Review Round Up and Product of The Year Awards

2016 has been a very interesting year for new products; trading and gambling systems, and what is very much noticeable is that more , and more trading products have entered the market. Some of the products did very well, and some not so well.

The start of the year seen a large interest in Tony Langley’s Football Hedging product which eventually closed, and stopped taking on new members. The Hedging product generated so much interest that at certain points I had to stop taking emails on it, because I was being inundated with questions.

And towards the end of the year I reviewed my last product, which was the Betfair Scalping System, which although very different price-wise to Tony’s product above, was equally as popular due to the promoters pulling together a quality product that really teaches people how to make profits on Betfair.

Both the above products I fully recommended, and still do.

There were also a few Matched betting services that I reviewed in detail. This market still continues to flourish, which is mainly due to the fact that it is so easy to copy. As you all know I am very fond on Mike Cruickshank’s Profit Maximiser product, which has definitely stood the test of time and continues to out-perform many others.

But this market generates a lot of copy cats who quickly knock up websites trying to tap into the same market that has proven successful previously, and I must get asked to review new matched betting websites at least once a week, which shows just how many people are trying to replicate the formula set up by others over the years.

That being said, some of the new websites that have come into the market do have differentials and have added value where it was required, and tried to make the service the offer different from what is already out there. Of course the concept has been the same, but the true value factor (and the reason why potential customers should consider such sites) is by being different, and adding features that competitors do not offer.

One such website was Profit Squad, which I compiled a complete review on, and they really did offer a quality service, run by some genuine lads.

And then we have what is fast becoming a leading contender in the matched betting industry in OddsMonkey who decided to offer certain aspects which the others were charging for, and this made a real difference to where customers decided to part with their money. A clever ploy by them, no doubt.

I am not a huge fan of tipsters, but our review of Betting Gods provided a surprising insight into the tipping industry when it is offered by a professional outfit. But even so, I still think there are large grey areas regarding tipsters, and the consistency of the information and ‘value’ they offer.

Gambling/Trading Product of The Year?

1st Place

This was quite an easy decision, based on the quality of the training course, and the very reasonable price, and the product of the year goes to:

Betfair Scalping Trading Course

product of the year

Sometimes a product comes around that is just full of the right material, marketed in the right way and delivers far more than what is advertised, and this scalping course definitely does that. The price is right, the product is highly professional, and based on the emails I get about it, it is very popular, and generating profits for users.

2nd Place

Second place has to go to the time proven product by Mike Cruickshank, and his Profit Maximiser product which very many are still making profits from, and have been doing for many years now. I always give a lot of kudos to Mike because he really was a pioneer in this market, and many have done well out of copying his ORIGINAL idea, so I will always give him credit for that, and he has also done extremely well out of it financially.

3rd Place

Third place this year I am going to go with OddsMonkey who have truly enhanced their offering this year and stepped up where it was needed. I feel they took another look at the market and decided to enhance their product to step away from the competition, and it was encouraging to see.

I look forward to what is to come in 2017, although most of the usual income generating products have started to vanish from websites, and promotions, it seems to be the trading products that have taken over this market, and it is exciting to see what will come next.

I hope you all enjoyed my reviews and blog posts over 2016, and are as excited as I am about the what 2017 holds in store for us all.



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