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AffiloBlueprint Review – Mark Ling’s Affiliate Marketing Training Course


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I’m really excited to be writing this AffiloBlueprint review because what you’re looking at – this very website, the content that’s on it, the reviews, EVERYTHING, is the ongoing result of that very training course by Mark Ling.

I started this website in March 2013 so at the time of writing, it’s a little under 2 years old and so far the site has generated more than $27,000/£17,000 in sales. I will provide proof of that in the video below.

But the really cool thing is that up to this point there are only 6 what are referred to as ‘Money Pages’ (pages that are designed to generate sales) on the site.

I would have liked to have written this review months ago but I’ve been busy with other things in my life so I’m only just getting the chance to write it. The good thing is that the website and the system has proved itself over a good period of time.

So rather than waffle on, I’ll cut to the chase and get this AffiloBlueprint review started!

Product Title: AffliloBlueprint

Author: Mark Ling

Price: $197 / £125(ish)

What You Get:

  • Members only access to the training materials which contains a 12 part video series which includes 85 different video lessons.
  • Structured ‘homework’ tasks
  • Access to their ‘Affilotheme’ which is a premium WordPress theme specifically designed for affiliate marketing websites
  • Hosting for up to 5 different websites
  • Access to their members only forum and support teams
  • 1 months free access to their ‘AffiloTools’ and Premium Membership
  • There are also some ‘unannounced bonues’ that include a lead generation masterclass, member only webinars, a $100k CPA method and an audio recording called ’10 Profitable Niches You Can Steal’

Guarantee: 60 Days Full Money Back Guarantee

CLICK HERE to visit their website for more information


What is AffiloBlueprint?

AffiloBluePrint ReviewAffiloBlueprint is an affiliate marketing training course. It is targeted at people that are new to the whole concept of affiliate marketing and also intermediate marketers that are looking for a ‘rinse and repeat’ kind of system.

The whole idea behind Affiloblueprint is to build niche websites that promote different products related to your chosen niche as an affiliate though market places like or You provide valuable content that people are actively looking for and you use that content ‘pre-sell’ related products. Then every sale you make, you get paid a percentage of it as a commission.

Commission percentange depends on the type of products you promote. Typically, information products that can be found on Clickbank pay you at least 50%. So if you make a sale for $100 (Clickbank is an American company) you’d get $50. If you promote physical products on you’d typically get paid 4-8% commissions.

The training covers several different ways of getting traffic to your niche website. This is mainly done through Search Engine Optimization which is a fancy word for optimizing your website so it appears in the search results of search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing when people search for a particular term. But as already mentioned, there are other traffic methods discussed too.


And that bring us on to what is actually covered in the AffiloBlueprint course itself…

AffiloBlueprint was created by Mark Ling. It is incredibly detailed in the training it provides and normally this sort of detail leads to a massive problem…

…Inaction on the part of the user. They get lost in all that detail and they fail to do anything with it.

I’m pleased to say that this won’t happen (it didn’t with me anyway) because because of the way the training is structured. At the end of each video is a check list of things to do so the idea is not to move to the next video until you have completed the tasks from the one before – this makes it very hard for you to get stuck, which is a good thing!

The training is broken up into 12 modules;

AffiloBlueprint ReviewStep 1 – Market Research and Keywords

Step 2 – Creating Content

Step 3 – Setting up Your Your Website

Step 4 – Website Design

Step 5 – On Page SEO

Step 6 – Off Page SEO

Step 7 – Inbound Marketing

Step 8 – Newsletters

Step 9 – Where to Now? Tweaking Your Website

Step 10 – Introduction to Google Pay Per Click

Step 11 – Creating PPC Campaigns

Step 12 – Advanced Pay Per Click Techniques

There is also an introduction and a bit about mindset at the beginning of the training which is well worth a watch to keep your mind on track!

So with all that said, here is a look inside the AffiloBluePrint members area…


What do I need to make this work?

The only things you’re going to need to get started is literally a computer , an internet connection and a little bit of money to pay for a domain name which might cost you £10/$15 dependant on who you use to register it – that’s it.

As a member of AffiloBlueprint you’ll get free website hosting for up to 5 websites which will save you around £15/$20 a month and free access to the premium Affilotheme – a premium WordPress theme would normally set you back £30/$50 at least.

You might also want to spend a few hundred dollars on having content written for you if you’re not much of a writer. Of course this is completely optional and the training goes into detail about how to create quality content yourself, which is surprisingly easy. You will even be shown how to get high quality content for free which is a very helpful bonus! 

As part of the AffiloBlueprint package you get a months free access to their Affilotools so you can see and experience how they can make your life easier. So make sure you do take advantage of those in the first month to get maximum value from them. After the 30 days you will need to pay a monthly subscription if you want to keep using them but let me say, they are not needed to make to the course work, they just make your life easier by keeping everything in one place.


How much can I expect to make?

This depends very much on you and how much time and effort you want/can put into it.

I built this Money Makers Reviewed Website using the AffiloBlueprint training in March 2013 and since then the site has made $27,229/£17,322.

Here’s some video proof of my earnings;


I want to be honest at this point and say that you’re probably not going to make money straight away by using AffiloBlueprint so don’t invest in this training if you expect see a $500 profit  after a week. There is quite a lot of work to before you start to see an income. Having said that, once the work is done your income is passive, meaning that the money comes in regardless of what you’re doing.

As you saw in the video, one piece of content (a review) that I wrote on the 6th August 2013 has so far made £8,358.47 or $13,127.02 on it’s own.

Think about it.

One piece of content.

£8,358.47 or $13,127.02 in profit.

And I have several of these ‘Money Pages’.

So don’t be in a rush to make money straight away, it’s not going to happen. Go in with thinking that if you put the work in now, you’ll be benefiting from it a 2 or 3 months time when the income will  be passive and you can move onto your next project or website.


Are there any bad points?

I have said this in other reviews that I have written and it is something that frustrates me personally and I KNOW I’m not the only person that feels like this.

And that is the fact that AffiloBlueprint is a video course, which isn’t a ‘bad’ thing in itself. What I find annoying is that fact that there isn’t a manual to support the videos.

I’m the kind of person that likes to read a manual at my leisure instead of having to sit there listening to someone talk me though a Powerpoint presentation. Surely it wouldn’t take much to have a transcript of all the videos written and turn it into a manual with supporting images. I have to say, the course material is superb. I just think they should make it in formats that suit everyone.


My AffiloBlueprint Review

As someone that has gone through the training and created this living, breathing website that is making real and consistent income, I have to say that AffiloBlueprint is so far the best affiliate marketing training course that I have seen.

The course content and the way it is structured is very well put together. If you stick to it and do everything in the order that it’s meant to be done in and you’re willing to put the time and effort in and you’re willing to learn, then I KNOW this will work for you.

As the old saying goes…

“If I can do it, so can you!”

And remember, if you try it and you find it’s not for you, you have 60 days in which to get a full refund.

CLICK HERE to visit the Affilo Blueprint website for more information

Thanks for reading this AffiloBlueprint Review. If you’ve tried it we’d love to hear from you. Please leave your comments below;

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  • Mitch says:

    Hi friends, great site you have yourself here.

    Affiliate marketing is NOT easy, I have been trying to make some gains with it for about 8 months. I looked at this product and I think it advertises it as easy to make profits. I beg to disagree it really ain’t that easy and there are also so many people do it, or trying to do it.

  • Sean says:

    Hello Ben,

    Can you tell us what traffic techniques have you used to achieve this results or have you just writtne a lot of long and good article and the money flowd in?

    • Ben says:

      Hi Sean,

      Money never just ‘flows in’, but if you know how to write, or can outsource it, then the search engines should rank good content well. Of course if you know a little about SEO that also helps, but everything can be outsourced to gain traffic to such articles you write, and then providing the content is good, and valid, there should be a decent click through to the vendors website, which then leads to a potential sale.


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