LottoSpring Review Free Money Plus, Play The Lottery For Free?

I had Free Money Plus referred to me by a close associate and I was massively interested in what on the surface appears to be a very good opportunity. Truth be told, there is a lot going on here and it is only by really stripping away the layers that it is possible to understand exactly what you are getting into.

Even now sitting down to write this, I’m not entirely certain on where to begin. As a website, Free Money Plus advertises itself as a unique opportunity based around European Lotteries. There is a lot more to it than this but fundamentally, this is what you are supposed to be getting into.

I use the term supposed because whilst what the sales material for Free Money Plus makes this sound like a straight forward affair, there is a lot more happening in the background.

With this in mind, possibly the best place for me to start is by breaking down what everything is and what everything does.

So, What is Free Money Plus, and LottoSpring?

In order to understand what Free Money Plus is, I have to start with the man behind the site and that is one Paul Hardingham.

He is an internet marketer who has operated a company, AdNet Multimedia since 2001 who have supposedly generated “sales well in excess of $50,000,000 for a wide variety of businesses”.

He also claims to have links to Lotto Spring, the website that Free Money Plus promotes.

free money plus review

So what do you actually get with Free Money Plus? It is a website that anybody can join for free that provides you with tools in order to promote LottoSpring. I use the term tools lightly because most of what you get are videos explaining why LottoSpring is the best way for you to make easy and guaranteed money.

I should also point out that all of the links to LottoSpring happen to carry the AdNet Multimedia affiliate link.

This is important for reasons that I will explore.

Moving onto the videos in greater detail, there are actually 5 of these available and they are titled as follows:

  • My LottoSpring Winnings
  • What is LottoSpring 1.0 and 2.0
  • How to check your genealogy
  • Choosing your membership level
  • How to send messages to your team in LottoSpring

What I think this makes obvious is that much of what you are getting access to with Free Money Plus are best described as tutorials for using the LottoSpring website.

Free Money Plus – Paul Hardingham

This fits the MO that Paul Hardingham has displayed so far which is mostly to get people to register for LottoSpring through Free Money Plus, therefore generating more revenue for him.

To further back this up, one of the few tools that is actually recommended through the Free Money Plus website is Clixsense. I will look at exactly what Clixsense is shortly as I feel the need to really dissect the purpose of Free Money Plus. Truth be told, I am not entirely convinced about what is on offer here and I want to ensure that this instinct is properly justified.

Needless to say, when you are sent to Clixsense to market your affiliate link for LottoSpring, you will earn Paul Hardingham a commission when you sign up.

Truthfully, aside from some more promotional literature for LottoSpring, Free Money Plus doesn’t contain much more content as a website. Presuming that you have followed through on everything that is offered however, you will have achieved several things for a shrewd internet marketer.

You will have given your email address to AdNet Multimedia so that they can target you with future offers. You have also signed up to LottoSpring as an affiliate for Paul Hardingham boosting his own revenue through the platform.

Finally, you have signed up to Clixsense on yet another affiliate link generating yet another revenue stream.

This leaves two things left to look at and I will start with Clixsense. This isn’t a big part of this review however I hope that in looking at what Paul Hardingham gains, my position remains reasonably explained.


I have looked at things like Clixsense before although I don’t believe that I have ever looked at this particular programme itself. The company describe themselves as “an industry proven method that allows website publishers of every size or budget to direct targeted and unique traffic to their website”.

What this actually means is that you pay Clixsense to advertise your website, and they in turn pay people to look at it. This method of generating traffic doesn’t have a particularly strong audience retention rate.

What is of interest with Clixsense is that for each direct referral (which is what Paul Hardingham is doing when he links you to the service from Free Money Plus), a referrer can earn “at least $5 or $10” per recruit. It doesn’t take a genius to see that by trying to refer Free Money Plus visitors to Clixsense, the end goal is to maximise the profit of the website.

What is LottoSpring?

Whilst Free Money Plus as a website is questionable, I haven’t really taken any time to look at what LottoSpring is. This is important to consider as if it is actually any good, then it doesn’t really matter if Paul Hardingham makes money as an affiliate. Unfortunately, there seems to be a pretty big question mark over this service as well.

There are two key elements to LottoSpring as a service. These are a large scale lottery syndicate and a multi level marketing scheme. This last part is of particular concern as there are a worrying amount of questionable schemes online, many of which do a great job of sounding legitimate.

There is also a ProSpring service as well which is advertised as being for those who want to start a business using this multi level approach to lotteries.

I will start by looking at the syndicate aspect of LottoSpring. Essentially, the company operate a massive number of 97 user syndicates.

This number is chosen because it supposedly allows all possible combinations of Lucky Star Numbers to be covered by each syndicate This in turn means that a syndicate only needs to get the 5 winning numbers to get the jackpot instead of what would effectively be 7 numbers.

Joining a syndicate is a free affair so long as you introduce 3 paying friends (or alternatively, they could also sign 3 people up as well) and this is where the free part of Free Money Plus comes from.

If you aren’t able to get people to sign up then LottoSpring could cost you as much as €99 per month depending on the level that you subscribe to.

lotto spring review

Naturally, all users are incentivised to sign up for the more premium opportunities.

It is worth pointing out that whilst you are offered a free subscription to LottoSpring, this is highly conditional. Firstly, you have to pay your monthly fee when you sign up. Once your three referees have signed up and each paid their monthly fees, then yours is automatically refunded.

Not surprisingly, this amount is none refundable should you be unable to find 3 paying members. Whilst it also isn’t explicitly stated anywhere, it would appear that you need to get 3 sign ups per month in order to keep LottoSpring free.

If somebody in your syndicate scores a win, then you are guaranteed a percentage of whatever they win through LottoSpring. If you are the winner, then you receive a larger cut than the other 96 people that are in your syndicate.

This isn’t the end of it however. I have referred to LottoSpring as having a multi level marketing aspect and this now comes into play.

When you sign somebody up, they will then be entered into their own syndicate of 97. If somebody you have signed ups syndicate wins, then you also get a cut of their winnings. This can go multiple levels deep as well meaning that if you are successful in your recruitment, then there is some potential to have a reasonable amount of income.

In relation to the multi level marketing aspect of LottoSpring, the company themselves offer something called Blitz tickets.

These are drawn monthly and give you 1 ticket for each person that you have signed up. These give you a guaranteed prize of €1 if you haven’t matched any numbers, all the way up to €50,000 if you match 5 numbers. Think of it as a lottery within a lottery.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that LottoSpring comes with a number of tools that are designed to help you to market the service further.

These are however rather basic and whilst not as self serving as Paul Hardingham’s own attempts through the Free Money Plus website, are far from high quality.

Honestly, there may be a little more to LottoSpring, but this is enough to cover the basics. Whilst I understand that some people would want me to go into greater detail, I don’t believe that it is necessary at this time. As I will explore below, all you need is an idea of how the operation is set up so I can dissect it once again.

So is LottoSpring a Scam?

As is often the case with multi level marketing products, I feel that it would be very unfair and naïve of me to refer to LottoSpring as a scam. I don’t doubt that there are some people out there who make a lot of money through it.

I also don’t doubt that Paul Hardingham has done alright off the service. Especially if he is, as he claims, a founding member.

What I will say is that in order to try and establish some sense of legitimacy, the LottoSpring website makes the following statement:

“LottoSpring syndicate is backed by the official UK Euromillions lottery tickets”

This is answer to the question:

“How can I be sure I’ll receive my winnings?”

This is a nonsensical answer really and the closest interpretation that I can make (and which seems to be what was meant) is that the service works by purchasing tickets in the UK. I do however feel that I am giving LottoSpring a massive amount of leeway there.

Personally, it feels more to me like an attempt at placating a questioning audience.

In keeping with this, Paul Hardingham says that LottoSpring is a “UK Government licensed lottery operator” and that it has been “Operating global Lottery service since 2015”. Despite my rather intensive searching, I have been unable to fund anything that suggests that there is such a thing as a UK Government Licensed Lottery Operator.

Whilst there is extensive outlining of laws relating to lotteries available through the Gambling Commission, I cannot find anything that pertains to the circumstances in which LottoSpring operates.

What I can confirm is that LottoSpring has been operational in some form or another since 2015. When I have been talking about the service to date, I have actually been referring to LottoSpring 2.0.

In fact, what the Free Money Plus website doesn’t really make very clear is that this is a relaunch of a service with only one substantial change. That change is only a higher tier of play that costs €99 per month and allows access to two new lottery syndicates.

All of LottoSpring is operated by one Jamie Mather. He runs a number of online businesses, many of which pertain to internet marketing or multi level marketing on some level or another. These are all operated out of Malta.

So what about Free Money Plus?

It LottoSpring is questionable, I don’t think that there is any doubt about Free Money Plus. Whether or not Paul Hardingham is actually a founding member or not I wouldn’t like to speculate on. There are reasons that he may be and reasons he may not.

Either way, Free Money Plus isn’t something that is going to help you to make money. In fact, all that you are doing is putting yourself in Paul Hardingham’s down line and helping him to make more money for himself in the long run.

Once again, I don’t begrudge anybody the chance to make money of something. The business of internet marketing is just that, a business. To have free money in your URL, to have free money plastered all over your marketing material when you know that this isn’t technically a free service is plain misleading.

Free Money Plus Verdict

As a reviewer, I don’t like LottoSpring as a product. I think that it does a fantastic job of making money for a select few and whilst I understand this is the basis of any business, there should be a great product or service at the heart of it.

I don’t think that is the case with LottoSpring.

The fact that it has been launched, relaunched as ProSpring and is now being relaunched yet again as LottoSpring 2.0 speaks volumes.

For my final consideration on LottoSpring, I would like to quote the Acting Commissioner for Consumer Protection in Australia David Hillyard who said the following:

“Lotto Spring began in November 2015 and the website operator is offshore-based (British Virgin Islands and Curaçao). Importantly, subscribers are not entering a lottery. They are betting on the outcome of other lotteries, such as the EuroMillions draw.”

“However, Lotto Spring does not have the required Australian licence for this sort of gambling,” he said.

“The community needs to be aware that with Lotto Spring you aren’t offered the same protection or guarantees of payouts as you are when playing with lawful Australian lotteries and there may be issues in relation to taxation as payouts will be coming from overseas.”

“There is also a recruitment element. In exchange for referrals, participants can receive a reduction or refund of their monthly entry fees or free tickets and they are also promised a share in any winnings of a referred person if they can recruit four people or more.”

“This is what has resulted in the scheme being promoted in WA by a local participant.”

Whilst I accept that not all of this will apply to all users with a fair chunk relating to Australian Lottery laws, I feel that the fact this warranted such a statement is warning in and of itself.

Conclusion on LottoSpring and Free Money Plus

There are two things that we have looked at here in LottoSpring and Free Money Plus and they are both equally important to consider. I want to open by looking at LottoSpring however as I feel that really, it is the bigger fish to fry.

We run into a lot of things in our day to day life that we would like to call a scam. Sometimes, it is genuinely the case. Quite often however, we simply don’t take full stock of what it is that we are getting into and take things at face value. I would like to consider LottoSpring to fall into this latter category.

Honestly, I have seen things like this before and there are always some people who make good money off them.

In fact, I have seen some people do exceptionally well however there is always a limit to this. Any multi level marketing scheme that doesn’t really have a tangible product or value is doomed to cave in on itself at some point.

The way that LottoSpring is set up, I don’t think that it will be in the immediate future. Jamie Mather has been very clever in setting the service up.

What I do have to say is that whilst some people will do alright from this, there will be a hell of a lot who don’t. The sales material for LottoSpring makes it sound like winning is a sure thing and talks about how you are 10,000% more likely to win something with their syndicates than on your own.

Maybe, but you lose a large part of your winnings on smaller pay outs and even if you do take the 10,000% increase on the odds of winning, they remain very slim.

I cannot stress enough that the majority of users of LottoSpring are likely to come out worse off and whilst I wouldn’t like to say that it is definitely the case, I can imagine that there are a lot of users who quit after a month and would rather write off that initial $33 than stick with this service in the long run.

I did sign up to register just to see what it was all about for the research of this review, and received no less than 6 emails from Paul Hardingham in less than a week pushing me to join for real – 5 emails were received in the first 2 days.

Now I could put an affiliate link here for all those that will land on this page looking for the subject of Free Money Plus, and “How To Play The Lottery For Free” – But I will decline.

This could possibly be forgiven if Free Money Plus linked to a decent product but I don’t believe it does.

As far as I am concerned, Free Money Plus serves solely for Paul Hardingham to exploit others and make a quick buck and I would definitely recommend giving the whole experience a miss.


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