand as much as you need it.

Perhaps the best way that I can describe how Betting Mastermind works is to imagine a huge machine comprised of lots of different gears. Each of these can turn on their own, but it is only when they are all turning together will the machine run. Likewise, each product makes money on its own, but together, they are greater than the sum of their individual parts.

How Much is Betting Mastermind?

If there is one thing that I can’t sugar coat, it is the price of Betting Mastermind. Mike Cruickshank is definitely asking a lot at first glance, however the initial figure isn’t as overwhelming as it initially seems.

There is an initial up front payment of £97 plus VAT in order to gain access to Betting Mastermind. After this, there are 3 monthly payments of £197 plus VAT. This sounds like a hell of a lot of money, however this pricing structure is much fairer than it seems.

Having had experience with matched betting I can comfortably say that after paying your up front costs, making the £197 per month is more than plausible. This means that really, you are paying £97 to sign up, and so long as you follow Betting Mastermind, the service will pay for itself in many regards.

On top of this, Mike Cruickshank says that if you do purchase Betting Mastermind and find that it isn’t for you, you have a 30 day window in which you can claim a refund.

I also believe that it is worthwhile discussing how much you save buying into Betting Mastermind in this format rather than buying each product individually. Mike Cruickshank says that if you were to buy each of the 9 none subscription services, you would pay £203.86 more than you would for Betting Mastermind.

Alternatively, you look at how much money you can save compared to subscription fees which amounts to a rather substantial fee as well.

How Much Can I Make With Betting Mastermind?

The income potential with Betting Mastermind across the board is hugely dependent on how much you are willing to initially invest. What I can say is that matched betting on its own is a massively lucrative opportunity where a lot of people have made a lot of money.

Combined with the other different strategies, I feel quite comfortable in saying that the income potential of Betting Mastermind is definitely on the substantial side.

mastermind profits

For those who are looking for a more concise idea of how much you can expect to earn, you don’t have to look much further than Mike Cruickshank’s own testimonials.

Here there are plenty of people talking about the windfalls that they have enjoyed. Naturally there is a pretty large range in terms of figures, but you will very rarely see anybody making less than at least a £1,000 profit.

A number have gone on to make five figure incomes. It is interesting to note that these have been made using just one or two of the different aspects that ultimately make up Betting Mastermind.

So, Does Betting Mastermind Represent Value for Money?

In order to look at whether or not Betting Mastermind represents value for money, you need to put serious consideration into how serious you are about making money online. If you are willing to work hard and invest time and effort, then I definitely feel that Betting Mastermind represents value for money.

It is probably one of the more comprehensive betting profits on the market. If on the other hand you don’t have a reasonable income to play with, then you might be better starting off smaller than Betting Mastermind.

Conclusion on Mike’s Betting Mastermind

Whilst I think that Betting Mastermind is a fantastic product, I do believe that to say that Mike Cruickshank has done it again is a bit of an overstatement. Truthfully, what he has done is simply the same thing that he has always done before.

This doesn’t mean that Betting Mastermind isn’t good quality however. In fact, I would be inclined to say that it is pretty far from it. Mike Cruickshank has arguably put together the single most complete betting product on the market.

Each one of Mike Cruickshank’s products that I have looked at has delivered to at least some degree. With Betting Mastermind bringing all of these together, there are some very clear positive indicators.

The fact that there is always a focus on low risk betting is something that really helps Betting Mastermind to stand out from a lot of the so called competition, and I say that knowing that there isn’t really a lot that is really in the same ball park as Betting Mastermind.

I have tried to identify flaws with Betting Mastermind, but this has been a difficult thing to do. This is a quality product and it shows in almost every facet of the final product. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t things to be criticised however.

mastermind guarantee

The cost involved, whilst justifiable, is still sizable to say the least. In fact, the last product that I looked at that came close to costing what Mike Cruickshank is asking for Betting Mastermind was one of Tim Lowe’s products.

What is interesting about both of these however is that you are talking about people who have a consistent track record in their chosen fields. Yes, The Betting Mastermind is expensive, but I genuinely believe that the service will pay for itself many times over.

I also think that there is a lot to process and even with Mike Cruickshank’s guidance, Betting Mastermind is a little bit overwhelming.

Once again, this is counteracted by the Project Prosperity training which does a good job of walking you through things. That having been said, there are a lot of different betting products involved with Betting Mastermind and some of these I have known even experienced bettors struggle with a bit.

Ultimately, the question of Betting Mastermind boils down to how badly you want it. As I have said before now, if you are serious about making money through online betting then I don’t think that there are many better options. There aren’t however many options that are more expensive however either.

Final Thoughts From Me

Betting Mastermind is a fantastic collection of best selling income generating services all brought together in one placet. Unfortunately, I don’t see it being for everybody. This is a method that if you want to extrapolate the best possible results from it is rather expensive. It is also time consuming and rather harder work in reality than the sales material makes out.

That having been said, I also think that Betting Mastermind is one of the most genuine ways of making money online today. I do think that you will make money on this as well.

There don’t tend to be a lot of “if’s” when it comes to Mike Cruickshank and that allows me to put a lot of faith in his products.

As I have said at the start of this review, without the name attached to it, I couldn’t see Betting Mastermind being close to what it should be. Fortunately, it does, and as such I believe that it is definitely a worthwhile to any betting portfolio that can afford it.

Plus, we are BIG fans of Mike Cruickshank and his products!

Basically you getting EVERY SINGLE product that Mike Cruickshank has ever produced for a fantastic price, and with a money back guarantee from one of the most popular publishers of such content in the last 10 years.


Full details on Betting Mastermind – Click Here



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