The Affluence System Review, a Mike Cruickshank Product


The Affluence System Review, a Mike Cruickshank Product


Price: £1 for a 14 Day Trial

Another product from the Mike Cruickshank Stable, This time a unique offer - The Affluence System, must see for all those matched bettors, and more.


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The Affluence System has launched. If there is one name more than any other that will likely go down in the proverbial annals of betting history, it is Mike Cruickshank. This is a man who popularised a new concept in betting which has gone on to make a lot of people a lot of money.

Following on from a number of successful products before now, Mike Cruickshank has set out to create what may well be the single most comprehensive matched betting product on the market today.

The Affluence stystem has been added to the already successful Accumulator Generator product that this very website reviewed a while back.

£6 Profit For Every £25 Bet Placed


New releases from Mike Cruickshank aren’t a common occurrence and so I was excited to see how The Affluence System would play out, and that is exactly what I have done.

I know that others have rushed out a few pages of content relating to The Affluence System before now (more likely than not to bring in traffic), but I really wanted to see if this latest effort was as sustainable as previous products. Especially given that I do think that the matched betting bubble will eventually burst.

Sitting down to write this now, you probably won’t be surprised to hear me say that The Affluence System is every bit as quality as you would expect.

Mike Cruickshank has proven time and again that he can deliver results and this latest offering (addition) doesn’t break this cycle. I don’t want to get too much into the nitty gritty of The Affluence System here, but this may be one of the best betting products currently on the market.

Here’s a Video of Mike Cruickshank Explaining How The Affluence System Works:

Let’s Start The Review.

Product Name: The Affluence System (additional to Accumulator Generator)

What you get: This additional system has now been added to the Accumulator Generator membership.

The price: 14 Day trial for just £1

Where to Buy: Click The Link:   Project Prosperity Affluence System

What is The Affluence System?

There is so much on offer here that I genuinely don’t know where to start, but I will try with an overview of the product. The Affluence System is something new that Mike Cruickshank has added for existing members of Accumulator Generator, although you can now try this for yourself – for just £1.

As is so often the case when dealing with Mike, The Affluence System puts a focus on very low risk betting methods with a view to building a betting bank which you then put to work for the profit.

Basically, if you already have Accumulator Generator, then great, you know how good it is. If you don’t and are now interested in this new Affluence system, then it is now part of the same package, which was recently added by Mike for free to his members.

One point though, Mike has put a time limit on this new system being included, so you will need to act with some urgency before the offer expires.


So What do You Get With The Affluence System?

You gain access to a new system that Mike has added. If you are already an accumulator generator customer, then this will already be in your members area, although new members can now gain access to this new addition, which can also be used even if your bookmaker accounts are limited!


How Does All of The Affluence System Work?

I think the video above explains this better, as Mike goes through the whole process on how you can make £6 profit for every £25 you place as a bet.

A big bonus on this though, is that Mike has also made sure that those who already have limited sportsbook accounts can STILL make profits this way, using bookmaker accas.

How Much is The Affluence System?

If there is one thing that I can’t sugar coat, it is the price of The Affluence System. Mike Cruickshank is definitely asking a lot at first glance, however the initial figure isn’t as overwhelming as it initially seems.

For More details, and to start the £1 for a 14 Trial for this mammoth package – Click Here

There is an initial up front payment of £97 plus VAT in order to gain access to The Affluence System/Accumulator Generator.

Having had experience with matched betting I can comfortably say that after paying your up front costs, making the £97 payment more than plausible. This means that really, you are paying £97 to sign up, and so long as you follow The Affluence System, the service will pay for itself in many regards.

On top of this, Mike Cruickshank says that if you do purchase The Affluence System and find that it isn’t for you, you have a 30 day window in which you can claim a refund.


Alternatively, you look at how much money you can save compared to subscription fees which amounts to a rather substantial fee as well.

How Much Can I Make With The Affluence System?

Again, the video on this page will explain the profit potential that Mike estimates. With the aim being to grow a £500 betting bank into £500 initially, so that you can actually start taking an income from the system/s.

Accumulator Generator did extremely well for our readers when it launched, so with the addition of the Affluence System, the profit potentil is now even higher.

Conclusion on Mike’s Affluence System

The bottom line is, that the original Accumulator Generator did great, and continues to make profits for Mike’s members, and what Mike has actually done, is to make the package far more attractive with the additon of the Affluence system.

Also, as Mike is obviously aware that a certain amount of bettors will have their accounts limited at some stage (after making some very nice profits), then he has used his knowledge and expertise to figure out a way around this, and this alone has to be enticing to all the matched bettors out there.


Final Thoughts From Me

It’s Mike Cruickshank 🙂

What he provides simply makes money, so if you have not already got Accumulator Generator, then now the new Affluence system has been added, this surely has to make it a winning combination.

Plus, we are BIG fans of Mike Cruickshank and his products! Basically you getting the whole package, and the new additional for just a quid’s trial quid 🙂


For More details, and to start the £1 for a 14 Trial for this mammoth package – Click Here


The above link expires soon, so if you are interested in this, take a look today would be my advice.


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