Tipster Superstars Review


Tipster Superstars Review


Price: £79

After being asked by subscribers, we thought it time we checked out Tipster Superstars, and we have a few cautions to give to new users, plus results are not updated at the time of writing.


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Tipster Superstars Reviewed I have read a lot about Tipster Superstars over the last 12 months, and a few of my subscribers asked if we would do a review on them, so I have done some checking, and at present they seem to offer three tipsters.

Some of the detail, and content around the business is interesting, especially for affiliates, because their ClickBank set up is not paying out on affiliates from what I can see (I have proof also), which suggests that their whole set up may not be as it seems.

As mentioned, I have had a fair few of my own subscribers send me emails asking about Tipster Superstars, so it was on my list to check them out.

Who Are Tipster SuperStars?

Tipster Super Stars mainly promote via ClickBank, so have many affiliates supposedly promoting their tipster services.

The only page you will see advertised on Tipster Superstars is an opt in landing page, which does not really give any details away about what they offer, until they have your email address to send you promotions, which arrive as expected, even promoting products that have nothing to do with their service.

Just having a landing page does not exactly fill you with confidence, because you cannot really see anything about the people you ar actually paying for the service, not until you put your email address into their website. For example, here is what you see:


Anyway, as I wanted to test their affiliate side of the business (more on this later), I inserted my email address to see what they offered on the inside, and was met with a selection of tipsters.

Product Title: Tipster SuperStars Tipster Services

Price: £79 for three months service

  • 1 Points Per Win Service is £20 Per Month.
  • Double Up Profits is £15 Per Month.
  • The Winning way is £50 for 30 days, then £40 Per Month

What you get:

  • Daily emails from the respective tipster services, depending which one you opt for.

Guarantee: 60 days guarantee period, the products are purchased via ClickBank so a 60 day guarantee.

Where to Purchase: (Read the review before you look, though).


There are basically three offer when you enter your email details into their website, and the profit and loss, plus profits made are detailed, but as mentioned elsewhere on this review, details, and results only go up to February (4 months old data)

  • 1 Point Wins

Launched October 2015
Profit Since Launch: 84.15pts
Profit Last Month: 28.93pts

Examples of Profits below (Ending February 2016 – No updated results).


  • Double up Profits

Launched December 2015
Profit Since Launch: 48.99pts
Profit Last Month: 20.29pts

Examples of Profits below (Ending February 2016 – No updated results).


  • Winning Way

Launched January 2015
Profit Since Launch: 396.94pts
Profit Last Month: -5.52pts

Examples of Profits below (Ending February 2016 – No updated results).


Also, under the three main tipster services is an offer to try all the tipster services for 90 days:

  • Try all our Tipsters for 90 Days

Also on the Tipster Superstars website under the above tipster services is spreadsheets of all results, although it seems the latest results entered with February, which considering it is now June (at the time of writing), does not fill me with great confidence.

Personally, if a professional tipster service was promoting such tips, and wanted to generate new customers, then why would you not update the past results? It does not make no sense to me.

This means that any new customer would be taking a ‘punt’ literally when using Tipster Superstars because the reality is there is currently 4 months of missing data.


Of course as I expected, as soon as I registered with Tipster Superstars, I was met with 3 emails being received over the next 3 hours, the first being a follow up to join their main three tipsters.

Although, the last email received was to join “Pete’s Daily Naps”, which was not their own product, and is basically an affiliate email so they will take a percentage of any customers signing through their link.

A quick search online for ‘Pete’s Daily Naps’ suggests that the service is not that great, and communication problems exist with the emails.


Affiliates – ClickBank

As they were on ClickBank, I signed up to see what they were paying out to their affiliates, and the first thing I noticed was that even though I clicked my own affiliate link, there was no reference of this on ClickBank, which means that they, Tipster Superstars have affiliates out there sending them all this traffic, not even knowing that they will not get a cent for their troubles.

I questioned this with Tipster Superstars themselves, and they told me “sorry for the confusion”, and gave me another link.

Firstly, there was no ‘confusion’, facts are facts, their ClickBank affiliate set up is misleading affiliates, and basically, ‘tricking’ them out of commissions, so this immediately set red flags against what they offer.

I have video proof of this, which I sent to them.

For anybody who has never been an affiliate, then there is one golden rule – You treat them like gold dust, because these are the very people that are attracting all the business for you in the first place. Try to mess them about, and it usually comes back to bit you on the backside.

Once you have entered your details into their website, they will start sending you free, daily tips, which I suppose will be a good indication of what their main service will be like. I have started to detail their free tip results below:

Free Daily Selections.

The ‘free daily selections’ are given to anybody who submits their email address, and are supposedly coming from the very same tipsters from their paid-for services. I will test it for a week, and see what the results are like, and will be posted below:

15th June 2016: 2.45 Hamilton – Dubai Knights

2pt singles and 1pt doubles (when more than 1 selection).

Result: Lost (-2 points)

16th June 2016: 8.50 Lingfield: Swiss Cross [2pt]

All bets are WIN ONLY bets at Betfair SP.

Result: Lost (-4 points)

17th June 2016: 7.05 Ayr – Apres Midi

2pt singles and 1pt doubles (when more than 1 selection).

Result: Lost (-6 points)

18th June 2016: 8.50 Lingfield – Aragon Knight

1pt win bet at BSP on each selection

Result: Lost (-8 points)

You can make your own mind up based on the results above, which so far, if they are coming from the same tipsters on their main service is not doing very well presently.


I simply do not understand how a service does not update it’s results. Maybe it is because the last four months have not been great, or that they have so many customers now that they do not need to place any onus of new customer generation?

Who knows, but one thing for sure, is that I personally would not use a service based on the lack of updates. Here is the message from their website:


The irony is the comment “we try to keep these as up to date as possible, considering it is now the 15th June 🙂

Although, as they are using ClickBank, you are protected by the 60 day money back guarantee, so it could be worth taking a quick look at what they offer.

The affiliate situation also puts me off, because affiliates put a lot of time, and effort testing services on the vendor’s behalf, and to not see compensation for such effort goes against everything that is decent regarding the treatment of their promotions.

If you do decide you wish to try Tipster Superstars, then click here




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