567 Method Review Ben Dawson


The 567 Method Review Ben Dawson

Price: $24.95

I have tried to do a review on the 567 Method, by Ben Dawson, but have not really found a great deal, other than that it is closed.


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A tipster service generating a lot of attention on ClickBank is Ben Dawson’s 567 method and system, which I have tried to find some content about but strangely enough there is not much there at the moment other than his opt in page claiming to make £700 a week.

I will be trying to review this service as soon as some more content comes to light.

Unlike many people who try to promote systems, tipsters otherwise via ClickBank, I have to know that something works before I give any credibility, and this is the reason why I will be finding out more about this before I make a decision on content.

As you can see from the image on this page, the idea is that when you join The 567 Method, you will be given 5 bets per day, 6 days a week, and should make around £700 per week.

Product Title: The 567 Method

Price: $24.95

Guarantee: ClickBank standard guarantee

What You Get:

  • – 5 tips per day

It would be nice to see some actual statistics on this, and I have emailed the authors to try and get some idea on the actual content, and stats to back this up, with a view to completing a full review.

What is The 567 Method?

Well, as I said there is not a lot of content about it, but from what I have found are the following details, but I can not confirm this until I receive an email back from the author:

The 567 Method is an automated tipster service

The method bets on odds on horses, right up to 12-1 shots,

Aparently the software has an algorithm that scans the markets looking for value horses at higher odds than normal, and that allows for longer losing streaks.

Whilst trying to do a little research for the 567 Method, I did find one customer that claimed to be making serious money with this, and even uploaded a screenshot of his bank account:


Now if the above is true, the user was staking £100 bets, and as you can see he had a losing run of 4 consecutive bets at one stage, which is not out of the ordinary where tipsters are concerned, but if you look at the screenshot again, it gives a good indication of the type of bets that are being placed with this method.

What Kind Of odds Are used?

You can see bets of 7/2, 10/11 (odds on), 11/4, 10/11 (odds on), then a credit of £680, which strangely includes a ‘cashed out bet’, now I am sure that tipsters do not advise their customers to cash out this way, so that credit is either not part of the 567 method tips, or the user has cashed out for another reason, which I am going to discount as part of the results.

So if you take that credit away, you will see that the balance is actually: £66 in credit.

All I can find is the actual main advert on the 567 Method:


I did place an email into the system, only to be met with:


I thought to be strange as it is still being advertised on ClickBank.

I also received an email from them stating the following:


My current offer has expired and the up take has been so great that I am not taking on any new members over the next week to 10 days at least.

Please keep an eye on your email for when I will be taking members on again.


Ago Marketing Limited – MR ANTON GAVIN GREEN

The company sending out the emails, and who runs the business is a Mr Anton Gavin Green, which didn’t take a great deal of effort, as the emails themselves have the address on them.

Conclusion on The 567 Method

There is not a great deal I can add other than that, and as I said, I have emailed the author/vendor and asked for some stats, so apoligies for the members who have asked me to review this.

I will try and add some additional content as, and when I can gain access to it.

I will give the 567 Method 3 stars for now, and amend as I can update.

The 567 Method System Update – Spam Emails

I only put my email in a few days ago, and already the spam emails are starting to arrive.

Now what gets me about this, is that if the service is closed, then STOP taking people’s emails, right? If the service is not available, then place this message on the website before you take people’s emails.

Don’t take emails with the sole intention of peddling all kinds of rubbish that are not even related to the original offer.

So yes, I didn’t opt in for offers other than what was shown on the 567 method website, I placed my email address to join the 567 service, only to be told it was closed.

But now they are sending spam emails (remember I didn’t opt in), offering all kinds of ClickBank products, without even a mention of their own actual product.

Not good 🙁

The 567 Method is currently closed to new customers.

Therefore, if you give them your email address, all you will receive is spam.

567 Method Update – Losses and More Spam

OK, so as you will have read if you have followed this post, that I entered my details to join the 567 Method, only to be told it was closed, and since then all I have received is spam emails.

I started this review by explaining that there was not much content regarding this method, and that most people were making their own minds up based on that very fact, although today I receive the following email, which is quite telling about what is happening with the method:


Now as you can see the owner of the website/method states that the selections have made a £900 loss this week, but what gets me, is the fact that even though there is a whopping loss, he still has the gall to promote an affiliate link for a football tipster.

Talk about not have your priorities right – and still no sign of access to the 567 membership which is eactly what I gave my details for in the first place!

Make of that what you will.


Incoming search terms:

  • bet 567


  • Graham says:

    No trace of this guy on the net. But try googling his address. Very surprised no one has done this yet!
    It’s something called Ago marketing and there is a sole director called Anton Green!
    Could he be related to Ben. I think we should be told.

  • Potts says:

    spam city I gave email also like ben and getting spammed every day with offers but nothing to do with the 567 method i gave email for llok like he is building a list just to send promo emails to

  • Pedro says:

    Stay away of this method.

    Basically, the tips he sends (5 per day from monday to saturday), are mainly low odds favorites.

    I am on his 8 weeks trial for £29.95. He says he uses £100 stakes, I am not that crazy, so I have started with £2 stakes. On the first week he managed 3 wins on monday, which reached his target of £700 or more per week (about £18 as i’m staking £2), so done for that week. The horror started the week after (26/09 to 01/10). In 30 selections- 5 a day- he managed 3 (!!) wins and a couple of non runners. The losses were massive if someone was staking at £100. I decided to increase my stakes to £5 and after 3 days with a loss of £50, having noticed many of his selections didn’t win but placed on 2nd and 3rd, I decided to look at the racing cards and many times decided to bet on some of his selections to place only. Other times I have made my own selections to place, ending up in a very small profit.
    Let my state that I know nothing about horses, but in my humble opinion is not worth the £90 per month.

    Will try and ask for my money back.

    Stay clear.

    • Ben says:

      Hi Pedro,

      Thank you for the comments.

      All I am getting is spam about another service.


      • Pedro says:

        You are welcome Ben.
        Have received few of his emails trying to sell his affiliate links to other products but as soon as possible will opt out of that.
        Today he send again his selections and has token for his clients he gave an extra weeks’s trial to everybody.
        Still, don’t think his system really works, but the good thing is that he made me look at horse racing, me that never liked or understood the sport. But with the amount of races everyday throughout the UK,the possibilities are much bigger than Football.
        At least that I consider to be positive.

        • Pedro says:

          But do you know what made me sign in to this service?
          Was an email from Betting Gods. Kinda trust them and that was a bit disappointing…
          I guess I will get his selections and keep doing my bet to place instead of winning “strategy” and see how it goes. Either £2 stakes or just paper betting won’t do any harm.

          • Pedro says:

            But please, let me state again I’m not a pro gambler not a horse racing lover so my opinion can’t be taken as a proper, professionally done review/ testing

          • Ben says:

            Thanks Pedro,

            That’s ok about not being a pro gambler.

            The fact is that the way this method is run is shambolic to say the least.

            To take email address for memberships and then spam the hell out of them with ClickBank products only, and not even mention the product people gave their email for is not good practice.

            Betting Gods do have a good reputation, I even reviewed them myself, so it is surprising they were pushing this product.

            But then again, good services can turn bad when poor results start coming in.

            ClickBank would also close his account down if they knew he was email farming, and not sending out the content that is being advertised on their website.

            It is immoral.


          • Pedro says:

            Hi Ben.
            Thanks for your comment. I think the same way, that’s why I decided to post my comments.
            But wanted to state they are only exposing facts, they are not a careful review.
            After all the man might be honest but just having a bad week, and taking advantage to get some emails to push his affiliate links.

          • Ben says:

            Hi Pedro,

            No problem with links, IF people know what they are giving their email for, and in this instance it is being used for spam.

            I wish you all the best, and good luck luck with your trading 🙂


          • Graham says:

            I too joined because of recommendations from Betting Gods.
            Since then, I have emailed them twice about the 567 method expressing my concerns. They have not replied. Guess what – if they have as many subscribers as they say and only a fraction of them signed up, then they will have made a small fortune on commisisons.
            Since my last post. (See above), I have dug a little deeper into these guys. Ben Dawson or should I say Anton Green ran a very similar system earlier in the year – Winning Selctions ; this was based on £10 bets. It is nowhere to be seen now. It did not do well!
            So, the conclusion – the money is in the clickbank sales and we, the poor mugs who fall for it happily pay up and many of us will not bother to seek refunds!
            People,like Betting Gods have gone right down in my estimation!

  • James says:

    I was in on trial with Ben and didn’t even receive the tips ,they said they go through Google first and they blocked the tips..so what did I pay for

  • Yvonne says:

    Ben offers a half arsed tipping services which operates through click bank affiliate market. Someone mentioned betting gods and trusting them….well all they are is an affiliate website who push lots of different systems….you shouldn’t trust them as they get paid for everything you sign up for via there links. They claim to do research and there tipsters have to pass certain test but Ben’s 567 is just one sh*t service they have pushed.

    Unfortunately this is how the tipping industry works it’s just tipsters getting you to sign up for their “amazing service” so they can pedal affiliate links to other betting tipters. There are a few good genuine tipsters out there and one way to tell is if they push other tipsters or not.

    Check out the clickbank affiliate market under betting and you will see how many tipsters there are allowing anyone to send affiliate links for there service.

    The long and short of it is any tipster that sends affiliate links for other tipsters has no real interest in the subscriptions to their own service but they want you to sign up to other services through their links so they. get paid.

    I imagine a lot of the different tipsters out there are in fact the same person / company preying on the greed of people from all different angles

    Rant over……

    The only way to win at gambling over time is to treat it like an investment, practice strong bank management and only ever bet if value is available.

    • Pedro says:

      Hi Yvonne.
      I have mentioned Betting Gods and trusting them. I was wrong and unsubscribed from their emails altogether.
      I know the whole thing works with affiliate links,fair enough, but some review sites like Ben’s here or Lucy’s Lay Back and Get Rich have the care to test the products and services and advise the ones that work and name and shame the ones that don’t. After all, either you test all of them or trust review sites. There’s no other way.
      Just sent an email asking for my money back for the failed 567method.

  • ian says:

    As others have said stay well away from this service. When they do have a rare profitable week, you get an email almost straight away saying ‘look how well we’ve done’. But the rest of the time you get no apologies for their poor results, just excuses and ‘we were unlucky’. But most of the time it is just promoting other services. As I say, stay WELL away from this garbage!

  • Raymond says:

    I got refunded within 2 days as I complained about the spam and the poor results, but I still receive the daily selections and spam. I believe this company is offering multiple tipping services. Be carefull!

  • Phil says:

    I too joined through Betting Gods as I found their own services to be of a high standard and the website trustworthy.

    When you buy the 567 Method they immediately try to sell you their other system ‘Mobthly banker Method’. If you buy that then you are sold ‘Daily Trebles’. I think that they do have other sites. When one system is failing they bring out another hotshot system. Anyone heard of ”BeatTheConpetition’? There’s others as well but I don’t want to give them free publicity. There are good tipsters out there. Sites like this one are great or people like @BetterBetHelp on Twitter who is following 50 tipsters at any given time and who’s pointed me in the direction of a few gems and told me a couple to avoid – 567Method was one but the advice was a little too late.

  • Graham says:

    Shame on Betting Gods for pushing this tripe!

    I emailed them about it but , guess what – they didn’t give a toss!
    I bet they made a small fortune in Click bank commissions.

    As for the system – 2 winning weeks followed by five loosing weeks ! All bets today lost!

    I have asked Click bank to refund my money. Make sure that you all do that. Hit them in the wallet; that’s where it hurts!!

  • Hugh Scott says:

    I continue to record Ben’s tips… he often gets one or two winners/place results from his six tips per day which is on a par or perhaps slightly better than many other tipsters. However, there’s no way this service will do what it claims to do and there’s no way he’s going to get any more of my money! Anyone who reads the Racing Post and can access TimeForm and At the Races on line will do as well or better.

  • Pedro says:

    Definitely a “system” to avoid. For all the motives already mentioned. And try to get a refund from them, even being on the 60 days money back guaranty…

  • robin says:

    this guy continues to lose a fortune, Absolute riubbish. He also has a daily table of short priced favourites. I think he has had one win in 3 months, His selecting a horse, even an 8/11 shot immediately adds a stone to its weight.

  • David says:

    Hi anyone fining the emails from 567Method have stopped this week?

  • Ben says:

    Im still receiving these shocking tips i dont think they ever meet the target as most weeks the emails come everyday, and as said here before constant email promoting other services i think its all just the same one! Avoid!

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