Profit Genie Review, is it worth joining over other services?

Profit Genie is a website that started earlier this year in 2015, by a lady called Sally Brealey, that has started on the back of the matched betting phenomenon. The website is:, and it actually has a very familiar outlay, with first impressions being that it is almost a carbon copy of Profit Accumulator.

The reason I say the website looks similar, is because it does; and I suspect, like many others now entering the matched betting arena, the business idea has probably sprung from looking at what else is out there.

Let’s face it, anybody could set up a matched betting website, and a site like Profit Genie would take less than a day to create – and it shows…

So, What Is Profit Genie, Worth Joining?

Now, here’s the problem as I see it, all these matched betting websites are springing up all over the show, most of them on the back of Mike Cruickshank’s Profit Maximiser, with Mike being the Don of the ‘making money with matched betting’ world – in many people’s eyes.

So is there room for all these websites, or are there any differences between them?

Does Profit Genie have advantages over the rest?

Here goes, let’s find out about Profit Genie:

Product Title: Profit Genie Matched Betting Service

Author/Owner: Sally Brealey

Price: £15 per month (£180 a year) – £150 Per Year Premium

What you get:

  • Access to the Profit Genie website.
  • Bookmaker bonuses.
  • Matched betting calculator.
  • Support forum.
  • Training Videos.

Guarantee: 30 days guarantee period. If at any time you are unhappy inside the first 30 days, then a refund can be applied for.

Profit Genie, as with many of the other similar websites offer pretty much the same facilities in their member area, so at first glance I cannot see any differential between Profit Genie and the other websites offering similar services – although the website leaves a lot to be desired.

On looking around the members area, it is strangely familiar, and all the key components are there that you need, but it seems extremely slow, and everything is fairly difficult to find.

Creating my Profit Genie Account:

I created my Profit Genie account a few days ago, and the first thing I noticed was that the page seemed to lag when creating an account:


As I said, the page seemed to lag for about 30 seconds after I entered my details into the website, and at first I thought it had ‘stuck’, but eventually it stated that the account was created.

Once thing I did notice, was that even though there was a free account option, you still had to click the PayPal button to create the account, which at first made me believe that this was going to be a subscription offering; just with a first month free, or something similar.

The Profit Genie Members Area

When my account was first created, the website looked the same, and I thought I wasn’t logged in, because there was nowhere that was indicating that I was a member, as the website didn’t change.

I then realised that the navigation bar was now obscuring the Profit Genie logo image, which looked slightly odd, which is why I noticed. There was now an additional navigation section called ‘Dashboard’, as you can see below:

Profit Genie Dashboard Review

Being a stickler for detail, I also noticed how close the details were; the log in credentials, etc, which is always a sign of bad styling on the style sheet, but maybe I am being picky…

As you can see from the image above, the navigation bar hides part of the logo, and on a small screen, it looks even worse, as the logo suddenly enlarges, and makes the website look ridiculous.

If you compare it to say Joe Hawes Profit Squad which I reviewed recently, then the difference in quality is like night and day in terms of offering a proffesional platform in which to offer a viable service.

The Profit Genie Dashboard

Now, I clicked on the Profit Genie dashboard, to see what my new membership had to offer, and at this stage I can imagine many ‘free’ subscribers wishing they hadn’t bothered signing up, because almost everything you clicked went to a message that wanted an upgrade to a ‘paid for’ membership:


And even this message can hardly be seen properly due to the formatting of the style sheet. The website, I must say, is VERY poorly designed, and quickly put together. There is a link at the bottom of the website to a design company, and in my opinion, they need additional training, because if I was a website designer, I would not be happy churning out sites like this, which incidentally is a WordPress website.

WordPress websites are fantastic, but they are only as good as the template, and members area, and the template on Profit Genie is very poor. It has been quickly knocked together, and the content very confusing indeed.

Here is the Dashboard:


Considering the front end of the website looks half decent, the members area is poor, confusing, and not at all in line with what you would call a quality service. I would put money on the fact that this is just a simple case of copying the competition without really knowing what customers expect, or want.

If you are going to be providing a service which is going to cost your customers at least £150 every year, then you really need to get your back end website in order.

This website as bad as I have seen on a service costing this much – and that is being kind!

As I said, on the icons above there is nothing really that a free member will benefit from, and it is clear that the onus is on the customer upgrading to a paid membership, otherwise there is no benefit at all.

Now, I must make it clear, that at this stage I have not checked any confirmation emails from the website, as there was no ‘confirm your membership’ messages after signing up, but I would bet my last £, that if the first email does not contain it, then the subsequent emails will almost certainly contain enticements to sign up to monthly, or yearly membership.

Who wants to have a bet with me on that, no pun intended 🙂

The Profit Genie Calculator:

The calculator is the basic Oddsmonkey Calculator that is free to use anyway, and can be accessed directly from the OddsMonkey website.

The Profit Genie Odds Matching Software:

On the dashboard is an icon called ‘Odds Matching Software’, again this is powered by the ever so popular OddsMonkey, which again can be accessed for free anyway on their own website, and basically what many of these matched betting websites do, is simply tap into the OddsMonkey resources, which anybody can do without the costs involved here.


Although as I am only a ‘free member’ I cannot access anything else, but from what I have seen so far, I don’t think I would want to.

Would You Recommend Profit Genie?

In all honesty, no, I would not recommend this website, because even if the offers are there to make the amounts claimed on the front end of the website, the actual member area is confusing, and extremely poorly put together – I couldn’t log out quick enough, as it was causing me annoyance.

Come on, these days there is absolutely no excuse for poor website design; all it takes is to hire a competent freelancer, and you have yourself a website that is fit for purpose. And, if you are charging a premium price for the information, which matched betting website likes Profit Genie are, then it really is not on. It is cutting corners at the very least – amateurish at best.

With the amount of money being made in the matched betting market, there will always be players who look to replicate, and duplicate without putting in the required effort, or expertise. In my opinion, this is a perfect example of how not to do it.  🙁

Conclusion on Profit Genie?

Poor back end website, and a poor copy of leading match betting websites already available.

There are MUCH better out there; and another consideration, is those who started the ball rolling will have much more experience than those websites just starting, and until there is a real differential, that separates new services from the old, then I will always recommend the best out there, and so far the best out there by a country mile is  Mike Cruickshank’s Profit Maximiser



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