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oddsmoney_review_imageOddsMonkey is a long running matched betting service that offers users a great introduction to the concept. They offer a free trial to allow you to understand matched betting, whilst providing a premium service that even experienced matched bettors will benefit from.

OddsMonkey have been around for a while, and for many they went under the radar, with other matched betting services taking the lion’s share of the market, mainly due to affiliate marketing, and search engine exposure; but that is changing.

Some of you that have used such services for a while will also know that the OddsMonkey service is expanding, and adding many new features that their competitors have enjoyed for many years.

Product Title: OddsMonkey Matched Betting

Website: OddsMonkey.com  (Click The Link – But I advise that you read the review first!)

Price: Starts from a Free Trial – to £150 a year

What you get:

  • Access over 100+ tutorials
  • Access the Oddsmatching tool
  • Access to the Dutching tool
  • Access to the Racing Matcher
  • Access to the Daily Offer Calendar
  • Access to the online Community
  • Full online customer support

Guarantee: 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

What does OddsMonkey Offer

OddsMonkey is a rather interesting bit of kit which has been designed to help pretty much anybody get started with matched betting.

Matched betting (for those who perhaps aren’t familiar) is probably the best way to make money online today. I’ll look at how it all works in better detail shortly, but essentially, products like OddsMonkey allow you to create guaranteed profits by following certain patterns of betting.

When you first log into OddsMonkey, you are presented with a comprehensive guide to matched betting. This talks you through all of the basics and ensures that you are well equipped to understand what to do when you “go solo” (the first tutorials that are offered make you follow something of a blueprint which makes it difficult to veer off course).

As well as this initial training, there is plenty more on offer through OddsMonkey.

Website Statistics

There is a section on the website that shows you a little more about the company; how long they have been in business, the amount of customers they have, the average monthly earnings, etc:


They claim to have had over 30,000 matched betting customers over the years, as well as being in business for over 5 years.

The training modules cover a variety of different topics and each is labelled easy to hard so that you can focus on things that will help you, rather than wasting time on things that are “above you”.

Whilst the training for OddsMonkey is without a doubt top notch, the fact is that there are plenty of products on the market that operate in a similar fashion. So what makes OddsMonkey worth your consideration over the multitude of competitors? For me, this is the OddsMonkey oddsmatcher software.

The Matched Betting Training

When you first create an account, you will be directed into the members area and be given the opportunity to start from the beginning, and learn everything that you need to learn in order to get the best out of the service.

This includes a complete breakdown:

  • Matched Betting Introduction.
  • Betfair Training, and how it works.
  • The Oddsmatcher software, and how to use it.
  • And your first profits using Coral, and Skybet.



There are other sections also, including training, which will take you almost literally by the hand and build your knowledge to the extend that all your questions will be answered.

Website Content/Training

  • New Account Offers
  • Existing Customer Offers
  • Casino & Games
  • Bingo
  • Product Guides (100+ of them!)
  • Advanced tips for experienced users
  • Extra Guides


Core Member Content and Tools

  • Existing Customer Offers
  • Daily Offer Calendar
  • Odds Calculator
  • Dutch Search
  • The Racing Matcher
  • The Tennis Matcher
  • The Each Way Matcher
  • The Acca Matcher
  • Advanced Calculators
  • Spreadsheets


Once again, without going into too much detail, OddsMonkey allows you to very quickly find matched betting opportunities. OddsMonkey is able to identify them by searching through odds available at over 90 bookmakers, as well as showing what odds are available on betting exchanges as well. There are two features that I particularly like.

The first is that each bet is assigned a rating which allows users to quickly establish which bets are best. The second is that OddsMonkey also show you the availability of bets on exchanges. What this means is that you can also quickly evaluate how much you can get away with betting.

What is OddsMonkey?

The concept of matched betting is one that has been expanded into a serious business and a serious method of making money. I want to avoid being overly detailed here as there are plenty of guides that already do this, but essentially, you take advantage of bookmakers offers to lock in money to your account.

You then use strategic betting in order to ensure that no matter what the outcomes is, you should end up profiting (which is where the software comes in) This then means that you can basically bet without really putting any of your own income at risk.

Of course, central to getting anything done is the oddsmaker software which is in many ways the bible of sorts for OddsMonkey. If you are using OddsMonkey correctly, then the software takes away the hard work and all you have to do is apply the basic premise. In doing so, you can take out pretty much all risk from betting, essentially making OddsMonkey and matched betting one of the safest ways to make money from home.

OddsMonkey Pricing?

Actually signing up to OddsMonkey is entirely free although this does come with restrictions as you would probably expect. When you open a free account you are taken through some basic training and given access to a restricted version of the oddsmaker software. You can use this to make up to £45.


Once you have taken advantage of the free trial, OddsMonkey is available on a monthly and an annual subscription. There is no difference in terms of what is on offer between the two, however the annual subscription does end up slightly better value as you essentially get two months free. This is based on the current costs of £15 per month or £150 per year.

On the off chance you got through the trial, signed up for OddsMonkey and then felt that it wasn’t for you, then there is a full 30 day money back guarantee in place.

To clarify the prices:

  • Free – Earn up to £45
  • Monthly – £15 Per Month
  • Annually – £150 Per Year

Potential Profits?

The sales material for OddsMonkey is pretty clear about the income potential. The team claim that making up to £1,500 per month which is a very reasonable figure and honestly, I have very little reason to disbelieve this.

There are also a number of testimonials that back this up with  OddsMonkey users saying that they make anywhere from £300 per month to one user saying that he managed £2,950 in a month (something that he admits was down to a lucky spin). This higher figure certainly isn’t going to be consistent however.


OddsMonkey also offer premium members the chance to participate in their own community forum, where you can discuss ideas, as well as gain knowledge from their more experienced matched bettors.

I always find that such forums, and chat outlets have are extremely helpful to newbies, and experienced bettors alike, because no one person, or company can find all the offers, and opportunities that are current in a vast market, and this is the same.


Conclusion on OddsMonkey

There is very little argument that matched betting is one of the best, if not the best way of making money online. There has certainly been something of a boom in interest recently following a number of positive articles making their way into various national publications.

With this new influx, I feel that it is more important than ever that you have the guidance of a professional service that is there to help you to get the most for your money. The fact is that OddsMonkey is affordable and the quality of service is decent.

This leads to the next question which is whether or not OddsMonkey is better or worse than rival products.

For example, here is an example of their Dutching tool:

The short answer to this is that I don’t really know. There is very little in it from one to the next, however I do personally find that the oddsmaker software makes using OddsMonkey to find your matched bets easier. One of the other things that I particularly like about OddsMonkey is that they have various calculators including a Dutching Calculator. This allows you to broaden your betting slightly and potentially offers more chances to profit.

They now seem to have integrated many features that their competitors already had, but, unlike their competitors they have included such extra features into their pricing model, instead of charging a premium.

For example, if you look at Mike Cruickshank’s products you will see that Mike started with a core product and then started to offer additional services and products at an extra cost. This worked well for a good number of years before the market, and websites like OddsMonkey started to react and offer similar, with the differential being that many are including these extra in the overall cost.

And then you have other websites who are also starting to add unique features but again, instead of charging additional prices, they are including them into a one-off payment, or monthly subscription. Profit Squad are also now doing this, and trying to make their service stand out, the same way that OddsMonkey are doing.

Now that the matched betting niche has well and truly opened up, and it has opened up, with all and sundry seemingly starting a website, you are starting to see the cream rise to the top, and top websites starting to understand that most users want a comprehensive service, instead of being charged individually for products.

For example, I recently read that OddsMonkey are adding their version an accumulator arbing software, which many others charge for, and this is one area where they are adding some serious value.

OddsMonkey Acca Matcher Update 11th October 2016

OddsMonkey have now launched their much awaited Acca Matcher addition to their services.

The best thing about nthis, is that they are not charging anything extra for it, it is all part of their existing premium service.

The Acca Matcher is to take advantage of accumulator bets, and included the following options:

  • No Lay – This tool calculates the expected value of an Accumulator using the No Lay method. The benefits of using this method are that you will not have to sit waiting for matches to finish, you can check back after the matches have all finished.
  • Lay at Start – In this method, we lay all of the selections sequentially (one after the other) and hope that one of the selections loses and the other 4 win, in order for us to get the refund.
  • Lay Sequential – The key benefit of this system is that we have an estimate to our qualifying losses at the start and they are kept to a minimum.
  • Lay Sequential Lock in – Using this method, we can guarantee ourselves a profit from laying the selections sequentially. The AccaMatcher is set up so that the bonus we get if 1 leg loses, is taken into account. This means that we lay against the value of the insurance to guarantee a profit.

All of which are explained in the members area,

This is where I personally feel that OddsMonkey are starting to take over the market, and they have my recommendation 🙂


Click Here To Join OddsMonkey Today – Free Trial




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  • Ben says:

    Hi All,

    This review has now been updated now that the Acca Matcher has been added, and is now included as part of the membership at no additional cost.

    A great addition, and one which many other providers charge extra for!

    Click The link above in the review for full details.


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