Free Compound Interest Betting Calculator – The Power Of Compounded Interest

If you are looking for a free compounded interest betting calculator, then I quickly created one over the weekend due to the confusion of a few website visitors who were struggling to see the true potential of compounded interest when gambling.

Now if you have never used such a calculator before, then I think you will be very surprised at just how much compounded interest really grows, and can add to your betting bank. Most people are very surprised by this, and I think you will be, too.

What is a compound interest calculator?

Not dissimilar to your savings account at the bank, compounded interest is interest that earns even more interest, and which makes the money work FOR you.

When gambling, if you can add all your profits to the overall bank, and then work on profits as a percentage of the new bank, then your profits will grow even more.

Here’s an example, of the calculator I just created:


As you can see from the image above, if you were using a £300 betting bank, and trading at 10% per bet, then your first bet would obviously be £30, and then if the bet made 10% in profit, you would then have an overall betting % of £33 in which to place on your next bet/trade.

£30 + £3 = £33.

All makes sense so far, but then by keeping the profits in the betting bank, then your day 2 betting percentage becomes £33, like so:


Therefore, after just 2 days you have made a total of £6.30 profit in which to add to the third day, so you then have a betting percentage of £36.30 in which to bet with.

Remember, that you are betting only 10% of your initial betting bank, so as your bank grows, the 10% figure grows, too, meaning any additional 10%’s are also growing – everything is compounding.

The problem with many gamblers/traders, is that if they start winning, the temptation not to take profits from their ‘pot’ is almost irresistible, and so they struggle to really achieve the figures that compounded interest can bring to the table.

Compounded interest is amazingly powerful

I have always known about compound interest, because I have used it many times in my own trading activities, but the main reason I created the free calculator, was due to a message from a website visitor who was struggling to grasp on how compounding interest can take your trading/gambling to a whole new stratosphere.

The question from the visitor was in relation to Tony Langley’s Product which I reviewed and highly recommend (click the link for details of it) in which Tony suggests a £300 starting bank, and then to use 10% of the bank for your trades.

Now already being a customer of Tony’s product I knew that the profits are usually between 5% and 20%, with sometimes the profits per trade going up to 45% so far, so I took an average figure of just 10% as an example just to show the website visitor how much potential this product has, and how compounding can transform everything when it comes to making money.

At the time of writing, the product above has not had a single losing trade in over 8 months, and with an average of a couple of trades a day, with an average profit of 10%, I created the free betting calculator to explain to the website visitor how much money could potentially be made.

Here’s what happened at day 30:


By day 30 that initial £30 you started trading with has suddenly become worth £523.48

As you can see, the compounded interest is already starting to grow in an amazing way. But it does not stop there, because now the figure is much higher, it means moving forward the compound interest grows exponentially – and even that is an understatement.

This is all achieved with discipline, and having the will power to follow through with leaving profits in any gambling/trading system you are involved with, and seeing the bigger picture.

Here is what happened at day 60:


Again, as you can see from the above screenshot, the profit on £30 starting percentage is now worth a staggering:


All by having discipline, and using all your initial profits to compound onto the next day’s starting bank percentage.

Free betting calculator showing compound interest

That is the power of compounded interest, and if you wish to see this for yourself, then you can download my free calculator and see the figures for yourself. You can download from here:

I think you will be very surprised at just how quickly your bank will grow when you compound your profits 🙂




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