Making Money With Free Paid Survey Websites and Other Online Activities, For Free

paid-survey-sites For a few months I have been chatting to a lady about her exploits with paid surveys, and other little ways of making money from online websites that don’t cost a penny to join.

Claire makes around £12,000 per year (sometimes more) from paid survey websites, and a variety of other websites that pay you to complete simple tasks. From our chats I think my readers will be very interested in the content, especially if you are looking to make a few quid from the internet that does not involve gambling, or anything like that.

No, seriously, Claire has taught me, and shown me that there is a widening band of people in the UK that use these survey sites, and other little sites as their sole source of income, and £12K a year is definitely not to be sniffed at.

These type of figures always catch my attention, as running Money Makers Reviewed, I am constantly asked in emails about products and services other than the usual matched betting, internet marketing, and trading products, as they are not everyone’s cup of tea.

How Much Can You Make With Paid Surveys?

As above, Claire herself makes around £12,000 a year consistently, but through our chats I have learned that very many people are making similar sums of money, all from home, and they actually love doing it 🙂

I have also done a fair bit of research on this myself, because when I first looked at it a few years ago, it was mainly USA websites that were offering the services, and offers, but now, there are loads of UK sites following suit, and latching on to the potential for companies to use homeworkers to complete a series of simple tasks for payment.

In my research I have visited forums, and websites just to get a feel for the industry, and to find out if people are genuinely making money this way, and I have been shocked at what I found.

Not shocked that people have been doing it, but the sheer amount of people making a few quid this way, and it is like some kind of secret alliance to keep people out 🙂

People Who Use Paid Survey Websites?

  • Students.
  • Stay-at-home mums.
  • Stay-at-home-dads.
  • Retirees.
  • Part-time workers.
  • Unemployed.
  • Literally anybody looking to increase their income.

Seriously, the people who complete all these online tasks for payment really want to keep it to themselves, because the less people that know about it, the more money they can make themselves, which kind of makes sense, but as you know my website is about spreading the love, or well, money in this case.

Also, Claire is a family friend, and knew the type of website I run, she was happy to let me into this ‘hidden world’ of paid survey websites, and other little websites that are paying their users a fair amount of dosh.


Why The Secrecy With Paid Survey Websites?

Well, when you think about it logically, nobody really wants to give away their income sources, because it is these very sources that are putting food on the table, and as I keep saying in most of my reviews, making money is not a group participation sport.

Therefore it makes sense that if you have discovered what is putting food on your table, like genuine paid surveys websites, and other websites that pay you, that you are going to be a little protective.

What I have found though, is a few little forums where there are a few people who share their findings, although this was surprising to me, I later found out that this was mainly because these same people who using affiliate links in their ‘help’, hoping to catch newbies searching for similar.

…The sneaky little muffins 🙂

All this paid survey lark has definitely opened my eyes though, because although not new, it is growing – massively, and more, and more people are becoming involved in the benefits, and incentives that certain survey sites provide for their loyal homeworkers.

Let me hand you over to Claire, for a quick insight into what she does with these survey sites, etc:

I have been using these survey sites for about 8 years now, and kind of fell into it after my children were born. I did start with a few websites from overseas to test them but found they were not as good at paying out so now I stick to UK sites only, and do reasonably well from it.

My first year I made around £2000 which was great, because I could fit it all in around the school runs, washing, and sorting the kids out after school. I have made as much as £16,000 in a year a few years back, and last year I did a little over £13,000.

It is definitely worth it, and although it will never make me rich it has helped me so, so much over the years.

I advise it to anybody who has some spare time on their hands during the day, or in the evening, and it is very nice when you get a payout, as it means you can afford the little luxuries without having to leave the house, which I cannot do.

There are a lot of these websites out there, and I have a solid list of which ones I use, and it could very well help you out, and it is guaranteed money for literally minutes sometimes.


Claire has also handed me a list of websites, and some details about each one, and the ones she uses which I will show you a little later on.

But as you can see, Claire is just one of a number of people who are quietly squirreling away profits from such paid survey websites, and although she was a little reluctant to talk to me about it at first, when she opened up I could get her to stop, because she is also very proud that she has found this hidden earner, and is very passionate about it.

And why wouldn’t she be? It means she can be a mum to her kids, as carry out all her mummy jobs, as well as being able to treat the family with the work she does – and it is work, make no mistake, there are daily activities she carries out which means she gets paid for her efforts, so there is kind of job satisfaction as well.



Some Advice With Paid Surveys

Claire has given me a few pointers for you guys, should you decide to go ahead and try your hand at making this easy money:

Always use a different email address:

The reason for this, is because if you use your personal email address, then this can become cluttered with all the offers you are going to receive.

It is advised that you generate a brand new email address so that you can also separate your survey emails from everything else.

There is nothing worse than using an email address that you value, and have had for years being inundated with emails about work, and offers, so if you value your email address – create a new one just for all your online work offers that are sure to be pouring in once you start.

There are many free email accounts you can create, like AOL, Gmail, etc. both of which are venues where you can create a quick account that gives you access to a free email account.

You should NEVER need to pay to join a survey website:

This is crucial because as the internet is growing, there are more and more spurious websites out there that are only too willing to take your hard earned money for what should essentially be a free service.

The companies who run the survey business are handsomely rewarded for their participation from all the retailers, and businesses that offer such surveys, and if you see a website that is trying to take a payment from you, then simply click it off, as it could be a scam.

Because this is a ‘work from home’ type of situation, then you can guarantee that there will be many websites trying to push your emotional buttons with comments like:

“Pay £x today to gain access to all these websites looking to pay you” – Avoid This Nonsense.


These are the type of companies that want their cake and eat it, too. Because not only will they be receiving money from their participants, but they will be generating revenue from the companies has well.


Avoid all subscription Paid Survey Websites.

Yes, there really are some scam paid survey websites out there, mostly overseas, as in the UK there is much more protection via the advertising standards agency, but just take a look at this scam from overseas:

OK, now onto genuine survey sites that are tried and tested….

Join as many websites as you can, to enhance your offers:

This one is common sense really, because the more survey websites you join, the more chance you will have of continuous offers coming your way.

Some survey websites will offer surveys based on the profile of your account details, so if that particular company does not have any offers for you that day, then you are widening your net for other offers, from other companies by joining as many as possible.

Claire stated that she has a solid core list of around 12 survey websites that provide her with work on a continuous basis, but she also said she has accounts on around 25 other websites, so if the offers are slow to come in from some, there will always be others to top up her payments for that day.

Be brutally honest when you fill out the application forms:

This is important, because you will receive offers based on the information you give on the sign up application form, and honesty is key here because you will want offers that you will find easier, and if you insert hobbies and interests that are real, then this will pay dividends with your time.

If you start making hobbies, and interest up in an attempt to receive as many offers of work as possible, then you are likely to be found out, and this will ultimately lead to few offers in the future.

Remember, that these are professional survey websites, and they have software which will probably scan what you are writing, which probably has an algorithm combined, so if you start trying to ‘wing it’, then this will affect your future earnings.

Act quickly and always check emails:

If you want to get picked for the best, and most profitable surveys/tasks for that day, then make sure that you check as often as you can. Many of the survey companies will have set quotas on the amount of surveys they need completing, so in many instances it will be first come, first served.

This is obvious when you think about it. For a particular product there will only be a certain amount of surveys any company needs, so ensure that you act fast, as a single survey paying £15 would obviously be better for your time, than completing 3 separate surveys at £5 each.

How Much Do You Make Per Survey?

I will let Claire answer this one, as I have her on Skype as I am writing this 🙂 :

I have made as much as £25 per survey, but this is not the norm, but taking offers for surveys paying around £15 is not that unusual, although they are usually less, £5-£7 and less.

It all depends on the time it takes. These companies know what you are prepared to do, so my advice also is to take all of them, and then you will get flagged on your profile as reliable, and will then receive more offers from all the companies. Once you get to that stage, you will quickly find that you are full with work.

You don’t need to take all the work, because this is flexible, and you can do as you please, but to start with I would advise that you take as many as you can, and get your accounts with the survey companies know as being a solid contact. It really is up to you. I must say though that I do this full time, and I am also know to certain retailers who contact me directly, so I probably do make more than most.

A few times a year I also do some secret shopping for some of the retailers I am on the books of, which I can do as my children are at school then, and it usually only takes a few hours, and then I am back home filling out the questionnaire.

This is another aspect of being known by these companies directly, it enhances your earning potential, and it is definitely worth making yourself available for additional tasks, like I do.

I have friends who do this also, and they are happy making £25 a week and spending the rest of their time wit the family, as that is enough for them, but I go for making quite a bit more, and the beauty of it, is that the work is there if you want it.

As with anything though if you make yourself available, then you will get known for doing so, so much that I have had direct emails from some of the companies asking for me personally, now that is great, and it is all because I wanted to earn, and get on.

I have friends who work in jobs who make less money than I do, and they have all that traveling to do, which I don’t. I love it


Thanks Claire.

So there you have it from from the lady herself.

Now Claire did state that because she is willing to do more, then this increases what she can earn, and said that a lot of people who do paid survey websites will not make as much as she does, but they still do very well out of it.

When I talked to Claire previously she did mention about the secret shopper part of her tasks, as she stated above, and that she was only able to get into that due to how good she was at the surveys, and others tasks, and that now she has retailers contacting her directly with all these other little jobs.

It just shows you that once you get the ball rolling on anything really, that doors can open up to you!

How Is Payment Made For Survey Completion?

Payments can be made in a variety of ways for your completed surveys, including:

  • PayPal (most common)
  • Cheque
  • Gift Vouchers
  • Direct Bank Transfer

Here is one of Claire’s Payments which was paid into her PayPal account:


Genuine Paid UK Survey Website list:

OK, getting down into the details of genuine UK websites that are well known not only for their quality of reviews, and tasks they give, but are also well known for regular payments, and running as smoothly as possible.

There is an old online saying, that ‘the money is in the list, and in this situation, it is most definitely true.

These are the very websites that are working for Claire (a friend of my family, who makes her living doing this), as well as the websites talked about on the hidden forums that is frequented by all these UK homeworkers who make their money from taking surveys, and other quick online tasks.

These are the websites that Claire uses, and that are recommended:

Prolific Academic Review Survey Website


Prolific Academy is a UK based survey company that provide paid surveys from a number of academic institutes from around the world. Because the studies have an academic background they are varied and look at a number of subjects however you will have to check your eligibility for some of them.

  • Get paid for taking surveys
  • Generally, takes less than an hour per day
  • Cash out at £5 with Paypal fees or wait till £20 and cash out without them
  • Work with some of the largest and most well respected Academic Institutes in the world
  • Sign up with a .ac email address or Facebook

Click here to sign up for Prolific Academy


Global Test Market Review Survey Site


Global Test Market is a huge survey company based in America. Instead of earning income directly, users instead earn points for taking surveys. They are on a variety of topic and you will have to be eligible to take some of them. As well as taking surveys you can also earn points for referring new users.  Points can be used for prize draws or you can save up and spend your points on gift cards, various high value items or alternatively you can get cash paid directly via Paypal.

  • Huge company with a massive user base
  • Plenty of surveys that you can take
  • Earn points for referring new users
  • Point based system means that you can cash out for a variety of items whilst prize draws mean just a few points can potentially net you a big prize.
  • Open to anybody
  • You need 1000 market points before you can cash them out

Click here to sign up for Global Test Market


YouGov UK Survey Review Website


YouGov are a Global survey website that is arguably the largest in the world with the results of their surveys often appearing cited in newspapers around the world. There aren’t as many surveys as some websites and pay outs are only 50p to 75p for them but they are generally short and engaging. There are a lot of political surveys but this isn’t the only topic covered. YouGov also offer free prize draw surveys that you can enter.

  • Probably the biggest survey website in the world
  • Very genuine and no problems getting paid
  • Interesting and engaging questions that are used by a lot of different sources
  • Prize draw surveys

Click here to sign up for YouGov


ClixSense Survey Review Website


Clixsense is a website that offers users the chance to make money by carrying out a number of different micro tasks. These can range from searching online looking at a website to watching video adverts and even listening to the radio. There is also a pretty generous affiliate scheme in place. The majority of tasks that Clixsense offers aren’t particularly high paying and are simply pennies however our research points out point out that the little compensation that you get does start to rack up quickly. As you become more advanced you may receive more opportunities and higher pay for carrying out the tasks. There is also a premium option which allows you more chances to make money for $17 per tear.

  • Paid via Paypal
  • You can cash out after earning just $8
  • Multiple income opportunities
  • Excellent affiliate program which allows you to make money through a downline

Click here to sign up for Clixsense


WhatUsersDo Survey Review Website Testing


What Users Do is a website that invites users to look at other people’s websites and get paid for doing so. You will usually be asked to go to a certain part of the website or to navigate it in a certain way. As you search the site a piece of screen recording software will watch what you do whilst another piece of software will record your spoken thoughts through your microphone. You will also generally be asked for your ideas on how the website could be improved or made more effective. The tests themselves aren’t generally difficult and can be completed in around 10 minutes. Payments are made on the 25th of each month automatically via Paypal.

  • Get paid as much as £15 for looking at a website
  • Carrying out tasks usually takes just 8-10 minutes of your time
  • Automatic Payment
  • Can be used on iPhone and iPad

Click here to sign up for What Users Do


Survey Network Surveys Review

Survey Network is a large scale company that offer surveys in the UK as well as USA, Russia and even Lithuania and Latvia. Unlike a lot of survey websites, Survey Network send out an email containing their daily surveys which lists the survey opportunities that are open to you. These surveys are from a variety of other companies with some surveys being duplicated with other service providers. Survey Network also send out additional surveys throughout the day. Pay outs are handled via Paypal with up to a 3 day window for this to arrive.

  • Surveys are emailed directly to users
  • Daily Surveys may also be listed with other survey websites
  • Get paid directly via Paypal
  • Ability to cash out at regular intervals
  • Earn up to £10 per survey

Click here to sign up for Survey Network


MintVine Surveys Review

MintVine is a US based website that rewards users for taking surveys. These mostly come from market research companies who want your opinion on products. MintVine has a large user base with millions of people taking their surveys daily. As well as surveys, there are also daily polls and product offers as well. There isn’t any limit on the number of surveys that you can take. Surveys are paid out in points upon completion and once you have a set amount, you can trade them for cash through Paypal. There is also an affiliate scheme where you can get 15% of the points earned by anyone who registers through your affiliate link.

  • Finds surveys for you based off your details
  • Affiliate scheme is a good way of earning additional , passive income
  • Plenty of opportunities to earn points through none survey methods
  • Easy cash out at 1000 points which can be turned into cash via Paypal or Amazon Giftcards

Click here to sign up for MintVine


Valued Opinions Surveys Review

Valued Opinions is a UK based site that rewards users for taking part in market research surveys. You can expect to be asked your opinion on a wide variety of different topics ranging from films to fashion to food. Surveys will generally earn you around 50p to £2 however Our research indicates that there are also special projects in place where you can earn much more than this. Unlike most survey based sites, Valued Opinions only let you trade out for gift cards however there are plenty of these to choose from.

  • Plenty of surveys available for those who keep their profile up to date
  • Interesting one off opportunities such as focus groups which can pay
  • Surveys can take a while to credit once completed

Click here to sign up for Valued Opinions


My Survey Review

My Survey is an international survey website that focuses on providing market research surveys for large companies. They have been around for a long time and in 2014 paid out over £20 million to its members. As well as standard surveys, My Survey also provides occasional diaries where you have to record information on a day by day basis. You earn points for completing surveys which can then be exchanged for vouchers for a variety of stores or alternatively, they can be cashed out through Paypal.

  • Earn anywhere from 50-250 points for each survey completed
  • Cash out from just £3
  • Participate in sweepstakes

Click here to sign up for My Survey


New Vista Live Surveys Review

New Vista Live is a survey based website that provides cash payment in exchange for taking surveys. Each survey is worth points with the number of points that you get being dependent on how long the survey is. Once you have accumulated enough points, they are then exchanged for a £50 cash value which is automatically sent via cheque. The surveys aren’t too difficult however you generally have to answer a few test questions first.

  • Cash out for a cheque
  • Payment process is automated
  • Monthly prize draw if you try to do a survey but were unable to complete it

Click here to sign up for New Vista Live


Populus Live Surveys Review

Populus Live is the online research community of Populus, a research and strategy consultancy. A lot of surveys from Popululs Live are timed which means that it is in your best interests to respond to survey invites as soon as you can. For every 5 minutes that a survey should take you to complete… , you will get £1 in payment. Once you have banked £50 in rewards, a cheque is automatically sent out to you. If you find that you are ineligible for a survey you get entered into a monthly prize draw.

  • Automated payment process
  • Monthly prize draw when you are ineligible for a survey
  • Cash out for a cheque

Click here to sign up for Populus Live


MarketForce Mystery Shopping Surveys Review

MarketForce Mystery Shopping is an online based company that allow everyday users to become mystery shoppers. You can specify how far you are willing to travel and depending on where you live, you may find as many as 4 or 5 per week. With MarketForce Mystery Shopping you will visit a number of different shops as well as bakeries, restaurants and fast food places. Mainly you will be making purchases for which you are reimbursed with compensation and occasionally you get to keep the items you have bought. You then have to fill in a questionnaire about your experience within 24 hours of the purchase.

  • Make around £5 – £10 on average as well as reimbursing you the product
  • Get paid to shop
  • Visit a variety of retail outlets and potentially new places
  • Be prepared for a reasonably lengthy application process which tests your writing skills

Click here to sign up for MarketForce Mystery Shopping


Top Cashback Surveys Review

Top Cashback is a cashback website where you get money back for buying products online. They cover a number of websites including Amazon, eBay and Tesco. The reality is that there are hundreds of retailers that you can get cash back through selling a number of different types of product. When you purchase an item you will receive an amount as “cash back” which are available in the shape of gift cards, Paypal, BACS and even Tesco Clubcard Points. The company are by far and away one of the most popular in this field and that have been operating for some time, for example in 2013 alone they paid out over £25 million to users. The only real downside with Top Cashback is that sometimes it can take a long time before payments hit your bank account.

  • Different ways of getting paid
  • Earn money for buying items that you would anyway
  • Can be used through a massive variety of websites
  • Some offers take a while to come through

Click here to sign up for Top Cashback


Qmee Surveys Review

Qmee is a simple addition to your browser that allows you to make money by clicking on their promoted search results. The Qmee window pops up as a side bar on your internet browser which lists related products. These will appear when you are searching Google, Amazon and eBay as well as other sites. The ads don’t pay a fortune and in the main you will only get 5-10p per click. They also don’t appear every day and for every search term. In fact, Qmee can sometimes go weeks without giving you a potential ad. The costs do slowly add up however and you can cash out anything over £1 which goes directly into your Paypal account. You can also earn small commissions referring new users.

  • Low pay out rate
  • Easy to use and naturally integrates into your everyday internet use
  • Payments are made almost instantly
  • Cash out from just £1

Click here to sign up for Qmee


Vox Pop Me Surveys Review

Vox Pop Me is an iOS and Android application that rewards users for sharing their opinions on a number of different topics. Unlike most web based companies that offer a similar service, Vox Pop Me has you record your answers in video format. You may sometimes have to carry out a brief task before recording such as answering a few questions or watching a short advert. All videos must be approved before payment and you can cash out one you have a £10 balance. A lot of the time you will be commenting on brands that you are already familiar with. The amount that you get varies from day to day but most campaigns pay our at least 15p.

  • Earn money “on the go” as everything is done on your smartphone
  • Fun and unique way of making money
  • Can take a while to get to the minimum deposit

Click here to download Vox Pop Me on iOS

Click here to download Vox Pop Me on Android


Spare 5 Surveys Review

Spare 5 is an iOS app that allows you to make money by carrying out certain tasks on your mobile phone. One of the most common tasks is image categorisation however you may also be asked to rate media, review it and even carrying out some surveys with businesses. Payment for Spare 5 is generally pretty low on an individual basis (around 3-4 cents per job) however it is possible to really blast through the work and you can soon be making quite a lot of money.

  • Individual jobs are low paid however they can take seconds to do
  • Despite all prices being in USD, you can cash out via Paypal
  • Work can be sporadic and the majority seems to be available on US Times

Click here to download Spare 5 on iOS


Superpoints (Reward Shopping) Surveys Review

Superpoints (now known as Reward Shopping) is a predominantly US based website that invites users to do a wide variety of things in order to earn points that can be traded in for items. These range from simply clicking their “Super Lucky Button” which randomly assigns points to users to filling in surveys or taking advantage of special offers. As well as collecting points with Superpoints, you have to “level up” your account in order to get better prizes. For example, at Reward Tier 1 you can get a low value Amazon gift card whilst at Reward Tier 19 you can get a Lamborghini and at Reward Tier 21 you can trade in 4.5 billion points for a £2 million country estate. There are also points to be earned for referring others.

  • Varied rewards however no cash option
  • Plenty of variety in terms of tasks etc.
  • The tasks that earn the most points require you to make purchases
  • The company did close down once before taking peoples points with them

Click here to sign up for Superpoints


Gift Hulk Surveys Review

Gift Hulk is a website that allows you to earn coins by carrying out tasks which you can then trade in for a number of different prizes. The tasks are rather varied and include things like surveys, competitions, free trials, some free trials and offers on other products. One of the more interesting ways of earning points through Gift Hulk is to use their Guess the Card feature which allows you to guess the number, suit or both for a randomly drawn card. There are also additional bonus giveaways with this feature. One of the good things about Gift Hulk is that you can earn points for surveys that you aren’t eligible for which means that this can be a source of quick income over time. The rewards that Gift Hulk offer are hugely varied and include things like gift cards for Amazon (as well as other sites), cash transferred to you via Paypal and even bitcoins.

  • A few easy opportunities to make coins
  • Low maintenance
  • Variety of offers
  • Plenty of choice of rewards

Click here to sign up for Gift Hulk


Swagbucks Surveys Review

Swagbucks is arguably the largest provider of “get paid to” websites and is definitely one of the better known ones. They provide a huge variety of ways of earning “swagbucks” (the name of their currency) with a focus on enjoying yourself. This means that you can earn swagbucks by taking surveys, watching videos, shopping online and even just playing games. Swagbucks can also be linked to your browser so that you can earn even when just generally browsing the internet. You can trade out for gift cards which start from xxx. There are also sweepstakes that you can enter to try and win prizes off less points meaning that you can start cashing out almost immediately.

  • Fun and interesting ways of earning points
  • Plenty of reward opportunities
  • Well known company with a large userbase
  • Ability to earn points without really changing your browsing habits

Click here to sign up for Swagbucks


Mingle Surveys Review

Mingle is a website that pays users to complete surveys for them. Unlike a lot of survey websites that require you to sign in in order to check whether there are any surveys are available, they send emails to notify you however this does also have a negative side as you can also miss surveys. Also breaking the mould compared to most survey websites, Mingle still award points if you are ineligible for a survey. The surveys themselves aren’t overly complex and you can be paid anywhere from 10 points up to 500 points with an exchange rate of 100 points to 80p. Some surveys also enter you into a prize draw to win bigger prizes. You may also get the occasional offer to join focus groups and forums with very high rewards (upwards of £50 sometimes) on offer. Mingle’s cashing out process is prompt and can be used to exchange points for xxx.

  • You are notified when surveys are available which has pros and cons
  • The potential to get invites to higher value events
  • Fair exchange rate

Click here to sign up for Mingle


Opinion World Surveys Review

Opinion World is one of the larger survey companies in the world that work with a large number of different companies. It is also one of the more finicky examples as you can only open and complete one survey at a time. They are also very on top of ensuring you adhere to their terms and conditions. Surveys can be viewed online and are also emailed to you. You can cash out from just £3 in Amazon vouchers whilst Paypal has a minimum cash out of £10. Opinion World also gives you the opportunity to trial products which also come with additional payment (some more than £50 a time). Surveys are rewarded in points with an exchange rate of 1 point to 1 penny.

  • Plenty of potential to make money
  • Strict terms and conditions which must be followed
  • Variety in terms of surveys and product trials
  • Large and well respected international survey company

Click here to sign up for Opinion World


My Voice Surveys Review

My Voice is a UK based company that provide questionnaires for a variety of different large and well known UK companies. The surveys themselves tend to be short and to the point however this is reflected in the pay outs that you can earn. With 1 points being equal to 1 pence and surveys generally paying out 10 to 250 points, it isn’t difficult to see how it can take time to start making money through My Voice. You can cash out for a variety of voucher types including Ikea, HMV and Amazon. Research says that My Voice is a slow burner initially however once you have been with them for a while you seem to get invited to more valuable surveys where you can earn much more points. Research also indicates that in terms of the income they withdraw around £20 every few months.

  • Potential to progress onto better paying surveys
  • Plenty different vouches that you can exchange your points for
  • Redeem at 2000 points which is pretty obtainable

Click here to sign up for My Voice


Opinium Research Surveys Review

Opinium Research are a London based research company who carry out surveys on behalf of a number of big brands, media outlets and government think tanks. The surveys themselves are all rather straight forward and don’t require a massive investment of time. Surveys are generally paid at a rate of 50p upward whilst cashing out can be done once you have made £25. This can then be exchanged for a gift card or alternatively, you can be paid directly for the surveys done. Membership is free and whilst research says that people don’t earn a substantial amount filling in the surveys for Opinium Research however the work isn’t too hard and the income can add up.

Eacj ach time you claim a reward through Opinium Research t

  • Large UK based firm that work with a number of prestigious clients
  • Option to cash out from £25
  • Plenty of variety in terms of the surveys that you will be completing

Click here to sign up for Opinium Research


Your Say Pays Surveys Review

Your Say Pay is a UK based website that rewards you in exchange for carrying out surveys online. Surveys are only open from Monday to Friday and even then they don’t pay out a significant amount with most paying 5-50p. The number of surveys per day can be pretty high with Your Say Pays however it can just as easily be none which means that this is something of a slow burner. You can log in to check for surveys or you can also have them emailed to you. As well as carrying out online surveys, Your Say Pays also offers telephone based surveys where a representative will call you. These make much more than the online surveys making around £1-£3 for up to 15 minutes. Research says that they regularly cash out (every 4-8 weeks) with Your Say Pays automatically paying out via Paypal when you reach £20. As well as getting paid for surveys, Your Say Pays also offer a small referral scheme.

  • Cash out at £20 rather than the £25 most survey sites hold you to
  • Telephone surveys make for an interesting change of pace and allow you to maximise your earnings
  • Forum available for users which includes regular competitions
  • Rated as a very professional company

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As you can see, there is a lot of information to digest, and a lot of survey websites that you can make money from.

It is advised that you take a look at the top 5 as listed above, and start with those, and then work your way down the list. The more survey websites you sign up to, the wider your scope on potential income will be.

Many people are making a fair amount of cash with Survey websites, and although my friend Claire is maybe an exception in the amount of money she generates from surveys, and other tasks, include secret shopping, you have to start somewhere, and there is definitely money to be made with this.

Guaranteed income, with absolutely no risk.

Give it a go – these paid survey websites are absolutely free to join 🙂

I have also provided the survey list as a PDF document, and can be downloaded by clicking the following link:

The 24 Top UK Paid Survey Website List – Click Here



  • Spike says:

    Great review Ben, and an extensive list. My wife has been doing paid surveys for a few months and makes a bit of money so I will show her your list also.


    • Ben says:

      Hi Spike,

      Thanks for the comments.

      I have had a fair few emails about this since I wrote the review, and it is actually very surprising just how many people are making money with paid surveys, it really is like a hidden little gem.

      You won’t be able to retire on the proceeds, but a good little earner all the same.


  • Sarah Mcknight says:

    very informative, thanks

  • Lex says:

    I need you to understand something about GiftHulk, they recently changed how they operate. How they pay out. If you don’t have a cellphone capable of receiving SMS messages, DO NOT use this website. They will allow you to create an account without mentioning or even requiring a SMS verification to prove who you say you are.

    Later on, when you decide to redeem an order, they WILL NOT just send you your order, you need to verify it with that of a SMS message on a cell phone. This is one of their gotchas.

    They allow you to sign up without a cellphone capable of SMS because they want people with all different backgrounds to make money but when it comes to payouts, it’s very stringent and that you need a SMS enabled cellphone.

    They claim that this is to protect them from scammers but that sends a clear message otherwise. Because if you’re not required upon sign up of said website, someone isn’t telling the truth about who’s scamming whom.

    To their credit, I didn’t have trouble with them until recently and I created my account back in 2012. However, I never received an E-Mail from them stating the change in operations which is actually required by law that they notify people of said change(s).

  • Wayne says:

    I’ve done surveys for a number of years now, and although youll never get rich from them, they certainly help buy things i certainly wouldnt have been able to do.
    I bought my ipad, brand new all with vouchers a few years back.
    Bought my self a new cooker from argos all with vouchers, these are 2 big purchases.
    Some sites arent worth the time and effort, but say populous surveys pay £1 per 5 minutes, which doesnt sound a lot but it works out at £12 an hour, better than minimum wage!
    Take notice of Bens reviews as they do tend to work the things he recommends.
    Ok ive been doing these years anyway, but still thought id mention.
    Oh and another if you can get on, shop and scan. Honestly that pays 95% of christmas presents each year.
    Lots of companies out there that want your opinion and get paid!

  • john says:

    I did surveynetwork which is linked to cint surveys and your surveys are checked by, now your-surveys do a point system,, you start with 140, gain one point for every survey completed, but then they steal 20 points if they think you cheat,,, if you hit 100 points you are blocked,, now I have been doing them for 10 years, then suddenly the last 4 months, they have been accusing me of cheating on nearly every survey, wiping my points out,, in fact this week, i did not even bother to do any surveys and yet they still decided to deduct 55 points for cheating, they do not answer your tickets when you speak up about their cheating,, surveynetworks support email , you will never get a reply ,, so I tracked it down to one woman called angela, angela.jones (at),, though even though its her website that sends the surveys out,, she does not care and advises that you can always close your account,, cint are supposably investigating it,, but they have been saying this for 2 months now… surveynetwork is registered in the usa, But I have tracked the ceo to a woman in latvia.. so the whole set up is very dodgy .. I have suddenly stopped receiving any surveys from them now, of which they all pretend they do not know why … so do not waste your time , and if you are already using surveynetwork, you now have a email to contact them with .

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