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Profit Accumulator has been around for 12 months or so, started by Sam Stoffel and is basically a matched betting service. But, is it the best option for you? Does it really work, and is it worth joining? These are some of the questions I have been getting asked recently about

Now, if you have never heard of matched betting, then you really need to read this page, because although Profit Accumulator is a fairly popular service, the actual process of matched betting has now been around for 4, or 5 years, and there are literally thousands of people doing it – for massive profits.

We first touched on Match Betting with Mike Cruickshank’s HIGHLY recommended Profit Maximiser (Click Here to Read The review), which is literally the best selling Match Betting service on the planet – really it is, and if you have not yet read our review of Profit Maximiser, then I highly suggest you do so, it will definitely change your finances – Click The blue link above to read it.

Now, back to Profit Accumulator

As mentioned, this service was started by a young gentleman called Sam Stoffel, who after joining Profit Maximiser decided to start his own match betting service with the help of all the knowledge he had learned from Mike Cruickshank. Proof of this can be found on the email below this paragraph.

There are now many affiliates for Profit Accumulator, I see them myself spamming many Facebook groups I am a member of, and basically when Sam started the system he did get a little lucky, because ‘somebody’ made a post on asking about the service, which as Netmums is a very high ranking website, the thread went to the top of Google attracting a lot of visitors.

I suppose really, that the first website offering matched betting to attract a lot of attention was always going to make some serious money, but I am also a member of a few Facebook groups that were started by previous members of Profit Accumulator, who are not so forthcoming with their praise of the service, and they basically started the group due to these type of websites generating so much revenue when there are free alternatives out there.

On the internet, you do need a bit of luck sometimes, and Profit Accumulator certainly got that luck with some threads being started on certain high ranking websites.

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Either way, the service was copied from Mike Cruickshank, as shown below:

Profit Accumulator Review Sam Stoffel

Now whilst this proves that Profit Maximiser works extremely well to turn a profit for users, it also shows that the owner of Profit Accumulator did copy a service that was already running (and if you break this down, if you joined a service and then set up a rival service, then you have at the very least copied something that you didn’t previously know about – for arguments sake). But, this review is not about that. The review is about whether Sam Stoffel’s service is any better than Mike Cruckshank’s.

Yes, we all know that services, and businesses get copied all the time, if you look at various matched betting sites, quite a few look very familiar, for example the Profit Genie website looks like Profit Accumulator, just far less polished; and although not everyone sees it as morally correct, it does happen, and then you have the Profit Squad website, another matched betting service and I also did a review on their service recently which is far, far better than some out there, and more streamlined,  so now let’s focus on what the Profit Accumulator service brings to the table, and see if it is worthwhile joining.

Product Title: Profit Accumulator Matched Betting Service

Author/Owner: Sam Stoffel

Price: £22.99 per month (£275 a year) – £150 Per Year Premium

What you get:

  • Access to the Profit Accumulator website.
  • 100+ bookmaker bonuses.
  • New offer uploaded daily.
  • Enhanced customer support
  • The publishers also offer access to video training which will teach users how to trade the system.

Guarantee: 30 days guarantee period, where if the system do not make a profit after 30 days then you can apply for a full refund. But you cannot apply for a refund if you have made a profit.

Profit Accumulator also claims to have over 10,000+ members. Which if only a percentage are paying £22.99 per month, then it is certainly nice work if you can get it..

Profit Accumulator also mentions all the various outlets the business/website has been advertised, and although this is great for business, it is not always an indicator of how beneficial the business could be for you; it simply means that the vendor/business owner has done the right marketing.

I only mention this marketing, because the highly acclaimed Mike Cruickshank, and his Profit Maximiser service markets in a totally different way, so you may not have come across it yet, but has fantastic reviews from thousands of dedicated users.

How Does Profit Accumulator Work?Matched_Betting

Profit Accumulator, as with any matched betting service, involves using the free bonuses that bookmakers offer to users, and turning them into a guaranteed profit.

The above basically sums up what it is, although these days match betting does not just involved bookmakers, and their bonuses, they also include other venues, and activities like online casinos, bingo, and more; all that offer free sign on bonuses, or reload bonuses.

The basics of matched betting really does work, there is absolutely no doubt about that, and the crux of it, is that you will be using bookmaker’s own bonuses against them; making bets using the said bookmakers, and then reversing the bets on Betfair for a break even situation, and then the user makes the profit by receiving the bonus from the bookmaker.

Will Profit Accumulator Work For Me?

Here’s how it works, on Profit Accumulator and Other Matched Betting Sites:

  1. Bookmaker offers £50 free bet for £50 spent.
  2. You make a bet with the bookmaker for Arsenal to win.
  3. You make a bet on Betfair for Arsenal to lose.
  4. Your main bets break even. One bet loses, one bet wins, so you are even.
  5. Your profit comes from the initial £50 bonus from the bookmaker.
  6. You then rinse and repeat for every offer given.


As you can see from above, the profit is guaranteed, so where the profits are made in matched betting, is being able to find the offers that you can take advantage off. It is not rocket science, although bookmakers do not like it for obvious reasons. BUT, bookmakers cannot do a single thing about it.

I have Never Gambled Will I Understand It?

First of all, matched betting is definitely NOT gambling, seriously, there is gambling, and then there are ways of making money that are just guaranteed, and this is one of them. If you think about it logically, as long as you can enter some numbers, and figures into two websites, then you can make guaranteed returns from this form of profiting.

It really is that easy, and is the reason why I have promoted matched betting for a good number of years. There is nothing difficult about it, and ANYBODY can do this, if they are prepared to follow a set formula, make a few notes, and then follow through to collect the bonuses on offer.

What if Maths is Not My Strong Point?

It really does not matter, with Profit Accumulator, and the other matched betting services, they provide you with a calculator. And this calculator, which usually comes from a website called OddsMonkey will show you what you need to do.

Here is an example of The OddsMoney Calculator:


As you can see, once you have received the bonus offer from the bookmaker, you would simply enter in the figures into the calculator, and then the calculator tells you exactly what to do. Then once you have completed the bets, and broken even, the bookmaker will allocate you your bonus payment.

Do All Bookmakers offer Bonus Payments?

Most of them do, yes. The reason bookmakers do this, and offer bonus payments is so that they can attract new business. And because they all do this now, they are literally fighting over themselves to generate new custom, and this leads to a fantastic opportunity for match betting enthusiasts.

Also, even when a user has taken up the initial free bonus, these same bookmakers know that most people don’t bet all that often, and so idle accounts are not earning them any profits, so the bookmakers very regularly send out what are know as ‘reload offers’, which are basically new offers to entice you to bet even more money.

This is great, because when you receive these reload offers, you can then again, using the match betting service against the bookmakers, make even more profits, and that is why match betting is an ongoing income stream for very many people.

Have You Got An Example, of an Offer?

Here is an example of one of the offers you will come across on these match betting sites, which guarantee you a profit:


As you can see, the bookmakers are giving you a free £20 bet for just betting £10, and then all you would be doing is the same as in my my example. You would use that free bet for one outcome, and reverse the outcome on Betfair, thereby breaking even, and then you would collect the bonuses, or use the bonuses for a free bet where you are guaranteed to make a profit.

The Connection Between Profit Accumulator and Betfair?

The is no connection between any of the match betting websites and Betfair, because Betfair is just a venue where you are laying the bets.

Laying on Betfair means to trade AGAINST something happening. So if you think Arsenal are going to win, and your friend thinks they will not win, then your friend can use Betfair to bet against Arsenal winning. And that is basically what laying is.

Another example: If somebody asked you, and your friend “who do you think will win between Arsenal and Man United, and that whoever gets the answer right I will give you £20”, then this is what is happening with matched betting. The only difference is that the ‘person’ giving you the bonus will be the bookmaker.

It is easy, easy money, and all matched betting sites use this basic format.

Should I join Profit Accumulator?

Good question, and like I have already mentioned, the service does work, BUT, and a big but, if you remember at the beginning of this review I mentioned that the review will really be about what the service offers, and if it differentiates from match betting services that are already out there.

My personal answer would be that I would choose Profit Maximiser every time. Profit Maximiser is the original service, and Mike Cruickshank is as honest as the day is long, and his service is MUCH cheaper than what Profit Accumulator are offering.

It is that simple as far as I am concerned.

I have used matched betting a lot, and I actually made around £11,000+ in around 6 months when I started, and I made this much money using Profit Maximiser, so maybe I am biased, but when you can make that much money you have to be. And as already stated, Profit Maximiser is far cheaper than Profit Accumulator, so it is a no brainer for me.

Also, here are some of the profits mentioned on Profit Maximiser, and this is not uncommon. Many users on Mike Cruickshank’s Betfair support page are into £20,000+ profit, and more:

Profits from Matched betting

Those are serious profits, I am sure you will agree, and as mentioned these are the type of profits generated by Mike Cruickshank’s Profit Mazimiser – the original, and still the best Matched Betting service available.

I have given The Profit Accumulator 3.5 stars on the review. Mainly because it the concept has been copied from an original idea, and because Profit Maximiser is cheaper, and in my personal experience a much better service. That is not to say it is a bad service, just not the original.

The bottom line is, match betting does work.

Profit Accumulator Review Update 13th August 2016

I just wanted to put here about the recent development regarding Profit Accumulator.

Sam Stoffel recently advertised Profit Accumulator for sale, claiming that the company had net profits of around £5m+.

Now, when businesses are making as much money as Profit Accumulator is, it very rarely goes onto the market for sale, and this was on a very prominent UK ‘business for sale’ website, which was taken down quickly.

So just be aware, that something may be happening in the industry, because nobody would sell such a cash cash for no reason…


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  • online Eddie says:

    I have been a member of this for months and am well in profit, and as Ben says it is some of the easiest money you can make. I’d say go for it, you will not be dissapointed, and I will see you on the groups 🙂

  • Jodie Smith says:

    This is a great Profit Accumulator review and I also highly recommend them. I’ve been using them for over a year and have now made more than £7500 in my spare time. I’m finding it’s really grown in popularity amongst mums who have a little spare time and want to make some extra cash.

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