Football Dutching Systems Review Strategies and Methodologies

Dutching exists in many different forms and whilst I have looked at horse racing pretty extensively elsewhere, I am yet to sit down and try and tackle the question of how football fits.

A big part of this is in the approach that you need as dutching with football as your base can be hard work and exhausting keeping on top of everything, however in many respects, football is also an ideal candidate for a dutching system.

It is first important to understand what dutching is, and although I will go into the topic in much greater detail, it is important to establish that dutching is placing stakes in such a way that regardless of the outcome of an event, there will be a profit or at the very least, minimal losses.

Whilst this may initially sound very similar to arbitrage and matched betting (two of dutching’s arguably more famous cousins), there are in fact some very important key differences and at the centre of this is flexibility.

What is Football Dutching?

I have already touched upon the fact that football is an ideal candidate for dutching and this is in part due to the potential number of outcomes. Ideally when dutching, you would search for something that has flexibility in possible outcomes, as this allows you to better identify different markets that hold profit.

Where football can become difficult however is in the types of betting that you are doing and the odds that are available as they can often be less than favourable. This is where the most valuable tool that any dutching bettor can have comes into play, a dutching calculator.

There are various examples of these available online and they will show you how much you need to stake on each bet and what the outcome will be.

There also does not have to be any more than 2 matches that can be dutched.

For exaple if you look at the following screenshot of a football match between Arsenal and Swansea, using Betangel, you can see just how the matches can be dutched:

dutching football match

All of that having been said, there is one very clear advantage to football that doesn’t come with something like horse racing and this is the number of different bets that you can place.

For example, in an upcoming game between Aston Villa and Newcastle United, if I were to look to “dutch” based on the match winner and covering the draw, I would lose a small amount. When covering all bets going from 0-0 all the way to 2-2 however, I was able to secure a small profit, so long as the score ended up in this range (a very plausible scenario).

I won’t start to break down the numbers here as there are simply too many, but I was able to identify this dutching bet simply by using Skybet’s odds for the game.

What all of this means for dutching football games is that there is a lot of flexibility. With horse racing, there is only one outcome and that is that one horse wins. With football, there are plenty of different betting markets that you can take advantage of.

If you can’t make a match profitable by dutching the winner, you can look at the over/under goals market, you can spread your net wider and look at the scores and so on and so forth.

When you are dutching, without a doubt the two most important things to consider are the odds and the quantity of outcomes. The higher the odds are, the more likely you are to be able to lock in a profit for yourself, however generally speaking, the higher the odds the more outcomes you have to cover.

Football Dutching Calculator

If you watch the video below, it explains how you can use a calculator to make your dutching much easier. It is explained by Peter Webb, the well know Betfair professional:

The number of outcomes is something that can be easily managed with football based dutching as you likely know about the sport and so have an idea what results may come up (using my above example, I can’t see Villa and Newcastle getting above 2-2) so you can adjust the number of bets that place to produce a risk/reward level that you are happy with.

The odds side of things is slightly more difficult to work with. Personally, I think that you should be looking to bookies as a first port of call. This is because bookmakers will generally accept any bets at the odds that they are offering. This means that if you can identify a profitable bet, you know that it will go ahead.

This is in direct contrast to a betting exchange where you have to wait in order to get your bets matched. That having been said, the odds with a betting exchange do have a degree more flexibility.

What Kind of Football Dutching Systems Are Available?

When it comes to football dutching, in the main you can expect to see two different types of systems. The first is information based with this kind of system typically based around introducing you to the method of betting, showing you what you need to do etc.

These kinds of football dutching systems are great for those who want to be able to bet independently and not necessarily be tied down to a tipster or advisor who is telling you what to do.

This brings me neatly on to the other kind of service that you may see which are tipsters and advisors (funnily enough). This kind of football dutching system will usually provide you with straight forward advice.

Calculations are generally already done and you simply have to place the bets provided. This kind of service is generally much rarer however and comes with its own sets of complications.

pros and cons of football dutching

What are the Pros and Cons of Football Dutching?

Football is a great example of where you can use dutching in order to make a sport almost guaranteed to be profitable and this is mostly down to the number of markets that are available. This gives it a huge edge over say, horse racing dutching which can carry more risk.

In terms of the two types of system that are available, I feel that you are best trying to pursue something training based as dutching is a betting type that can’t ever be truly automated.

Instead, this is the kind of thing that needs you to be switched on and have a keen mind if you want to be successful at it, and as long as you are blindly following instruction, there will remain a possibility for tings to go very wrong.

Conclusion on Football Dutching Methodologies

There are various different methods of dutching and sports that you can bet on. Perhaps rather surprisingly, they differ hugely from one to the next.

In the case of football dutching, I think that it is probably one of the better sports you can engage with.

You don’t really need to know a lot about football to see where there is potential value which is much different to something like horse racing where even professional bettors struggle to consistently identify winners.

Dutching itself is a very interesting, if occasionally time consuming method of betting. It can eliminate huge swathes of risk at a small cost of your winnings being diminished.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a flawless method of betting, despite what some unscrupulous people might tell you, and it can be time consuming. The rewards however are very much there for those people who are willing to make the investment.

To put football dutching in a nutshell, it is basically sharing the risk amongst a few selections/outcomes. There, I cannot say it any simpler than that 🙂

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