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What Works, What Doesn’t – What We Have Already Tested For Our Readers

If you are looking for an additional income stream, then what better than having somebody test systems, and methods that you are interested in trying? I have been doing this for years now, and have many regular readers built up on trust. Like you, I myself was interested in what worked, from home and set out on a mission to find what was possible, and this is how MoneyMakersReviewed was created.

You see, I am like you; I like to know what is working, and more importantly what isn’t. The way the internet has gone it is becoming increasing more difficult to pinpoint what is working anymore. The outlandish claims from all these websites are confusing us more than ever.

For the last 4 years I have been testing products, and services that have been promoted online, using products that claim to create an income for the user. I have also put my hard earned money on the line when testing, just as you would, and have detailed my success, or failures along the way.

What is working right now, then?

The question I get asked the most is what is working right now for users, and what would I recommend? I have no problem in recommending products that work, and I also receive a lot of feedback from my website readers of their results also, so I combine all these results, as well as my own testing, and make a judgment call on whether or not I feel ‘anybody’ could use a particular service/product.

For example, over the last 12 months I have reviewed and recommended the following
products. Please feel free to take a look, and see my review of the products, and what visitors also thought, and their comments.

At the time of writing this, I have just tested another new product that has entered the market, this is all about taking small profits from each horse race, and it has nothing to do with bookmakers. This product works by skimming profits from all the money entering the races but before the race has started.

This Betfair Scalping Course won our product of the year award.

During my first hour and a bit of testing this product yesterday, I made almost £28 in profit, which was fairly easy to do, and the best part about it, is that you are not going to get banned by any bookies, for the simple reason that this way of making money does not use bookmakers, but only Betfair.

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In 2016 Tony Langley launched his best selling Hedging system which sold out quickly, which shown members how to make money using his football trading systems that simply could not lose money. Tony has also shown proof that for over 2 years now he has never lost a bet/trade on football Tony has now launched a brand new set of systems that promises to make between £9,000 and £12,000 per month by compounding the profits made. The new systems are based around what was already working, although he has now streamlined the instructions to make them even easier to follow. This is definitely one worth consideration. Take a look at the link below.


master mind banner

Mike Cruickshank has been creating income generating products for around 10 years, and many, including ourselves consider him the originator of matched betting in the United Kingdom. Very many have tried to copied his products, but for originality there is nobody to match him Mike now has an array of best selling products that have stood the test of time, and he always delivers. Now, for the very first time Mike has put together a complete collection of his products for you to gain access to, and if you have not used Mike’s products before, then they are guaranteed to make a profit. Click the link below to see our review of his latest product package for full details.

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steve howe Betfair workshop

Steve Howe has been trading Betfair for many years, and has been offering his Coventry trading workshops for many years also. We were contacted by an actual attendee from one of the workshops who offered to give us his detailed feedback of how the trading day went. It turned out to be very insightful. Not many people can trade Betfair on a full time basis, so obviously when you find somebody who can teach what you need to know in a friendly manner, then they are worth listening to. Steve’s workshops tend to sell out quickly, so if you are interested in such a proposition of attending a full day workshop to learn Betfair, then read our full review below.

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Matched Bets Rec

A new entry into the world of matched betting. Many have joined in the niche since it started, and there have been a lot recently, but MatchedBets is definitely one of the most professional we have come across. Clear communication, a free trial and a guarantee of income without having to pay for membership straight away which always gives confidence.
Very many people are still making excellent gains with matched betting, so when a website comes along that just simplifies the whole process then you have to sit back and take notice. This one definitely has our recommendation if you are looking for additional income with zero risk. Read our review on the link below:

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Now this product is by far one of the best I have ever reviewed at Money Makers Reviewed, and I don’t say that lightly. In fact, it is just about the easiest way to create an online income that I have ever come up against.

Some users have made as much as £50K in 2.5 years and many others are creating a regular income of around £2,000 per month, all from following the advice from a gentleman called Mike Cruickshank, who is one of the most honest people on the internet, but with a passion for finding ways to take bonuses from bookmakers.

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Another product I reviewed with good success was a Betfair product, where the author teaches students how his 9 year old Betfair method could bring them a regular income everyday. I tested this one also, and it worked very nicely indeed.

Many people are now using Betfair as a way of creating a regular income, and you just need to follow in the footsteps of those who are making it work, and this chap certainly is, and based on the feedback I get back my website readers, they are too.

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Then we have another fantastic offering from Mike Cruickshank, again showing users how to take advantage of bookmaker accumulators, and although this one only launched in 2016, the feedback has also been fantastic, with the initial investment being made back inside days in many cases.

Mike has software which scans, and searches for offers that can then be used in ‘no lose’ accumulators, with 4 different ways to take advantage of the money being made available by bookmakers. Another one I definitely recommend.

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This is a brand new product to hit the market at the time of writing, which is promising to make profits for just a few minutes a day. I have actually tested this product, and in my testing period, just over 2 weeks, I made almost £700 in gains, and the claims were valid as to how little time it takes to make this product work.

This trader product works with bookmakers and the Betfair exchanges to guarantee a profit no matter what the outcome. It has nothing to do with similar products advertised, and uses software to find all the profitable trades, and then sends you simple instructions on how to take advantage. Another one I do recommend, and comes with a money back guarantee.



This matched betting service has fast become the number one in the UK, combining the best software and fantastic offers to create an ongoing monthly income for their 30,000+ subscribers. I am sure you have heard of matched betting by now, and this outfit are definitely at the top of their game in this niche, and their membership is adding more value all the time.

They advertise that members can earn as much as £1,500 per month, and their online tutorials are easy for newbies, and experienced matched bettors alike. If you are looking for guaranteed profits on a monthly basis, then I definitely recommend that you give this service a try, there is also a free trial to get you started.

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Also, we have what is one of the most impressive football trading systems I have seen to date, and at the time of writing this page, there has still not been a losing trade in well over 8 months. Run by Tony Langley, a professional Betfair trader, his strategies offer to give you a fail-safe way of generating profits.

Tony himself makes his living from these strategies, and the feedback and reviews on this product have been nothing short of amazing. I myself have been using the methods for a good few months with excellent results. Tony does the work for you, and so far has produced a 1200% profit for his members.


Money Makers Reviewed is Different

We have reviewed a lot of products on Money Makers Reviewed over the years, as well as tested many services, and the one thing that is clear, is that there is definitely money to be made on the internet, provided you are prepared to do what is required (actually take some positive action), and follow the steps that others have laid down.

My website here is different to most, mainly in the fact that I really do focus on what is possible, I do not lay claim to be the ‘be all’ but I do know that with dedication, and a clear intent on making something work for you, then you too can create an additional income.

I also like to take a direct approach to my reviews, tell it like it is, and ensure that if I recommend a product, or service then the average man, or woman in the street can make it work. That is key, because as I have already mentioned, I also have a lot of experience is looking for something that works, so I understand the frustrations that can arise from constantly finding dead-ends, and false promises.

The internet is changing and so are the opportunities.

That’s right. 10 years ago it was relatively easy to make a living on the internet, with the likes of eBay becoming popular, and people started to see an opportunity to make some extra money. Even if you just wanted to sell some of your old household belongings you could easily do so.

Many people also started their own little business on eBay, and did very well in the early stages. But the internet was new then, people were experimenting with all this new technology, and becoming to terms with what the internet really offered them.

As with everything though, things change, sometimes far too quickly for our liking, and when something is found to make, especially where making money is concerned, it quickly starts to attract other people in their droves. But, things have definitely changed, and even auction websites are not as easy to create an income from as they used to be.

What are our choices now then?

Don’t get me wrong, there are still a variety of ways to make something work online, but more effort is involved these days, and to be brutally honest? that is a good thing! The reason being, is that it weeds out the dreamers, the procrastinators and leaves the field wide open for those who really do have a work ethic, and don’t believe in every fairy tale that lands in their inbox.

I started out myself on eBay, and whilst I was successful on that platform, I also tested what was possible on the World Wide Web itself, which not a lot of people did in the early days, so I had a decent head start in what else was working, and creating revenue.

I noticed that blogging was starting to take off in a big way..

The way the internet is moving, the main focus is now on content. If you think about it, most people see the internet as either eBay, Facebook and Amazon. Sure, there are a few other websites that attract a lot of attention, like Twitter, and other massively visited sites, but those are social venues, and what we are talking about, and trying to gain an angle on is ‘income generating’ movement, and where we can gain a foothold on this ladder.

At the time of writing, there is a big interest in gambling products, and I am not talking about all those silly horse racing systems that people tried many years ago. No, I am talking about many, many millions of pounds changing hands online, that before the internet was not even possible. Many people are now making some serious incomes this way, and the internet makes it easier to find out what is working.

There is also affiliates that are make a shed load of cash online, promoting other people’s products, and services, and what is ironic about all this, is that these people who are making such serious sums, are doing so quietly, and from the comfort of their homes without anybody even realising.

Sure, you do get the odd promoter who decides to ‘sell his method’ of money making, before more often than not, these are over saturated, and pretty much useless in the real world. Would you sell something that was making you a income for a few ££’s? Of course you wouldn’t.

Money Makers Reviewed will find what works.

To conclude this topic, and before I let you have a good look around my website, I just want to make you that you know that the whole aim of this website, is to help you find what is really working, and to find those little nuggets of information that can make a big difference to you financially.

Based on the amount of emails I receive, from people like yourself, I know that very many people have found my reviews not only useful, but financially beneficial. I hope to help you also.

I sincerely hope this website, and it’s content can be of some use to you, in making the right decisions, and if you need any help, or advice, then please don’t hesitate to contact me 🙂